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Lalaloopsy Color Me Trace E. Doodles Doll

It’s time to show off your artistic skills with this fun new doll that loves when you use her to create stylish ideas! Introducing the Lalaloopsy Color Me Trace E. Doodles Doll!

Lalaloopsy Color Me Trace E. Doodles DollTrace E. Doodles is an adorable young doll living in Lalaloopsy who loves making friends! But what she loves even more is when her friends design her looks for her! Trace E. comes with her hair styled in two silly pigtails decorated with cute bows! Her adorable dress is a t-shirt style on top, with shorts sleeves and a peter pan-styled collar! Her satin dress flairs out around her, with delicate white hems and a white bow that really pops on her dark outfit! click here for more images 

She’s totally trendy! Lalaloopsy Color Me Trace E. Doodles Doll also comes with her favorite friend, her pet Zebra! Both of these Lalaloopsy lovables are completely black, so that you can let your imagination soar! Included with Trace E. are markers in pink, yellow, purple and orange. These markers come out in psychedelic bright hues that shine on Trace E.’s skin and make her stand out in a crowd! She also comes with two stamps in the shapes of a star and a heart, so that you can add them to your design as well! Trace E. can be colored anywhere.

Give her some highlights in her hair, and make sure you design her sneakers in the silliest way you can! Don’t forget to make her pet into a multi-colored Zebra, and give her a nice nail painting! When you’re done, just wet her sponge with some water, and watch all of your designs wash away. Starting over again is so simple, and you can give her a new look every single day to show the other dolls in Lalaloopsy how she’s feeling! Time to get creative with this awesome new artistic friend!

How to use Lalaloopsy Color Me Trace E. Doodles Doll

Get crazy and creative with Trace E. and her pet zebra! Don’t worry if you mess up, you can easily do it again! Take her to an art class to get some creative ideas, and draw pictures of her after you’re done so you don’t forget your awesome creations!

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Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Doll

This feline fashionista has everyone showing off their biggest grin! Keep your eye on this one, her style disappears along with her whenever she pleases! Ever After High is itching to introduce you to the Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Doll!

Ever After high kitty Cheshire DollWearing her furr-tastic garments from the web-series, Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Doll is ready to show off her style on the ultimate catwalk! Hues of purple dance all throughout her outfit, and match perfectly with her amazing pastel hair shade! Her long pigtails are styled in big ringlets, and her hair is decorated with a purr-fect black headband shaped as grinning black Cheshire cat! Her fairy-tale tee has a gorgeous gray fur collar, with a purple bow and bell baubles that jingle when she walks down the halls of Ever After High!

Kitty Cheshire’s light purple tee has purple, white and black swirling designs, with black mesh short-sleeves. Her smiling short skirt flairs our around her in a bright purple hue, which is decorated by a second layer of black mesh  covered in more shapes and patterns for a totally magical look! Underneath her layered skirt are hair-raising chevron patterned tights in light and dark purple! And of course, this cat always lands on her heels! Her fur-lined booties are black-cat colored, with whisker and eat details along the front! Kitty loves her outfit, but she thinks accessorizing is the cat’s meow! Kitty is showing off black balls of yarn for earrings, and fur-lined black arm cuffs to keep her paws comfy! Click here for more images

Silver bracelets and rings have more jingling bell detailing, that help people in the kingdom find her when she’s invisible! Of course her most fabulous add-on is her handbag, which is sporting a grinning black cat, with ears and fur texturing! She may hail from a strange land, but there’s nothing weird about Kitty’s awesome style!

How to play with Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Doll

 Build a miniature photo booth so that Kitty and her friends can take photos and show off their best Cheshire cat grins! Be careful not to lose her when she disappears! Add your own bell to Kitty’s outfit so you can hear her just in case!

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American Girl Beforever Rebecca Doll

Join this classic American Girl on a historic adventure back to 1914! Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of the American Girl Beforever Rebecca Doll and Paperback Book!

Beforever Rebecca DollRebecca Rubin is a beautiful young girl raised within a Jewish family, living in New York. Her love for the spotlight makes her a very entertaining friend to have, and she also has a gorgeous sense of style! Beforever Rebecca Doll has beautiful chocolate-brown hair that is styled in a side part, and curled into big ringlets down her back. Her hazel eyes glow with youth and excitement, and they open and close depending on the way you move her head for a more realistic look! Her classic outfit has deep plum and purple colors throughout, that blend nicely with her fair skin and darker features. Click Here for More Images

Beforever Rebecca Doll is wearing a sleeveless white tank underneath her jacket, and a long, pleated skirt sits just above the knee. Overtop of her tank, Rebecca is sporting a boucle jacket in purple, with three quarter length sleeves and white cuffs for added detail. Her collar is a crisp white color as well, designed in a peter pan style! The opening of her jacket angles off to Rebecca’s left for a creative change of style, with shiny pearl buttons to close it and a thick, velvet sash around her waist. Underneath her outfits, Rebecca is wearing a pair of white bloomers, as well as black pantyhose that cover her feet. And with all of the adventures she loves to have, Rebecca is wearing some sturdy Mary Jane shoes! Made of a velvet-styled fabric in deep plum, Rebecca’s outfit ties together very well, and gives her the mature look she is always seeking!

