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Lalaloopsy Littles Doll Cape Riding Hood

Lalaloopsy has a new little fashionista! Bringing her own basket of sweets and a welcoming smile to town is Lalaloopsy Littles Doll Cape Riding Hood!

Lalaloopsy Cape Riding HoodCape  Riding Hood was sewn from Red Riding Hood’s very own cape, and she loves putting together outfits that show off her signature style! Cape loves to take long walks through the forest, so she makes sure she dresses for the occasion! An adorable red bonnet covers most of Cape’s hair, which is a cotton-candy pink color!

She has two little pigtails, and some bangs showing through at the front. Of course, anyone in Lalaloopsy who loves the color red will adore Cape’s entire outfit! Her dress is red and white in a plaid design, with two little red pockets to keep some treats in! The dress is lined with white eyelet-detailed lace, and an extra layer of white crinoline keeps her dress full and fancy! And since the little sister of Scarlet Riding Hood does so much exploring, Cape Riding Hood wears some candy-apple red shoes, with white tips and laces. She can skip all day long in those stylish sneakers! Click here to see more images

But can you guess her most favorite accessory? It’s her cape of course! A cozy, red cotton material makes up the cool cape, with a lacy white hem to add some of Cape’s own flair! The cape is tied into a cute little bow on the front of her neck to make sure it stays in place. And who’s afraid of an adorable little wolf? Cape’s pet wolf is as cuddly as she is! Grey fur designed like string makes up this tiny ball of fur, and a big red bow on its head matches her owner’s favorite hue! Don’t be afraid of this pair in the woods- they’re just there for a picnic!

How to play Lalaloopsy Littles Doll Cape Riding Hood

Take Cape and her little pet wolf for a day at the park! Gather together some of your friends and some snacks, and have your own lovely picnic for a day! Create your own red cape, and dress up just like her! You’ll be the most magical friends in Lalaloopsy!

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Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5″ Hiro Action Figures

Are you ready to save the world? Well this daring duo is ready to do it with you! Introducing from the all new animated film Big Hero 6, the 11” Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro action figures!

Big Hero 6 the 11 Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5 Hiro action figuresBaymax and Hiro are a matching duo, showing off their stellar armor in colors of purple, red and black!  Baymax is an astounding 11’ tall, with an 18’ wingspan for some serious flying! Press the button on his back to open up his wings and see him fly! Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax is wearing his full-body armor suit, including his helmet with antenna communication. His textured chest piece takes up most of his upper portion in shiny red, with his middle section protected by purple armor. Press his purple armor to see Baymax’s mask light up, and to hear realistic robotic sounds! Click Here for More Images 

There are multiple sounds to make your crime fighting even more awesome! Large shoulder padded armor is red with purple decor, and super cool silver detailing at the elbows shows off his awesome technological details! Baymax’s lower arms are protected by more red armor with purple décor, and his hands are shaped into fists for awesome strength! Not only does he look fierce, but Baymax can really pack a punch! Release his left arm and see his rocket launching fist do some awesome crime fighting of its own! With articulation over most of his body, Baymax is an amazing addition to any team, and incredibly movable and flyable too! With the help of his trusty teammate Hiro, these two are a duo no bad guy wants to mess with! Click Here for more Images

Hiro stands at 4.5” tall, and is dressed to save the world! Wearing his purple helmet with communication antenna, you can see Hiro’s face and his messy black hair in his front visor. His purple chest piece and shoulder pieces are adorned with red magnet pads which help him connect to Baymax for easy flight! His pants are black with purple knee pads, and his fancy steel-toe sneakers are a dark grey. And check out his gloves! Hiro is wearing dark grey gloves, which connect him to Baymax’s back for transportation. When the two are connected, you can initiate more sounds from Baymax including ascending and descending sounds depending on how they are flying! Baymax and Hiro are an awesome team who can fight crime separately, or together. Bad guys watch out!

How to use Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax

This duo love hanging out, so build them a place to call home where they can play games and practice their skills! Ride Hiro on Baymax’s back when they need to fly to the action quickly, and make sure they stay close together while fighting; two is always better than one!

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Star Wars Boba Fett 18” Figure

Heroes of the galaxy, beware! Well-known bounty hunters are on their way for another battle, and this time they are ready for revenge! Introducing the Star Wars Boba Fett 18” Figure, dressed in his traditional attire and ready to avenge himself!

