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Ever After High Enchanted Picnic Raven Queen Doll

The beauties of Ever After High are taking some time from their royal and rebel studies to enjoy the whimsical weather and some spellbinding snacks! What better way to spend an afternoon than picnicking in the enchanted forest in some fairytale fashions? Ever After High introduces the Enchanted Picnic Raven Queen Doll, dolled up and ready for a whimsical day with her best friends forever after!

Enchanted Picnic Raven QueenEnchanted Picnic Raven Queen is an absolute vision in her purple-themed outfit, showing off her evil queen roots while still being completely adorable! Raven’s wearing some rebellious threads for this get together, like her sleeveless dress and spell-binding accessories. And check out Raven’s collar! The frilled, black fabric dances up and around Raven’s neck, bringing out her most evil queen qualities! A checkerboard pattern dances all over her dress in white and violet colors and mysterious black ravens are fluttering all over! The knee-length skirt has all the princesses potion-green with envy, and it flares out around her in the most charming way! A layer of black tulle sits on top of the flared portion, adding petal-inspired shapes around her waist! Raven planned perfectly for her day out in the woods! Not to be outdone, the Evil Queen’s daughter is also sporting some heels that are as high as her ravens can fly!

The bright purple heels have a perfect peep-toe design that also expose her heels and crawl up her ankles! These wild shoes are almost as wicked as she is! Don’t forget to bring her purple picnic-basket purse, packed full of red apples and sweets so good that even Hansel and Gretel want to get their hands on them! Raven’s wavy, long locks are a shade of perfect plum, with a delicate, silver crown adorning her head! No one in the entire kingdom can rock the royal purple like Raven!

How to play with Ever After High Enchanted Picnic Raven Queen Doll

Remember to pack some great snacks when you have your picnic with Raven; plums for you, and treats for the enchanted forest animals! Take Raven shopping to get some great hiking shoes and more purple accessories for her collection!

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Monster High Ghoul Fair Holt Hyde doll

Even the most mortifying monsters and ghouls like to let their fur down and have a good time! Monster High is well aware that their students like to relax and scare, so they’re putting on a fair! And who do you think is in charge of the blood curdling campfires? Introducing the Monster High Ghoul Fair Holt Hyde doll!

Monster High Holt Hyde dollMonster High Holt Hyde is looking his fiery best in a summertime outfit perfect for fires and fright! Setting the fair fashion ablaze, Holt is wearing a three-quarter sleeve baseball tee, with black sleeves and an orange and yellow fire design on the front! The patterns move vertically up the front, blending perfectly into his torch-red hair that has everyone melting with envy!  His white-hot hair is styled into slicked-back waves that are keeping even Frankenstein at a distance! To make sure he stays cool and doesn’t get too hauntingly hot-headed, Holt is wearing some knee-length blue shorts, showing off his ghost-white pale skin. Don’t get too close to this transforming fire-lover, he’s quite the hot head; and he loves to wear his personality on his sleeves!

Don’t miss his bright orange sneakers, perfect for a night of debauchery and monster madness! The high-top sneakers have fun designs, and match perfectly with his top! Every ghoul at the fair is excited to chant around the fire with this mysterious monster! Even in the dark, Holt’s fiery-red eyes blaze in the flames, sending sparks of shivers up every student’s spine! But if you’re brave enough, Holt comes with a stick of marshmallows perfect for sharing with a special spooky someone, or to keep for himself and Jackson Jekyll! Depends how he’s feeling that day!

How to play with Monster High Ghoul Fair Holt Hyde doll

Create a potion for Holt so that he can remember all of the things he does while he’s not being Jackson! Make sure to bring Gillington Webber to keep some water nearby, and invite Holt’s high school crush Frankie Stein!

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Monster High Haunted Rochelle Goyle doll

Looking scary as a statue and hautingly horrific, Rochelle Goyle has a brand new look, and she’s ready to scare students right out of their skin! Monster High is welcoming the Haunted Rochelle Goyle doll, who looks perfectly petrifying in her new layers!

Monster High Haunted Rochelle Goyle dollMonster High Haunted Rochelle has her classic statue skin that has everyone freezing in their steps. Her light grey skin is covered in dark grey speckles, and it matches her attitude, which is just as rock solid! Her long, wavy hair is covered in pastel blues and pinks that look just like candy cane membrane, with her creepy pierced gargoyle ears popping out the top! Stare if you dare! Rochelle picked out a deathly-cool outfit for her new look, that starts with a high, ruffled collar that dances around her neck. The leather-inspired fabric works its way down to an off-the-shoulder hem, which has ghostly-white stitching creating a rebel style for this rock star! A fitted knee-length dress shows off a deathly-white fabric with black swirly patterns, which you can only see as a spooky silhouette.

