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Disney Animators Collection Elsa 16″ Doll with Olaf

Our favorite icicle Queen is now ruler of Arendelle, but there was a time when she was just a young girl with big dreams! Introducing from the Disney Animators Collection, the Elsa 16” Doll with Olaf!

Disney Animators Collection Elsa 16 Doll with OlafThis younger version of Elsa shows her with her snow-white blonde, decorated in a thick braid down her back, with short bangs being sweeping to the left side of her face. A satin black headband wraps around her head, and stays in place with velcro at the back! She has big, frosty blue eyes just like in the film, with a light dusting of freckles across her cheeks and nose. Even as a young princess, Elsa had a very beautiful sense of style, with wonderful tradition Norwegian touches. Disney Animators Collection Elsa’s icicle-blue blouse is a satin fabric, with short sleeves and puffed shoulders. you may also like to check Disney Store Deluxe Frozen Animators Elsa and Anna Toddler Doll Gift Set

A beautiful blue dress reaches down to her feet, with magenta straps that reach up over her shoulders, and a dark blue waistband that ties up in a magical bow at her back! Even her fantastic clothing makes you want to sing! Traditional rosemaling details can be seen along the hem of the dress, as well as on her chest and shoulder straps! The décor comes in bright blues, deep magenta and teal and the floral designs add a youthful touch to the innocent Elsa! Even though she doesn’t need to stay warm, Disney Animators Collection Elsa still wears some comfortable blue tights, which lead down to her black flats adorned with a blue floral pattern! The shoes tie into the rest of her outfit by having matching floral blue patterns. And Elsa won’t go anywhere without her snowy companion! A plush baby Olaf is decorated in his silly grin, black buttons and stick arms. Take these two on a snowy adventure, and remember to let it go!

How to play Disney Animators Collection Elsa

Take Elsa and Olaf on a skating adventure, or build a tiny snowman for Olaf to play with! Build Elsa a frozen bedroom to sleep in, or throw a giant ball for the people of Arendelle to dance the night away! Make sure to bring Olaf’s personal cloud!

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LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

A magical palace is awaiting treasure seekers and adventure lovers! Join Jasmine and Rajah and create a story like none before it, in the amazing Lego Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace! From the beloved story of Aladdin, Jasmine and Rajah are now based for some action-packed fun in Jasmine’s regal white palace with so many things to do!

LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine's Exotic PalaceWith 143 Lego pieces, this fun re-creation of the castle in Agrabah is easy to put together, and comes beautifully decorated in colors of white, gold and purple. Purple draped windows decorate the walls, with yellow and purple flowers adorning the garden beds beneath. A shimmering golden roof encircles the palace’s beautiful front balcony, where Jasmine can look out over the kingdom and watch over Rajah in the courtyard! Adventuring to the inside of the building, you will find an ornately designed cushion for visitors to relax on, and a glittering drink served on a table! Of course Jasmine would much prefer to be outside, so let her take a ride on her magic carpet, with two special spots made just for her and her adorable pet tiger! Click here for more images

A magical pearl fountain can be found in the royal courtyard with glittering water sprouting out of the top, as well as a mystical stand that holds the legendary golden lamp that help genie! Take the two friends for a walk to the market, where you can sell Jasmine all kinds of goods from the included market stand. And don’t forget the mysterious barrel that holds snake-whoever plays the flute can lure it right out into the streets of Agrabah! Also included are a palm tree and drumstick, so treat your pet tiger to a delicious snack and relaxing day in the shade! There are so many things to do at the palace, join Jasmine and Rajah for a wish-filled day of fun!

How to play LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

 Invite some of Jasmine’s friends from the kingdom to have a day in the courtyard, and invite some of their pets for Rajah to play with! Save up some money for Jasmine to use at the market, and take them on a magic carpet ride to visit the Genie!

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Lalaloopsy Girls Tippy Tumbelina Doll

Flipping and flying into Lalaloopsy land is a darling little dancer ready to make some friends! She might start out shy, but soon this lady breaks out into all kinds of moves to surprise your dolls and make them glow with giggles! Introducing Lalaloopsy Girls Tippy Tumbelina Doll!