Star Wars Boba Fett 18" Action FigureClassic colors in Star Wars Boba Fett’s outfit include army greens, whites, browns and yellows. His memorable helmet is generally army green, with faint orange paintings on the sides and splashes of white. His black visor is T-shaped, with a brown outline and white splatters as well. Boba’s top begins with a white turtleneck, and an army green round collar. His Long sleeve white shirt has rippling textures for a more realistic look, with yellow shoulder pads decorated with an iconic symbol.

Star Wars Boba Fett is wearing an army green chest plate, also adorned with white splatters recognizable symbols. Of course, the great bounty hunter goes nowhere without his armor and weaponry! Boba’s wrists are decorated with holsters that hold small weapons resembling miniature torpedoes in black, silver and gold detailing. The wrist holders themselves have some detailing across the tops with screws, bolts and splattered paint as well! A dark brown utility belt sits on his waist, with compartments for smaller tools and ammo whenever necessary.  The galaxy is in for quite a battle with this trained hunter! A light brown belt sits beneath his utility belt, and leads down into his white pants, which also possess a material texturing, and his thighs and shins are decorated with cargo pant pockets which are filled with more silver weaponry.Check Out for more images 

For such a serious character,  Boba Fett sure knows how to put his stylish clothing to good use! Yellow kneepads are decorated with silver bolts and white splattered paint, and Boba’s shoes are white with grey detailing, and bolts along the toes! Boba’s most interesting accessory is what he carries on his back- a navy green pack containing missile shaped weaponry for more aggressive attacks on his enemies! His flowing green cape finishes off the entire look, and is made of a softer fabric than the rest of his outfit, which is soft and movable to the touch. Moving joints include Boba’s knees, arms and head allowing for more game play and realistic movements for the bounty hunter. A respected enemy, Boba Fett leaves a mysterious aura wherever he goes, and should be approached with caution! You may also like

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How to play Star Wars Boba Fett 18” Figure

Bring other characters into your scene, and decide whether or not Boba Fett will be able to avenge himself! Build a space ship for Boba Fett to travel in, and remember to help him practice his moves and aim with those missiles!

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Star Wars 20″ Chewbacca Action Figure

Star Wars’ most lovable character is now 20” tall and ready to be a part of all of your adventures in the galaxy! Introducing the Star Wars 20” Chewbacca Action Figure! Chewbacca or “Chewie” is a two hundred year old Wookie, who is the brave companion and co-pilot to Hans Solo.

Star Wars 20 Chewbacca Action FigureThe  Star Wars 20″ Chewbacca Action Figure is an amazing replica of the furry friend of Hans, whose long limbs and exceptionally tall figure make him a great sidekick to any adventure you take him on! The doll itself has different shades of brown throughout his body. He wears no clothes, but is covered in full texturing details to show the extent of his hairy exterior. The hues are a dark brown, and a medium shade of brown, and they switch back and forth as they travel down his body. His hair only seems styled at the top of his head, where it is slicked back to show off his eyes. His facial features include piercing blue eyes, a brown nose and a neutral expression.  His kind demeanor makes it easy to understand why Hans Solo wanted to save his life! You may also like

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Across his chest is Chewbacca’s trademark bandolier which is light brown in color, and resembles that of a leather material. Along the strap are large and small silver cases, which generally hold tolls and ammo for the large creature to use when necessary. The large bag attaches to the strap with a small loop, and this is the only accessory or piece of clothing the furry fighter wears. He may be a simple dresser, but Chewbacca knows how to make his possessions count! Chewie’s mobility is quite diverse, with mobility in his shoulders, neck, waist and legs. The only part of his body that shows smooth texturing is his feet, which stick out slightly underneath all of his hair. Click here for more images

Star Wars Chewbacca 20″action figure is a great sidekick to any hero fighting for the galaxy, and his intelligence for flying aircrafts definitely helps in any quick getaway! The lovable character is now available for your own adventures, and he’s growling to start protecting the good guys and the galaxy!

How to play with Star Wars Chewbacca Action figure 

Build an aircraft for Chewie to fly in, and find him a great sidekick to help him fight crime all across the galaxy! Make your own animals noises to help Chewie communicate, and don’t forget that his bag is removable in case he needs anything quickly!