To dress up her hair, Rebecca also comes with a beautiful golden clip which you can use to style her hair however you’d like, depending on the day! When Rebecca would like to have some quiet time, feel free to read her new novel-length book together! The story is called “The Sound of Applause”, and Rebecca would love to hear you read it to her!

How to play American Girl Beforever Rebecca Doll 

 When you aren’t reading her Book, take Rebecca on an adventure outside, or help her to practice her acting skills! You can set up a stage and put your own plays on and show your friends!

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Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy- Snowflake Winter Fairy

Swirling and twirling into the hearts of all young fairies is the 2014 Fall Release of the Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy- Snowflake Winter Fairy!

Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy- Snowflake Winter FairyThis delicate little dazzler is a beautiful young fairy who flies her way out of her stand and into the high skies! Her long wings and magical powers allow you to keep her up high for as long as you’d like, and she looks stunning while she does it!  Flutterbye Snowflake Winter Fairy’s look in inspired by the cool-blue hues of the winter, and she sparkles like a unique snowflake floating in the air! Her white-blonde hair is styled in a pixie haircut, with pieces swirling around her head and curling adorably around her ears! To add some fun detailing, her blonde hair has an ombre style, which slowly changes into a bright blue hue at the bottom of her bob! The fun hue makes her small facial features pop, showing off her big blue eyes, blue eye shadow and purple lips! A fairy always has on her friendliest face! Click Here for More Images

Her fitted bodice is also an icy blue shade, with a one shoulder top that wraps around her in a toga-style! White stars dance along the shoulder piece, and textured swirls can be seen further down. Her detailed style is just as magical as she is! The hem of her top flairs out to reveal a rimmed dress, which puffs out around her and helps to keep her high in the air! Of course, Flutterbye Fairy Winter Snowflake fairy isn’t always flying- sometimes she just likes to walk too! Just in case she does, the fairy is wearing precious blue flats that pull together her wintery themed outfit. Dazzling wings are placed all around the fairy’s body, with swirling details and a translucent effect. All of the wings sparkle, giving off a glittery effect just like fresh fallen snow! When you wind her up in her base, watch as her wings begin to rise and twirl around her to help her take flight! This fairy is ready for some fun in the sky!

How to play with Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy – Snowflake Winter Fairy

Winter Snowflake Fairy comes with a blue base where she can wind up, and then take flight! Create a winter wonderland for her so she feels right at home, and create a song that you can both sing that will help her to stay high in the sky!

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Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll

The hairiest and scariest at Monster High can’t believe their eye! Straight from the lab, Monster High introduces the Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll!

Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein DollWearing her signature outfit, Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll stuns in blues, black and red…every ghoul and ghost wants to be a part of her style experiments! Frankie has creeptastic black and white streaks throughout all of her hair, and the shocking style is pin straight with her bangs pulled back to reveal her bootiful blue features! Grey and purple eye shadows make Frankie’s green and blue eyes start a spark, and her bone-chilling stitches are coupled with blood red lips!

Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll’s neck, arms and legs are decorated with bone-chilling silver bolts that have Frankenstein freaking out, and her bright blue skull earrings are the moan of the classroom! Her outfit is coming to life! Frankie is wearing a fitted dress, with short sleeves made out of a black mesh material. The puffy sleeves add a touch of cute to her very creepy white neckline with zigzag black stitching!

A studious and spooky black tie hangs from her neckline, covered in white polka dots and a menacing silver skull decoration! The rest of her dress is haunted by a plaid pattern, in colors of blood red, dead blue and bat black! To add some extra textures and an accessory that she can’t unlive without, Frankie is wearing a black belt that sits just off her hips, and is covered in silver studs! An additional lightning bolt charm adorns the belt, and keeps Frankie’s electrifying style all charged up. A pair of chains hangs from her belt, clinking as she walks the hallways totally freaking freshmen out! She’s a mad science experiment gone totally right! Click here for More Images

The rest of Frankie’s dress flairs out around her, with a darling layer of black tulle underneath to give it a life of its own! And down her creepy long blue legs, this ghoul is wearing some tentacle-turning shoes, covered in black and white stripes, and cute ankle straps to boot! Vials and styles run through this ghoul’s veins!

How to play with Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll

 Frankie is so hauntingly happy to be back in her favorite trends! Throw her and her friends a slumber party so they can try on each other’s clothes, and take them to her lab for some fun science experiments!

