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Monster High Gloom n Bloom Party Jane Boolittle Doll

Some students at Monster High how to boogey better than the boogey-man himself! This ghoul has a talent for letting out her inner beast on the dance floor! Monster High introduces the 2014 Fall Release of the Gloom n Bloom Jane Boolittle doll!

Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party - Jane Boolittle DollGloom n Bloom Jane Boolittle sure knows how to monkey around with the creatures of the night and now is her chance to do it with her classmates at Monster High! Looking her beastly best, Jane is sporting an outfit colored in bat-blacks, blood-reds and mystifying blues. Her sleek top is a full-sleeved with red, white and black designs throughout! Even with her moves being the squawk of the party, Jane’s stylish skirt is sure making the mad scientists go crazy!

Jane’s skirt is a midnight black hue of furry fabric with fur sticking out in all directions! The wild animal-inspired skirt travels to knee-length, and is tamed with a bright blue belt around Jane’s waist! Of course, Monster High Gloom n Bloom Jane Boolittle isn’t all hauntingly untamed-the rest of her outfit shows off a classy side to the creature, with beautiful blue heels that are adorned with bushels of red flowers draping down the fronts!

Pearl beading textures decorate the heels and let this ghoul dance sky-high through the crowd! Bright blue bangles and a blue feathered earring add some delicious detail to her bold outfit, and her pale purple skin will send shivers down any stylist’s spine! Jane’s hair also matches the color scheme of her frightening fabrics, with blue and red highlights running through her jet-black hair which is pulled back on the left side, with her bangs swept to the right on the other. As a ‘parting’ gift, Jane brought with her a vile looking plant, and a blue trowel! This monster High Gloom and Bloom Party Doll ready to dig up some graveyard dirt in her dancing shoes!

How to play with Monster High Gloom n Bloom Jane Boolittle Doll

Jane Boolittle loves the outdoors, so take her on a nature walk through the woods to meet new animal friends! Don’t forget to take her pet sloth to the groomer once in a while, or go to the maul to find her some new faux fur fashions!

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Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom Catrine DeMew Doll

When Monster High students throw a party, it’s always a mash of freaky beasts- Some of them sweeter than others! In the 2014 Fall Release, Monster High welcomes to the Gloom ‘n Bloom Party miss Catrine Demew!  

Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party Catrine Demew DollBe careful of her sweet demeanor- just because her outfit is all roses, doesn’t mean this werecat doesn’t have a bite! Catrine’s creepy cool hair has streaks of pastel blues and purples throughout, in long wavy curls wrapped to the side. A rose-detailed headband can be seen in blood-curdling blue, leaving enough room for her beastly ears to stick out! A freaky floral dress is shocking even the scariest guests at the soirée, and no ghost is questioning the feline’s fashion choices!

Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom Party Catrine Demew Doll wears spooky strapless dress which has a square neckline, and a longer length in the back of the dress adds unique angles to the hem! A floral print has a dark display of haunted colors in lavenders, blacks and blues, matching perfectly with Catrine’s petrifying hair! Of course at the Gloom and Bloom there is always time for some deathly dancing, and Catrine’s heels are perfect for it! Light blue strappy heels are decorated with rose decals, and more handfuls of deep-blue roses wrap around her ankles! All of the ball’s beasts are trying to keep up with this ghoul’s moves!

Small accessories that make her outfit monstrously cool include a wide blue belt and a black bow adorning her dress strap. Around her neck, Catrine is wearing a classic golden choker, decorated with its own unique rose detailing! Catrine always comes bearing gifts for her hosts, and this time she’s chosen a hair-raising rose bush, and a gardening hoe! Tonight the garden’s will be full of boogying beasts, and Catrine is a rose between the thorns!

How to play with Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party Catrine Demew Doll

Take Catrine to the scream spa before the party, to make sure her claws are filed and painted! Don’t forget- Catrine is an artist! Create some of your own paintings of her, or take her to art class for some lessons!

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Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom Venus McFlytrap Doll

This party is going to be absolutely killer! Especially when this ghoul shows up in her snapping new party outfit! The 2014 Fall Release of Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom Party invited the Venus McFlytrap doll!

Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party - Venus McFlytrap DollDon’t get your vines in a twist- this petrifying plant lover has never been more frighteningly fashionable! Venus’ outfit is biting with old-fashioned flair; a Victorian-styled high collar is made of ruffled black lace, and it’s held together by a vine-inspired brooch. Her puffed sleeves have a menacing texture to them, resembling bushels of thorns that every ghoul wishes she could get her hands on! Sheer, black sleeves reach down to her wrists, where slime-green bracelets wrap around for a deadly look!

The top portion of Venus’ wild outfit is fitted, with a blood-red background, pink swirls and looming vile-green flytrap designs! A black belt adorned with dead-black roses ties her top portion into her dress, which flairs out to her knees for an unravelling good time! The dress’ pattern is an array of shapes and colors in black, white, red and pink, but most importantly is her favored green flytraps. Trailing down her eerie green legs to her heels, Venus is wearing creepy vines and flytraps crawling up her ankles, leaving just enough room for her snapping stilettos decorated in spikes and pointed teeth! If Venus doesn’t take a bite out of the fashion world- her outfit certainly will!

Finishing her look, Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom  Venus McFlytrap has her bright-green and pink hair tied up into a high ponytail, with a prickly vine headband, and black thorny earrings. This ghoul is certainly going to make a point at this party! For entertainment, Venus has brought along her own concoction in a thorny blue watering can, as well as a suspicious plant that boogying guests should steer clear of!

How to play with Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party Venus McFlytrap Doll

Invite some more of Venus’ friends over and make this a party they’ll never forget! Watch out for those flytraps- they need to eat too! When she’s done her homework, take Venus for a walk through the park! She loves nature!

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Barbie 2014 Halloween Doll

Even on Halloween this girl sure knows how to mix scary with stylish! From the 2014 Fall Release, it’s time to get spooky with the Barbie 2014 Halloween Doll! Wearing a totally bewitching outfit, Barbie is mixing her witch costume with some wickedly cool fashions as well!

2014 Halloween Barbie DollWith a black and pink color pallet, this trick-or-treater is making petrifying look pretty as well! 2014 Halloween Barbie’s long straight hair is a hot pink hue, and the strands are decorated by a weathered, leather witch hat! All of the candy collectors are totally in love with Barbie’s snakeskin-inspired top, which has a sweetheart neckline, and pumpkin-orange stitching! The bright color looks so great, that Barbie added an orange belt to her ensemble as well!

A long, flowing skirt reaches just below Barbie’s knees, with two spook-tacular fabrics that are sure to please her gruesome guests! The main portion of her dress shows off a petrifying pink background that is decorated with black cats, moons and stars on the top! The hem of the dress has a freaky fabric all its own, with a white background decorated in black zigzags! All of the wolves are howling for her outfit on this full moon!

Of course, Barbie is all about tying the whole look together, so she couldn’t resist wearing some freaky, fearsome new heels! Reaching almost to her knees, Barbie is wearing sky-high leather boots, with crisscross lacing all the way down the front! No one has ever seen a witch this fashionable before! And one last accessory ties the entire look together- a bat-black necklace, adorned with three black stars! It’ s no wonder Barbie always ends up with so much candy- her outfits are always a scream of success!

How to play with Barbie 2014 Halloween Doll

Barbie loves Halloween! Create your own outfits for her to wear trick-or-treating, or create your own witch look so you can go together as twin witches! Make sure to build her a cauldron so that she can mix up some putrid potions, and invite her friends over for a spooky Halloween bash!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Foot Soldier Basic Action Figure

Silent, sneaky and willing to do absolutely whatever that it takes to bring down the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, foot soldiers are members of the dreaded Foot Clan and they exist for one reason only; to obey their villainous leader, the evil Shredder!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie foot soldiers movie action figureWhether you want to spend some time playing on dark side or simply want to recreate all of the action-filled scenes from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, this action figure is an awesome choice for hours upon hours of exciting playtime.

