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Monster High Boo York Deuce Gorgon and Cleo De Nile dolls

It’s always more fun to travel when you can go with friends! Luckily for these two, they both love to terrorize while they travel! Night crawlers everywhere are giving a warm monster welcome to the 2015 release of the Monster High Boo York 2 Pack Deuce Gorgon and Cleo De Nile dolls!

Monster High Boo York Deuce Gorgon and Cleo De Nile dollsThis gruesome twosome love to hang out, and now they’re ready for some musical madness in the streets of Boo York! Deuce Gorgon chills in his scary, scaly outfit, starting with a slime-green sweater with a yellow and green scale pattern! The sweater has V-neck detailing, and a bright green hem for slithering details. A dark-grey dress shirt sits neatly underneath, with a high collar for some demonic detailing! Midnight-black pants show off a leather-inspired material that has all of his fur friends howling at the moon, and Cleo loves his light brown combat boots that are great for a terrifying trek around Boo York! Watch out for his hissing hairstyle- green snakes grow from his brown hair! If you see him on the street, make sure he’s wearing his protective sunglasses before you take a picture with him!  You may also like to buy Monster High Amanita Nightshade Doll 

Deuce’s partner in creepy crime is Cleo De Nile, sporting her ancient long, black hair with blue tips and a golden crown! This ageless creature has come out of the crypt with fierce fashion, including her howling-hot sequined dress in piercing blue! The dress has a translucent black material on her arms and chest, with the sequined portion showing off its spell-binding sparkles down the rest! Golden trails of mummy wrap add a fun addition to the outfit, and match with her twisting golden heels that wrap up her legs! She may be hundreds of years old, but her fashion-sense will never go out of style! Boo York better watch out!

How to play with Monster High Boo York Deuce Gorgon and Cleo De Nile dolls

 Send Cleo to the spa to get a mummy-wrap done on her skin, and send them to the Boo York Zoo where Deuce can see some of his scaly ancestors! Create a romantic restaurant for them to visit, or a nighttime stroll downtown under a full moon!

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Ever After High Alistair Wonderland Doll

Wherever this student goes, adventure is sure to follow! Ever After High is welcoming the 2015 release of the Alistair Wonderland doll to their roster!

Ever After High Alistair Wonderland DollWith whimsical adventure and creeping curiosity in his genes, Ever After High Alistair is always dressed for exploring! His crowning statement piece is a bright blue jacket, showing off a regal lapel collar and rolled up sleeves! No one is sure where he got this awesome item, but they’re sure they’d have to hop down a rabbit hole or two to find one! White shapes decorate the wondrous blue coat, in shapes like swirls, clubs and spades, keyholes and cats! Surely a tribute to his mother’s adventures, Alistair is ready to bring some of the fun to the hallways of Ever After High! Underneath his jacket, this royal student has on a simple, beige tee, as well a light brown khaki pants. Alistair really knows how to mix comfy-casual with spell-binding sophistication, and all of his friends are studying his style instead of their homework!

With all of the traveling he likes to do in the kingdoms, this young prince is wearing sturdy riding boot in a leather-inspired dark-brown material. The boots have a loose leather texturing, as well as flaps and clasp details on the sides. Now he’s ready to travel down any spell-binding path! His most important accessory is his dark-brown shoulder bag, which sits across his chest and lets him carry all of his most important tools for adventure! With buckle details and a shiny finish, this bag is the most popular in the land! And don’t forget his flowing hair, which is cut in a short style and parted at the side, in a golden hue as brilliant as his mother’s! Join Ever After High Alistair wonderland for a day of fearless fashion and adventure!

How to play with Ever After High Alistair Wonderland Doll

 Whatever you do, don’t let Alistair eat anything that says “Eat me!” Create a compass for him so that he can always find his way home, and make sure to invite his mother over for sweets and tea when she’s in town!

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Monster High Boo York Mousecedees King doll

This creepy critter is ready for a freak-tastic trip to the big apple of Boo York! Joining in on the eerie exploring is the 2015 release of the Monster High Boo York Mousecedees King doll!

Monster High Boo York Mousecedees King dollMonster High Mousecedees King may look small and sweet, but this girl still has quite a bite when it comes to her style! Mousecedees is wearing a head-spinning outfit that has all of Boo York’s beasts talking! Her light-grey skin makes all of the colors in her outfit pop, and her big mouse ears are a spooky spectacle for onlookers! That doesn’t bother her though, she loves showing off her eerie ears! Her frightful face is framed by a big statement- her cotton candy-colored hair! The light pink hue makes her hair look good enough to eat, and the big soft waves they are styled in are making people want to sink their teeth into it! Be careful- it might lure you in!