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Lalaloopsy Mini Sew Sweet House

All of the dolls of Lalaloopsy love to hang out together! When they aren’t going to school or playing with their pets, the dolls like to get together to tell stories and have fun! Lalaloopsy introduces the Mini Sew Sweet House! This beautiful dollhouse has three stories of fun, with lots of room to fill it with furniture and memories!

Lalaloopsy Mini Sew Sweet HouseThe outside of the lalaloopsy Mini Sew Sweet House is delicately designed with numerous textures, patterns and lines. The main color is a pretty pale purple, and the details show off fun hues of pink and white! Brown framed windows can be seen decorating every side of the house, so that all of the sunshine can shine in, and each is decorated very carefully for added details! Some windows have heart shaped shutters; some are decorated with flowers! The balcony on the second floor opens up beautiful French doors, so that the dolls can look out into the front yard and call to friends passing by!

The Sew Sweet mini house is Victorian inspired, so multiple roofs add a lot of different shapes and elements. Some of the roofs are even shaped as books! The main roof itself is made up of golden circles, and the walls are textured with swirly lines, polka dots and triangles!

The front door has an adorable heart cut out, and a splitting door for dolls and animals alike to enter! Of course, there is a separate door for all of the Lalaloopsy pets to use if they’d like as well! There are so many things to see and do! A swing is set up at the front of the house for dolls to sit back and read a book, and a picnic table and umbrella are an inviting place for friends to have lunch! A sprinkler at the side of the house inspires lots of gardening, and it seems to be working because flower pots can be spotted all over the exterior of the home! Other fun details of the house include an animal elevator, a slot for mail from friends, and a small window out of the attic for pets to sit and enjoy the sunlight!

This beautiful doll house also comes with a Mini Lalaloopsy doll Blossom Flowerpot  and her awesome friend the butterfly! They love inviting all of their friends over to spend the day, or even the night! After all, there are three floors inside, so there’s always room for more! You may like

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How to play with Mini Sew Sweet House

Collect furniture and décor for the inside of this adorable house, so that all of the Lalaloopsy dolls can visit! Invite friends over to play outside, have a picnic, or play with their pets in the yard! Write some mail for the dolls, and put it in their mailbox for them to find!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tiger Claw Figure

Watch out for this evil villain roaring onto the scene; better get the turtles ready! Introducing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tiger Claw Figure! Described as the “Dreaded Assassin and Bounty Hunter”, Tiger Claw is a ferocious mutant tiger who was mutated when he was just a boy. His overall demeanor is terrifying, but the turtles aren’t afraid!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tiger Claw FigureTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tiger Claw has the full body of a tiger, but the movement of a human. His head is that of a tiger, with bright orange colors, black stripes and an angry expression. His yellow eyes add creepy detail to his facial expression, and he mouth is showing some impressive large, white fangs! He wears an eye patch on his left eye, and his posture says he is ready to battle the turtles one last time! His outfit includes a bright blue tee with rolled up sleeves, and a deep blue scarf which he has tied around his neck. His muscular tiger arms have all of the coloring of a Tiger, with detailed texturing to show his furry skin. Check out for more images

Over his tee, TMNT Tiger Claw is wearing a black vest which is decorated with straps of ammunition and a metallic silver belt. The straps are crisscrossed on his chest, with silver bullets being held individually by black bands. Tiger Claw has definitely come to win this battle! His black pants have brown detailing around the hems, and he is wearing one holster on each leg for his two favorite weapons! A second silver belt can be seen around his pants, and just underneath his vest. The holsters are well-detailed, showing off a genuine leather look with small belt buckles on the insides of his legs.

Make sure the turtles are ready for this armed assassin! Two large, well-detailed black guns sit in the holsters perfectly, and allow easy accessibility for Tiger Claw whenever he needs to defend himself quickly.  His large paws come out of the bottom of his pants, with the same fur texturing as his arms and head. He has movable joints at his knees and his shoulders, which enable him to position his weapons freely and finally get a shot at those turtles! With his ninja moves and love for weaponry, Tiger Claw is a fierce competitor and he’s ready to avenge himself!

How to use Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tiger Claw Figure

Build a scene for the turtles and Tiger Claw to battle, and equip Tiger with his included canons for turtle fighting action! Use his quickness and strength to jump, shoot and attack!

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Monster High Geek Shriek Howleen Wolf Doll

A beastly beauty is back at Monster High, and this time she’s not letting her inner nerd creep her out! Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Geek Shriek Howleen Wolf Doll!

