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Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Doll (3-Pack)

Barbie loves going on new adventures and making new friends, but sometimes Barbie’s most favorite thing is exploring with her most favorite people: her family! Introducing Barbie and her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Doll 3-Pack!

Barbie and her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Doll 3-PackThese three sisters are at it again, and this time they’re on an adventure to help some very adorable puppies! Do you want to join? Barbie looks simply stunning in her summertime outfit that boasts bright colors and fun patterns! She’s wearing a sleeveless, white top with a floral pattern of pink, red and blue roses. Beneath Barbie is sporting a three-tiered dress, which is a bubblegum pink color in tulle, glittering fabric! The layers flow out around her and sparkle when she moves! Her neat heels are a light-pink color with little bows and a peep-toe design! Barbie looks totally dreamy! Barbie’s sister Skipper is an absolute vision in her dreamy dress, which is covered in a floral pattern of white daisies and yellow centers! Awesome accessories of her outfit include her golden boots, and a fancy floral head wreath! Skipper also has some fun coloring in her hair, with dark brown on top and highlights underneath! She has the perfect summer look for their adventure!

Of course Barbie and Skipper love to bring their little sister along for the ride, and Stacie can’t wait to join in on the fun! Stacie is sporting her favorite fancy, bright dress that stuns in a lemon-yellow! The dress is decorated in an ombre design, that’s yellow at the top and slowly turns into a lime-green at the bottom! White polka dots dance all over the outfit, and big flowers in white and mint-green sit along the hem! Scalloped edges finish the hem of the piece, and her silvery sneakers add a metallic color that really pops! Stacie’s light-brown hair is long and straight just like both of her sisters and they all look bright as a summer day in their designs! These puppies will be in good hands with these fashionable friends!

How to play with Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Doll (3-Pack)

Create a little park for all of the puppies to play in, and don’t forget to get some dog toys for the sisters to bring with them! Pack some sunscreen and sunglasses in case it gets hot, and bring along some delicious snacks for the sisters to have a picnic at the park!

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LEGO Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 75101 Building Kit

The galaxy is preparing for a final battle between good and evil, and there’s no telling who is going to come out on top! Are you going to be a part of the greatest battle the universe has ever known? Introducing the Lego Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 75101 Building Kit!

Lego Star Wars First Order Special ForcesThis time the ship is in your command, and it’s your turn to decide what side you’re playing for! This iconic TIE Fighter design is a classic symbol of the Star Wars Legacy, and its shape and design are perfect for changing direction, quick movements and fast escapes! Colored in black, red and grey designs throughout, this TIE Fighter is tough to locate and even harder to catch! The ship comes with a rotating antenna to locate other starships and enemies, and its center piece is perfect for firing at the other side! Long, red laser beams shoot out the front, and its hexagon-shaped side pieces will protect the cockpit and riders! To run your TIE Fighter smoothly, your machine is equipped with 2 First Order TIE Fighter pilots, a First Order Officer and one First Order Crew to help you maneuver through the galaxy and bring justice to your side!

Are you prepared to use the force to find your enemies? Your center cockpit fits two TIE Fighter pilots perfectly, and you can open the hatches for a better view or have them both sealed when you’re going into hyper speed! Your experienced TIE Fighter pilots are ready for battle, so make sure they can communicate with their team throughout the battle to avoid other starships and blast through others! Good luck and may the force be with you!

How to play with LEGO Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 75101 Building Kit

 Keep your TIE Fighter clean and well-oiled so that it performs perfectly in battle! Make sure the gas is full, and don’t forget to stock up on lasers and firearms! Practice with a few flying lessons so your pilots don’t get space sick, and keep an eye out for those Jedi because they’re right on your tail!

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Ever After High Dragon Games Apple White Doll and Braebyrn Dragon

The royals and rebels sure know how to rock throne-worthy styles on the daily, so it’s no surprise that special events are cause for looks that are straight out of a fairytale book! This fair maiden is no exception, and she’s ready to be the apple of the kingdom’s eye! Ever After High introduces the Dragon Games Apple White Doll and Braebyrn Dragon!

Ever After High  Dragon Games Apple White Doll and Braebyrn DragonDragon games Apple white looks simply stunning in her dragon-riding costume, equipped with silver shoulder armor and knee-high black riding boots that are perfect for her to perform with Braebyrn! Her long, golden hair hangs down behind her and a golden crown sits on top for a regal look while she flies. Her apple-red top is strapless, and a golden belt sits around her waist in textured layers that are making the evil witch jealous! A red, flowing skirt billows out around her with a golden vine pattern dancing all over. The hem of the skirt is short in the front and long in the back, and even the fairy godmothers are impressed with the work! Everyone knows she’s the fairest at the mall!