Atop her hairstyle is a metallic blue crown, with jeweled details and a rattling, regal look. Boo York Mousecedees King loves her new top- a black halter-top with golden polka dots all over! The style goes well with her floor-length dress, which also shows off her love for the golden color as it sparkles in a metallic gold all over! The look is to-die-for! The front of the dress shows off a shorter length, which reveals an extra layer underneath of black tulle- creatures all over the city can’t keep their paws off of it! The shorter length also lets travelers see Mousecedees new heels, which are a dark-grey color with thick straps up her ankles! This little mouse has monstrous style! Her last gruesome statement piece is a metallic-blue belt, which has strings of beads dripping down around her skirt! She’s wild and wicked, and she’s ready for Boo York!

How to play with Monster High Boo York Mousecedees King

Pack some cheese for Mousecedees so she can have a snack while they shop! Take her to see a theatrical show of the Nutcracker Prince downtown, and invite her to a famous salon to make sure her hair stays dreadfully delicious!

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Ever After High Fayebelle Thorne doll

Every magical human and creature in the magic kingdom can’t wait to finally go to Ever After High, and some are most excited to cause some spell-binding trouble! New to the hexquisite halls of the school is the 2015 release of the Ever After High Fayebelle Thorne doll!

Ever After High Fayebelle Thorne dollWith her eerie blue skin and bright blue wings, Fayebelle thorne is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to making a statement! Floating through the halls, this fairy shows off the coolest new layers in the land, starting with a midnight-black top with silver patterns all over! The sleeves of the top are out-of-this-kingdom, with angled open sleeves that mimic an extra set of wings on her arms! The chic fabric is slightly transparent, showing off a light blue hue underneath that no one in Ever After High has ever laid eyes on before!

Bright blue pants fit perfectly on her fairy silhouette, and lead down to electric blue boots that are totally throne-worthy! The high-heeled boots are knee-length, with black laces tied all the way up the front! The story-book shade of blue matches perfectly with Ever After High Fayebelle’s whimsical wings, which are transparent and detailed with a ruffled texture. Her wicked hairstyle pops in a platinum blonde color, with a piercing blue streak in the front of her hairline! Styled in a high-ponytail and soft curls, Fayebelle’s hair is a fairy’s fantasy, with an artistic black headband decorating the side of it! All of the princesses wish they were a fairy today!

A fun, purple handbag with silver accents is filled with spells that the fierce fairy uses on unsuspecting royals, and simple silver earrings add a nice touch to her dazzling outfit. Watch out for this royal, she’s sure to shake things up this semester!

How to play with Ever After High Fayebelle Thorne doll

Create your own set of wings, and fly around the school with Fayebelle! Create some magic potions and spells for her to use at school, and make sure she tries out for the cheerleading team so she can really fly!

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Disney Frozen Pillow Pals 28″ Anna, With Red Cape

Everyone knows her as the brave, daring sister in Frozen, and now you can know her as the comfiest cuddle buddy around! Get ready to snuggle up to Disney’s Frozen Pillow Pals 28” Anna with Red Cape!

Disney Frozen Pillow Pals 28 AnnaAnna is wearing her outfit from the classic movie, with fun detailing and bright colors. Her deep red cape falls over her shoulders, and is tied up with a white bow at the front of her neck. Black rosemaling along the hem add some delicate details, and travel the length of the long cape. Her beautiful fitted bodice underneath is black with golden trimming, with swirling green lines on the front! Her outfit is all the talk in the kingdom of Arendelle! Her ankle length dress is satin-fabric in a bright blue hue, with purple periwinkle designs and round-cut lining throughout the hem of dress. Her magical style glistens when she sings and dances around the kingdom! you may also like Disney Frozen Pillow Pals Elsa – 28 inch

To stay warm, Anna is wearing some traditional boots, with curled toes and magenta soles. Adding a touch of royalty to the beautiful boots are golden swirls that dance up the front of her shoes and along the feet as well. Anna sure knows how to stay stylish even when she’s more worried about being warm! Out from underneath her cape, icicle-blue satin blouse can be seen, and navy blue gloves keep her hands warm when she’s going on adventures with Olaf and Kristoff! To keep her head warm, Anna wears a traditional Norwegian bonnet with magenta coloring, and white fur trim. Her strawberry-blonde locks are styled in her favorite braided pigtails, and she is wearing her friendly, smiling expression that she always wears! For Anna, smiling is never out of style! This trendy songstress is completely soft-she’s ready to snuggle or explore- whichever you choose!

How to use Disney Frozen Pillow Pals 28″ Anna

Standing at 28”, Anna is capable of going on any of your adventures with you! Take her with you on an exploration of a snow fort, or write a song together that you can sing for her! Remember to visit Elsa, and go visit Oaken’s store for his big summer blowout in the summer!