Monster High Geek Shriek Howleen Wolf DollThis Geek Shriek , Howleen Wolf is turning heads not only with her grades, but with her freaktastic fashions too! Howleen’s hair is colored in the hottest pink with streaks of bright orange, and it’s making all the nighttime creatures dive for the shadows! Her hair is styled in big, soft curls that fall down her back with a side part for some body. Of course, her trademark wolf ears are always making an appearance, with one bent and one straight up! check out here for more images 

Monster High Geek Shriek Howleen’s fashions show off a spooky summer look, with bright colors and fun patterns. Her fitted baseball-style tee has black sleeves with fun pink stitching, and the body of the shirt is a bright yellow! The image of an orange porcupine adorns the front, with nerdy glasses, a green bowtie, and petrifying pink spikes just like Howleen’s hair!

With such a freaky fun shirt, Howleen Wolf had to find the perfect skirt to match. Her pencil skirt is made of a bright blue fabric, with thick blue stitching along the hem. The creative pattern is a mix of all of the things that Howleen loves- especially homework and haunting! In pink and yellow colors, you can see objects like protractors, three-dimensional shapes and division signs dance around the creepy couture piece! But do not be fooled! Vampire mouths and crossbones also decorate the skirt, giving it the extra scare factor that Monster High Geek Shriek Howleen loves! And check out her spectacles!

Howleen may have vision problems, but this accessory has her seeing style clearly! Her bright, yellow glasses have rims that are designed like protractors, and the arms are covered in different spooky shapes! And her most fierce accessory can be found on her paws, in the style of some amazing bright yellow pumps! Howleen’s heels are detailed with protractors on the toes, and dividers hold up the heels! This geek is definitely the master monster of shriek!

How to play with Monster High Geek Shriek Howleen Wolf Doll

Being a straight A student and the most popular wolf in school is very time-consuming, so make sure you make a schedule for Howleen for all of her activities! Let her try out for the fearleading squad, and the monster mathletes too!

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Big Hero 6 Fred Action Figure

Not every monster has to be a bad guy! This little monster is ready to fight crime, and he’s got a fire-breathing way of doing it! Introducing the Big Hero 6 Fred Action Figure!

Big Hero 6 Fred Action FigureFred or “Fredzilla” is an incredibly colorful creation, with hues of blue and orange decorating his entire body! Based on a Japanese monster, he has two giant yellow eyes with black slits for his retinas. The eyes sit lower on his body, and make room for his creepy third eye which sits above and allow Fred to see out of his suit. If bad guys aren’t afraid of his flame-throwing mouth, his three eyes will definitely scare them away!

Big Hero 6 Fred Action Figure’s top eyeball is encircled by a giant lick of flame, in bright colors of orange and yellow, and two dark blue horns finish of the frightening look. Around his other two eyeballs, Fred has dark blue around the sides, and orange down the middle with well-detailed eyebrows for a fierce, crime fighting expression! His mid portion is also dark blue with orange down the middle, and sitting in the center is a terrifying mouth! Fred’s mouth is wide open with bright blue lips, scary yellow pointed teeth, and a closed dome that he lets fire out of! You may also like to check

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Keeping him standing on his own, Big Hero 6 Fred has thick short legs that start as dark blue and work into a light blue color. Awesome texturing adds bumps and scaly details to his monster skin, and pointed black toenails finish off the wild look! Super heroes have never looked so menacing! In his arms you can see a similar style to Fred’s legs, with dark blue to light blue coloring, bumpy texturing and black claws. Bright orange fires licks the tops of his arms making him too hot for villains to handle, and scary blue spikes along his back make this super cool hero an extremely unique addition to the Big Hero team!

One last feature that makes Fred a crime fighter to remember is his awesome blue tail that also shows off spiky detailing, and is movable and removable for extra uses! Fred is extremely articulated and easily moves around on his own for awesome crime fighting. With all of his bright colors, fun details and crazy expression, Fred is an awesomely unique monster. The Big Hero team is happy to have such a crazy creation on their side!

How to play with Big Hero 6 Fred Action Figure

Fredzilla loves to jump super high and breathe fire! Build your own city for Fred and his teammates to protect, with high buildings for him to jump onto! Make sure you build a fire hydrant in case his fire breathing-mouth gets out of hand!

