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Star Wars Hero Mashers Sith Speeder and Darth Maul

The fate of the galaxy is in your hands, as you speed past planets and dodge enemies with one of most well-known villains ever to cross the Jedi! What will be the fate of the dark force this time? Introducing the Star Wars Hero Mashers Sith Speeder and Darth Maul!

Star Wars Hero Mashers Sith Speeder and Darth MaulDarth Maul has an evil agenda to carry-out, and he’s ready to ride his ship to victory if the force is with him! Darth Maul is riding his own sith speeder, which is a light beige color that’s perfect for blending into desert scenery! The ship has a large, silver ammo arm attached to the back, which is able to send ammo over his shoulder for the perfect hit! This ammo arm uses red lasers to sidetrack opponents; simply push to fire button and you can send lasers out into the universe! Of course Darth Maul is always waiting with his double-ended red light saber, and Jedi who get passed his lasers will have to be ready for this ultimate weapon! Darth Maul’s speeder can stand on its own, and allows Darth Maul’s feet to sit on a foot rest at the front while he guides himself through the solar system. Padded seating can also be seen in his chair, and it gives some out-of-this-world texture to the ship. He may have disappeared out into the galaxy for a while, but Darth Maul is back and he’s wearing his iconic red and black-patterned mask with white horns! Even the young Jedi know who he is from the legends they’ve heard! His entire outfit is a black hue, with long sleeves, a thick belt and combat boots. Darth Maul is ready to win this final battle between good and evil!

How to play with Star Wars Hero Mashers Sith Speeder and Darth Maul

This Masher is capable of changing parts of his body with other Star Wash mashers, so feel free to change parts with Yoda, Luke Skywalk and all of the other Star Wars characters! Make sure his tank is full before he goes in for battle, and help him to meditate with the dark forces before he takes off!

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Star Wars VII 18” First Order Stormtrooper

These classic fighters have always been a big part of the Empire, and they never seem to give up or stop fighting for the evil side! How many storm troopers do you think it will take this time to slow down the power of the Jedi? Introducing the Star Wars VII 18” First Order Stormtrooper,the perfect companion for evil doer’s all over the galaxy!

Star Wars StormtrooperThis Stormtrooper is designed with the classic look from the original movies, and now stands at 18” for larger than life play! The sleek armor of the Stormtrooper covers its entire body, with a high level of protection that helps them to do their master’s biddings. The traditional helmet has black coloring around the eyes and a specifically-designed mouthpiece so that breathing can be done easily! Shoulder pads, chest pads and knee pads in the outfit are all well designed and allow for various points of articulation in the Stormtrooper! Two utility belts sit around the waist of the fighter, and the black leather gloves are designed to grab things easily or maneuver a weapon! This cool character also comes with its own blaster, which is easily accessible and can be held freely. You may Also like 31″ Stormtrooper.

The blaster has exceptional detail that makes for awesome game play, with black and white coloring and effective use against any and all good guys trying to save the Empire! But whose side are you on? This Stormtrooper has been awaiting the rise of evil, and now they’re ready to make sure it succeeds!

How to play with Star Wars VII 18” First Order Stormtrooper

 Create your own miniature empire at home that your Stormtrooper can protect, and help it with its defensive skills to avoid any attacks! Make sure to keep the armor clean- no Stormtrooper works in dirty armor!

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Star Wars VII – 20″ Captain Phasma

There has been a shift in the galaxy’s power centuries after the Lord Sith Darth Vader saw his untimely fall. There are many fighters on the good side, but do not underestimate the evil that is growing! Have you heard of the metallic warrior that is making her way to the galaxy? Introducing the Star Wars VII 20” Captain Phasma!

Star Wars VII 20 Captain Phasma Captain Phasma is one of the influential female characters in this new Star Wars story, and while she doesn’t generally show her face, everyone teaming up against the Jedi knows who she is! Captain Phasma is a Captain in the First Order, and her attire resembles that of a Stormtrooper with a few more changes that make her stand out. Her metallic armor is well known in the galaxy, and her long flowing cape suggests her higher ranking in power. The various pieces of her armor allow her to possess 5-7 points of articulation for realistic moves, and come equipped with shoulder pads, chest pads and a detailed utility belt. A black floor-length cape hangs around her neck, with red stitching at the hem and a metallic interior that matches her armor.

