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Monster High Monster Exchange Program Kjersti Doll

There is nothing more frightening than being a new student at Monster High! Lucky for this new ghoul, she’s got the fangs and fashion to make a frightening debut of her own! All the way from Goreway, Monster High is introducing the Monster Exchange Program Kjersti Doll!

Monster High Monster Exchange Program Kjersti DollMonster high Kjersti comes from a long line of terrifying trolls from Norway, and now she’s ready to troll the halls of Monster High in some awesome fashions from her scaritage! Kjersti is making a scream with her hot pink hair; it’s doused in dark blue highlights throughout! Her long locks are styled in big curls that fall down her back, and the pink goes perfectly with her light-pink skin! Her hair may be a hit, but ghouls are frighting tooth and nail to hear about her hat! Kjersti is wearing a Viking-inspired helmet, that has cool detailing and two horns coming out the sides! The horns compliment one of Kjersti’s favorite attributes; her pointy ears! This troll is ready to take over! More images to come

Her fashion is a fang favorite- her simple black t-shirt is decorated with pixelated-designs on the sleeves, and a ruffled fuchsia skirt adds a pop! A second layer underneath shows off blood-curdling blue layers, and her knee-high socks match perfectly! Even trolls like to treat themselves sometimes, and Kjersti has the shoes to prove it! Her pale purple heels are the perfect item to pull together her unique style. Any fashion feuds with the other girls are game over when they see her pixelated glasses- these pink rims are the perfect sentiment to her video gaming ways, and Kjersti adds that perfect accent to make her chic style a little bit shocking! One last detail shows off Kjersti’s pixelated irises; the design is luring in even the most haunted creatures at the High! Who wants to play?!

How to play with Monster High Monster Exchange Program Kjersti Doll

 Invite Kjersti to play some of your favorite video games with you, or take her to the store to help you pick some! Want to learn about her scaritage? Head to the library and learn some of the history of Norway with her; don’t forget to grab a few scary stories too!

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Monster High Draculaura Collector Doll ( Amazon Exclusive)

Some of the ghouls and boys at Monster High have been around since the very first hallway haunt! With their freakish fabrics and screaming style no one will forget these students; they’re creepy classics! Monster High is eerily excited to introduce the Monster High Draculaura Collector Doll!

Monster High Draculaura Collector DollDraculaura has always had a demonic desire for petrifying pink and midnight black attire, and she doesn’t disappoint in this gore-geous collector’s outfit! Every ghoul can’t help but stare-this outfit is to die again for! Draculaura’s dress has an illusion neckline of black mesh, which blends into the sweetheart neckline of her fitted dress. The bodice has students howling, with a beautiful black lace material covered in intricate pink sewing all the way down! The delicate threading is the perfect detail for her spooky-sophisticated look! The base of her gown is straight out of a nightmare, with a black and white striped hem, and a mermaid-style base that flares around her when she floats! Three layers of pink material have a winged hem, and another layer of black lace is the perfect coffin creation!

Monster High Draculaura Collector Doll is a vampire’s vision! Haven’t creeped enough? Draculaura’s outfit also showcases a web-inspired cape, with black threading and translucent fabrics for an eerie addition to her attire. A striped black and white bowtie sits at her neck, and a ruffled pink collar flairs around her as a ghoulish detail! Draculaura is certainly making her father proud! Her long, bubblegum pink hair is styled in large curls, and black highlights add a darker side to the front section! A winged top hat sits slightly lopsided on her head, and a webbed pink parasol keeps her safe from the sun! Deathly important details include Draculaura’s pink skin, tiny fangs and full set of eyelashes! This vampire’s style is one students can really sink their teeth into! She’s as classic as her family’s scaritage!

How to play with Monster High Draculaura Collector Doll

Create a calm and creepy graveyard setting for Draculaura to take walks in, and get some fun crafts to decorate her coffin with pink and black designs! Invite Dracula over for dinner sometime, and make sure Draculaura gets lots of exercise when the moon is out!

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Monster High Ghoul Fair Heath Burns Doll

Every student at Monster High has been planning their most freakish outfits for a fangtastic weekend at the Ghoul Fair! Monsters and ghouls from all over are visiting the midnight madness that has rides, snacks and ghoulish game for everyone! One monster in particular is ready to really heat things up! Monster High introduces the Ghoul Fair Heath Burns Doll!

