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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Superman Figure

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s Superman! Flying through the sky at incredible speeds, everyone always knows when Superman is in town! Join in on the epic story of Clark Kent and help him in his biggest battle yet! Introducing the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Superman Figure!

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice supermanDonning his classic colors of red and blue, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman looks ready as ever for his epic battle against the dark knight Batman! Who will come out on top? This Superman figurine is sporting a full, bright blue suit that is covered in an armored texture. On his chest Superman sports his iconic Superman symbol, with a giant letter ‘S’ encased in a yellow and red shape. To help him become more aerodynamic, this crime fighter is sporting a floor-length cape in a bright red hue, and everyone recognizes it when he flies through the sky! The cape is detailed to look like its flowing in the wind, and the piece comes up and over his shoulders and tucks into his armor. Unlike Batman, Superman reveals his true self and shows off sleek, black hair and bright blue eyes. His hands of fury are also uncovered and shaped in two tight fists, which are ready to punch through walls and defeat Batman! Other details on the outfit include Superman’s red boots and small utility belt, and with 20 points of articulation Superman is ready for an epic battle of heroes!

How to play with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Create the perfect skyline for Superman to fly across, and keep an eye out for Batman! Make sure that his utility belt is working perfectly before the battle and avoid kryptonite at all costs!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Wonder Woman Figure

Looking to add another crime fighter to your regime? Batman and Superman aren’t ready for the wrath that is this powerful female figure! Introducing the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Wonder Woman Figure!

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Wonder WomanBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman is looking fiercer than ever, and she’s ready to take to the streets in this epic battle of heroes! This femme fatale is sporting her classic armor, in head-turning colors of red, blue and gold! Her long, black hair hangs down her back and is decorated with her traditional golden headpiece. The upper portion of her armor is a deep red color, designed as a sleeveless top with a golden hem. The lower portion of her armor is a deep blue that hangs loosely and allows Wonder Woman to battle and fight effortlessly! A brown leather utility belt hangs across her chest and includes her deadly rope, but that’s not all the ammunition she brought! Wonder Woman also brought her best sword and shield for one-on-one attack! Batman and Superman better keep an eye out for this superhero! Other awesome details on her armor include red and gold boots, gold and silver wrist protectors and her classic Wonder Woman symbol sitting along her waist! It’s time that a new hero took over the reins and this crime fighter is ready to stake her claim!

How to play with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Wonder Woman Figure

 Help Wonder Woman work on her rope skills before the big battle and ensure that her sword is sharp and ready! Remember to keep innocent civilians out of harm’s way and use the shield to protect them if you must!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Batman Figure

In the shadows of the night you can always hear the swishing of a cape and the screeching of bats. That’s when you know that something epic is about to happen! What story will you tell? Join the battle with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Batman Figure!

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6 inch Batman FigureThis Batman figurine is inspired from the the DAWN OF JUSTICE movie and is dressed in a more traditional Batman garment, with colors of black and steel grey covering most of his outfit. Donned on the front of his chest in the classic bat symbol that lets the people of the city know that he is there to protect! Of course he has to hide his identity, so this Batman is wearing his classic head covering with bat ears and openings around his eyes and mouth. Draped around the head covering is Batman’s traditional, floor-length cape that drapes down his body and is tarnished along the bottom from so much crime fighting! To protect him in his battle against the super-strength Superman, Batman is wearing protective boots, arm guards and his utility belt that is full of useful tools. Details include lots of texturing on his body suit and headpiece, and small details of golden coloring can be seen along the belt, boots and even on Batman’s knuckles for the ultimate punch! With 20 points of articulation, Batman is ready to BAM, WHAM and KAPOW his way to victory for the good guys! How will his legacy go in your story?

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How to play with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Batman Figure

Fill Batman’s utility belt with lots of tools to help him fight crime and scale buildings! Create a bat cave that he can escape to after a night of crime and make sure to feed all of his pet bats!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Batman Armor Figure

The world isn’t big enough for these two superheroes, and now it’s time to find out which one is the most powerful of all! With new armor, new gear and a totally new story you’ll have a new adventure every day with these crime fighters! Introducing the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6” Batman Armor Figure!

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Multiverse Batman Armor FigureInspired from the DAWN OF JUSTICE movie, Batman has been preparing for this incredible battle by creating armor that will keep him safe from the strength of Superman. His entire body is covered in the impenetrable armor, which is designed in colors of dark gray, silver and black. Darker than a shadow, Batman goes undetected in his armor and it’s up to you to take advantage of battling at night! His new attire still pays tribute to his traditional look, with his armored helmet still shaped with classic bat ears and an open section for his mouth. Amazing details in the body of his armor show off all of the pieces it takes to makes the suit, along with arm blades, a utility belt and spiked boots. He’s completely prepared for this battle! To help him travel from building to building, batman dons a long, black cape that drapes over his shoulders and is almost floor-length. Batman also comes equipped with some fierce weaponry and 20 points of articulation so that he can defeat the speeding-bullet Superman. Will Batman be triumphant or will his destiny go another way this time?