A top layer covers the fitted dress, in a translucent blue fabric that flares out all around her. Pink stitching at the bottom of Rochelle’s dress adds a soft touch, but don’t be fooled! Monster High Haunted Rochelle is still a hair-raising haunter, and you can hear her floating down the halls! Students can hear this ghoul coming from her pink, floor-length chains wrapped around her waist. The floating chains add unruly details to her layers, and they’re creeping out even the worst warlocks! If you can handle her haunting, make sure you check out Rochelle’s sky-high heels that have a see-through style as translucent as the ghostly student body! Other accessories include an hourglass-themed bracelet, chain earrings and creepy pink make-up! Rock out with the coolest gargoyle in the halls of Monster High!

How to play with Monster High Haunted Rochelle Goyle doll

Play Rochelle her favorite type of music; rock and roll! Create a cool bedroom for her up high so she can always watch over your things, and make sure you give her time to spread her gargoyle wings and fly! Even Rochelle loves a new look; style her hair in a fun new design to totally change her look!

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Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Spring Unsprung Doll

A new season has sprung, and that means new fashions are sure to be in style in every kingdom! One of our favorite feline fashionistas is in on the fun, and she’s ready to show off her warmer season style. Introducing the Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Spring Unsprung doll!

Ever After High Kitty Cheshire - Spring Unsprung DollSpring Unsprung Kitty Cheshire has fairytale floral themes in her outfit from head to paw! Her long, pastel purple hair is styled in high pigtails, with a floral headpiece in light blue and purple shades! An added detail purr-fect for Kitty is her grey cat ears popping out of the headpiece! Princesses and withes alike are wild for her style! Her beautiful overcoat blossoms all around her, with three-quarter length sleeves and brown furry trims! Even the big bad wolf is drooling over that detail! The majestic coat has a black and white zigzag pattern throughout, with charming purple and blue flowers dancing along the bottom. The jacket blends from a white down to a spellbinding purple, with an opening at the front to reveal bright purple pants! Throne-worthy patterns dance along Kitty’s pants, and put princes in a trance! Her colorful heels are high as a beanstalk, with twirling silver vine décor winding up her legs! Blue roses adorn the shoes, and charming purple stems keep this cat looking like one of the tallest flowers in the kingdom! Of course new outfits mean new accessories, and Kitty’s got mysterious style just like her father! A floral shawl hangs along Kitty’s shoulders that has all the princesses frog-green with envy, and her floral-themed bracelet and ring tie the whole outfit together! We can only guess what this sneaky, smiling cat has in her stylish grey bag; all we know is it’s a focal point of this feline’s design! Kitty cannot wait to stretch out her style this spring!

How to play with Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Spring Unsprung Doll

Create your own wonderland to explore with Kitty Cheshire, and invite her friends for a royal tea party! Plant a small garden of Kitty’s favorite flowers and help her grow them; and don’t forget to play some friendly pranks to keep her laughing!

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Lalaloopsy Doll Mona Arch Wings

This new friend of Lalaloopsy land has a fluttering fashion sense and a gentle smile for everyone she meets! Floating in is the Lalaloopsy Doll Mona Arch Wings! This beautiful butterfly-inspired doll is bursting with color and fantastic fashions!
Mona Arch WingsEveryone recognizes Mona Arch Wings with her monarch patterns and her love for floating around. Her pink hair is a great highlight of her style, designed in detailed pigtails wrapped in little braids and swirly curls! Sticking out of the top of her head is a set of sleek black antennae, and handfuls of yellow butterflies dance delicately around her pigtails! Her hairstyle is enough to make you want to fly along with her! Mona has beautiful tanned skin, with rosy pink cheeks and friendly button eyes. Her most favorite part about her outfit is her monarch dress, with pink tulle sleeves puffing out at the sides! Her top consists of three monarch wings that are lined with a black hem and white polka dots! The cool pattern continues down into the bottom portion of her dress, where larger wing designs spread out all around her!

The satin fabric has bright orange and yellow coloring that blends in perfectly with the flowers found in the Lalaloopsy gardens! An extra layer of pink tulle dances underneath her dress for an extra layer of fun and a great match to her puffed sleeves! As a lover of all bright patterns, Mona is wearing pink and black striped stockings, and her big yellow boots are Victorian-inspired with orange bows and pink buttons along the sides! The only thing as cute as Mona is her pet caterpillar, which shows off alternating purple hues and cute button eyes! Keep a look out for these two; they bring summer wherever they go!

How to play with Lalaloopsy Doll Mona Arch Wings

 Create some wings out of construction paper and tape them to Mona’s friend so that it can be a butterfly too! Make sure to give Mona lots of space to use her orange wings, and always prepare her favorite sweet nectar for dinner!