Monster High Ghoul Fair Heath Burns DollHeath Burns is ready to throw some flames and shock the crowds, but not before heating up some monstermallows! Heath comes with a red poker and two marshmallows, the perfect treat for monsters young and old! His love for flames isn’t just for food either! Heath has a flair for fashion that just keeps getting hotter! Heath’s bright red hair is slicked back with a pointed tip that looks just like a flame! His red eyes match his hair perfectly, and they’re making all of the ghouls melt! Check out this monster’s style- his baseball tee has three-quarter length sleeves, and fiery patterns dance across the shirt in yellows and reds! Click here for more images

The warm weather doesn’t bother this monster, but he still loves wearing his denim shorts! The denim has full-moon yellow stitching along the hem, and the blue color adds a pop to the rest of this flame-thrower’s outfit. Of all of Heath’s terrifying textures, his shoes are the talk of the fair! In a completely bright orange design, Heath’s sneakers show off crisscrossed laces, ankle socks and clawsome flame designs on both sides! Cool features on Heath include his moveable wrists, which help him to work with his flames and hold his marshmallow stick! Be sure to thank him for his efforts at the fair; this monster tends to heat up quickly and it’s hard to cool him down! Not even Frankenstein will go near this fashionable hot head!

How to play with Monster High Ghoul Fair Heath Burns Doll

 Have your own campfire night with friends and make some delicious s’mores to share with Heath! Make sure to take him to the mall; he tends to singe his clothes a lot! Don’t forget to invite him to try out for the swim team; sometimes the water can cool him down!

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LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set #75920

There is never a quiet day in Jurassic World! The raptors are getting restless, and they’ve decided it’s time to finally escape and cause some trouble on the island! Put them in their place with the Lego Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set #75920!

Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set #75920LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set #75920 is awesome and comes with all of the stops for a crazy and dangerous adventure with two wild raptors. The Lego enclosure is designed with high walls and a dropping gate, as well as a watch tower for the rangers to keep an eye on them! If the pen is empty they better sound the alarm; these raptors are on the loose! Chase them down with the high-speed off-roader! This helpful truck can cover large ground and get over all of the terrain in Jurassic World, so make sure you’re ready when you catch up to the raptors! Check here for more images

The off-roader can be driven by Barry or the vet, and they’ll have to team up to make sure they execute their plan safely! Use some bait to lure Echo and Charlie in, and the included tranquilizer gun will help put them to sleep while you take them back to their enclosure!  But be careful! The watch tower is a high fall, and these raptors won’t show any mercy if the ranger isn’t trained! Make sure Barry can help save the vet if he falls in without letting the raptors loose! Charlie is a wicked green color with black details on his back, and Echo is orange with green smearing on the back! These two are double trouble, so don’t let them get the best of you! The pen itself is decorated in black, blue and silver colors, and the Jurassic sign dons the front of the entrance with two large flames! This totally cool set will have you beginning new adventures every day!

How to use LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set #75920

Use Barry and the vet to train the dinosaurs from up above; only when they’re ready should you let them head down into the pen! Build a forest for the raptors to escape into, and make sure the off-roader has enough gas so you don’t get stuck unprotected! Add more raptors to your set for even more prehistoric fun!

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Monster High Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon Doll 2-Pack

Nothing is better than traveling and haunting the world with the love of your unlife! Introducing the Monster High Boo York, Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon Doll 2-Pack!

 Comet-Crossed Couple Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon DollCleo and Deuce were a match made at the High, and now they’re expanding their horror-izons to the big city of Boo York! Looking freaky and fresh, this couple is slithering the streets with out-of-this-world fashions that the locals are dying for! Cleo looks stunning, wrapped up in an electrifying-blue dress and black mesh sleeves. To add a little bit of her scaritage, Cleo’s entire dress is decorated in golden ribbons wrapped all around her for a demonic detail that’s sure to unravel! These linens are so rare they’ve become an urban legend! Not to be forgotten, Cleo’s shoes complete the ensemble with an Egyptian mummy design on the front, and long snakes winding up her legs! Check here for more images 

Ghouls can’t take their eyes off them, but be careful not to get too close! Finishing details include her midnight black hair with blue streaks and hints of haunted golden glitter. An ancient headband adds a chic detail; cool and straight from the crypt! Cleo’s monster looks just as alluring, in slime-greens and scaly textures! Deuce is sporting his classic snake hair, styled to the side and slithering! A grey collar can be seen underneath his clawsome sweater, which is covered in green scale patterns and a black snack design around the collar! No one dares hiss at this outfit! Setting some new city trends, Deuce is sporting black leather pants with a scale texture, and brown combat boots complete the look! Deuce’s favorite part is his eyes; the black slits are a hair-raising addition, and his gold sunglasses protect them perfectly! These two lovebirds are sure to make some unlife memories in Boo York!

How to use Monster High Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon Doll 2-Pack

Remember to pack Cleo’s coffin, and make sure Deuce brings his sunglasses so he isn’t stoning everyone in the city! Take the creepy couple to a fabulous dinner at the New York Zoo, and make sure they get a spot near the reptile section! It’s a good idea to find tickets to Mummy-Mia for Cleo as well!