How to play with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Batman Armor Figure

Create your own skyscraper scene for Batman and Superman’s face-off but make sure all of the pedestrians are safe and out of the way! Make sure Batman has a lot of ammunition and test all of the armor before the ultimate battle begins!

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Star Wars Hero Mashers Sith Speeder and Darth Maul

The fate of the galaxy is in your hands, as you speed past planets and dodge enemies with one of most well-known villains ever to cross the Jedi! What will be the fate of the dark force this time? Introducing the Star Wars Hero Mashers Sith Speeder and Darth Maul!

Star Wars Hero Mashers Sith Speeder and Darth MaulDarth Maul has an evil agenda to carry-out, and he’s ready to ride his ship to victory if the force is with him! Darth Maul is riding his own sith speeder, which is a light beige color that’s perfect for blending into desert scenery! The ship has a large, silver ammo arm attached to the back, which is able to send ammo over his shoulder for the perfect hit! This ammo arm uses red lasers to sidetrack opponents; simply push to fire button and you can send lasers out into the universe! Of course Darth Maul is always waiting with his double-ended red light saber, and Jedi who get passed his lasers will have to be ready for this ultimate weapon! Darth Maul’s speeder can stand on its own, and allows Darth Maul’s feet to sit on a foot rest at the front while he guides himself through the solar system. Padded seating can also be seen in his chair, and it gives some out-of-this-world texture to the ship. He may have disappeared out into the galaxy for a while, but Darth Maul is back and he’s wearing his iconic red and black-patterned mask with white horns! Even the young Jedi know who he is from the legends they’ve heard! His entire outfit is a black hue, with long sleeves, a thick belt and combat boots. Darth Maul is ready to win this final battle between good and evil!

How to play with Star Wars Hero Mashers Sith Speeder and Darth Maul

This Masher is capable of changing parts of his body with other Star Wash mashers, so feel free to change parts with Yoda, Luke Skywalk and all of the other Star Wars characters! Make sure his tank is full before he goes in for battle, and help him to meditate with the dark forces before he takes off!

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Disney Descendants Jay Isle of the Lost Exclusive 11 Doll

Not everyone in fairytales are good, but with a little hope and a lot of help, it is always possible to bring out the good in people! Would you help the son of an evil emperor to find the good in his heart? Introducing the Disney Descendants Jay Isle of the Lost Exclusive 11 Doll!

Disney Descendants JayDisney Descendants Jay is the magical son of evil villain Jafar, and now he’s being given the chance to make things right! Good thing he’s wearing his best outfit to start his journey! Jay has long, dark brown hair that is styled to hang loosely below his shoulders. His dark eyebrows match the color perfectly, and go well with his caramel-colored skin tone! Bringing out the jewel tones of his native city, Jay is sporting a magical outfit in deep purple, with mesmerizing details and pops of color throughout! His sporty top is a sleeveless jacket, with a large open collar that shows off a genie lamp-yellow and a bright sky-blue! Details include zippered pockets along the sides of his top, as well as one long zipper down the front. For a villain’s son, his style sure is delightful!

Jay’s pants have a leather-inspired fabric, and the color matches that of his purple top. More zippered pockets sit along the front of his pants, and make his outfit match perfectly! Extra details in the pants include light purple and yellow stripes across the knees to break up the deep purple color. Jay must have wished for some serious style from a genie! Jay also comes with a pair of black combat boots that are perfect for all of his traveling and exploring, and he is also equipped with black gloves to help him jump and climb his way through the streets! Don’t forget to use jay’s opposable limbs to help him travel through the town and explore his new life with the other descendants!

How to play with Disney Descendants Jay Isle of the Lost Exclusive 11 Doll

Create a miniature genie lamp for Jay to grant people’s wishes, and create one for yourself too! Take Jay through the city to find some cool new outfits for his new school year, and make sure you brush his long hair to keep it tangle-free!

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Disney Cinderella Wedding Day Cinderella Doll

The most memorable and magical story has been brought to life again, and this time the fashions are as unforgettable as the ending! From one of the happiest moments in fairytale history, Disney welcomes the Cinderella Wedding Day Cinderella Doll!

Disney Wedding Day Cinderella DollCinderella is simply exquisite in her wedding gown, which is a replica of the gorgeous gown from the newly released film. Looking picture perfect, Cinderella has not one hair out of place in her sleek hairstyle. A side part keeps her hair brushed softly away from her face, with a tucked under ponytail that’s decorated with a regal diadem. The crown is a bright golden color, with floral designs and pink and blue accents. The whole kingdom can’t wait to see what dress Cinderella has chosen; and they should be excited! The top portion of Cinderella’s gown is a strapless bodice in day-dreamy white. A translucent fabric then covers the top, making up the rest of the upper portion covering her shoulders and making full-length sleeves. Intricate floral designs in pink, blue and yellow dance across the top section of the dress where the fabrics meet, creating a beautiful harmony between the two.

