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DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Asylum: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow and Batman Action Figure (4-Pack)

You’ll have the time of your life creating tons of action-packed stories with this DC Collectibles 4-pack kit. Whether you decide to play as Batman or as one of the evil villains, you have all of the power! Venture to Gotham City and let the action begin.

DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Asylum: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow and Batman Action Figure (4-Pack)-

DC Collectibles Batman Arkham Asylum Action FigureThe Joker: Riddle me this… Who is one of the greatest villains of all time? The Joker, of course! He is one of Batman’s biggest enemies and he is determined to take down The Dark Knight. With this action figure, you’ll have the awesome chance to re-create all of the intense missions from the Arkham Asylum videogame. The Joker will have everyone running away in fear as he sports his signature purple pin-stripe suit and of course his bright red grin. His looks is complete with his bright green hair and matching bow-tie. The Joker will always continue to terrorize Gotham City to torment Batman and all of the city’s citizens, but it is up to you to use your wildest imagination to decide his fate!

Batman: Arkham Asylum – Harley Quinn: Before she took to the dark side, Harley Quinn was a happy, innocent doctor working to treat the Joker. It didn’t take long for her to go a little crazy and eventually helped him escape from confinement! Ever since then, she has been living a life of crime. She works to keep her former identity a secret with creepy facepaint. This mad jester wears various red and purple accessories, including her boots, gloves and the band that keep her blonde hair up in two pony-tails. Harley Quinn use to only take order from the dreaded Joker, but now it is finally your time to call the shots! Don’t miss out on your chance to add this character to your squad of super villains.

Scarecrow: Chaos is running rapid throughout the town as all of the villains are escaping from the asylum – The Scarecrow being one of them! In the desperate attempt to destroy Batman as well as the entire Gotham City, The Scarecrow has joined forces with the Joker as well as Harley Quinn to form one super evil trio. His look is just downright scary due to his long claws, bright yellow eyes and creepy scarecrow mask; He is bound to have everyone screaming as he continues to make his way down the street. This action figure is extremely detailed to make him appear as as real as can be for maximum playtime excitement. One thing is for sure, no Batman Arkham collection is complete without the addition of this Scarecrow figure!

Batman: It may seem as if there is no hope for Gotham city with all of the villains escaping and terrorizing all of the citizens, but Batman is here to save the day! This caped crusader will instill fear into all of the criminals with his strength as well as his signature bat suit. In addition, he is rocking his matching mask which helps to keep his secret identity as Bruce Wayne hidden. This action figure is holding firmly onto his weapons so that he is ready to go face-to-face with even the most dreaded of enemies, including the Joker! Whether he is flying off buildings or jumping straight into the center of all of the action, Batman is determined to emerge as a hero.

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DC Collectibles DC Comics The New 52: Earth 2: Batman (Thomas Wayne) Action Figure

Have you always had the desire to be Batman’s sidekick? If this is this case, then you are in luck because you can now help fight crime with this Batman Action Figure. Based on the designs of DC Comic’s Earth 2, you’ll be able to aide batman as he uses his strength, wealth and powers to destroy all of the criminals that dare to step foot in his city. When it comes down to the final fight, Batman will always end up on top.

PThe New 52: Earth 2 Batman Action figureut on your suit, hop in your batmobile and get ready for action! This awesome action figure is familiar to us all but it is just a little bit different from the classic version of the caped crusader that we all know and love. This is the parallel version of the Dark Night, the epic Thomas Wayne. His bold black suit is accented with a red bat symbol on his chest, a red belt and a long, flowing red cape that helps his soar through the sky.

Batman uses his strength, power and his classic throwing weapon that is shaped like a bat to keep his city safe. Fighting off his evil foes will never be a difficult task.

How to play DC Comics The New 52: Earth 2: Batman (Thomas Wayne) Action Figure

Use The New 52: Earth 2 Batman Action Figure to re-create all of your favorite action scenes! Which villains will you decide to have him face off against? Toss your bat shaped weapon and get ready for action!


DC Collectibles DC Comics Earth 2: Batman Action Figure

Batman is never the type of hero to shy away from a mission, no matter what kind of danger that it presents to him. Based off of the awesome designs from the popular DC Comics titles Earth 2, this Batman Action Figure will instill fear into the heart of evil criminals everywhere. Batman has everything that it takes to defeat the villains that threaten Gotham City, including his weapons, wealth, strength and power.

DC Comics Earth 2 Batman Action FigureEveryone will enjoy this caped crusader! This figure was created to depict the hero as he risks it all to battle the hordes of Apokolips to ensure that Earth 2 remains safe and protected. While facing off with all of the dreaded hordes, he is wearing his signature black suit and mask in order to keep his identity as Bruce Wayne a secret. With this figure, you will be able to re-create tons of action-packed stories of good versus evil or you can even use your handy imagination to invent new adventures.

Batman has his weapons firmly in hand so that he is ready to go head-to-head against any villain that causes chaos in his territory. When these weapons are teamed with his almighty strength, he will always emerge as victorious!

What to do with DC Comics Earth 2: Batman Action Figure

With this figure, your get to be Batman’s best sidekick. Journey with him as he saves Earth 2 from all of the hordes of Apokolips! If you’re feeling adventurous, create your own stories and put Batman’s fate in your own hands.

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