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Disney Descendants Villain Genie Chic Mal Doll

It’s hard being the child of a world-renowned evil villain, but these prodigies aren’t about to give up their dreams just to fill the shoes of their families! Which side will you choose; good or evil? Introducing the Disney Descendants Villain Genie Chic Mal Doll!

Disney Descendants Villain Genie Chic Mal DollMal is daughter of Maleficent, and she knows exactly what her mother expects of her. But where will your adventures take her? One thing is for sure, Mal’s style is entirely her own! Dressed in genie-inspired attire, Mal is sporting colors of purple, gold and teal that go perfectly with her purple hair! Her super-high ponytail is decorated with a teal headband and a golden headpiece that droops along her forehead. Her deep purple top has a golden zipper down the front, with a bright purple hoodie and winged shoulder pieces! Her fashion is absolutely fire-breathing! Mal is also sporting dark purple tights, and a translucent, purple skirt that has golden specks all over! This genie is definitely ready to making all of her wishes come true! To keep her mother on her toes, Mal is wearing purple high heels with enchanting golden hems that flair out around her ankle. She’s turning heads wherever she goes! Of course Mal knows just how to tie her outfit together, wearing lots of golden jewelry with teal and purple accents! Her drooping earrings are the perfect pairing with her headpiece and her belt and arm bands are the perfect addition to her purple pieces! It looks like Mal came from the most fashionable lamp in the land!

How to play with Disney Descendants Villain Genie Chic Mal Doll

 Throw an Arabian-themed ball for all of Mal’s friends so that she will fit in perfectly with her attire! Make sure to shine her jewelry so it really glistens and design her bedroom with a golden-lamp theme or golden-dragon theme so she feels right at home!

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Disney Frozen Fever Singing Elsa Doll

This brave queen has brought snowmen to life, saved her city and now she’s celebrating her little sister’s birthday! Who knows what kind of magical moments will happen this time around for the sisters of Arendelle? Introducing the Disney Frozen Fever Singing Elsa Doll!

Frozen Fever Singing ElsaFrozen Fever Singing Elsa is a picture of perfection in a brand new outfit that is perfect for the warmer weather! Looking fresh as a flower Elsa is sporting a long braid in her snow-white hair and a fuchsia flower decorates the side! Her soft, pale skin goes perfectly with her bright blue eyes and purple lips and a small smirk makes you wonder what she’s going to conjure up next! Elsa’s outfit is a thing of beauty, with a turquoise dress that hangs all the way down to her feet. The top portion is fitted as a bodice, with turquoise glitter covering the whole thing! She sparkles every time she swirls! For a hint of her classic outfit, Elsa is also wearing a long, translucent cape the sits across her shoulders and trails to the floor. The see-through fabric is covered in purple flowers that add a pop of color and match with her headpiece perfectly! Of course the statement piece is also covered in subtle hints of glimmer, so even in the summertime Elsa looks like a stunning snowflake! Small details include her teal, pointed flats and a purple gem on her chest which you can use to play music! Simply press the button and Elsa will sing her new song “Making Today a Special Day” just for Anna! Sing along and enjoy the adventure!

How to play with Disney Frozen Fever Singing Elsa Doll

Help Elsa to gather some flowers from the garden to give to Anna for her birthday! Help Elsa practice her song and don’t forget to bring Olaf to take part in the fun!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Wonder Woman Figure

Looking to add another crime fighter to your regime? Batman and Superman aren’t ready for the wrath that is this powerful female figure! Introducing the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Wonder Woman Figure!

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Wonder WomanBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman is looking fiercer than ever, and she’s ready to take to the streets in this epic battle of heroes! This femme fatale is sporting her classic armor, in head-turning colors of red, blue and gold! Her long, black hair hangs down her back and is decorated with her traditional golden headpiece. The upper portion of her armor is a deep red color, designed as a sleeveless top with a golden hem. The lower portion of her armor is a deep blue that hangs loosely and allows Wonder Woman to battle and fight effortlessly! A brown leather utility belt hangs across her chest and includes her deadly rope, but that’s not all the ammunition she brought! Wonder Woman also brought her best sword and shield for one-on-one attack! Batman and Superman better keep an eye out for this superhero! Other awesome details on her armor include red and gold boots, gold and silver wrist protectors and her classic Wonder Woman symbol sitting along her waist! It’s time that a new hero took over the reins and this crime fighter is ready to stake her claim!

How to play with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Wonder Woman Figure

 Help Wonder Woman work on her rope skills before the big battle and ensure that her sword is sharp and ready! Remember to keep innocent civilians out of harm’s way and use the shield to protect them if you must!