The birds are simply singing for Cinderella’s style! From her waist, a beautiful white gown flows down and around Cinderella, in a style that’s simply meant for a future queen. To tie the outfit together, floral designs dance along the hem of the dress, showing off pastel blues, yellows and pinks. People in the kingdom will be talking about her dress for ages! Small touches include Cinderella’s hanging earrings, decorated in bright blue bows and golden flowers, and a unique golden ring shaped like a flower! This wedding gown is sure to bring Cinderella and her prince the most happily-ever-after!

How to use Disney Wedding Day Cinderella Doll

 Create your own wedding hall, and decorate it the way you’d love! Invite Cinderella’s friend to the event, and don’t forget to create a dance floor to celebrate after! Take Cinderella shopping so she can finally wear something other than her old rags; and sign her up for singing lessons with her fairy godmother!

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Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

Something prehistoric and extremely large is smashing through the rainforest today and into your living room! Its huge roar and menacing eyes are ready for adventure. Do you know who it is? Introducing the Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex!

TFisher-Price Imaginext Ultrahis playful prehistoric creature has been built to protect, with three riders who use the mechanic monster to shoot out ammunition and give them an advantage no one can beat! The amazing dinosaur is made with bright, playful colors of oranges, lime greens and yellows. It life-like bone structure is designed with a realistic off-white hue and grey speckles all over! Have you checked out its power pads? This monster has three different ones, each with its own effect! Push the one behind his tail and this cool creature will start walking! Press the pad on his left hip, and he stands up to his full 2 ½ ft. height! Not scary enough for you? Just look at his eyes and spikes that light up when he stands! No enemy will dare cross him! You may also like Jurassic Park Mega-Strike T-Rex Action Figure

The last power pad will help your dino defender to open and close his mouth where he can also launch ammo from! He may be extinct, but he can do anything! If you need more ammo, press his shoulder blades which will also send out huge rolling boulders! The Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex comes with three riders, four boulders and lots of tools to help them work and protect their land! This super cool species is ready to take on anything with you!

How to play with Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

Build your own forests for the T-Rex to trample through, and make sure to create some seating for his riders to strap in on when he’s on the run! Don’t forget to keep the machine well-oiled, and use him as a protector of your most prized possessions!

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Star Wars VII 18” First Order Stormtrooper

These classic fighters have always been a big part of the Empire, and they never seem to give up or stop fighting for the evil side! How many storm troopers do you think it will take this time to slow down the power of the Jedi? Introducing the Star Wars VII 18” First Order Stormtrooper,the perfect companion for evil doer’s all over the galaxy!

Star Wars StormtrooperThis Stormtrooper is designed with the classic look from the original movies, and now stands at 18” for larger than life play! The sleek armor of the Stormtrooper covers its entire body, with a high level of protection that helps them to do their master’s biddings. The traditional helmet has black coloring around the eyes and a specifically-designed mouthpiece so that breathing can be done easily! Shoulder pads, chest pads and knee pads in the outfit are all well designed and allow for various points of articulation in the Stormtrooper! Two utility belts sit around the waist of the fighter, and the black leather gloves are designed to grab things easily or maneuver a weapon! This cool character also comes with its own blaster, which is easily accessible and can be held freely. You may Also like 31″ Stormtrooper.

The blaster has exceptional detail that makes for awesome game play, with black and white coloring and effective use against any and all good guys trying to save the Empire! But whose side are you on? This Stormtrooper has been awaiting the rise of evil, and now they’re ready to make sure it succeeds!

How to play with Star Wars VII 18” First Order Stormtrooper

 Create your own miniature empire at home that your Stormtrooper can protect, and help it with its defensive skills to avoid any attacks! Make sure to keep the armor clean- no Stormtrooper works in dirty armor!

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Star Wars VII – 20″ Captain Phasma

There has been a shift in the galaxy’s power centuries after the Lord Sith Darth Vader saw his untimely fall. There are many fighters on the good side, but do not underestimate the evil that is growing! Have you heard of the metallic warrior that is making her way to the galaxy? Introducing the Star Wars VII 20” Captain Phasma!

Star Wars VII 20 Captain Phasma Captain Phasma is one of the influential female characters in this new Star Wars story, and while she doesn’t generally show her face, everyone teaming up against the Jedi knows who she is! Captain Phasma is a Captain in the First Order, and her attire resembles that of a Stormtrooper with a few more changes that make her stand out. Her metallic armor is well known in the galaxy, and her long flowing cape suggests her higher ranking in power. The various pieces of her armor allow her to possess 5-7 points of articulation for realistic moves, and come equipped with shoulder pads, chest pads and a detailed utility belt. A black floor-length cape hangs around her neck, with red stitching at the hem and a metallic interior that matches her armor.

Captain Phasma is ready for a battle, and she comes equipped with a removable riffle that she hopes will match the power of the light sabers. To protect her identity, the Captain’s helmet completely covers her face with some black coloring and mesh detailing to help her breath. This new character is ready to create her own epic story in the new empire!

How to play with Star Wars VII – 20″ Captain Phasma

Help Captain Phasma work on her fighting skills, which will ultimately be up against the Jedi and their light sabers! Build her an aircraft to help her get around the galaxy and make sure you give her backup in case of an ambush!

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