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Lalaloopsy Littles Doll Bow Bah Peep

Everyone in Lalaloopsy is welcoming their new friend, the Lalaloopsy Littles Doll Bow Bah Peep! If anything is more excited to meet her, it’s the animals! Bow was made from the bonnet of Little Bow Peep, and she absolutely loves all animals! Bow Bah Peep loves them so much that her very own outfit has been styled from their inspiration! Her outfit reflects the comfy cottony style of a sheep’s fur, and it makes up most of her adorable outfit.

alaloopsy Littles Doll Bow Bah PeepBow Bah  Peep’s head piece covers most of her head, and two little sheep ears on both sides show little bits of pink detailing! Her beautiful blonde hair can be seen “peeping” out the top of her headpiece, and her bangs sit neatly in the front. The body of her costume is also all white, with a fluffy cotton texture. The headpiece and bodice are separated only by an eloquent bow around her neck, which is baby blue with white polka dots. All of the Lalaloopsy Littles think Bow’s sense of fuzzy style is amazing!

Charming white leggings continue Bow’s white décor, but it’s her booties that are bringing all the dolls and their animals closer to take a look! Baby blue booties keep Bow’s feet warm, and they are made even more loveable with their polka dot texturing, and white ribbons! She may be young, but Bow loves embracing her unique style! Even her big sister Little Bah Peep thinks her style is worth bahing about! A loveable pink sheep is Bow’s little pet, with its own unique blue bow and fluffy texturing. The pair both have button black eyes and tiny eyelashes, and their sweet expressions are a warm welcome for any animal or doll in Lalaloopsy!

How to play with Lalaloopsy Bow Bah Peep

Create a big comfy bed for Bow to sleep in, so she can lay around and count sheep all day! And since bow loves all animals, take her to adopt a new pet that she can love just as much as her sheep!

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Monster High Haunted Clawdeen Wolf Doll

A vile veteran of the fashion unlife is none other than one of Monster High’s favorites, Clawdeen Wolf! In her 2014 Fall Release, Clawdeen Wolf is back for the Monster High Haunted collection! And this time, she’s making an absolute roar on the freak show fashion runway!

Monster High Haunted ClawdeenKeeping all eyes and ears on her, Haunted Clawdeen wows Monster High with a full, thick head of curly purple hair! The vibrant hue is a brain-numbing knockout, styled with a lot of volume, and beastly bangs along the front! Of course, she always leaves just enough room to show off her wolf ears that she is so proud of! Her purr-fect purple hair matches with her purple hued make-up and deep purple lips, which show off her spooky white fangs! And what would Clawdeen be without the perfect outfit to out-do her furry siblings?

A pink sleeveless dress shows off a shiny satin fabric, and a putrid portrait neckline! Extra detailing at the bottom of her dress shows off some translucent pink fabric that flairs out in different directions, giving Monster High students a lot to talk about at the next dance and trance! But Clawdeen’s surprises don’t stop there! Adorning her frightful fabrics is a set of golden chains, wrapping around her body, shoulder and arms, and draping delicately around her waist. The chains are decorated with little crescent moons to show off her prowess personality!

Matching her chain accessories, Monster high Haunted Clawdeen is wearing golden stilettos with chain embellishments wrapping up around her legs, and creating a deadly heel for her shoes! One last blue bracelet on her wrist says this wolf prefers simple and savvy over a fuzzy mess of fur and fashion!

How to play with Monster High Haunted Clawdeen Wolf

Keep this fashionista happy by taking her to the maul for some full moon fashions, and don’t forget to take her on walks! Clawdeen loves nature.

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Lalaloopsy Girls Suzette La Sweet

Introducing, Lalaloopsy Girls Suzette La Sweet, a royal doll who was sewn from the dress of a real duchess! Suzette La Sweet has a flair for fashion and unique styles! Even her hairstyle is considered queenly in Lalaloopsy! Her light pink hair is long and curly, and is styled in two high pigtails! But of course, Suzette likes to be pampered, and you can help her out by changing up the style of her hair whenever you’d like!