Captain Phasma is ready for a battle, and she comes equipped with a removable riffle that she hopes will match the power of the light sabers. To protect her identity, the Captain’s helmet completely covers her face with some black coloring and mesh detailing to help her breath. This new character is ready to create her own epic story in the new empire!

How to play with Star Wars VII – 20″ Captain Phasma

Help Captain Phasma work on her fighting skills, which will ultimately be up against the Jedi and their light sabers! Build her an aircraft to help her get around the galaxy and make sure you give her backup in case of an ambush!

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Star Wars VII 18” Kylo Ren

With the dark force still living within the galaxy, more and more supporters are coming out to avenge the fallen Darth Vader and take down the last Jedi! Which side will you play for? Get ready for the battle of a lifetime with the Star Wars VII 18” Kylo Ren Figure!

Star Wars Kylo RenKyle Ren stands at 18”, and is the perfect villain to help the dark side build their empire again! His dark and mysterious style is reminiscent of his idol the Sith Lord, and he is ready to avenge with a power no one knows! Kylo is wearing an entirely black outfit, including a floor-length cover, a leather jacket and hooded scarf. Other accessories include fitted black gloves, a black belt and a mask that hides his entire face from view. Small silver detailing can be seen on the mask, which is the only hint of a different color to be seen on this evil doer’s attire. Do you think the Jedi will be able to overpower this man of the night?

Kylo Ren also has lots of great detailing in his fabrics, creating various textured looks on his chest, arms and scarf. Kylo comes with his self-created weapon, a handmade light saber that has a more rugged look than that of the original light sabers. The main saber is a long light of red, with a cross section at the handle where two more beams shoot out horizontally. Whether he is successful or not, this evil villain is prepared to make a stand for the dark side!

How to play with Star Wars VII 18” Kylo Ren

 Help Kylo Ren to train for his biggest battle yet, helping him to maneuver his light saber and protect himself from the clever Jedi! If you are on the good side, help the Jedi in a battle against Kylo, and send him to a galaxy far, far away!

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Star Wars Hero Mashers Episode VII TIE Fighter and TIE Fighter Pilot!

Out in a galaxy far, far away there is still a war that lives on between good and evil; which side will you choose today? The future of the galaxy is now in your hands with the Star Wars Hero Mashers Episode VII TIE Fighter and TIE Fighter Pilot!

Star Wars Hero MashersSomeone has called for backup, and this pilot is ready to bring in some extra ammunition and impressive transportation! This amazing aircraft was designed after the TIE Starfighter, an aircraft that was created for the Galactic Empire. Its simple design makes it easily one of the most lightweight aircrafts in the galaxy, and its maneuverability and quick direction changes are perfect for avoiding enemies or making tight escapes. The Star Wars Hero Mashers TIE Fighter is equipped with two large radiator panels that are hexagonal in shape; watch out during an invasion, these are known to hit from the front, but are a huge target from the sides!

Between the panels is a sphere-shaped cockpit, important for protection of the pilot and its mechanical necessities. The aircraft is almost entirely black to make discreet travels through the galaxy, with a loading pad connected to the base of the sphere to projectile launch ammunition of all kinds. The TIE Pilot is equipped in a full black suit with impressive detailing, with removable limbs that can be combined with other Masher characters such as Yoda and Luke Skywalker. Prepare to venture into dangerous fields with this awesomely terrestrial transportation!

How to play with Hero Mashers Episode VII TIE Fighter and TIE Fighter Pilot Create a giant galaxy backdrop out of cardboard for your TIE Fighter to fly through, and make sure that the pilot stops for gas along the way! Collect all of the Hero Mashers to create new characters and watch out for Darth Vader; he’s looking for you!

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Star Wars Boba Fett 18” Figure

Heroes of the galaxy, beware! Well-known bounty hunters are on their way for another battle, and this time they are ready for revenge! Introducing the Star Wars Boba Fett 18” Figure, dressed in his traditional attire and ready to avenge himself!

