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Monster High Freaky Fusion Save Frankie! Draculaura

Monster favourite Frankie Stein risked her life to save her friends and now they must do something for her. Draculaura and her ghoulfriends are high spirited and will not let Frankie down without a fight! Join Draculaura in her journey through the ups and downs of the bite-centennial and marvel in just how brave and monstrous she looks in her killer outfit.

Save Frankie! Draculaura

  • Save Frankie Draculaura wears her trademark lightning bolt design, with a pink checked skirt and lightening bolt earrings
  • She joins the rest of the Monster High gang in wearing a striking pink and black T-Shirt with a ‘ Save Frankie’ slogan
  • To make sure she gets in on all the action, Draculaura ties her dark hair up with a bright yellow clip that matches her killer yellow heels
  • She wears a Monster High bracelet just like the one that comes with the doll, for you to wear
  • Draculaura hold a pink ‘ Save Frankie ‘ placard and is sure to be shouting out loud to help save her friend
  • She wears a stitched heart on her cheek, showing the love for her freakish friends
  • Comes with a yellow skull hairbrush to tame her wild locks
  • Yellow stand included
  • Doll Measures 13 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • price of the new Save Frankie! Draculaura is $25 approx 

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Monster High Ghoul Chat Rochelle Goyle and Catrine Demew

These two Monster High favorites cannot get enough of each other so spend their evening chatting to each other on the phone. Best ghoulfriends Rochelle Goyle and Catrine Demew are utter chatterboxes and just cannot get enough ghoulish gossip. Even on the phone, these freaky fashionistas must look their best as they rock their complimenting pastel colored outfits and accessories.

 Ghoul Chat Rochelle Goyle and Catrine Demew

  • Rochelle looks super cute in her blue and pink patterned dress with spooky spider web style overlay
  • Her wings stand out against the black netting at the top of her dress and her overall look is simple enough to be comfy chatting on the phone all evening but still monstrously cool
  • Killer pale blue heels finish off her outfit and her ghoulishly great make-up compliments her ghost like skin
  • Catrine wears a pale lilac dress with graphic print and ruffle detail that leaves her purring with delight
  • Her middle-parted hair looks just boo-tiful, as does her stylish make-up
  • Catrine’s lilac platform heel boots are to-die-for
  • Both dolls come with their own phone and coffin mobile accessory
  • Two black skull hair brushes included, so they can keep their hair super shiny as they chatter on
  • Both dolls come with a black stand for when they want to chat on the go
  • Dolls measure 13 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Price $34 approx

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Monster High WYDOWNA SPIDER I Love Fashion Doll

Wydowna Spider is the devilish daughter of master weaver Arachne and she is here to spin you into her wonderful web. Wydowna and her ghoulfriends Clawdeen Wolf and Ghoulia Yelps want to be the freakiest fashionista’s at Monster High and they are definitely dressing to impress. Looking super funky in her red and black outfit that shows off her six arms perfectly


  • Wydowna sure can multi-task with her six legs and two arms, meaning she can change between her 3 outfits in a flash.
  • She looks super sleek in her black and red graphic dress that matches her flaming red hair perfectly
  • Change her into one of her fangtastic spare outfits, a monsterishly modern logo t-shirt and striped skirt or a flashy yellow number that will blow the cobwebs away
  • Killer silver knee high boots can be swapped for to-die for yellow heels or sporty knee highs to keep it fresh
  • The set comes will fierce accessories, including a silver belt and several pairs of to-die for earrings
  • Included cool black skull hairbrush to tame her fiery locks
  • Her ahhhsome outfit is finished off with a white handbag that will make the other ghouls at monster high go wild
  • Comes with a secret diary that contains all of her ghostly secrets
  • Stand included, to help Wydonna strike lots of monstrous poses
  • Doll measures 13 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • price $16-$17 at Amazon

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Monster High Casta Fierce Doll

Prepare to rock out monster style this All Hallows Eve with Casta Fierce and her monster high ghoul friends. The Daughter of Circe, Casta is forever the drama queen and is itching to get on stage and belt out some clawsome tunes. Her sparkling dress makes her look a million dollars and will have her fans screaming for tune after tune. With her very own microphone she is sure to be partying all fright long.
Casta Fierce