Lalaloopsy Girls Suzette La SweetThere are lots of options to choose from! And to add some extra flair, Suzette is wearing a dark pink bow in satin fabric that sits on the top of her head! To stay cozy, Suzette is wearing an elbow-length denim jacket, with rolled up sleeves and a cute collar! Underneath, she has on a plaid patterned dress that is white and pink in color! Every princess is in love with it! A pink ribbon makes up her waistband, which leads down into the flowing dress that was made for a duchess! An extra layer of light pink lace sit on top of her plaid dress, adding more texture and patterns to her delicate look!

Lalaloopsy Girls Suzette La Sweet  wears knee-high socks which have lacy ruffles at the top, and they lead down to bright pink shoes, with double straps and blue bows decorating the back! Suzette’s little pet poodle is a glamorous pink color with a flower texture all over. The pink bow atop her fluffy head is made fancier by a ring of pearls, and a beautiful pink collar makes this poodle the perfect model pet!

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Monster High Haunted Twyla

No beast or ghoul has ever seen a boogey-monster look so beautiful before! The 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Haunted Twyla doll gives a brand new meaning to monsters in the closet! A self-proclaimed fright-night fashionista, Twyla’s fashion sense is better than anything you’d find under your bed!

Monster High Haunted Twyla dollA ghostly blue hue covers most of her appearance and outfit, giving her a spooky iridescent look when she looms the grimnasium! Long, luscious ringlets show off the chilly blue tones in her hair, which is all flowing down and styled with an adorably dangerous black bow headband!

Monster High Haunted Twyla’s dress is an electric eel blue with a portrait neckline, and it shows off wavy patterns in different hues of blood-curdling blue! A second layer on her dress shows off a translucent tulle fabric with purple stripes that’s giving her dress some bounce and boogey! To add some demonic detailing, Twyla has lacy blue fabric wrapping over her right shoulder.

Twyla’s most favorite accessory of this decade has to be her shocking silver chains, which she has wrapped around her waist and tied into a perfectly petrifying bow! Even when she’s being creepy, she’s somehow cute too! And check out this monster strutting her stuff in blue translucent stilettos, with ankle straps and some sky high heels!

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A last small addition to the piercing perfect outfit is a blue charm bracelet like all of her other haunted ghoulfriends! If her fashion doesn’t drop the mummy’s jaw, her skin markings certainly will. Don’t overlook her unique skin markings on her hands, legs and feet! Shadow-like shapes crawl up her limbs, and give Twyla her own out-of-this-world signature look. If this boogey-monster shows up under your bed tonight, ask her for some fashion advice!

How to play with Monster High Haunted Twyla

Spice up Twyla’s look by finding new outfits for her to wear in other colors to mix-match with her blue hues! Take her to karaoke so she gets out of those shadows, or take her to the mall to check out some new ghoulish accessories!

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DC Collectibles DC Comics The New 52: Earth 2: Batman (Thomas Wayne) Action Figure

Have you always had the desire to be Batman’s sidekick? If this is this case, then you are in luck because you can now help fight crime with this Batman Action Figure. Based on the designs of DC Comic’s Earth 2, you’ll be able to aide batman as he uses his strength, wealth and powers to destroy all of the criminals that dare to step foot in his city. When it comes down to the final fight, Batman will always end up on top.

PThe New 52: Earth 2 Batman Action figureut on your suit, hop in your batmobile and get ready for action! This awesome action figure is familiar to us all but it is just a little bit different from the classic version of the caped crusader that we all know and love. This is the parallel version of the Dark Night, the epic Thomas Wayne. His bold black suit is accented with a red bat symbol on his chest, a red belt and a long, flowing red cape that helps his soar through the sky.

Batman uses his strength, power and his classic throwing weapon that is shaped like a bat to keep his city safe. Fighting off his evil foes will never be a difficult task.

How to play DC Comics The New 52: Earth 2: Batman (Thomas Wayne) Action Figure

Use The New 52: Earth 2 Batman Action Figure to re-create all of your favorite action scenes! Which villains will you decide to have him face off against? Toss your bat shaped weapon and get ready for action!


