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Disney Descendants Jay Isle of the Lost Exclusive 11 Doll

Not everyone in fairytales are good, but with a little hope and a lot of help, it is always possible to bring out the good in people! Would you help the son of an evil emperor to find the good in his heart? Introducing the Disney Descendants Jay Isle of the Lost Exclusive 11 Doll!

Disney Descendants JayDisney Descendants Jay is the magical son of evil villain Jafar, and now he’s being given the chance to make things right! Good thing he’s wearing his best outfit to start his journey! Jay has long, dark brown hair that is styled to hang loosely below his shoulders. His dark eyebrows match the color perfectly, and go well with his caramel-colored skin tone! Bringing out the jewel tones of his native city, Jay is sporting a magical outfit in deep purple, with mesmerizing details and pops of color throughout! His sporty top is a sleeveless jacket, with a large open collar that shows off a genie lamp-yellow and a bright sky-blue! Details include zippered pockets along the sides of his top, as well as one long zipper down the front. For a villain’s son, his style sure is delightful!

Jay’s pants have a leather-inspired fabric, and the color matches that of his purple top. More zippered pockets sit along the front of his pants, and make his outfit match perfectly! Extra details in the pants include light purple and yellow stripes across the knees to break up the deep purple color. Jay must have wished for some serious style from a genie! Jay also comes with a pair of black combat boots that are perfect for all of his traveling and exploring, and he is also equipped with black gloves to help him jump and climb his way through the streets! Don’t forget to use jay’s opposable limbs to help him travel through the town and explore his new life with the other descendants!

How to play with Disney Descendants Jay Isle of the Lost Exclusive 11 Doll

Create a miniature genie lamp for Jay to grant people’s wishes, and create one for yourself too! Take Jay through the city to find some cool new outfits for his new school year, and make sure you brush his long hair to keep it tangle-free!

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Disney Cinderella Wedding Day Cinderella Doll

The most memorable and magical story has been brought to life again, and this time the fashions are as unforgettable as the ending! From one of the happiest moments in fairytale history, Disney welcomes the Cinderella Wedding Day Cinderella Doll!

Disney Wedding Day Cinderella DollCinderella is simply exquisite in her wedding gown, which is a replica of the gorgeous gown from the newly released film. Looking picture perfect, Cinderella has not one hair out of place in her sleek hairstyle. A side part keeps her hair brushed softly away from her face, with a tucked under ponytail that’s decorated with a regal diadem. The crown is a bright golden color, with floral designs and pink and blue accents. The whole kingdom can’t wait to see what dress Cinderella has chosen; and they should be excited! The top portion of Cinderella’s gown is a strapless bodice in day-dreamy white. A translucent fabric then covers the top, making up the rest of the upper portion covering her shoulders and making full-length sleeves. Intricate floral designs in pink, blue and yellow dance across the top section of the dress where the fabrics meet, creating a beautiful harmony between the two.

The birds are simply singing for Cinderella’s style! From her waist, a beautiful white gown flows down and around Cinderella, in a style that’s simply meant for a future queen. To tie the outfit together, floral designs dance along the hem of the dress, showing off pastel blues, yellows and pinks. People in the kingdom will be talking about her dress for ages! Small touches include Cinderella’s hanging earrings, decorated in bright blue bows and golden flowers, and a unique golden ring shaped like a flower! This wedding gown is sure to bring Cinderella and her prince the most happily-ever-after!

How to use Disney Wedding Day Cinderella Doll

 Create your own wedding hall, and decorate it the way you’d love! Invite Cinderella’s friend to the event, and don’t forget to create a dance floor to celebrate after! Take Cinderella shopping so she can finally wear something other than her old rags; and sign her up for singing lessons with her fairy godmother!

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Disney Frozen Anna Doll, Sven and Sleigh Giftset

After all of their exciting adventures last year, the friends of Arendelle are ready for some more fun this season! Are you ready to see magic come to life in the wintery wonderland that Anna and Elsa call home? Introducing the Disney Frozen Anna Doll, Sven and Sleigh Giftset!

Disney Frozen Anna Doll Sven and Sleigh GiftsetAnna and Sven are all geared up with a gorgeous sleigh that’s perfect for gliding along the snowy mountains of her village. Sven is in his usual best, wearing a Christmas-red blanket with purple and blue designs that Anna can sit on if she rides him! Sven also comes with removable reigns, which are a translucent material that gives an icy-cool effect! The sleigh Sven pulls is simply magical, and it’s inspired by oak pieces that make the ride sturdy and cozy! The brown trim has small swirling designs that match the reigns, with the larger portion of the sleigh showing off a pretty pink hue!

