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Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Mermaid Doll

Introducing the 2014 Release of Princess Mermaid Doll, Romy! Romy is a new friend of Barbie’s from the whimsical DVD Barbie and the Secret Door! Showing off her sensational sea fins, this princess is definitely as unique as an ocean pearl!

Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Mermaid DollPink and purple hues decorate this sea creature’s bubbling beauty throughout. You won’t be able to miss her with her long, strawberry blonde hair and pink highlights that she got from the sea spa! Her top is a purple molded bodice, which is strapless, and has a sweetheart neckline. It shows off a seashell and jewel texture, with a hint of ocean blue coloring!

Princess Mermaid’s waistline is decorated with a translucent pink peplum, and her fantastic fin changes in ombre from purple to pink at the bottom! Of course her prized possession is her tail, and it too is decorated in textured diamonds, bubbles and scales.

And although she’s been away at sea, Princess Mermaid’s fashion is just as fierce as a sea monster! Her accessories include a pink, four-tiered jewel necklace, and a translucent pink headpiece in the shape of a seashell and starfish! Princess Mermaid is breaking waves with her freshwater fashion sense, and all the creatures in Zinnia are totally enchanted by it!

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How to play: Collect Romy’s friends Barbie and Nori, and create your own secret world for them to have more adventures! Remember to brush Romi’s beautiful hair, and take her for a swim in the tub whenever she feels like it!

Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Fairy Doll

From the DVD Barbie and the Secret Door, comes one of Barbie’s newest friends, Nori the Princess Fairy! In this 2014 Release, Nori is a beautiful brunette with a long side ponytail and dazzling orange highlights!

Barbie and the Secret Door Princess fairyAnd not only is Nori fantastic at flying, her fashion sense goes sky high too! Translucent yellow and orange molded butterflies are an absolute vision, trickling down the halter neckline of her sparkling, coral colored bodice.

Her long satin dress also shows off a magical coral hue, with a pattern of orange and yellow butterflies throughout. Some extra detailing in her dazzling dress shows off a shorter length in the front, and a longer length in the back, which has all of the fairies asking where she got it! And don’t forget the shoes! Nori’s beautiful orange high heels are designed with wings and butterflies, and have strappy beads draping up her legs.

A delicate orange butterfly hairpiece sits atop her head, tying the outfit’s butterfly theme together! Of course, no fairy is ready to fly without her favorite pair of wings, and this Princess Fairy possesses a set of beautiful wings in a translucent orange! All of Zinnia comes to see Nori and her wonderful winged style!

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How to play: Collect Nori’s friends Barbie and Romy and see what kind of world you can create through your own secret door! Make your own pair of wings to match Nori’s, or spend a day at the sea spa with Romy!