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Disney Frozen Fever Anna Doll

Just as spring arrives, so does a brand new look for one of the brave heroines we know and love! This adventurous girl has some fresh new fashions for you to enjoy, and she can’t wait to escape the castle walls and get outside with you! Introducing the Disney Frozen Fever Anna Doll! A brand new short film featuring all of the timeless Frozen characters is on its way, and Anna has a brand new look to celebrate!

Disney Frozen Fever Anna DollEveryone in Arendelle knows when Anna is in town because of her bright red hair! Only this time our clumsy friend has a royal new up-do, styled in a high bun with straight across bangs! Now that is something to sing about! Her hair also has cool new coloring, with white streaks dancing throughout her locks! A long, blue bow is tied up into the style, and the long strips float down behind her back for a regal rendition of her previous hairstyle. Anna’s outfit is simply magical, with a long gown and cropped vest! A fitted bodice wraps around Anna’s middle in an ocean-blue hue, with a butterfly design and thick, golden hem. A golden top comes out from underneath, with short sleeves and a high collar to add a touch of royalty! Click here for more images 

Of course this young princess loves to stay in style, and her cropped vest is helping her do just that! The pale-green vest pops with a bright blue hem and floral décor on both sides that is making Olaf want to sing! Her long gown shines in a satin fabric, beginning as a sky-blue at her waist, and blending into a darker blue at the bottom! Beautiful sunflowers dance around the hem with details like a bumblebee and blue butterfly! Her outfit absolutely sings! Her green tights and flats are perfect for her adventures, and this brand new outfit is making Anna simply bloom with the flowers!

How to play with Disney Frozen Fever Anna Doll

 Help Anna find Kristoff so they can go on an adventure through the hills of Arendelle! Don’t forget to visit his troll family, and bring a picnic so you can stop on the way. Make sure to invite Sven; he loves picnics!

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Ever After High Blondie Lockes Just Sweet doll

Ever After High has been baking up some hexcellent new outfits for their deliciously-designed princesses, and there is no surprise here that the daughter of Goldilocks would offer to try out some of the new styles! Introducing the Ever After High Blondie Lockes Just Sweet doll!

Ever After High Blondie Lockes Just Sweet dollBlondie Lockes Just Sweet doll is dressed up in throne-worthy threads and a cupcake theme to live forever for! People in the kingdom always recognize Blondie’s classic locks, but heads are turning when they notice her baby pink and blue streaks! Her straight across bangs show off the fun colors, and her magical mane is designed in a half-up, half-down style with a cupcake-themed crown dancing on her head! Of course we can’t skip her story-telling style that has everyone gathering around! Her strapless dress has a fitted top, with a blue bow pattern down the front and red cupcakes down the sides. A blue shawl as soft as a bear’s fur wraps around her shoulders, and adds an enchanting addition to her classic outfit. Click here for more images

Baking can be a messy job without magic, so Blondie stays fashionable in an adorable apron! Even the big bad wolf wants a bite out of this one! The top portion of the apron is a swirling pattern of grey roses, with pretty pink, white and blue stripes swirling around the bottom. Delicate blue bows dance along the charming hem, and her bright blue dress can be seen underneath with a layer of white tulle for extra measure! Even the bears would give up their porridge for these fashions! Delightful details include her sparkling grey tights and cupcake-themed accessories! Blondie’s heels, purse, ring and earrings look good enough to eat! A ruffled white belt pulls the look together. If her baking is as yummy as her style, the whole kingdom is in for a spellbinding treat!

How to play with Ever After High Blondie Lockes Just Sweet doll

Invite the three bears over for a delicious dessert, and make sure to give poppa bear the biggest piece! Keep Blondie’s hair shining by brushing it often, and make sure not to spill on her royal blue dress! Create new aprons for Blondie out of old fabric, and make a matching one for yourself!

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Ever After High Date Night 2 Pack Featuring Dexter Charming and Raven Queen Dolls

Life isn’t all about spells and homework. In the magic kingdom’s, princes and princesses like to have a lot of fun together too! Introducing the 2015 release of the Ever After High Date Night 2 Pack featuring Dexter Charming and Raven Queen dolls!

Ever After High Dexter Charming and Raven Queen DollsThese two lovebirds are adorable together, and it has a lot to do with their amazing styles! With a touch of his regular regal-style and mixed with a comfy creation, Dexter Charming is wearing a classic black blazer with a blue-lined lapel collar. The throne-worthy jacket is made more relaxed with a light-grey tee underneath, bearing a golden letter “C” for his royal last name! Wearing some spell-binding shorts, Dexter’s bottoms are different shades of teal and blue, in a princely plaid pattern that Raven loves! Light-blue sneakers and his black glasses add personal touches that make Dexter feel fancy and fashionable. But of course his best accessory is his crown, which he wears all over the kingdom! This young royal is ready for date night!