This Foot Soldier figure will send the people of the city scouring away in fear with their deluxe armor that covers them from head to toe. In addition, they wear a mask that keeps their identity a secret. The only thing that is left visible is their piercing eyes which everyone will be afraid of, except the Turtles, of course!

Equipped with lace-up boots, knee pads and even a belt around his waist, this Foot Soldier is one of the baddest of them all! He comes prepared with several different weapons, including several guns and a knife. Foot Soldiers may have tons of different weapons, but is it enough to fight off their foes? It’s time to find out!

How to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Foot Soldier Basic Figure

 Use this Foot Soldier figure to bring all of your favorite action scenes to life! Will the Turtles defeat the enemy or will they come up short? Throw on your armor and brace yourself for all of the action to come!

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Lalaloopsy Mini Littles Blossom Flowerpot and Petal Flowerpot Dolls

Some of the dolls in Lalaloopsy are lucky enough to share their homes with siblings! Introducing Lalaloopsy Mini Littles Blossom Flowerpot and Petal Flowerpot Dolls!

Lalaloopsy Mini Littles Blossom Flowerpot and Petal Flowerpot Dolls!

Lalaloopsy Petal Flowerpot

Lalaloopsy Petal Flowerpot

Petal Flowerpot is a Lalaloopsy little with big personality! Her short pink hair is done up in a tiny bun, with tiny little daisies holding it together. She is wearing a white t shirt with ruffled sleeves, which sits nicely under her green overalls! Petal Flowerpot chose a pea-green color, and mint green crisscross stripes to decorate it! She has three little pockets where she keeps her gardening tools and any flowers she finds! Her tiny orange shoes are decorated with white bows, and her bright colors are bringing in all of the fun insects of the garden! If your flowers or fashion need tending, this Lalaloopsy mini sure knows how to help!


Lalaloopsy Blossom Flowerpot

Lalaloopsy Blossom FlowerpotPetal’s older sister Lalaloopsy Blossom Flowerpot is a fierce fashionista with a stylish green thumb! Like her little sibling, Petal has light pink hair, but she wears it in crazy pigtails with two daisy’s decorating them! Her sunshine yellow skirt has bright orange sleeves that are perfect for a day of planting! An orange scarf is tied neatly at her neck, and orange bows decorate the front of her top! It’s no wonder flowers flock to her!

The bottom portion of her dress fluffs out around her, and has a white apron sitting gracefully on top. The apron has crisscross textures and pockets just like her sisters, so that they can hold their seeds and tools! Knee-high white socks lead down to Petal’s bright orange sneakers that Blossom can’t wait to wear one day! And who can forget their favorite pet- a lime green butterfly with purple wings! Their flighty friend helps them to find flowers that need help, and she always does it with a smile! This trio is sure to bring out the sunshine and style on a rainy day!

How to play with Lalaloopsy Mini Littles Blossom Flowerpot and Petal Flowerpot Dolls

Build a little garden for these two sisters, so that they can plant flowers all day together! Build your own little garden as well, with flowers or vegetables that you can grow and share with your friends!

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Monster High Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Every ghoul and ghost at Monster High cheers when this furry fashion-starter joins the haunted bus ride for a field trip! The 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Freaky Field Trip collection includes none other than the fuzzy, fabulous Clawdeen Wolf!

Freaky Field trip Clawdeen WolfEven when she’s at home, Monster high Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen always looks like she just crawled off the runway, so a field trip from school is no exception! Looking like a dangerous diva, Clawdeen is sporting long, wavy brown locks, with a pop or putrid purple along her face! Her seriously sassy mini is a strapless black skirt, which has vile visitors more interested in her clothes than the field trip! The dress itself has orange and yellow colors throughout in shapes like paw prints, bones and swirls!