A sparkling design on the front shows off four blue hearts, with black floral details and a glittering disposition! A cozy little bench sits inside and is perfect for one or two riders to enjoy the views, and Anna can’t wait to explore the land! Anna looks ready for adventure in a shimmering blue dress, a black fitted bodice and winter boots that are perfect for the terrain! Her classic red hair is styled into two twisted pigtails, and a pink princess crown sits on top! Who knows what royal expeditions Sven and Anna will find?

How to play with Disney Frozen Anna Doll, Sven and Sleigh Giftset

 Create a wintery wonderland for Anna and Sven to explore with full forests, lavish lakes and of course her palace home! Build a cozy barn for Sven to rest his legs in, and don’t forget to grease up that sleigh so you can really fly down the mountains!

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Disney Descendants Two-Pack Mal Isle of the Lost and Maleficent Dolls

The evil characters of your beloved Disney movies are planning to take over both good and bad worlds, but they need the help of their children to complete the task! How will your story play out? Introducing the Disney Descendants Two-Pack Mal Isle of the Lost and Maleficent Dolls!

Disney Descendants Two-Pack Mal Isle of the Lost and Maleficent DollsThis dark duo was inspired by the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants, and now they’re here for you to re-create their evil adventures! Maleficent looks daring in her full-length taffeta gown, which is made in a hypnotizing deep purple hue. Details in the dress include flared sleeves, a velvety black vest and a matching waistband! Her removable collar sits menacingly around her shoulders, with a black and purple pattern that adds extra texture to her attire. Of course, Maleficent doesn’t go anywhere without her horned headdress, and now she wears it proudly with a glossy, midnight-black finish. Bewitching accessories include her black high-heeled boots, a glowing wooden staff and her own green-glowing flame that floats right out of her magical hand! She may look friendly, but good-doers beware!

Maleficent is ready to rule the evil world! Joining Maleficent is her daughter Mal, whose style mirrors that of her mother’s in deep blacks and rich purples. Her hair is highlighted in both colors, and her wicked tights are designed in black and purple patterns that are sure to make other evil witches turn green with envy! Mal’s jacket is a bright purple with pink and green details, along with golden accents in its buttons and hem. Like her mother, Mal is sporting a miniature headdress, only in a glittering purple not quite as evil as her heirs! Her finishing fashion touches include black gloves, sky-high purple boots and a lacy black layer that flows from beneath her jacket. Whether Mal is good or evil, we know that her fashion is bad to the bone! Like mother like daughter!

How to play with Disney Descendants Two-Pack Mal Isle of the Lost and Maleficent Dolls

 Help Mal learn some new magic from her mother, and build them a beautiful castle out of cardboard boxes that you can decorate! Try to create your own fun headdress so you can match the evil duo!

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Disney Cinderella Lady Tremaine Doll

A wonderfully wicked woman may not always mean well, but this evil character’s impressive sense of style seems to have the best intentions! Introducing the mad and mysterious step-mother herself, Disney’s Cinderella Lady Tremaine Doll!

Cinderella Lady Tremaine DollBased on the classic tale told anew, Lady Tremaine has a renewed style that blends well with her usual scheming and story-telling! Her regal gown is made from a shiny satin fabric, and an olive green shade that has a sheer finish. All of the royals in the kingdom have their eyes on her! Lady Tremaine’s floor-length gown is fitted to her body, and is set tightly around her ankles, only slightly showing her throne-worthy golden heels. An extra layer of the fabric is gathered around her waist and flairs out around her all the way to the ground for the perfect dancing dress. Click here for more images

Disney Lady Tremaine’s style is almost as spell-binding as the fairy godmother herself! The top portion of her dress is a strapless, fitted bodice with a sweetheart neckline that even her evil daughters can’t stop fighting over! As an added detail, another long piece of the green-with-envy material wraps around her shoulders as a shawl before wrapping across the front of her body for an exquisite style all her own. Make sure not to fall for her classic look- she’s still evil after all! Her wicked accessories include long golden non-removable gloves, gold feathered earrings and a timeless shell necklace. Of course Lady Tremaine is known for her luminous red locks, and she styles them for the ball in a short bob with large curls brushing away from her face. A golden feather decorates the devilish do’, and princess’ would be careful not to meddle too often with this fashion mogul!

How to play with Disney Cinderella Lady Tremaine Doll

 Create a ballroom dance floor for Lady Tremaine and her daughters to dance the night away in! Create a new headpiece for her using construction paper, and shop for her own pair of glass slippers! Make sure to keep her room nice and tidy; just the way she likes it!

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Disney Frozen Pillow Pals 28″ Anna, With Red Cape

Everyone knows her as the brave, daring sister in Frozen, and now you can know her as the comfiest cuddle buddy around! Get ready to snuggle up to Disney’s Frozen Pillow Pals 28” Anna with Red Cape!