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LEGO Superheroes Marvel’s Ant-Man 76039 Building Kit

It’s another busy day for Ant Man, while he continues to fend the world from its bite-sized enemies! Are you ready to join forces? Lego introduces Superheroes Marvel’s Ant-Man 76039 Building Kit!

LEGO Superheroes Marvel's Ant-Man 76039 Building KitAnt-Man is dressed in his full superhero attire, sporting his black jumpsuit with red décor and silver helmet. He also comes with a super jumper, which allows him to travel faster and reach great heights! His arch nemesis Yellow Jacket is lurking around and trying to cause trouble; Ant-Man will need to use his powers to stop him once and for all! Yellow jacket’s outfit shows off his classic yellow and black colors, with translucent yellow wings and attached gun barrels! And that’s not all! Yellow Jacket also comes with a nail launcher; Ant-Man will have to be extra careful to avoid those flying objects! check here for more images

Luckily Ant-Man comes with his very own transportation- a flying ant! This cool creature measures over 2” high and 9” long and he’s ready to help the hero avoid Yellow Jacket and save the day! Made of dark blue bricks and black accents, the flying ant is the perfect decoy and a great teammate to have on the job. His translucent wings are moveable, and a small seat is perfect for Ant-Man to climb up and ride on! This duo will be unstoppable! And of course, Ant-Man’s mentor is always around in case he needs help! Hank Pym is dressed in his own suit of armor, with a similar black outfit and red details. Both of these fighters are teaming up to take on Yellow Jacket; distract him with Hank Pym while Ant-Man steals his nail launcher!  Other fun accessories on this adventure include Yellow Jackets yellow bullets which shoot out of his armor, and tiny spiders for a creepy crawly addition! Time to save the day!

How to use LEGO Superheroes Marvel’s Ant-Man 76039 Building Kit

Build a lair for Yellow Jacket to plan his next move, and a miniature-sized home for Ant-Man to enjoy when he is small! Brainstorm new ways to keep the city safe with Hank Pym, and keep practicing Ant-Man’s fighting and ninja skills so he can take down his larger enemies!

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Monster High Love’s Not Dead 2 Pack featuring Slo Mo and Ghoulia Yelps Dolls

Just because these two don’t have heartbeats doesn’t mean that they can’t feel anything! Being in love goes much further than the grave; these two can prove it! Introducing the Monster High Love’s Not Dead 2 Pack featuring Slo Mo and Ghoulia Yelps Dolls!

Monster High Love’s Not Dead 2 Pack featuring Slo Mo and Ghoulia Yelps DollsMonster High Slo Mo and Ghoulia are showing off some real heart wrenching trends that couples are dying for! Ghoulia is unforgettable with her retro-themed outfit, sporting a beehive hairstyle in electric-blue hues! Her horn-rimmed, blood-red glasses match perfectly with her drooping earrings and lipstick; Slo Mo loves the look! Of course Ghoulia loves a complete outfit; her tee shirt dress has black sheer sleeves and a cutout sweetheart neckline! The dress’ pattern shows off ghostly, skeleton hearts and red arteries, and a wavy hem adds some terrifying textures! Check here for more images

To complete her look, Ghoulia has blood-curdling red heels on, perfect for a night out slow dancing with her favorite monster! Of course she only wears her most heart-stopping styles for one special zombie! Showing off his sleek style, Slo-Mo never rushes himself when picking an outfit, especially when he’s going to see Ghoulia! Slo is wearing a purple sports jacket that has spine-chilling details of a skeleton’s ribcage, and a bright red bowtie! His black dress pants have purple detailing down the sides, and his bright purple dress shoes complete his deadly look! His electric blue hair matches Ghoulia’s perfectly, and their matching dead-blue skin shades are rottenly romantic! He may be slow, but this young monster is always prepared; Slo has also brought a bouquet of flowers for his lifeless love, wrapped neatly in black paper! These two are sure to agree that death won’t do them part; with each other or their fashion sense!

How to play with Monster High Love’s Not Dead 2 Pack featuring Slo Mo and Ghoulia Yelps Dolls

 Create a romantic restaurant setting in a haunted graveyard for these lovebirds, and you can be the waiter! Make sure to find a rotten vase to hold Ghoulia’s flowers, and try creating a skeleton ring for Slo to give her!

Buy Monster High Love’s Not Dead 2 Pack featuring Slo Mo and Ghoulia Yelps Dolls 

Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 Building Kit

Jurassic World is always full of surprises, but when one creature makes an escape it’s up to the rangers to team together and catch their wild creatures! Help them out with the new Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 Building Kit!