A fierce mint green stripe splashes across the whole front of the dress, with zig-zag trimming from the likes of some sort of monster! The pop of color is a hair-raising style choice for the well-dress wolf. Clawdeen takes every inch of her outfit seriously. Sky-high boots show off a pastel purple hue, with scary spikes lining the back of the heel, and layers of laces decorating the front. Student who are serious about style always think about their shoes! And of course the moonlight monster found accessories to match! Click Here for more images

A six-layered golden bracelet crawls up Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen’s arm, and adds a punch of metallic glam to her getup! No student is surprised when Clawdeen finds a soft spot for the skull of an unknown creature during this field trip! Her slime green binder might be cool, but this howler is absolutely in love with her new bone-chilling find!

How to play with Monster high Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen Wolf

 Invite Clawdeen’s ghouls over to show off her new field trip find, or put together a runway so she can put on a fashion show in all her most favorite outfits! Treat your friend by taking her to the haunted opera, or for an ice scream cone!

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Monster High Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant Doll

Sometimes going on a field trip is tough when people think your home is the actual artifact on display! Introducing the genie’s daughter, Gigi Grant, from the 2014 Fall Release of Monster High Freaky Field Trip collection!

Monster high Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant DollGigi is excited to get out of her lamp and on the road for a fun trip with her Monster High disembody! And just because she lives in a lamp, doesn’t mean she’s had her head in the sand! Gigi has her own unique style, and she’s ready to take it on a trip! Fuchsia pink hair makes Monster High Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant stand out in a crowd, and her long straight locks are made even more creative with bright orange highlights!

Of course Gigi still likes to keep it classy, so her simplistic outfit is made freakishly fun with spooky patterns and shiny accessories! Gigi’s main attraction is her tee-shirt styled dress, with small sleeves, and a less fitted fabric. The pattern on her dress is completely out-of-this-world, and Gigi believes even aliens would appreciate her “out there” style! The fabric shows off colors ranging from purple, to blue and pink, and white wispy designs mimic that of stars in a ghoulish galaxy! A layer of translucent blue fabric adds an edgy detail to her dress, and it has all of the ghouls talking about it at the scream park! When she’s not in her lamp, Gigi likes to really screech and stretch out! Click Here For more images

Golden stilettos let Gigi tower over the little monsters running around, and the strappy detailing has even Scarah Screams staring at her! Most important on her outfit is her golden beaded necklace, which boasts a giant genie as its centerpiece. Some of the trinkets Gigi comes with include a purple lunch bag, and a golden telescope! She can see fashion finds from anywhere now!

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How to play with Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant Doll

Invite Toralei over for a visit, so they can compare their new trinkets from their field trips! Remember to keep her gorgeous genie hair clean, or create a spacious home lamp for Gigi to stretch out and relax in comfortably!


My First Disney Princess Frozen Elsa’s Easy Style Party Set

. A whimsical, wintery new friend is ready to get glammed up with you! Disney presents the 2014 Fall Release of My First Disney Princess Frozen Elsa’s Easy Style Party Set! This little Elsa doll comes with tons of new accessories for you to use on her hair, or your own!

My First Disney Princess Frozen Elsa’s Easy Style Party SetAnd as always, Elsa is wearing her classic blue dress that has become a fan favorite! Watch it glimmer and shimmer while you twirl her around styling her long white-blonde hair! Feel free to take out her braid and style it in a totally new, icy-cool way!

Elsa will definitely have something to sing about! Included in her kit are a curling iron, scissors, brush, and a blow dryer that makes real blowing sounds! And when you’re done shaping it in a way she loves, add in one of her hair extensions, which come in pink or purple! Of course, Elsa never goes anywhere without her trusty friend Olaf the snowman, and now he comes in clip size! Doll up Elsa’s style, or put it in your own hair!

Not only is her hair going to be beautiful, but the singing sweetheart also has a dress that would melt a snow monster’s heart! Elsa’s dress is satin fabric in a light blue shade, with a satin pastel-purple belt and bow. Her puffed sleeves are a sheer see-through fabric, and an extra layer of sheer tulle sits atop her dress with a ruffled hem.The bottom portion of Elsa’s dazzling dress is adorned with sparking purple snowflakes which are sprinkled all over, giving Elsa the shimmery winter look she loves after a fresh snowfall. And Elsa comes to life with her Royal reflection eyes, which sparkle just like real life! Elsa can’t wait to have a sparkling day at the salon with you!