Lalaloopsy Girls Tippy Tumbelina DollThis adorable tumbler was made from a ballerina’s tutu, and all she wants to do is dance! In bright bouncy colors, Lalaloopsy Girls Tippy Tumbelina Doll can be seen swirling all over town. Her bright pink hair is made from a lanyard material so you can shape it and style it however you wish, and a precious pink bow sits atop her head and decorates her dazzling ponytail! Her light-pink wrap sweater is perfect for her dance classes, with white and pink stripes and funtastic orange stitching! At her waist, an orange belt and bow tie the skirt and top into each other, and all of the Lalaloopsy dolls want to know where she gets her cool dance gear! A pink tutu flairs out all around her in two magical layers which are covered in sparkles! Watch her dazzle and shine in the light while she does all of her turns and twirls! Click here for more images

Tippy’s tidy pink tights keep her active legs warm, and match well with her cozy orange and pink leggings! The leggings have sweater-material detailing, with bows at the top and a loose comfy look! Of course, every dancer needs an understudy! Tippy’s best friend is an adorable little swan, who knows all of her dance moves by heart! The little white swan has a pink bow like Tippy’s, and a white beaded necklace around her neck! She’s the best dressed swan out there! Use Tippy’s long limbs to help her do all kinds of different dances, and let her new friends join in on the fun!

How to play with Lalaloopsy Girls Tippy Tumbelina Doll

Make sure that Tippy always stretches before and after her performances! Build her a tiny dance room to practice in, or a stage to display her awesome moves! Make sure to brush her hot-pink hair, and bathe her swan after she plays in the mud!

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LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Set #41062

Things are getting a little more frozen and a whole lot more fun with the LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle SetElsa’s blue and white palace comes in 292 pieces for you to piece together to create her ultimate icicle castle!

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle Set #41062Included in the set are Elsa, Anna and Olaf, and they are ready for a day on the mountain or an adventure in the Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle (#41062)! The fortress has three different floors, each with its own special toys and things to do! A large doorway opens into the front of the castle, with large ice-blue towers on each side, and shimmering silver snowflakes make for some chilly decorations! The second floor opens up to a beautiful balcony for Elsa to sing on with more icicle décor, purple jewel accents and a purple fence! She can see Arendelle from way up there! Atop the third floor is a frosted window, with a giant blue snowflake adorning the very top of the castle. Click here for more images 

Everyone who passes knows it’s Elsa that created it! Head inside to find a delightful ice cream making machine, comfy cushioned seats and a pair of skis! Use the secret opening staircase to get to the second floor, which has a beautiful bed to lay on while Anna looks out over the balcony, and a stand for her golden crown! And just because the inside is so fun, the outside is just as wintery cool! An icicle-dripping tree grows beside the castle, where Olaf and Anna can have a picnic, and a slippery slope comes with a pair of ice-skates and a hidden compartment. Don’t forget Anna’s specially designed sled, a magical book and personal letter! With so many things to do, you’ll never want to stop playing with these magical friends!

How to play with LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Set

Follow the storyline from the Beloved movie, or make up your own Frozen story! Use the skis and skates for Anna and Elsa to play all day, and don’t forget to give Anna some hot chocolate to heat up later! Build a snowman in your own yard so Olaf will have a snow-friend too!

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Ever After High Duchess Swan Doll

Ever After High has a new student dancing into its magical hallways, and she is ready to take center stage in all of her classes! Introducing the Ever After High Duchess Swan Doll!

Ever After High Duchess Swan DollEver After High Duchess Swan is the daughter of the Swan Queen, and she gets a lot of her fashionable ideas from her mother’s style! Showing off a hexquisite color theme of black and purple in her outfit, Duchess has jet black hair with purple streaks to match! A purple feathery headpiece sits atop her side ponytail, with a large black feather fanning out over her head! Her sleeveless top is a pastel purple and white swirling designs, with black straps and stitching. Tulle puffed sleeves dance around the straps adding happily ever after details, and matching tulle around her waist is making the other royals give her a standing ovation!

Duchess Swan is also wearing a black corset piece around her top, and the piece has strap details and beading for a hexcellent statement. Her tutu-inspired skirt is a pastel purple, with white feathers twirling and falling throughout with glittering black stars for that extra pop of posh! If the students of Ever After High didn’t know her before, they sure will now! Her sheer black tights lead down to ballet slipper-inspired heels, with a black detailed soles and lavender ribbons tied up around her legs and into beautiful bows! Click here to check more images of Ever After High Duchess Swan Doll

Her show-stopping outfit is made even more majestic by her stunning accessories, including silver feather earrings, matching her silver ring and bracelet. Around her neck, a black necklace is quite the statement piece, with ruffle details, beading and a drooping jewel. To finish the outfit, a lavender colored handbag with large ruffles and a swan design hangs from her delicate arm! The seats are packed to come and see this stylish dancing Duchess!

How to play with Ever After High Duchess Swan Doll

Put together a show for the students of Ever After High to watch Duchess dance just like her mother, or put on a routine for the both of you to perform! Make sure to sign her up for some clubs at school so she meets some friends; try the Dance Club first!

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