Of course Ever After high dragon games Apple loves giving her scaled friend the royal treatment, and Braebyrn looks majestic with its magical details! Braebyrn is a golden dragon with a white belly, and its scales and sharp claws look like something straight out of an enchanted forest. Braebyrn also has a long golden mane, a long curled tail and whimsical white wings that help it to fly above the kingdom! Don’t miss its golden antlers and bright blue eyes that are a perfect match for Apple’s own look! Braebyrn is equipped with a red seat for Apple and red reigns, making these two a fierce team when it comes to fashion! Who will win this year’s Dragon Games?

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Apple White Doll and Braebyrn Dragon

Apple fits perfectly into Braebyrn’s saddle, so give them a lot of time to practice together before the big games! Make sure to give this majestic giant a nice bath to shine those scales, and create a fire-proof cave for it to sleep in at night!

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Ever After High Book Party Lizzie Hearts Doll

Ever After High is hosting a magical book party for all of the royals and rebels, and it’s the perfect opportunity for this notoriously noisy character to finally enjoy some reading without having to whisper! This royal can’t wait to shout during story time! Ever After High is enchanted to introduce the Book Party Lizzie Hearts Doll!

Ever After High Book Party Lizzie Hearts DollThings aren’t all magic and rainbows for this royal, who can’t help but shout “Off with their head!” during quiet time. The upcoming book party is the perfect opportunity for Lizzie to make a loud statement not only from shouting, but in her fashions too! Lizzie is wearing a strapless mini dress that has a red-heart hue on top and shimmering sequins for a royal effect! The lower portion of her dress is covered in rows of cards from all the different stylish suits, and a book pattern can be seen in the background. A golden necklace hangs around her neck designed with three hearts at the top, and a collection of books hang down her front!

This royal is winning the hearts of everyone at the book party! Of course when newcomers arrive they’ll know her right away from her golden book-bag, which is decorated with the “Lizzie” across the front! Book Party Lizzie’s accessories will be a royal flush at this book party! Of course she likes to embrace all of her suits, so Lizzie adds some bright red to her sky-high heels that are decorated in card-inspired shapes and diamonds down the front! This party will be a full house when the royals hear who is attending! Lizzie may be showing off a new hand, but she’s keeping her face and hair true to her usual colors with her heart symbol on her face, and her black hair with red streaks! Make sure you compliment her deck-inspired headband, or off with your head!

How to play with Ever After High Lizzie Hearts Doll

 Sign Lizzie up for some enchanting yoga classes to help her control her temper, and make sure to rent out a magic trick book so Lizzie can learn some tricks with her cards! Don’t forget to visit her mother in Wonderland, and sign her up for the croquet team at Ever After High!

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Ever After High Book Party Kitty Cheshire Doll

The royals at Every After High love telling their own classic fairytales, but what they love even more is reading stories they’ve never heard before! Don’t be surprised if this couture-loving cat is sitting front row at this party; she can’t wait to enter into new worlds! Introducing the Ever After High Book Party Kitty Cheshire Doll!

Ever After High Book Party Kitty CheshireKitty certainly takes after her father with a brimming smile, purple style and love for adventure! The book party is the purrfect place for her to cozy up on a rug and read a good book. Kitty is sporting her favorite iris-colored locks, styled in long waves and a simple side part. To make her hair really pop, Kitty has a black-cat headband that has cat ears poking out the top! Her pale-purple skin surely makes her stand out amongst the other royals and rebels, and her blue cat-eyes are stunning every story teller at the party! Kitty’s mysterious outfit is a strapless dress, which is fitted on the top and flairs out at the bottom. Her top is a light grey hue covered in black cat patterns and books to boot!

She can’t stop purring for her throne-worthy trends! The bottom portion of her dress is a bright purple hue, and the fabric is synched around the waist to make little waves around the hem! Sequins make the dress really shimmer, and sometimes Kitty can’t take her eyes off of them! Continuing with her feline fashion theme, Kitty is wearing cat-inspired black heels with tails curling around her ankles, and a metallic silver chest piece is the perfect statement piece amongst all of her purrrple! The finishing touch includes her book-inspired bag, which she can fill with tuna treats and a map of the next Wonderland she’s going to explore!

How to play with Ever After High Book Party Kitty Cheshire Doll

Create a map of a new land you’ve imagined, and take Kitty to explore it with you! Don’t forget to stop for some tea with Madeline Hatter, and make sure you bring a great book to the Book party to read with Bunny Blanc- if she’s not late of course!