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Monster High Boo York Luna Mothews Doll

Fluttering in on her frighteningly fabulous wings, this monarch monster is ready for some musical fun! Joining in on the teeth-chattering trip is the 2015 release of the Monster High Boo York Luna Mothews doll!

Monster High Boo York Luna MothewsMonster High Luna Mothews looks shriek-tastic in her illuminating layers, and her butterfly-themed outfit is stopping everyone on the streets of Boo York! A vibrant golden headpiece frames Luna’s face, shaped in a bootiful butterfly and spine-tingling textures! The headpiece keeps Luna’s luscious locks out of her face, colored in a black-cat hue with devilish-red streaks along the front! And fans are going to love Luna’s tube-top, which is black across the chest and a glimmering red across the middle! The glamorous tube top has monsters shrieking while she’s on stage!

Midnight-black pants are fitted on her silhouette, and they fit perfectly underneath her silver boots, which have fun textures and a peep-toe detailing! These heels take Luna sky-high where she loves to be! With her scary celeb-status, all of her fang fans are talking about their favorite part of her outfit! Check out her floor-length skirt, which has a short flair at the front, and trails down at the back! The layer is a translucent material, which is designed to mimic a ghostly-good replica of a butterfly wing! Red, black and white coloring shows off fun detailing, and the hem reflects the same shape of a wing as well! This fashion piece will be told in scary stories for centuries to come! And of course, Luna never goes anywhere without her haunting black wings, which have lots of line detailing and a creepy-cool shape! Monsters everywhere are trying to see Boo York just to get a glimpse of her prized possessions! Don’t get too close or this eerie insect will disappear!

How to play with Monster High Boo York Luna Mothews Doll

 Make sure Luna has lots of space to fly around and stretch her wings! Create your own set of wings to match hers, and give her some singing lessons for the big show!

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Monster High Boo York Nefera De Nile doll

Even monsters love to travel the world! In this gruesomely awesome 2015 release, Monster High introduces the Boo York Nefera De Nile doll! Joining her petrifying pals, Nefera is headed to Boo York to see the sights and make a scream!

Monster High Boo York  Nefera De Nile DollThe timeless child is looking her ultimate blood-curdling best, in wrapped up layers and ancient accessories! Boo York Nefera De Nile is showing off her classic-creepy bright teal hair color, with some lighter streaks of teal and white! They look just like a sea-foam serpent, styled in straight long locks that are brushed away from her freaky face! Atop her head, Monster High Boo York Nefera De Nile doll wears a laurel-inspired crown in deep metallic silver, that lets everyone who meets her know she is a royal princess! A bold statement piece comes in the form of a golden chest piece, which has multiple textures and a well-fitted shape. The top also has an out-of-this-world shoulder flair, which adds a cool extra angle to the piece and a fashion statement that all the treacherous tourists are dying for! Underneath, a black top has v-shaped straps that you can see up around her neck, and bright teal elbow gloves are adding a touch of majestic monster to this timeless beauty’s look!

Floating down from her waist like its straight out of the haunted Nile, is Nefera’s spine-tingling skirt, which is made of various lengths for a traditional Egyptian trait. The shorter skirt is a black, satin material with purple and teal waves dancing all over. An extra black section hangs down to her knees, and compliments her off-angled shoulder piece scary-well! The monsters of Boo York can’t keep their eyes off her style, especially her shoes! Translucent teal heels wind right up to her knees, with snake details and fin décor at the bottom. Boo York loves Nefera!

How to play with  Monster High Boo York Nefera De Nile doll

Find a coffin-shaped purse for Nefera while they stop in Boo York, and make sure you pack her a map so she doesn’t get all twisted and lost! Take her and her friends to see a mummy museum, and see if you can find her a modeling agent!

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Ever After High Darling Charming doll

Having the charming gene in your blood can be a lot of work sometimes, but this fierce princess is making it look easy! Introducing the 2015 release of the Ever After High Darling Charming doll!

Ever After High Darling Charming dollIn bright hues of silver and blue, Darling shows off her cool looks and freezes people in their path with her charm! Her platinum-blonde hair can be seen for miles in the kingdom, with icy-blue highlights in the front which run down her back! Her hair is styled in big, beautiful ringlets, with a shimmering silver crown sitting perfectly atop her head. Even though she’s well-known as the sibling of her Charming brothers, Ever After High Darling makes her presence known with fantastic fabrics and a spell-binding style. Darling’s whimsical outfit has a silver statement piece that has even the enchanted animals talking about it! Her armored chest piece has two shoulder pads that show off her fierce side, with a fitted bodice and regal texture. A bright-blue top shows underneath, with elbow-length sleeves and a whimsical white design! Light-purple tulle decorates the end of her sleeves, perfect for casting spells and looking totally chic! Out from her chest piece, a flared skirt flows out around her, with a shimmering texture and purple and blue hues.