Speaking of dates, Dexter’s companion Ever After High Raven Queen is looking just as classic and cute! Her purple and black colored outfit is chic and sweet all at the same time, starting with a cropped, black leather jacket and a high, silver double lapel! The wild jacket sits on top of a lavender top, decorated in purple and black feathers that every rebel and royal love! The top is short at the front, and longer at the back for a cool new cut. Dexter is digging her enchanting skirt, which is a bright purple that’s as electrifying as she is! The skirt matches her pretty purple heels that also have silver straps around the ankles. Every evil villain is trying to get their hands on them! Her finishing touches include a guitar-shaped purse, and a spiked silver necklace for her rocking royal style! This couple definitely takes the crown for best dressed!

How to play with Ever After High Date Night  Dexter Charming and Raven Queen Dolls 

Create a restaurant for Dexter and Raven’s date night, and choose a flick from Ever After High for them to watch after! Help Dexter write a love letter, and make sure you take Raven to get her hair styled for the big night!

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Monster High Boo York Elle Eedee Doll

Coming from the depths of a nightmarish laboratory, this new monster is absolutely nuts about her fashion! Joining the creepy monster crew, this creation is ready for some maddening music and scary sight-seeing! Welcome the 2015 release of the Monster High Boo York Elle Eedee doll!

Monster High Elle EedeeElle comes from a family of robots, whole shiny skin and computing culture looks awesome in any fashion finds! Monster High Elle Eedee has long, wavy hair that is colored in black and teal streaks, styled in a high side ponytail! The style is extra spooky-chic with a translucent teal hairpiece, which matches her outfit and makes her look robotically rockin’! Her eerie silver skin is a metallic hue that highlights her favorite purple shade throughout her outfit, and the color has her sticking out in the busy streets of Boo York! You may like to check Monster High Ghoul Fair – Holt Hyde Doll

Monster High Elle Eedee is wearing a short, fitted dress that has short capped sleeves and a shrilling scoop neck! The dress is purple on the sides, with a thick black section running right down the middle. Hints of silver accents dance all throughout, making even Frankenstein jealous of her creation! A metal body piece adds a spooky statement that no monster has ever seen before, with a textured metallic design decorating her dress and creating a unique belted crest in the middle! Beasts of Boo York can’t wait to see her on stage! Her flowing purple cape adds a deadly-dramatic addition to her outfit, with a translucent fabric that reaches all the way down to the ground! Faint white patterns dance all over the cape, and make her fierce outfit a shrieking success! Other oozing accessories of her attire include clear blue high heels, and dripping earrings that are sure to make her the screaming star of the show!

How to play with Monster High Boo York Elle Eedee Doll

Make sure to pack Elle some oil to keep her joints moving well, and pack an extra umbrella in case it rains! Create a special juice for her to drink so her vocal chords don’t rust, and try to find a spooky new cape for her while you’re out shopping!

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Disney Cinderella Lady Tremaine Doll

A wonderfully wicked woman may not always mean well, but this evil character’s impressive sense of style seems to have the best intentions! Introducing the mad and mysterious step-mother herself, Disney’s Cinderella Lady Tremaine Doll!

Cinderella Lady Tremaine DollBased on the classic tale told anew, Lady Tremaine has a renewed style that blends well with her usual scheming and story-telling! Her regal gown is made from a shiny satin fabric, and an olive green shade that has a sheer finish. All of the royals in the kingdom have their eyes on her! Lady Tremaine’s floor-length gown is fitted to her body, and is set tightly around her ankles, only slightly showing her throne-worthy golden heels. An extra layer of the fabric is gathered around her waist and flairs out around her all the way to the ground for the perfect dancing dress. Click here for more images

Disney Lady Tremaine’s style is almost as spell-binding as the fairy godmother herself! The top portion of her dress is a strapless, fitted bodice with a sweetheart neckline that even her evil daughters can’t stop fighting over! As an added detail, another long piece of the green-with-envy material wraps around her shoulders as a shawl before wrapping across the front of her body for an exquisite style all her own. Make sure not to fall for her classic look- she’s still evil after all! Her wicked accessories include long golden non-removable gloves, gold feathered earrings and a timeless shell necklace. Of course Lady Tremaine is known for her luminous red locks, and she styles them for the ball in a short bob with large curls brushing away from her face. A golden feather decorates the devilish do’, and princess’ would be careful not to meddle too often with this fashion mogul!

How to play with Disney Cinderella Lady Tremaine Doll

 Create a ballroom dance floor for Lady Tremaine and her daughters to dance the night away in! Create a new headpiece for her using construction paper, and shop for her own pair of glass slippers! Make sure to keep her room nice and tidy; just the way she likes it!

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