Disney Frozen Pillow Pals 28 AnnaAnna is wearing her outfit from the classic movie, with fun detailing and bright colors. Her deep red cape falls over her shoulders, and is tied up with a white bow at the front of her neck. Black rosemaling along the hem add some delicate details, and travel the length of the long cape. Her beautiful fitted bodice underneath is black with golden trimming, with swirling green lines on the front! Her outfit is all the talk in the kingdom of Arendelle! Her ankle length dress is satin-fabric in a bright blue hue, with purple periwinkle designs and round-cut lining throughout the hem of dress. Her magical style glistens when she sings and dances around the kingdom! you may also like Disney Frozen Pillow Pals Elsa – 28 inch

To stay warm, Anna is wearing some traditional boots, with curled toes and magenta soles. Adding a touch of royalty to the beautiful boots are golden swirls that dance up the front of her shoes and along the feet as well. Anna sure knows how to stay stylish even when she’s more worried about being warm! Out from underneath her cape, icicle-blue satin blouse can be seen, and navy blue gloves keep her hands warm when she’s going on adventures with Olaf and Kristoff! To keep her head warm, Anna wears a traditional Norwegian bonnet with magenta coloring, and white fur trim. Her strawberry-blonde locks are styled in her favorite braided pigtails, and she is wearing her friendly, smiling expression that she always wears! For Anna, smiling is never out of style! This trendy songstress is completely soft-she’s ready to snuggle or explore- whichever you choose!

How to use Disney Frozen Pillow Pals 28″ Anna

Standing at 28”, Anna is capable of going on any of your adventures with you! Take her with you on an exploration of a snow fort, or write a song together that you can sing for her! Remember to visit Elsa, and go visit Oaken’s store for his big summer blowout in the summer!

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LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

A magical palace is awaiting treasure seekers and adventure lovers! Join Jasmine and Rajah and create a story like none before it, in the amazing Lego Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace! From the beloved story of Aladdin, Jasmine and Rajah are now based for some action-packed fun in Jasmine’s regal white palace with so many things to do!

LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine's Exotic PalaceWith 143 Lego pieces, this fun re-creation of the castle in Agrabah is easy to put together, and comes beautifully decorated in colors of white, gold and purple. Purple draped windows decorate the walls, with yellow and purple flowers adorning the garden beds beneath. A shimmering golden roof encircles the palace’s beautiful front balcony, where Jasmine can look out over the kingdom and watch over Rajah in the courtyard! Adventuring to the inside of the building, you will find an ornately designed cushion for visitors to relax on, and a glittering drink served on a table! Of course Jasmine would much prefer to be outside, so let her take a ride on her magic carpet, with two special spots made just for her and her adorable pet tiger! Click here for more images

A magical pearl fountain can be found in the royal courtyard with glittering water sprouting out of the top, as well as a mystical stand that holds the legendary golden lamp that help genie! Take the two friends for a walk to the market, where you can sell Jasmine all kinds of goods from the included market stand. And don’t forget the mysterious barrel that holds snake-whoever plays the flute can lure it right out into the streets of Agrabah! Also included are a palm tree and drumstick, so treat your pet tiger to a delicious snack and relaxing day in the shade! There are so many things to do at the palace, join Jasmine and Rajah for a wish-filled day of fun!

How to play LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

 Invite some of Jasmine’s friends from the kingdom to have a day in the courtyard, and invite some of their pets for Rajah to play with! Save up some money for Jasmine to use at the market, and take them on a magic carpet ride to visit the Genie!

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LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Set #41062

Things are getting a little more frozen and a whole lot more fun with the LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle SetElsa’s blue and white palace comes in 292 pieces for you to piece together to create her ultimate icicle castle!

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle Set #41062Included in the set are Elsa, Anna and Olaf, and they are ready for a day on the mountain or an adventure in the Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle (#41062)! The fortress has three different floors, each with its own special toys and things to do! A large doorway opens into the front of the castle, with large ice-blue towers on each side, and shimmering silver snowflakes make for some chilly decorations! The second floor opens up to a beautiful balcony for Elsa to sing on with more icicle décor, purple jewel accents and a purple fence! She can see Arendelle from way up there! Atop the third floor is a frosted window, with a giant blue snowflake adorning the very top of the castle. Click here for more images 

Everyone who passes knows it’s Elsa that created it! Head inside to find a delightful ice cream making machine, comfy cushioned seats and a pair of skis! Use the secret opening staircase to get to the second floor, which has a beautiful bed to lay on while Anna looks out over the balcony, and a stand for her golden crown! And just because the inside is so fun, the outside is just as wintery cool! An icicle-dripping tree grows beside the castle, where Olaf and Anna can have a picnic, and a slippery slope comes with a pair of ice-skates and a hidden compartment. Don’t forget Anna’s specially designed sled, a magical book and personal letter! With so many things to do, you’ll never want to stop playing with these magical friends!