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Disney Frozen Elsa Lights and Sounds Musical Bank

Swirling and singing into our hearts is Disney’s Frozen Elsa Lights and Sounds Musical Bank! Elsa is back and as beautiful as ever, in a musical and beautiful money bank!

Disney Frozen Elsa Lights and Sounds Musical Bank Description

Disney Frozen Elsa Lights and Sounds Musical BankEvery time Elsa is given a coin she lights up in fantastical colors of orange blue and purple, lights that flash in different spots in her base and light up Elsa and she stands atop her base! Her classic, academy award winning song “Let It Go” plays and dances along with the lights, and you can sing along with it too! It’s a magical and fun way to save money!

The base of the bank is a circular shape, with iridescent walls that allow you to see the colors shining from underneath! Textured swirls decorate the sides all the way around the base, and a bright blue button with the name “Elsa” on the front can be pushed to hear the music and see the lights whenever you’d like! The top of the base is also iridescent, so that Elsa’s stunning outfit also lights up and makes her look like a unique, shimmering snowflake! Elsa’s outfit is a gorgeous as always, with shining silvers and blues throughout. Her outfit has a portrait neckline, sitting slightly off her shoulders giving a very regal look. Her pale blue sleeves are decorated with floral texturing with small detailing at the wrists, and her top is a beautiful fitted bodice. Its main color is a deep turquoise, with lattice texturing down the front. Check here for more images

This center piece continues down into the bottom section of the gown, decorating the dress with turquoise in the front. The sides of the bodice blend into the pale blue seen in the sleeves, which slowly begin to billow out into the bottom portion of her magical gown! All of her pieces blend so well together, and the people of Arendelle love the queen’s style! You may also like to check

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Her billowing gown flows all around her in the light blue snowflake hue, and giant snowflakes float all over the gown in dazzling patterns! Elsa’s entire ensemble glows and glistens when the lights bounce and dance off of it! And of course, Elsa always looks enchanting with her white-blonde hair, styled in a thick braid that is draped to her right side. Light makeup and pink lips show off Elsa’s natural beauty, and her beautiful voice will have you singing with her all day long!

How to use Disney Frozen Elsa Lights and Sounds Musical Bank

 Grab a coin, and be prepared for a fantastic show by Elsa! Listen to her sing, or put on your own show and sing along with her! The base puts on a light show like none before, so keep her by your bedside at night and let her light up the room!

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Disney Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure

Gear up with the totally awesome new Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure! This action hero is made of twenty parts that begin as the lovable Nursebot Baymax, and morph into his totally cool super hero version!

Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action FigureWithout his armor, Baymax stands at 6” in height, and is almost completely white in color except for his black eyes. His large, pear-shaped chest and back are created with a spring design so when you are ready to suit him up, you can pull out the two pieces and swivel them upside down! His long arms can be pulled out further from their sockets to fit his sleeve armor, and articulation is in his arms and legs allow for Baymax to move around freely and fight crime with or without armor!

Once all of his armor is on, Baymax grows to 8” with a 14” wingspan! His helmet clips right over his head, and is designed in a bright red color with purple detailing. Antennas on both sides of his head allow for team communication created by Hiro! Baymax’s chest piece has metal texturing, with red coloring across the top and a bright purple hue around his middle. Once Baymax has his sleeve armor on, there is no way any bad guys will want to mess with him! Large shoulder pads come in the bright red color with purple detailing. Large pieces or armor piece together the rest of the sleeves, with articulation in his elbows where you can see cool silver screws. Click here for more images

Both of his hands are shaped into fists for even tougher crime fighting and faster, more aerodynamic flying! Nothing is cooler than a robot that can fly, and Baymax’s wings can be connected to his back pieces and move in and out when necessary. His wingspan is nothing to mess with! Large armored leg pieces also snap onto Baymax’s legs, adding most of his extra height and completing the bright red color scheme. His large feet add a solid base and allow Baymax to stand on his own so when he isn’t in the sky he can save the world on the ground! His entire ensemble is easy to put together, and just as easy to remove when Baymax’s day of crime fighting is done! Who knows what Baymax will get into today fighting crime!

How to use Disney Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure

Every super hero needs his rest, so make sure to take off Baymax’s armor and let him relax at home when he’s not saving the world! When it’s time to gear up, help Baymax do some stretches so he can squeeze into his suit!

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