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Ever After High Through the Woods Poppy O’Hair Doll

This princess loves going on adventures; they always give her inspirations for her next hair styling idea! No matter where she goes, she is always looking for shortcuts, so this should be a pretty short trip! Introducing the 2014 Winter Release of the Ever After High Through the Woods Poppy O’Hair Doll! 

Ever After High Through the Woods Poppy O’Hair DollPoppy O’Hair is the daughter of the hair-raising Rapunzel, and she has always loved styling and chopping off hair since she was born! Her style is no different, showing off a modern and edgy look that princes everywhere are trying to steal a glance at! Through the Woods Poppy O’Hair has a unique hair style that separates her from her fairy-tale family tradition. Half of her hair is bright red, styled in a short bob, while the other half is longer and bright purple! Her wild look is making all of the forest creatures crazy about her! click here for more images

A pink and purple tie-dye capelet-styled jacket sits elegantly on her shoulders, with a black scissors pattern throughout! Underneath, a magical grey dress is decorated by long wavy lines, and an asymmetrical hem just like her hair! Ever After High Through the Woods Poppy O’Hair might be slightly off balance, but she is embracing her special style! The hem of her dress has bright pink stitching, which ties into the stocking she wears underneath! Purple, pink and black colors design the stockings, with forest-inspired patterns that only a royal could pull off! Her leather-inspired black boots have brave high heels and beading texture that are sure to help her get around the woods with ease and enchantment! Charmed accessories include her silver layered necklace covered in tiny scissors, and silver blow-dryer earrings! And don’t forget her compass and lantern- she might be able to find her way around a bad haircut, but not so much the dark woods!

How to play With Ever After High Through the Woods Poppy O’Hair

Create a magical salon complete with chairs and mirrors, so that Poppy can open up her own spell-binding salon! Invite her friends for some new cuts, or give her one if she feels like it!

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LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Play Set

Some LEGO characters go where no other LEGO characters have gone before! Now it’s your chance to join them in a totally awesome new series of places, where you can find treasures, fight enemies, and become a LEGO master! Take your LEGO expertise to a whole new level with the 2014 Fall Release of LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Play Set!

LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 PlaysetLEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Play Set contains 249 Lego pieces to assemble and design any way you can imagine, and changed as often as you like! The Minecraft cave comes with two mini figures, Steve and a Zombie, who are both trying to survive within the mine! Take Steve on an adventurous expedition into the cave looking to expose precious rocks, minerals and stones while also trying to avoid the crazy green zombie! Pieces included in the set allow you to build waterfalls, lava, gold, coal and other earthly elements that Steve will have to find or overcome! A torch, ladder and some TNT are all available to Steve to see that he gets his work done! Of course, it isn’t going to be that easy! Check here for more images 

A giant arachnid also lives within the walls of the caves, and giant spiders may not be Steve’s most favorite type of creepy crawler! Build a trap for the eight-legged arachnid, or use him to help Steve get to the minerals underground! Once his day is done, Steve will also need some energy to escape the cave! A treasure chest also lies within the dark corners of the Minecraft cave, and inside is some bread for Steve to revive his energy! There are so many tasks for your miners to complete, make sure you build wisely! This cave set can also be combined with other Minecraft play sets to create an even bigger and better adventure! Add more elements, get Steve a team to work with, or add more obstacles for your LEGO characters to overcome! The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination and taking your LEGO experience to the next level!

How to play with LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113 Play Set

Build unlikely teams with Steve and the spider, or the zombie! Mix the lava and water t see what elements you can uncover, and make sure that Steve stays high in energy so he doesn’t end up in that cave forever! Add other Minecraft play sets for a whole new adventure!

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Ever After High Through the Woods Blondie Lockes Doll

When you’ve grown up in an enchanted forest, you’re never afraid to travel very far to find the perfect spot to sit and write! This brave girl has tried out lots of beds and chairs, but now it’s time for her to find the perfect writing spot! Introducing the 2014 Winter Release of the Ever After High Through the Woods Blondie Lockes Doll!

Ever After High Through the Woods Blondie Lockes DollEver After High Through the Woods Blondie Lockes looks exquisite in a periwinkle blue themed outfit, and fun patterns throughout her outfit! She’s off into the forest to find inspiration for her writing, but she’s the one inspiring others with her style! Blondie’s long blonde hair is worn slightly wavy and flowing down her back. She has full, beautiful bangs that sit just above her sky-blue eyes! A hooded cape makes for an adorable add-on to her outfit, designed in a bright blue color with a light-blue vine pattern and yellow bears! The hem of the cape is decorated with yellow ruffled tulle, which hangs just below her shoulders and has a bright yellow ribbon that ties the cape innocently around her neck! Click here for more images

Everyone in the forest recognizes this adventurous blonde beauty! Her fitted dress is a lovely cream color, with a periwinkle blue pattern of trees dancing all over it! A magical little bow decorates her neckline, and blue stockings keep her warm in the enchanting outdoors! Black high-heel boots are designed with “fur” texturing to help Lizzie stay comfortable on her quest. This princess knows how to pack! Blondie has brought her blue journal and pen for writing, and her blue and gold lamp for extra light. All of the creatures of the forest love when Blondie visits and everyone in the realm love her royal fashions! Keep your eye out for this blue bird next time you visit the forest!