How to play with LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Set

Follow the storyline from the Beloved movie, or make up your own Frozen story! Use the skis and skates for Anna and Elsa to play all day, and don’t forget to give Anna some hot chocolate to heat up later! Build a snowman in your own yard so Olaf will have a snow-friend too!

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Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5″ Hiro Action Figures

Are you ready to save the world? Well this daring duo is ready to do it with you! Introducing from the all new animated film Big Hero 6, the 11” Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro action figures!

Big Hero 6 the 11 Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5 Hiro action figuresBaymax and Hiro are a matching duo, showing off their stellar armor in colors of purple, red and black!  Baymax is an astounding 11’ tall, with an 18’ wingspan for some serious flying! Press the button on his back to open up his wings and see him fly! Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax is wearing his full-body armor suit, including his helmet with antenna communication. His textured chest piece takes up most of his upper portion in shiny red, with his middle section protected by purple armor. Press his purple armor to see Baymax’s mask light up, and to hear realistic robotic sounds! Click Here for More Images 

There are multiple sounds to make your crime fighting even more awesome! Large shoulder padded armor is red with purple decor, and super cool silver detailing at the elbows shows off his awesome technological details! Baymax’s lower arms are protected by more red armor with purple décor, and his hands are shaped into fists for awesome strength! Not only does he look fierce, but Baymax can really pack a punch! Release his left arm and see his rocket launching fist do some awesome crime fighting of its own! With articulation over most of his body, Baymax is an amazing addition to any team, and incredibly movable and flyable too! With the help of his trusty teammate Hiro, these two are a duo no bad guy wants to mess with! Click Here for more Images

Hiro stands at 4.5” tall, and is dressed to save the world! Wearing his purple helmet with communication antenna, you can see Hiro’s face and his messy black hair in his front visor. His purple chest piece and shoulder pieces are adorned with red magnet pads which help him connect to Baymax for easy flight! His pants are black with purple knee pads, and his fancy steel-toe sneakers are a dark grey. And check out his gloves! Hiro is wearing dark grey gloves, which connect him to Baymax’s back for transportation. When the two are connected, you can initiate more sounds from Baymax including ascending and descending sounds depending on how they are flying! Baymax and Hiro are an awesome team who can fight crime separately, or together. Bad guys watch out!

How to use Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax

This duo love hanging out, so build them a place to call home where they can play games and practice their skills! Ride Hiro on Baymax’s back when they need to fly to the action quickly, and make sure they stay close together while fighting; two is always better than one!

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Big Hero 6 Fred Action Figure

Not every monster has to be a bad guy! This little monster is ready to fight crime, and he’s got a fire-breathing way of doing it! Introducing the Big Hero 6 Fred Action Figure!

Big Hero 6 Fred Action FigureFred or “Fredzilla” is an incredibly colorful creation, with hues of blue and orange decorating his entire body! Based on a Japanese monster, he has two giant yellow eyes with black slits for his retinas. The eyes sit lower on his body, and make room for his creepy third eye which sits above and allow Fred to see out of his suit. If bad guys aren’t afraid of his flame-throwing mouth, his three eyes will definitely scare them away!

Big Hero 6 Fred Action Figure’s top eyeball is encircled by a giant lick of flame, in bright colors of orange and yellow, and two dark blue horns finish of the frightening look. Around his other two eyeballs, Fred has dark blue around the sides, and orange down the middle with well-detailed eyebrows for a fierce, crime fighting expression! His mid portion is also dark blue with orange down the middle, and sitting in the center is a terrifying mouth! Fred’s mouth is wide open with bright blue lips, scary yellow pointed teeth, and a closed dome that he lets fire out of! You may also like to check

Funko POP! Disney: Big Hero 6-Fred Action Figure

Big Hero 6 6″ Fred Action Figure

Keeping him standing on his own, Big Hero 6 Fred has thick short legs that start as dark blue and work into a light blue color. Awesome texturing adds bumps and scaly details to his monster skin, and pointed black toenails finish off the wild look! Super heroes have never looked so menacing! In his arms you can see a similar style to Fred’s legs, with dark blue to light blue coloring, bumpy texturing and black claws. Bright orange fires licks the tops of his arms making him too hot for villains to handle, and scary blue spikes along his back make this super cool hero an extremely unique addition to the Big Hero team!

One last feature that makes Fred a crime fighter to remember is his awesome blue tail that also shows off spiky detailing, and is movable and removable for extra uses! Fred is extremely articulated and easily moves around on his own for awesome crime fighting. With all of his bright colors, fun details and crazy expression, Fred is an awesomely unique monster. The Big Hero team is happy to have such a crazy creation on their side!

How to play with Big Hero 6 Fred Action Figure

Fredzilla loves to jump super high and breathe fire! Build your own city for Fred and his teammates to protect, with high buildings for him to jump onto! Make sure you build a fire hydrant in case his fire breathing-mouth gets out of hand!

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