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Lalaloopsy Water Mellie Seeds Large Doll

There’s nothing like the sweet taste of watermelon on a hot summer’s day! No wonder everyone loves it when their favorite fruity friend stops by for a visit! Introducing the Lalaloopsy Large Doll Water Mellie Seeds.

Lalaloopsy Water Mellie Seeds Large DollLalaloopsy Water Mellie is made from watermelon seeds and her outfit is a delicious twist of pink and green shades! Her pink hair is a delicious dark shade, and it’s styled in short pigtails that stick out on both sides! To dress up the look, Mellie is wearing a headband with a giant bow on top. Dolls love the accessory because the bow is decorated with two slices of watermelon instead! Her knee-length dress has a green t-shirt style on top, with watermelon slices for sleeves and watermelon seeds for buttons! How delicious! Her dress flares out around her in a satin fabric, and the pattern shows off two shades of green stripes! Some juicy details in Mellie’s outfit include pink tulle underneath her dress and pink and green sneakers to boot! This Lalaloopsy has some refreshing fashions for everyone to enjoy! Click here for more images

How to play with Lalaloopsy Water Mellie Seeds Large Doll

Take Water Mellie to a watermelon patch and help her choose the biggest one! Try watermelon in some new recipes like a smoothie or covered in chocolate! Don’t forget some wipes- things could get sticky!

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Ever After High Ashlynn Ella Epic Winter Doll

The royal students of the enchanted kingdom aren’t scared by a little bit of cold- in fact they think the weather is simply magical! Now is the time for them to bring out their best winter fashions before the snow melts away! Introducing the Ever After High Ashlynn Ella Epic Winter Doll!

Ashlynn Ella Epic Winter DollAshlynn is no stranger to the cold, and she’s ready to strut her royal stuff in the school hallways! Cinderella’s daughter looks smashing in shades of pink and blue! Her long, brown hair is tied into a side ponytail and twisted, and an ice-blue crown sits perfectly atop her head! She is sporting a long-sleeves dress that stands out amongst the other royal students, and the satin fabric has the ugly stepsisters green with envy!

The dress is covered in red and pink floral patterns, and two strands of pink fur wrap around the skirt for a look that’s warm and whimsical! Underneath, Ashlynn has on pink tights and knee-high blue boots that tie in with her outfit perfectly! This royal sure knows how to work a runway! To finish the look, Ashlynn has a golden collar and belt that add a dash of metallic to complete her regal look. Click here for more images 

How to play with  Ever After High Ashlynn Ella Epic Winter Doll

Help Ashlynn build the perfect snow castle for her and her friends, and create magical snowballs that never miss their target! Make sure she finishes all of her chores before going outside, and take her shopping for some fashionable gloves and earmuffs to keep her warm!

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Ever After High Epic Winter Maddie Hatter or Madeline Hatter

Even the magical kingdom experiences the changing of the seasons, and all of the students will have to dress accordingly if they’re going to make it through the epic winter! Introducing the Ever After High Epic Winter Madeline Hatter or Maddie Hatter Doll!

Epic Winter Madeline HatterThis crazy girl makes the cold looking wild and inviting, with her awesome winter fashions that are totally throne-worthy! Madeline loves purples and blues, so she’s incorporated them all throughout her winterized style! Madeline’s long hair is styled in big curls, and students can see her purple and blue streaks all the way across the enchanted forest! A perfect little top hat sits on top of her head, with a bright blue bow and white fur along the edges! The white rabbit would be positively smitten!

To keep her cozy in the epic winter, Madeline is wearing a satin dress that is knee-length, and sparkling grey tights underneath! They sparkle just like the enchanted winter snowflakes! Her dress has magical details like purple satin sleeves, a purple belt and fluffs of fur around the trim! We’re cozy just looking at her! To finish her look, Madeline is wearing knee-high heels in purple and blue- she’s making all of the princes melt! Check here for more images 


How to play with Ever After High Epic Winter Maddie Hatter

 Join Madeline down the rabbit hole to explore Wonderland in the winter! Take her ice skating for her very first time or help her make snow angels with the Mad Hatter before its time for hot chocolate and tea!