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Ever After High Book Party Ginger Breadhouse Doll

Students at Ever After High are following their own dreams when it comes to their destinies, and that includes following their own fashion dreams too! Whenever there’s a party to attend these royals love to blend their outfits to show off party themes and their own storybook history! Introducing the Ever After High Book Party Ginger Breadhouse Doll!

Ever After High Book Party Ginger Breadhouse DollGinger has a serious eye for fairytale fabrics, and her outfit for the Book Party is going to wow every witch and wizard in the land! This sweet-tooth is sporting a patterned mini dress, which has a pink upper-portion and straps that are covered in sequins! The lower portion of the dress is an icing-white hue, with dripping icing designs and books all over! Ginger’s look is straight out of a best-seller! Her bubblegum-pink heels are a peep-toe style, with ankle straps made from an ice cream cone design and melting details! These shoes look sweet enough to eat! Ginger also has an enchanting necklace that mixes looped icing designs with an open book, for an accessory that’s sure to have a happily ever after! Of course no book party is complete without some tales to share, and Ginger has incorporated a stack of books into her bright-blue bag design!

Now Ever After High Book Party Ginger Breadhouse can bring some sweets and some stories to the book party! Of course, classic Ginger is known for her bubblegum pink hair, and this get together is no exception! Ginger’s popping hair is styled in long waves, and her straight across bangs give her an edgy look to add a modern detail to her sweet style. The best plot twist in Ginger’s trendy look? Check out her gingerbread house headband, that’s got three gingerbread men dancing along the front! Add some subtle makeup to make her chocolatey-brown eyes pop and she’s ready to read!

How to play with Ever After High Book Party Ginger Breadhouse Doll

 Bake some delicious sweets for Ginger to bring to the book party, and don’t forget some cool cook books that she can share with her friends! Create an enchanting apron for Ginger to wear while she’s cooking, and make sure she lets you taste test all of her spell-binding recipes!

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Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll

The jungle better be careful of this fashionable fireball- she loves to be a trailblazer when it comes to trendy looks and head-turning colors! You won’t be able to miss this showrunner in the rainforest! Introducing the Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll!

Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long DollMonster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll is shocking in her jewel-toned outfit with bewitching greens, monster purples and blood reds! As daughter of a Chinese fire dragon, Jinafire has golden skin that is covered in a scaly texture all over her arms and legs! Her long neck has serpent-inspired designs, and scaly creatures of the jungle can’t stop slithering about her golden tail! But that’s not all Jinafire is showing off! This dragon’s style is on fire! Her bright red mini has short sleeves and some angled hems to give it a mummified modern look. The dress is covered in purple tiki masks, golden flames and bamboo sticks! Her ghoulfriends are cringing for her couture! Jinafire’s most terror-ific accessory is a golden chest piece, which slithers around her neck and morphs into a belt around her waist!

The statement piece is covered in tantalizing tiki masks and flames that flare out around her. Jinafire’s red-hot fashion continues in her flame-inspired heels that are designed with freaky flames crawling up her ankles and beaded designs along the front! Beware those who dare to walk in the path of this slithering statement dresser! Other cool accessories Jinafire packed for the trip includes her flaming purple bangles and purple tiki earrings, which go perfectly with the theme of her attire. Nocturnal nightmares from across the jungle are coming to see Jinafire’s slime-green hair with black streaks, so beware! To finish the look, Jingafire is wearing a flaming headdress and purple makeup to make her dragon eyes really pop! This ghoul is the slither of this scene!

How to play with Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll

 Help Jinafire find a cave that will be perfect for her to sleep in on their trip, and help her search for a jungle treasure that she can protect! Let her use her skills to build their fires at nighttime, and don’t forget to pack her spicy sauce for all of her meals!

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Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra Vondergeist Doll

It’s a wild world in the halls of Monster High, but your favorite ghouls are gearing up for another adventure that’s sure to have them howling with delight! Bring out your jungle gear and welcome the Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra Vondergeist Doll!

Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra Vondergeist DollThis daughter of the ghosts has been floating through the school for long enough, and now she’s ready for a vacation she’ll never forget! Wearing her very best jungle-theme fabrics with her classic style haunting through, Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra looks simply to die for! Her long, fuchsia-colored hair is long and straight, with an edgy style that shows off angled bangs. A hauntingly-cool headdress sits on top of her bright hair made out of brown bamboo sticks and bright pink tropical flowers! Spectra hasn’t looked this alive in years! Her spine-tingling mini is the perfect piece for this fashionable getaway, with a bright yellow base color that is covered in a floral and bamboo design! This monster sure knows how to match. Spectra sure isn’t jealous of the living’s hiking footwear- she herself chooses some sky-high heels that have the jungle animals shrieking! The shoes are the perfect accessories to complete her look with soles made from bamboo-inspired designs and more tropical flowers that grow up her legs!