Ever After High Darling Charming doll is in love with her cool-colored outfit, and her teachers are giving her straight A’s in style! Stepping out in her royal best, Darling has on strapping metallic-silver heels, with straps around her ankles and a look magical enough for the ball! Her dashing accessories include a glittering silver purse with beaded texturing and little handle, and a beautiful silver bangle hangs on her wrist. Her bright blue eyes run in the family, and this brave young Charming is ready to make a name for herself; starting with her stellar style!

How to play with  Ever After High Darling Charming doll

 Take Ever After High Darling Charming doll  to the mall to find some cool new clothes, and find her a shimmering blue dress for the next ball! Don’t forget to take her to her charming classes; all of her family always gets perfect marks!

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Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll Scoops Waffle Cone

Lalaloopsy land is hosting its very own ball, and all of the dolls in the land are excited to get dressed up for a night on the town! Of course, the hairstyle is one of the most important parts, and these dolls are ready to get crazy creative! Introducing the 2015 release of the Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll Scoops Waffle Cone!

Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll Scoops Waffle ConeLalaloopsy Girls  Crazy Hair Scoops is showing off a fantastic new style, and tresses that are totally unique! Dressed in an ice-cream cone- inspired style, Scoops looks cute enough to eat! For the ball, she has chosen a pale pink tank top, with blue straps and lacing down the front! White and pink stripes also decorate the top, and cute pink puffed sleeves add a dazzling addition! Textured elbow-gloves have fun bows at the wrist, with a blue layer showing out from underneath for cotton-candy colored accessories! Lalaloopsy Crazy Hairs Scoops Waffle Cone’s amazing dress is making all of her friends smile, with three layers of tulle in yellow, light pink, dark pink. A fourth layer reveals a sparkling light-brown design that mimics an ice-cream cone! You may also like

Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll- Confetti Carnivale

Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll- Jewel Sparkles

She’s definitely got a sweet tooth for style! Her bright blue shoes have cute pink soles, and pink bows decorate the straps, while her white ankle socks keep her comfy while she dances the night away! Of course, everyone is asking about her amazing hair! Made from some pieces of yarn and some pieces of wax, you can twist and twirl Scoops hair to make cool shapes and swirls in long tresses or an unbelievable up do! This dessert-design gal comes with three extra colors of hair, which can be clipped in and shaped as well with the included swirling tool! There are so many options; Lalaloopsy might have to host a ball every week! Get twisting and twirling in the salon, and on the dance floor!

How to play with Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll Scoops Waffle Cone

Twist and straighten Scoop’s hair to your heart’s desire, with her included tools and clips! Use your own hair decorations if you want to mix things up, and don’t forget to treat her to a few sweets at the end of the night! Dancing sure makes Scoops hungry!

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Ever After High Rosabella Beauty doll

The hallways of Ever After High are about to welcome a beastly-beautiful new student to their roster of royals! The daughter of Belle and the Beast is about to make a regal statement with her floral fashions! Introducing the 2015 release of the Ever After High Rosabella Beauty doll!

Ever After High Rosabella is sparkling in her rose-themed outfit, wearing beautiful statement pieces and accessories. Her long, flowing hair is a shimmering light-brown, with red highlights in the front for a fancy touch! Decorating her royal hairstyle is a golden crown that has beaded texturing, and matches her golden dangle earrings with a similar stylish texture. Rosabella is wearing her favorite white top, with three-quarter length sleeves, and a pink floral design throughout.

Ever After High Rosabella Beauty DollThe design flows beautifully into her flared skirt, which is a yellow hue with golden roses dancing all over! The tulle skirt is a beautiful re-creation of her mother’s beloved outfit with a modern edge! Of course, Rosabella hasn’t forgotten the dashing style of her father, and takes inspiration from his furry fashions in her beautiful fur-scarf! All of the students at Ever After High think it’s totally hexquisite! And while her scarf is turning heads, it’s her shoes that are making every princess witch-green with envy!

Rosabella’s knee-high boots have throne-worthy texturing, with details all throughout and rose detailing all down the sides! The copper color of the heels adds a spell-binding metallic sheen to her style, and they look great all over the kingdom! Rosabella rocks these royal boots everywhere!  This princess is always after some awesome accessories! Her brown hipster glasses add a queenly look to her outfit, and her golden clutch and bangle are making even the royal step sisters jealous! A rose between thorns most definitely!

How to play with Ever After High Rosabella Beauty Doll

Take Rosabella on an adventure through the woods, or take her to a book shop so she can find a new novel to read! Make sure to use her golden brush to keep her locks lovely, and invite her parents over for dinner to check out her new dorm room!

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