DC Collectibles DC Comics Earth 2: Batman Action Figure

Batman is never the type of hero to shy away from a mission, no matter what kind of danger that it presents to him. Based off of the awesome designs from the popular DC Comics titles Earth 2, this Batman Action Figure will instill fear into the heart of evil criminals everywhere. Batman has everything that it takes to defeat the villains that threaten Gotham City, including his weapons, wealth, strength and power.

DC Comics Earth 2 Batman Action FigureEveryone will enjoy this caped crusader! This figure was created to depict the hero as he risks it all to battle the hordes of Apokolips to ensure that Earth 2 remains safe and protected. While facing off with all of the dreaded hordes, he is wearing his signature black suit and mask in order to keep his identity as Bruce Wayne a secret. With this figure, you will be able to re-create tons of action-packed stories of good versus evil or you can even use your handy imagination to invent new adventures.

Batman has his weapons firmly in hand so that he is ready to go head-to-head against any villain that causes chaos in his territory. When these weapons are teamed with his almighty strength, he will always emerge as victorious!

What to do with DC Comics Earth 2: Batman Action Figure

With this figure, your get to be Batman’s best sidekick. Journey with him as he saves Earth 2 from all of the hordes of Apokolips! If you’re feeling adventurous, create your own stories and put Batman’s fate in your own hands.

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Monster High Haunted Draculaura

A fang favorite in the Monster High roarster, Draculaura is back and more haunted than ever! The 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Haunted Draculaura doll has floating heads spinning to get a look at the vampire who is always an absolute vision!

Monster High Haunted DraculauraDraculaura’s classic pink and black hair is slicked back into a low-sitting ponytail, which feathers out into big curls down the nape of her neck. Her pink hair takes over most of the style, with the black lowlights sitting in the bottom layers of her gothic hairstyle! Her light pink skin creates a look that’s eerily sweet, with orange eye makeup adding a bit of spook! Of course, Draculaura knows how to make anything look good, and her long silver chains are no exception!

This nifty night-crawler works her clunky chains into fangtastic fashion accessories by hanging them off of an edgy collar piece! Sitting atop her shoulders, this work of art makes a regular ball-and-chain into a must-have creepy complimenting piece! Keeping the rest of her outfit classy, Draculaura is wearing a fitted sleeveless mini, with black and bright-pink colors throughout. To add some more interesting pieces to her spooky and simple dress, Draculaura sports some translucent arm décor in a pink fabric, which hangs from her forearms creating cape-like trails that flow as she floats, making even the ghostly students at Monster High jealous of her style!

To finish the look, Monster High Draculara  from haunted series has chosen translucent golden heels that fearleaders and casketball players alike are shrieking about! A blue bangle on her wrist adds a last bit of detail to her already haunted hip look! Draculaura is a veteran of the vampire halls in Monster High, so those freaky freshman better watch out this screamester!

How to play with Monster High Haunted Draculaura

Try switching up Haunted Draculaura’s gothic locks for a totally new look, or have an outfit switching party with her best beastly friends! Take her for a hot cocoa at the Coffin Bean Cafe, or create her dorm room for a spooky slumber!

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Barbie Fairytale Magic Ballerina Lea Doll

Turn on the tunes, grab your very own Barbie Fairytale Magic Ballerina Lea Doll and make your way to the spotlight to dance the night away! This beautiful princess ballerina will amaze everyone with her wonderful poise and grace. Dreams will be inspired as she moves delicately to the beat of all of your favorite songs. Little girls will be absolutely delighted to create dances and stories for their special fairy ballerinas.

Barbie Fairytale Magic Ballerina Lea DollBarbie Ballerina Lea Doll is dressed in a fluffy tulle tutu that is perfect for dancing. This tutu can also be easily removed so she can join in on all of the mix-and-match excitement with all of her Barbie Fairytale friends. The bodice of this fabulous outfit is inspired by shimmering gems and showcases a gorgeous ombre pattern that will look superb with any outfit that she rocks on the dance floor.