  • Casta knows how to work her look with a dress that shows she is one freakish fashionista
  • Wearing a purple, gold and black sparkly dress, she is sure to stand out in the crowd
  • Before she takes to the stage she is sure to perfect her super ghoul make-up that will make her friends green with envy
  • Her rocking accessories, including fierce earrings and bold bracelets
  • Her purple and orange streaked hair finishes off her belting look
  • You will definitely want a ticket to this monster ball when you see Casta take to her microphone
  • Includes stand to strike the right pose that will help her hit every note perfectly
  • Doll measures 13 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Price $40 at Amazon

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Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday Doll

Barbie doll has been commemorating the holidays with a unique look for 25 years. This year she sparks the festivities up in a gorgeous gown that celebrates the season with the most glamour yet. This iconic doll goes from strength to strength and she looks simply stunning in a fantastic dress that screams of the holidays. Celebrate your 2104 holidays in style with this highly collectible doll that will impress all of your friends.

Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday Doll

  • Barbie doll says, “Happy Holidays!” with a gorgeous and unique look
  • A rich red fabric modernizes a classic silhouette with sweetheart neckline and full, floor-length skirt
  • Added Golden lace and a gold bow decorate the gown and give it a little of holiday sparkle
  • Her signature long blonde hair will have you green with envy
  • A stunning statement necklace features an intricate floral pattern that will dazzle
  • A perfect gift to celebrate the Christmas season
  • A unique addition to any girls Barbie collection
  • Doll is 13.5 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • price $40.00 approx

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Avea Trotter Doll

Give a big monster hello to Avia Trotter, who is part Harpy and Part Centaur but 100 percent monster. With her powerful legs and gore-geous blue main, she is sure to be the freakiest hybrid of the bunch. Looking devilishly good in a red satin jacket and a top hat to die for, Avia Trotter loves to horse around and spread her wooo-nderful wings.

You are most welcome to new Monster High Class, the Hybrids. These creepily cool creatures are the children of two different ghouls, taking on each of their personalities to make one twisted monster. With freakish looks and split personalities, these terrifying classmates are sure to be some of the scariest ever to walk the halls.

 Freaky Fusion Avea Trotter

  • Comes with stand to show off her freakishly strong body
  • She wears a classy red checked riding jacket over striking blue shirt that matches her gorgeous blue hair
  • Avea wears a black belt that doubles as part of the bridle reins
  • Her super cool legwarmers will keep the chill away on her spine tingling journeys
  • Includes a black hairbrush to keep that aaahmazing mane super shiny
  • Comes with a secret diary to keep all those deep dark secrets
  • Doll measures 12 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Price $23 at Amazon, $24 at Walmart, $25 at Target
  • At the time of publishing, Avia Trotter is cheapest at Amazon

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Monster High Creepateria Draculaura Doll

Lunchtime at Monster High is anything but dead-boring when Draculaura floats into the cafeteria! From her petrifying pink highlights to her hot pink heart-winged heels, Draculaura is a fashion fright to be reckoned with.

 Monster High Creepateria Draculaura Doll

Looking just like her daddy, Monster High Creepateria Draculaura has porcelain white skin and sleek black hair styled with bangs, and pulled back to reveal her exscreamly beautiful looks.

Her sleek and spooky tank-top pops with a pink bat pattern, and is paired perfectly with a fangtastic patterned skirt other ghouls could really sink their teeth into. Matching yellow stitching on both garments make the look one that even Frankenstein would be jealous of.

Hair-raising accessories like her yellow necklace continue her heart theme, and bloody beautiful dripping bangles compliment her yellow eye makeup that could put even the spookiest of creatures under her spell. Has she stolen your heart yet? It might be yours that’s sitting just below her eye. But don’t be fooled- this Dracula’s girl isn’t all sweet.