This blood-curdling beauty if blending right into the natural elements around her! To add some extra vial va-va-voom to her look, Spectra is sporting some bamboo bangles on both of her deadly-delicate wrists, and her eerie earrings are a chandelier style made from more bamboo! She may look different, but don’t be fooled! You can still recognize this floating fashionista through her icy-blue eyes that are decorated in blue pastel eye shadow and purple lips! Spectra’s ghoulfriends think this ghost has got it going on!

How to play with Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra Vondergeist Doll

Bring some extra hair ties for Spectra in case she wants her gore-geous hair tied back in the jungle, and pack her an extra pair of shoes if her feet start to hurt! Make sure to bring a hat to protect her translucent skin from the sun, and build her a tent to sleep in at night!

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Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody Doll

Only the coolest cats can journey through the jungle without losing one of their lives, and it takes an even more ferocious feline to do it without a scare out of place! Introducing the Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody Doll!

Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody DollMonster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody has fashion for days, and this outfit is no exception. Her jungle-themed attire is so freaky and fun that even the king of the jungle had to take a second look! Meowlody’s main piece is a sleeveless mini, and the black-cat colored dress is covered in ghost-white fish bones, moon-yellow claw marks and blood-red scars! The nightmarish number is combined with some clawsome accessories, including a warrior-themed necklace that flairs around her neck! Freaky-fun details include spearheads and bones all collected to create the piece!

Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody is also wearing some blood-red arm bands that are decorated in miniature bones, and they look super sinister against her striped grey and white skin! Don’t forget to check out her paws- this ferocious feline is wearing a pair of jack-o-lantern-orange heels that are decorated in more spears and crossbows! No one will dare approach this jungle queen without the highest in fashion sense! Meowlody stays true to her catty ways with her dark grey fur and white stripes, as well as her white face markings golden eyes. Her ice-clue makeup really makes her eyeshadow pop, and salmon-pink lipstick finishes off the look! Not convinced this werecat can rule the rainforest runway? Check out Meowlody’s ghost-white hair with black spots! And her headdress is nothing to scream about! The bright blood-orange headdress is covered in tropical flowers and more red spears! Don’t underestimate this trendy ghoul- she may be a deadly delight in the hallways of Monster High, but out in the jungle she’s allowed to be a wild warrior!

How to play with Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody Doll

 Help Meowlody build a spear out of sticks so she can catch some fresh fish out of the rivers! Make sure she cleans her fur while she’s out in the wild, and don’t forget to let her stalk at night- cool werecats love to explore when the moon is full!

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Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll

Once upon a time, princes always saved the day. And while a classic fairy tale is always fun, these next generation royals and rebels are ready to write their own happily ever after! Even a princess can save the day, and this regal royal is ready to share her story! Introducing the Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll!

Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming DollDarling is the daughter of King Charming, and even though she has brothers, Darling is ready to be the bravest of them all! This year the kingdom presents the Dragon Games, and Darling is prepared to use her courage and her couture to win the hearts of the kingdom! Darling is sporting a new look, with her long hair parted down the middle and hanging loosely around her. The locks are colored in white-blonde on top and ice-blue hues underneath. Atop her head is an elaborate silver crown with beaded details, dangling pearls in the front and pink stones! Even with all of her beauty, it’s Darling’s armor that is spreading like a good story through the crowd! Her silver armor is magnificently decorated with floral details, pearl décor and a sturdiness that makes her a knight in stylish armor! The pieces sit on her shoulders, chest and right arm to help her perform flawlessly at the Dragon Games!

This time the tale is going to end differently! Darling is also sporting knee-high silver boots and a silver shield that doubles as a ring for you! Of course, this story is also about style, and Darling’s peplum styled top and translucent blue sleeves are creating a serious plot twist! To finish the icy-blue look, Darling is also sporting some fitted blue pants, decorated in a shiny purple vine design.  This heroine is dressed to impress, and she’s ready to write a whole new ending to her story!

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll

 Help Darling to train for the Dragon Games so that she can impress her father, King Charming! Make sure you sing a few songs to her to help her focus, and help her to write a diary of all of the things she plans to do when she wins the games!

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