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How to play: Use Elsa’s accessories to style Elsa’s hair, and then your own! You can even invite your friends over and make a whole makeover day of it! When her hair is perfect, take her to the snow spa for a freezing cold bath, and don’t forget to help her sing her favorite songs!

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition), Nick Fury, Rocket Raccoon, Thor, Venom Figure

Collect all of the Marvel Super Heroes in Disney Infinity2.0 so that the whole team is together to capture some serious crime. Figures can be used in real-life or play with their virtual versions in the city of Manhattan and help save the city with your favorite heroes!

Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Nick Fury Figure

Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Nick Fury An experienced army vet and an active director of S.H.I.E.L.D, this crime-fighting man knows how to save the day with his Marvel companions. Nick Fury joins the Disney Infiniti 2.0 Super Heroes Crew, and he is ready for some action! Standing solidly atop his rock-detailed base, Nick Fury is wearing a chromatic pallet of colors, in greys and blacks. Wearing grey pants, thick black boots and a fitted black top, Nick shows off his classic good guy look without being to flashy. His traditional long black trench coat has a flowing design, and his trusted hand gun is strapped safely to his thigh just in case he needs it! Fortunately, Nick Fury is practiced in hand combat, with most of his training in Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu. His signature black eye patch on his left eye might suggest weakness, but it would be foolish of villains to underestimate his power. Buy Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes Nick Fury Figure at discounted price

Disney INFINITY Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Rocket Raccoon Figure – Not Machine Specific

Disney INFINITY Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Rocket Raccoon Figure In a flurry of fur and fury, this crazy crime-fighting creature should not be underestimated! Joining the Marvel Super Heroes team in the Disney Infiniti 2.0 Edition is none other than Rocket Raccoon! Rocket stands on his own metallic base, with a look of sheer delight and guns blazing. His heightened sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch attribute to his fantastic marksman and tactical abilities. His orange jump suit is decorated with black and grey clasps and a brown collar all of which allows for easy movement and comfort for the furry fiend. His fur has the classic designs of a regular Earth raccoon, with grey, black and white coloring, but don’t let that fool you! Rocket’s favorite guns are have purple and yellows hues, and both are locked and loaded to take on bad guys with his good friend Groot. Collect the Disney Infinity Rocket Raccoon now


Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Thor Figure

Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Thor FigureStrength and power help this superhero slay villains, but it also helps to have a trusted hammer too. Disney Infiniti 2.0 Edition includes the ever-popular hero Thor, joined by his classic outfit and all-fearing hammer! Thor’s long blonde hair has flowing detail, and sits underneath Thor’s grey helmet decorated with almighty wings. His steel-grey fitted suit uses texturing to show off mighty muscles in his legs, arms and chest, and detailing in buttons and yellow striped add a touch of royalty to Thor’s ensemble. His classic red cape reaches almost to the ground, and sways out beside him while he is in action. Of course, no bad guy has a chance when Thor throws his mighty hammer, which Thor’s opposable arms can throw in any direction you choose! This crime-fighter stands atop a grey rocky base, ready to launch his hammer- and villains- into the next universe! collect it now 


Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Venom Figure – Not Machine Specific

Disney INFINITY Venom FigureJoining Marvel Super Heroes in the Disney Infiniti 2.0 edition is the freaky figure of Venom! The sentient alien is a gooey substance who needs a human host to live off of. His creepy black and white fitted suit covers his entire body, so his human host is unknown in this figure! Eerie white eyes ward off any criminals, and sharp pointed teeth show an evil smile that his long, red tongue slithers out of. His history with Spiderman is shown on his chest, where a large white arachnid wraps around his torso and up over his shoulders. Details in his texturing suggest that Venom is an aggressively muscular force to be reckoned with, and his pointed claws add haunting detail to his overall look! Watch out for this alien- he has shape shifting abilities, invisibility skills and an overall mean demeanor. Add Venom to your Super Hero squad for a bit of darkness. Buy it Now