Perfectly poised with her classic ballerina arms, her pointed shoes are the best accessory to help her elegantly complete all of her best moves to wow the crowd. A shimmering princess tiara rests on top of her silky black hair to add an extra royal touch to leave the audience completely in awe over her beauty and skills. Check price of Barbie Ballerina Lea Doll

How to play Barbie Fairytale Magic Ballerina Lea Doll

Have a blast creating your own dances with this beautiful Barbie! Help her execute all of her ballerina steps to captivate the audience. You can even mix-and-match her outfits with all of her special Barbie Fairytale buddies!

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Monster High Haunted Vandala Doubloon

Sailing in from mysterious seas is a ghoul like you’ve never seen! From the 2014 Fall Release, Monster High Haunted collection welcomes Vandala Doubloon, the pirate’s daughter! This ghoul has a heart full of gold, and a style as wild as the raging sea! Student will recognize the watery temptress by her translucent orange pirate’s hat, which is decorated with a vibrant blue sea vessel. Monster High  Haunted Vandala Doubloon Description :-

Monster High Haunted  Vandala Doubloon DollMonster High Vandala Doubloon keeps the ocean close to her by styling her hair in wavy layers down her back, colored in sea green and foamy white!  Her wavy theme continues throughout her outfit, with her translucent black top having elbow-length sleeves that open into flowing sleeves down her arms. Glittery pink spider webs create an eerie pattern on the chic top!

Like all of the mysterious layers of the sea, Vandala’s dress showcases layers of angled fabrics with different textures and designs. Brown and white stripes, turquoise waves with wheels and translucent fabrics all make up this swashbuckling sea creatures dress! The pieces float out in all different directions just like freaky floating seaweed in the deep.

Monster High Vandala’s most unique piece on her outfit is her petrifying peg leg, which she can remove whenever she feels like freaking out an unsuspecting freshman! Her other foot is dressed in a translucent blue stiletto, with a treasure box of gold decorating the heel, and pearl shaped balls lacing around her ankle!

To tie all of her treasures together,the Monster High Haunted Girl Vandala has a unique pink chest piece that mimics fish bones and an out-of-this-world octopus! Trailing from its tentacles are long hanging chains adorned with keys, crabs and anchors! If she finds any treasures, they always go into her anchor-shaped purse, with seaweed detailing and a chain handle! She’s sailed the ocean, so she’ll definitely sail through her Monster High classes!

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How to play with Monster High  Haunted Vandala Doubloon

 Build Vandala’s own haunted ship to sail through the waters, or take her to the pool to practice for her water polo tryouts! Surprise her with her very own pet octopus, and let it help her write all of her papers!

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Barbie Beach Ken Doll

Are you ready to have some fun in the sun? Barbie Beach Ken Doll is ready to round up the gang for an exciting game of beach volleyball and conversations by the bonfire. With this doll, girls will be able to plan the ultimate beach party. What are you waiting for? Barbie Beach Ken doll is ready to dive into the cool waters for some summer excitement!

Your Ken doll comes ready to play in the most awesome outfit that everyone is sure to be impressed by! His totally gnarly swim trunks are blue, white and decorated with colorful surfboards for an extra touch of warm-weather style. His swimsuit shows that he is ready to tackle all of the adventures that the beach has to offer, whether it is splashing around in the waves, building a sand castle or even cruising down the coast!

His super sweet look is complete with slicked back hair and a rocking pair of tinted blue sunglasses. These sunglasses will help protect his eye’s from the blazing sun so he can lounge in the sand to catch some rays for a golden tan or pay close attention to the intense game of volleyball so that he can score a win for his team.

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How to play with Barbie Beach Ken Figure 

Barbie Beach Ken Doll is ready for some fun in the sun and you are invited to tag along! A beautiful sunny day with all of your best friends and a cool new bathing suit to wear. Make a tropical day of it – surf, sand, sun and a bonfire! That is the perfect recipe for a fabulous beach day with Ken and all of his friends!

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