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American Girl Beforever Rebecca Doll

Join this classic American Girl on a historic adventure back to 1914! Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of the American Girl Beforever Rebecca Doll and Paperback Book!

Beforever Rebecca DollRebecca Rubin is a beautiful young girl raised within a Jewish family, living in New York. Her love for the spotlight makes her a very entertaining friend to have, and she also has a gorgeous sense of style! Beforever Rebecca Doll has beautiful chocolate-brown hair that is styled in a side part, and curled into big ringlets down her back. Her hazel eyes glow with youth and excitement, and they open and close depending on the way you move her head for a more realistic look! Her classic outfit has deep plum and purple colors throughout, that blend nicely with her fair skin and darker features. Click Here for More Images

Beforever Rebecca Doll is wearing a sleeveless white tank underneath her jacket, and a long, pleated skirt sits just above the knee. Overtop of her tank, Rebecca is sporting a boucle jacket in purple, with three quarter length sleeves and white cuffs for added detail. Her collar is a crisp white color as well, designed in a peter pan style! The opening of her jacket angles off to Rebecca’s left for a creative change of style, with shiny pearl buttons to close it and a thick, velvet sash around her waist. Underneath her outfits, Rebecca is wearing a pair of white bloomers, as well as black pantyhose that cover her feet. And with all of the adventures she loves to have, Rebecca is wearing some sturdy Mary Jane shoes! Made of a velvet-styled fabric in deep plum, Rebecca’s outfit ties together very well, and gives her the mature look she is always seeking!

To dress up her hair, Rebecca also comes with a beautiful golden clip which you can use to style her hair however you’d like, depending on the day! When Rebecca would like to have some quiet time, feel free to read her new novel-length book together! The story is called “The Sound of Applause”, and Rebecca would love to hear you read it to her!

How to play American Girl Beforever Rebecca Doll 

 When you aren’t reading her Book, take Rebecca on an adventure outside, or help her to practice her acting skills! You can set up a stage and put your own plays on and show your friends!

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American Girl – Beforever Josefina Doll & Paperback Book

Every American Girl is special, including the beautiful New Mexico native, Josefina! American Girl welcomes Beforever Josefina Doll & Paperback Book, an exquisite doll with her very own facial features and beautiful attire of bold colors.

American Girl - Beforever Josefina Doll & Paperback BookAmerican Girl – Beforever Josefina also comes with her first ever novel-length volume of her classic series, entitled “Sunlight and Shadows”! Josephina is wearing traditional Spanish attire that is authentic to her storyline based in the 1800’s. A plain white blouse is dressed up with a patterned hem and fun ruching throughout. A blue, knitted sash wraps around her waist, and ties the top into her flowing dress beneath.

All of the American Girls love Josefina’s look! Her favorite part of her outfit is her long, flowing red skirt that is covered in bold patterns and colors that are a bright as she is! Blue polka dots dance all around the dress, with the bottom bordered by blue, red and yellow patterns! The skirt also has a patterned hem to tie her vibrant outfit together, and a beautiful collection of yellow flowers pops as a bright decoration in her hair!

Even with such a beautiful outfit, Josefina is still sporting some fabulous shoes! Her camel-colored moccasins flaunt a faux leather look, with soft soles for going on adventures with you! She has beautiful dark brown hair, which is pulled to one side into a thick braid. Her deep brown eyes match her stunning hair, and they can open and close when you move her around!

One last touch comes from something every girl loves: Accessories! Josefina is wearing simple yet sophisticated golden hoops, which add a metallic palette to her bright colors. This American Girl is definitely ready to dance!

How to play with American Girl – Beforever Josefina Doll & Paperback Book

American Girl Beforever Josefina’s gorgeous dress is making people want to dance! Take her for some dancing lessons, or create your own flowing dress so the two of you can match! Make sure to take care of her beautiful, long hair, and don’t forget to read to her!

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American Girl Beforever Samantha Doll & Paperback Book

.Getting into mischief is only fun when you’re with a friend! Introducing American Girl’s Beforever Samantha Doll & Paperback Book! This classic, beautiful doll comes with her first novel-length volume called ‘Manners and Mischief”, and she’s ready to read it with you!

American Girl Beforever SaBeforever Samantha Doll mantha is dressed very eloquently in a pale-pink dress, with short puffed sleeves, and a scoop-neck collar. Delicate, white lace decorates her collar, and adds gorgeous details to the hem of her skirt and sleeves. All of the lace is designed with small patterns throughout, and a wavy hem. A translucent fabric covers the whole of the dress, with white polka dots throughout for an added layer of texture and design.

For such a young girl, she sure knows a thing or two about clothing! A regal, maroon sash sits around her waist, and the color matches the adorable ribbon which she wears in her hair. Samantha is also wearing white bloomers, and white tights, which she find hard to keep clean when she’s getting into all of that mischief! It’s a good thing she has such stylish shoes to run around in! Samantha’s Mary Jane shoes have a black-leather look, and add a little bit of a sophisticated touch to her attire. Click here for more images 

Her long, brown hair is decorated in gentle curls, with a half-up, half-down style that’s incredibly sweet. Other details on Samantha include her deep-brown eyes, which can open and close as you move her, and her touchable body makes her a comforting friend on any day! All of Samantha’s limbs are moveable, as well as her head which moves from side to side. Just like a real friend, Samantha is ready to explore with you, and have some fun in her fancy outfit. Don’t forget to bring her book, and see what mischief you can find together!

How to play with American Girl Beforever Samantha Doll

 With her soft textures and moveable limbs, Samantha can join you just about anywhere you go! Change her hairstyle when she gets bored of it, and take her to the park where you can read her book to her!

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