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Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle Doll

The beautiful Belle found the adventure she was looking for in her classic fairytale, and now she’s looking for ways to adventure into fashion too! Her magical new look is the talk of the kingdom, and the beast is certainly pleased! Introducing the Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle Doll!

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle DollDisney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle is an absolute vision, with her long, dark brown hair styled in a half-up, half-down hairdo. Her natural green eyes and pink lipstick look great together, and her simple golden earrings are the perfect touch to her golden gown. Belle can’t wait for you to check out her new look! Her top is a fitted bodice in a white fabric, with golden roses dancing all over. A golden, tulle fabric wraps around her shoulders with a pink rose sitting innocently in the middle to keep it together. But that’s not even the best part! The bottom portion of Belle’s gown is made up of two layers, with a short tulle layer on top and a floor-length, silky gown touching the bottom.

While her classic gown was all gold, Belle is now sporting an ombre-colored gown that begins as a golden yellow and works down into a soft brown. The gown is perfect for her walks out in the forest! To add an extra magical touch, the gown is decorated in dark and light pink roses, and silver shimmering pieces make it stand out in the sun! All of Belle’s animal friends always know where to find her when she’s swearing this enchanting attire! Completing the look are Belle’s golden gloves and heels; now she can dance the night away with the beast!

How to play with Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle Doll

Host a ball at Belle and the Beast’s castle for all of their subjects. She can show off her dancing moves and her dress at the same time! Make sure to clean up the castle before everyone comes over, and don’t forget to invite her father!

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Disney Descendants Villain Genie Chic Mal Doll

It’s hard being the child of a world-renowned evil villain, but these prodigies aren’t about to give up their dreams just to fill the shoes of their families! Which side will you choose; good or evil? Introducing the Disney Descendants Villain Genie Chic Mal Doll!

Disney Descendants Villain Genie Chic Mal DollMal is daughter of Maleficent, and she knows exactly what her mother expects of her. But where will your adventures take her? One thing is for sure, Mal’s style is entirely her own! Dressed in genie-inspired attire, Mal is sporting colors of purple, gold and teal that go perfectly with her purple hair! Her super-high ponytail is decorated with a teal headband and a golden headpiece that droops along her forehead. Her deep purple top has a golden zipper down the front, with a bright purple hoodie and winged shoulder pieces! Her fashion is absolutely fire-breathing! Mal is also sporting dark purple tights, and a translucent, purple skirt that has golden specks all over! This genie is definitely ready to making all of her wishes come true! To keep her mother on her toes, Mal is wearing purple high heels with enchanting golden hems that flair out around her ankle. She’s turning heads wherever she goes! Of course Mal knows just how to tie her outfit together, wearing lots of golden jewelry with teal and purple accents! Her drooping earrings are the perfect pairing with her headpiece and her belt and arm bands are the perfect addition to her purple pieces! It looks like Mal came from the most fashionable lamp in the land!

How to play with Disney Descendants Villain Genie Chic Mal Doll

 Throw an Arabian-themed ball for all of Mal’s friends so that she will fit in perfectly with her attire! Make sure to shine her jewelry so it really glistens and design her bedroom with a golden-lamp theme or golden-dragon theme so she feels right at home!

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Disney Descendants Auradon Genie Chic Audrey Doll

The daughter of Sleeping Beauty is ready to start her own chapter in the magical kingdom, and she’s doing it with some awesome fashion sense! Dressed in a genie-inspired outfit, Disney Descendants introduce the Auradon Genie Chic Audrey Doll!

Disney Descendants Auradon Genie Chic Audrey DollAudrey looks simply angelic in her light brown locks, which are styled in a long ponytail with two blue elastics to add a cool look! She is also sporting a bright blue headband with pink roses that go perfectly with the rest of her outfit! If we had three wishes, we would wish for her fashion sense! Audrey’s top is white and fitted with pink lines all over it, and a pair of high-waist blue shorts fit perfectly around the waist! To add a flowing effect, Audrey has chosen a translucent, pink overcoat that has short sleeves and flows down to her knees! The coat has a beautiful blue hemline with pink and white details, and the design ties in perfectly with her patterned shorts.

Disney Descendants Genie Chic Audrey may not be a real genie, but she certainly knows how to make one look fantastic! Naturally this gorgeous girl also has on a pair of genie shoes, which have a cute curl at the end of the toes! The pale blue heels are the perfect accessory and Audrey loves the pink designs on the sides! All of the other students at Auradon Prep are green with envy, but they can’t help but love the look! Finishing touches include all of Audrey’s golden accessories including wrist bangles, a roped belt and a stunning jeweled necklace!

How to play with Disney Descendants Auradon Genie Chic Audrey Doll

Audrey looks great in her pink rose designs, so make sure to get her some fresh roses for her room too! Brush her hair daily so it always looks silky and keep an eye out for a real genie so she can wish for more awesome outfits!

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