How to play Ever After High Through the Woods Blondie Lockes Doll

Pack Blondie’s journal, and remember to pack yours as well! Go on an adventure together, and write down all of the things that happen! Make sure to pack a snack so Blondie isn’t tempted to drop into someone’s empty house. She has a tendency of doing that!

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Ever After High Through the Woods C.A. Cupid Doll

Love is in the air, no matter where you are! Even the enchanted forest can feel it when this mythical maiden visits! In this 2014 Fall Release, Ever After High welcomes Through the Woods C.A. Cupid Doll!

Ever After High Through The Woods C.A. Cupid DollLooking pretty in pink, Through the Woods C.A. Cupid Doll has on layers of heart-shaped styles and golden accessories. A long, wavy hairstyle is colored in bubblegum pink, with her bangs brushed away from her angelic face. A satin-pink capelet jacket sits upon her shoulders, with bright pink tulle hemming, and a white heart design! A black, fitted top is decorated with pink arrows and hearts, as sweet as all of the creatures in the enchanted forest! A pink pencil skirt has black tree details, and a thick black belt sits around her waist with a heart-shaped buckle!

All of the royal subjects are enamored with her arrows, and her outfit! Black mesh tights make C.A’s knee-high golden boots pop with color, with beads, hearts and arrow textures along the sides! She totally hit the target on this one! A choker necklace decorates her collar with golden arrows splayed in all directions, and a fairy-tale French beret sits neatly on top of her pink hair! Click here for More Images 

It’s no wonder Ever After High Through the Woods C.A. Cupid  loves to visit the woods, this amazing mythical girl has wings that can take her high up in the sky for even more exploring! Her large, feathered wings are whimsical white in color, with detailed texturing throughout. For better bird watching, C.A. possesses pink, heart-shaped binoculars that even the ravens are raving about! And to keep the skyways bright, C.A. also comes with her favorite gold and pink lamp, with fun heart shapes and swirling details. The daughter of Eros knows love, and she knows fashion too! Both make her fall in love over and over again!

How to play Ever After High Through the Woods C.A. Cupid Doll

 Create some tiny arrows and a bow so that C.A. can make love happen for true love hopefuls all over the kingdom! After a long day of walking in the woods, take C.A. to the spell-binding spa for a relaxing eve with her royal friends!

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Ever After High Through The Woods Ashlynn Ella Doll

Living in a magical kingdom can be fun, but sometimes a princess needs to explore the unknown world around her! Cinderella’s daughter certainly loves adventure, and this time her magical map is taking her into the woods! Introducing the 2014 Winter and Holiday Release of the Ever After High Through the Woods Ashlynn Ella Doll!

Ever After High Through the Woods Ashlynn Ella DollThrough the Woods Ashlynn Ella Doll is wearing shades of blue and pink throughout her outfit, with enchanting accessories to make her adventures even more magical! Ashlynn has her strawberry-blonde brushed away from her fair face, and trailing down her back in soft waves. A pink capelet wraps around her shoulders with red, blue and pink flowers detailing it. An attached pink hood wraps around her face, and a bright blue ribbon keeps it all perfectly in place! Her dreamy dress is fitted on the top, and flairs out at her waist in all directions around her! The fabric possesses bright shades of blue mixed with black and pink, all in overlapping tree shapes to transform her dress into its own fairy-tale forest! An ornate golden belt sits at her waist, formed into feathers that wrap around each other. All of the enchanted animals in the forest love coming to see Ashlynn and her fantastic fabrics! Click here for more images

Although it might be that they cannot take their eyes off of her shoes! Ashlynn’s knee high boots are a translucent blue material, with detailed flowers and vines growing throughout! There’s no way she’ll be leaving one of these shoes behind in the woods! Ashlynn also comes with a green and gold clock-inspired lantern to light the magical path, and a golden map to help her explore new places! All of the little animals in the forest are happy to lead the way, and help sing songs along the way with the trendy teen princess!

How to play with Ever After High Through The Woods Ashlynn Ella Doll

Ashlynn has lots of small creatures who she calls friends, so make sure you bring an extra snack of cheese when she packs her picnic! Use her magic powers to talk to the plants and forest animals! Sing a song with Ashlynn while you clean; the time will fly by!

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