Playing with Monster High Creepateria Draculaura Doll

For lunch? Winged grilled cheese, and an unknown putrid potion in her favourite goblet. Served atop her creepy-clever coffin shaped tray, students should probably forget about swapping lunches with her today. Even still, every ghoul, boy and wolf would hang upside-down to sit next to Draculaura at lunch.

Doll cannot stand on her own. Stand not included.

Price $13 at Amazon

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Monster High Frights Camera Action New Stars Honey Swamp Doll

Frights, Camera, Action! The guys and ghouls of Monster High have made it to Haunted Hollywood! Be prepared to be very scared with a new bunch of monsters who are freaktastic behind the cameras and on the black carpet. Cinematographer Honey Swamp is looking to make it big in hauntlywood after arriving from a small town in New Goreleans. Honey certainly dresses to impress in her gore-geous blue and pink outfit.

Honey Swamp Monster High Frights Camera Action New Stars Doll

  • Honey wears a blue and pink skater style dress with floral print and black lace trim.
  • A matching pink top hat style headband makes her look super cool
  • Her sleek blue legs are enhanced by killer pink platform shoes
  • Her best feature is her wild blue hair, that certainly makes her stand out in a crowd
  • Demure pastel make up finishes off her clawsome look
  • Comes with her very own camera to shoot some classic scenes
  • Includes her latest movie on DVD
  • Comes with movie-style clipboard so you can both have fun with lots of screen takes
  • Skull design hair brush is included to tame those scary locks
  • Comes with stand, so you can help Honey strike just the right pose for the paparazzi
  • Doll measures 12 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Price $16 approx at Amazon and Target

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Lalaloopsy Girls Pix E. Flutters Doll

The Lalaloopsy dolls are all grown up and ready for school.The Lalaloopsy Academy for the Learning Arts (L.A.L.A) is sure to be bags of fun and sweetness for the girls. Pix E Flutters is a cute as a button Lalaloopsy doll who was sewn from a fairy’s dress on midsummer’s day. Living in a fairy-tale world, she likes to day-dream and  is happiest when she’s practising magic with her pet glow worm. In her sparkly pink and blue outfit she looks sew adorable and is sure to provide little girls with hours of fun. Pix E is sure to be firm favorite in the silly hair collection and with her love of glitter she will spread a little magic around campus.  Pix E. Flutters Doll

  • Pix E. Flutters looks super cute in her blue striped bloomers and pink top that has a glow worm print and net trim
  • For a daytime looks, take off her pajamas and put on a dress that emulate the cute nightwear.
  • A dainty yellow jacket finishes off her blue striped dress, making her look just dreamy
  • Clothes can be removed for fashion play
  • Her daisy headband add to her girly outfit and 2 extra clips are provided
  • Her funky yellow shoes with daisy detail will have little girls green with envy
  • Fun colour change lanyard is included, to help with hair play
  • Hair is super bendy and will provide hours of imaginative play
  • This new 2014 Lalaloopsy doll comes with her adorable pet glow worm
  • Doll measures 9 inches
  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Price $20 Amazon and Target

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur Doll

Welcome to the new Monster High Class, the Hybrids. These creepily cool creatures are the children of two different ghouls, taking on each of their personalities to make one twisted monster. With freakish looks and split personalities, these terrifying classmates are sure to be some of the scariest ever to walk the halls. Bonita Femur is part bone-chilling Skeleton, part warm-glowing Moth and 100% freaky fashionista in her stunning outfit

 Bonita Femur Doll

  • Meet Bonita Femur wears a moth print dress with a lacey pink overskirt , full of bites of course!
  • With elaborate pink and black decorated boned wings extending from head to toe she looks simply  boo-tiful
  • High sky high neon shoes wow always keep her one step ahead of fashion trends
  • A neon belt with moth clasp finishes off her clawsome outfit
  • Doll comes with a hairbrush to tame those super long golden locks before adding her spooky moth hair slides
  • Comes with a super secret diary to hold all the ghouly gossip of Monster High
  • Doll measure 13 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • price $20-$25 Amazon ( on sale ), $24 at Walmart and Target, $27 at Justice
  • cheapest at Amazon

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