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Disney Descendants Auradon Genie Chic Audrey Doll

The daughter of Sleeping Beauty is ready to start her own chapter in the magical kingdom, and she’s doing it with some awesome fashion sense! Dressed in a genie-inspired outfit, Disney Descendants introduce the Auradon Genie Chic Audrey Doll!

Disney Descendants Auradon Genie Chic Audrey DollAudrey looks simply angelic in her light brown locks, which are styled in a long ponytail with two blue elastics to add a cool look! She is also sporting a bright blue headband with pink roses that go perfectly with the rest of her outfit! If we had three wishes, we would wish for her fashion sense! Audrey’s top is white and fitted with pink lines all over it, and a pair of high-waist blue shorts fit perfectly around the waist! To add a flowing effect, Audrey has chosen a translucent, pink overcoat that has short sleeves and flows down to her knees! The coat has a beautiful blue hemline with pink and white details, and the design ties in perfectly with her patterned shorts.

Disney Descendants Genie Chic Audrey may not be a real genie, but she certainly knows how to make one look fantastic! Naturally this gorgeous girl also has on a pair of genie shoes, which have a cute curl at the end of the toes! The pale blue heels are the perfect accessory and Audrey loves the pink designs on the sides! All of the other students at Auradon Prep are green with envy, but they can’t help but love the look! Finishing touches include all of Audrey’s golden accessories including wrist bangles, a roped belt and a stunning jeweled necklace!

How to play with Disney Descendants Auradon Genie Chic Audrey Doll

Audrey looks great in her pink rose designs, so make sure to get her some fresh roses for her room too! Brush her hair daily so it always looks silky and keep an eye out for a real genie so she can wish for more awesome outfits!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Batman Figure

In the shadows of the night you can always hear the swishing of a cape and the screeching of bats. That’s when you know that something epic is about to happen! What story will you tell? Join the battle with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Batman Figure!

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6 inch Batman FigureThis Batman figurine is inspired from the the DAWN OF JUSTICE movie and is dressed in a more traditional Batman garment, with colors of black and steel grey covering most of his outfit. Donned on the front of his chest in the classic bat symbol that lets the people of the city know that he is there to protect! Of course he has to hide his identity, so this Batman is wearing his classic head covering with bat ears and openings around his eyes and mouth. Draped around the head covering is Batman’s traditional, floor-length cape that drapes down his body and is tarnished along the bottom from so much crime fighting! To protect him in his battle against the super-strength Superman, Batman is wearing protective boots, arm guards and his utility belt that is full of useful tools. Details include lots of texturing on his body suit and headpiece, and small details of golden coloring can be seen along the belt, boots and even on Batman’s knuckles for the ultimate punch! With 20 points of articulation, Batman is ready to BAM, WHAM and KAPOW his way to victory for the good guys! How will his legacy go in your story?

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How to play with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Batman Figure

Fill Batman’s utility belt with lots of tools to help him fight crime and scale buildings! Create a bat cave that he can escape to after a night of crime and make sure to feed all of his pet bats!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Batman Armor Figure

The world isn’t big enough for these two superheroes, and now it’s time to find out which one is the most powerful of all! With new armor, new gear and a totally new story you’ll have a new adventure every day with these crime fighters! Introducing the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Batman Armor Figure!

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Multiverse Batman Armor FigureInspired from the DAWN OF JUSTICE movie, Batman has been preparing for this incredible battle by creating armor that will keep him safe from the strength of Superman. His entire body is covered in the impenetrable armor, which is designed in colors of dark gray, silver and black. Darker than a shadow, Batman goes undetected in his armor and it’s up to you to take advantage of battling at night! His new attire still pays tribute to his traditional look, with his armored helmet still shaped with classic bat ears and an open section for his mouth. Amazing details in the body of his armor show off all of the pieces it takes to makes the suit, along with arm blades, a utility belt and spiked boots. He’s completely prepared for this battle! To help him travel from building to building, batman dons a long, black cape that drapes over his shoulders and is almost floor-length. Batman also comes equipped with some fierce weaponry and 20 points of articulation so that he can defeat the speeding-bullet Superman. Will Batman be triumphant or will his destiny go another way this time?

How to play with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Batman Armor Figure

Create your own skyscraper scene for Batman and Superman’s face-off but make sure all of the pedestrians are safe and out of the way! Make sure Batman has a lot of ammunition and test all of the armor before the ultimate battle begins!

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