Star Wars Boba Fett 18" Action FigureClassic colors in Star Wars Boba Fett’s outfit include army greens, whites, browns and yellows. His memorable helmet is generally army green, with faint orange paintings on the sides and splashes of white. His black visor is T-shaped, with a brown outline and white splatters as well. Boba’s top begins with a white turtleneck, and an army green round collar. His Long sleeve white shirt has rippling textures for a more realistic look, with yellow shoulder pads decorated with an iconic symbol.

Star Wars Boba Fett is wearing an army green chest plate, also adorned with white splatters recognizable symbols. Of course, the great bounty hunter goes nowhere without his armor and weaponry! Boba’s wrists are decorated with holsters that hold small weapons resembling miniature torpedoes in black, silver and gold detailing. The wrist holders themselves have some detailing across the tops with screws, bolts and splattered paint as well! A dark brown utility belt sits on his waist, with compartments for smaller tools and ammo whenever necessary.  The galaxy is in for quite a battle with this trained hunter! A light brown belt sits beneath his utility belt, and leads down into his white pants, which also possess a material texturing, and his thighs and shins are decorated with cargo pant pockets which are filled with more silver weaponry.Check Out for more images 

For such a serious character,  Boba Fett sure knows how to put his stylish clothing to good use! Yellow kneepads are decorated with silver bolts and white splattered paint, and Boba’s shoes are white with grey detailing, and bolts along the toes! Boba’s most interesting accessory is what he carries on his back- a navy green pack containing missile shaped weaponry for more aggressive attacks on his enemies! His flowing green cape finishes off the entire look, and is made of a softer fabric than the rest of his outfit, which is soft and movable to the touch. Moving joints include Boba’s knees, arms and head allowing for more game play and realistic movements for the bounty hunter. A respected enemy, Boba Fett leaves a mysterious aura wherever he goes, and should be approached with caution! You may also like

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How to play Star Wars Boba Fett 18” Figure

Bring other characters into your scene, and decide whether or not Boba Fett will be able to avenge himself! Build a space ship for Boba Fett to travel in, and remember to help him practice his moves and aim with those missiles!

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Star Wars 20″ Chewbacca Action Figure

Star Wars’ most lovable character is now 20” tall and ready to be a part of all of your adventures in the galaxy! Introducing the Star Wars 20” Chewbacca Action Figure! Chewbacca or “Chewie” is a two hundred year old Wookie, who is the brave companion and co-pilot to Hans Solo.

Star Wars 20 Chewbacca Action FigureThe  Star Wars 20″ Chewbacca Action Figure is an amazing replica of the furry friend of Hans, whose long limbs and exceptionally tall figure make him a great sidekick to any adventure you take him on! The doll itself has different shades of brown throughout his body. He wears no clothes, but is covered in full texturing details to show the extent of his hairy exterior. The hues are a dark brown, and a medium shade of brown, and they switch back and forth as they travel down his body. His hair only seems styled at the top of his head, where it is slicked back to show off his eyes. His facial features include piercing blue eyes, a brown nose and a neutral expression.  His kind demeanor makes it easy to understand why Hans Solo wanted to save his life! You may also like

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Across his chest is Chewbacca’s trademark bandolier which is light brown in color, and resembles that of a leather material. Along the strap are large and small silver cases, which generally hold tolls and ammo for the large creature to use when necessary. The large bag attaches to the strap with a small loop, and this is the only accessory or piece of clothing the furry fighter wears. He may be a simple dresser, but Chewbacca knows how to make his possessions count! Chewie’s mobility is quite diverse, with mobility in his shoulders, neck, waist and legs. The only part of his body that shows smooth texturing is his feet, which stick out slightly underneath all of his hair. Click here for more images

Star Wars Chewbacca 20″action figure is a great sidekick to any hero fighting for the galaxy, and his intelligence for flying aircrafts definitely helps in any quick getaway! The lovable character is now available for your own adventures, and he’s growling to start protecting the good guys and the galaxy!

How to play with Star Wars Chewbacca Action figure 

Build an aircraft for Chewie to fly in, and find him a great sidekick to help him fight crime all across the galaxy! Make your own animals noises to help Chewie communicate, and don’t forget that his bag is removable in case he needs anything quickly!

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