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Ever After High Briar Beauty Epic Winter Doll

When winter visits the magic kingdom, all of the princes and princesses at Ever After High are ready for snowy adventures and cozy new couture! This popular princess knows just the colors and fabrics for her snowy style, and she has all of the enchanted students wishing on a star for her look! Introducing the Ever After High Briar Beauty Epic Winter Doll!

Ever After High Briar Beauty Epic Winter DollEpic Winter Briar may be the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, but she’s taking her own route this time and creating a new fashion fairy tale for herself! Her winterized style includes colors of deep purples and reds, and her textured layers are a breathtaking sight! Briar is showing off two-tone hair in dark chestnut and purple, and a floral headdress sits atop her head in bright colors of metallic purple and silver! Her long sleeve top is fitted, and is a cozy color of cranberry, but it’s her fur dress that has everyone daydreaming! Click here for more images

The dress is knee-length, and shows off fur in colors of cranberry and white! The fur is even utilized around her sleeves and on her top, and the whole look has the other royals awestruck! To keep herself warm, Briar is also wearing deep purple tights and silver boots, so she can stay warm while she explores! This young royal is sure to create a great style storybook!

How to play with Ever After High Briar Beauty Epic Winter Doll

Create your own muff just like Briar’s so you can match and keep your hands warm when you explore outside! Take her to build a snowman in the enchanted forest, or invite her friends to the castle to sit by the fire and read old fairy tales!

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Welcome to Monster High Monstrous Rivals 2-Pack Draculaura and Moanica Dolls

Every screamester the students of Monster High know that they’ll be meeting some ghoulish new friends in the hallways! This year, a daughter of the zombies comes alive, and her fashions are anything but dead! Introducing the Welcome to Monster High Monstrous Moanica and Draculaura Two Pack Dolls.

Draculaura and Moanica 2 packWelcome to Monster High Draculaura is a very popular vamp at this spooky school, and she’s doing her best to make Moanica feel welcome! Draculaura is sporting her long, black hair with pink highlights styled in a side ponytail. She’s got on a drop-dead gorgeous dress, with a sleeveless top section and a knee-length skirt. The dress is a petrifying pink hue with black bats dancing all over! Her dead-white skin pops with her black boots, and a chilling blue belt completes the look! click here for more images 

Moanica can tell she’ll have some creepy competition when it comes to fashion! This zombie has long, pink hair and a bright streak of moon yellow that’s making the werewolves howl! Her outfit includes a two-toned tank and a grey vest overtop, as well as black and white pants with a spattering effect! To pull her look together, Moanica has on pink ankle boots and pink earrings that are shaped in an earthworm design! Watch out for this quick zombie!


How to play with Welcome to Monster High Monstrous Rivals 2-Pack Draculaura and Moanica Dolls

Let Draculaura show Moanica around the school, and throw her a welcoming party so she can meet some new friends! Don’t forget that she might be craving some brains, so take her to the school lab to have a snack!

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Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll

One of the freak-tastic fashionistas of Monster High knows that her new look is going to be an absolute scream! She’s so sure she can even feel it in her bones! Introducing the Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll!

Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector DollThis scream-ester, Skelita is showing off traditional fabrics from her family’s scaritage, with vibrant colors, heart-stopping patterns and clawsome accessories! Skelita is wearing a sleeveless dress that has a scoop neck detail and pink stitching at the hem. The front is covered in colorful floral patterns of pink, orange, purple and blue and an ice-blue lace decorates the hem! Her styles are sending the competition to their graves! The bottom portion of Skelita’s dress is a black, satin fabric, which flairs out around her with white lace underneath. The dress is a nightmarish knee-length, and it’s covered in a vile, vibrant pattern of flowers! The bright colors go freakishly-well with her sky-high heels, which are bright hues of pink and blue. Her style is heart-stopping, but her accessories are to die for! Skelita has a traditional headdress covered in scary skulls and flowers, and her pigtails have skull clips too! This colorful skeleton is a screaming siesta of style!

How to play with Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll

Invite Skelita’s family down from Hexico to see her new school, and put on a midnight fiesta to welcome them! Skelita loves fashion, so help her put together some new outfits and a freaky fashion show for her friends!

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