Pteranodon Capture 75915 Building KitLego Pteranodon Capture 75915 Building Kit comes with all the tools you will need to track down this prehistoric predator and ensure the safety of park visitors! Join the ACU trooper and Simon Masrani, two of the individuals responsible for finding and luring back the giant bird. Jump into the Jurassic One Helicopter, and take to the skies to get a better view of where you should start the hunt. The helicopter is equipped with a full control board, a wide view window in the front and a net holder attached to its side! Whenever you can get close enough, releasing this net will be the perfect way to catch the bird and take it down easily! Watch out for its claws though! Check here for more images 

The Pteranodon loves picking things up as it flies, and your ACU trooper will be the perfect bait! Better not lose sight of him; follow in your helicopter and release the net as soon as your partner is safe! Helpful weapons include the trooper’s tranquilizer gun with syringe; as soon as the dinosaur is on the ground give him enough to put him out while you take him back to base! Don’t forget what bird you’re looking for; the Pteranodon has deep red and silver coloring, with yellow eyes and a pointed head! Make sure you change your flight patterns and drop the net from different angles; this dinosaur is clever and will begin to remember how he was caught! Every adventure is a new one when this sneaky bird finds his way out of his cage again! Every day is a new adventure at Jurassic World!

How to play with Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 Building Kit

 Build a large forest for your dinosaur and a base camp for your rangers! Invite others other to help in the capture and make sure you bring some food to lure it in. When you’re not tracking it down, take a trip on your helicopter to enjoy Jurassic World!

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Monster High Great Scarrier Reef – Kala Mer’ri Doll

Lots of things go bump in the night when you attend Monster High, but have you ever met a student that goes glow in the night? A new student is lighting up the dark with her trends and tentacles! Monster High introduces the Great Scarrier Reef Kala Mer’ri Doll!

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef - Kala Mer'ri Doll 2015Monster High Kala  Mer’ri has a love for the deep, dark ocean but she likes to change things up from time to time! And just like her personality, you can see it in her style too! Kala is a blending of all types of colors, keeping things creepy and colorful all at the same time! Her bright purple skin is a spooky sight, and her double set of arms have students wishing they could do their haunted homework just as fast! This tentacle trend-setter isn’t just getting A’s in class; every ghoul loves her style too! Great Scarrier Reef Kala has long, black hair that is styled in a high ponytail and decorated with copper streaks! Her sleeveless coat has a high collar, and has a flowing hem to float out around her just like it would in the ocean! Check here for more images

The sheer fabric is an electrifying yellow with black octopus’ dancing all over! If monsters aren’t ghouling over her locks or jacket, they’re definitely in love with her fins and tentacles! Dazzling in bright colors, Kala’s lower portion blends from a bright-pink to a lemon-yellow, and a deep purple background makes them really pop! Her tentacles allow her to walk perfectly while on land, and two extra-long tentacles are even freaking out Frankenstein! Make sure you have a midnight hang out with Kala; her lower portions glows in the dark! This creepy detail has a spooky effect on land and in the deep!Monster high Kala Mer’ri definitely stands out; who knows what else this aquatic creature can do!

How to play will with Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Kala Mer’ri Doll 

Take Kala for a nighttime swim to see her really light up! Join her at the swim-up salon for some new hair styles, and make sure she goes for a monster massage for all of her shoulders!

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Lego the Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building Kit

There’s a beast out in the jungle, and it’s terrorizing everything in its path! The workers at Jurassic World are going to need your help devising the perfect plan to find and capture the petrifying predator before it does any more damage! Introducing from Lego the Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building Kit!

LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building KitThis kit comes equipped with all of the things you’ll need to go on a hunt for the wild creature; and your teammates including Hoskins, an ACU trooper and the park’s vet! Take your team out in the T-Rex tracker to figure out where the deadly dinosaur is hiding; you can use the laptop to read results and once you do the chase is on! Send Hoskins out on the included motorbike to distract the beast; the bike is a cool blue color with silver details and rubber wheels! Distracting the T-Rex will allow the others to follow in pursuit in the tracker! Get close enough to shoot out the trap shooter attached to the side of the tracker! He’ll never know what hit him! Click here for more images


Once you’ve finally got him trapped, use the attached cage to lock up the Rex and take him back for testing! And just in case this predator is too quick for the team, make sure to use the included weapons to slow him down in the hunt! Weapons include the vet’s shock rod, and the ACU trooper’s tranquilizer gun; you’re going to need all the ammo you can get! Other accessories include the torch with flame to get the beast’s attention, and the doctor’s briefcase to keep all of your findings! This tracker will be your best bet against the loose animal; with opposable arms, legs, neck and jaws, you need the best machines for the job. Keep your team’s heads on a swivel; you never know when this monster will attack!

How to play with LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building Kit

 The chase is on with this prehistoric predator! Put together a snack the dinosaur loves to lure him in, and make sure everyone has been trained on the tracker so you don’t miss your opportunity!

Buy LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building Kit

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