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Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa & Olaf

Elsa and Olaf have been best friends ever since she created him when she was a little girl! Now the pair go everywhere together, and they want you to join them for their next adventure! Where will today take you?! Introducing the Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa & Olaf!

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa & OlafThese little dolls are sparkling and smiling, and both are ready for some wintery fun. Olaf has his classic look, with dark black buttons, a goofy grin and brown sticks for hair! He is a shimmering white color covered in sparkles, and he shines whenever he walks in the sun! Elsa looks just as magical, sporting her icicle-blue dress and cape that look perfect in the snowy mountains! Her top also has snowflake designs, and larger snowflakes that you can use to style the bottom portion of her dress! Elsa can’t wait to see how you style her! Her long, blonde hair is braided to the side, and she even comes with a headband of sticks so that she can match Olaf! Now you can really tell these two are the best of friends! Time to stay cool and have some fun! Dolls are 2.5 to 3 inches tall and can sit and stand

How to play with Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa & Olaf

Let Elsa and Olaf explore the wintery world around them, but make sure Olaf doesn’t melt! Have Elsa use her magic to give him a new snow cloud, and don’t forget to invite Anna to join and sing some songs!

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Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Anna & Sven!

When these two friends met, they had a connection right away! Who said you can’t be best friends with a furry, antlered reindeer? Disney is happy to introduce the Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Anna & Sven!

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Anna & SvenThese two friends, Little Kingdom Anna & Sven, love exploring together, and Anna always does it in colorful style! This singing sweetie is wearing a long gown in colors of blue, black and purple, with golden accents to finish! Her purple cape hangs on the back of her shoulders, and her black top is a t-shirt style with designs on the front! Her long gown is a bright blue color that Sven loves, and you can add her golden accessories to the dress for an added sparkle! She’s also sporting her long, braided pigtails and her red hair always stands out in the snow! Sven looks dapper with his dark brown fur and white antlers, and he’s chomping on a carrot like always! Anna has also brought a headband to match Sven’s antlers, and the two look totally cute together! Who knows what adventures they’ll get up to today!? Anna is around 3 inches tall and can sit and stand.

How to play with Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Anna & Sven

 Pack some snacks for Anna and Sven with lots of carrots and pastries so they can have a picnic in the mountains! Go visit the troll family while you’re exploring and try to create a new song that you can sing with Sven! He loves singing!

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Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Anna & Bicycle

When the snow melts, its time to get out all of the fun activities that we couldn’t do in the winter! Once the snow has melted from Arandelle, Anna is ready with her bright bicycle to explore the castle grounds and race Sven! Disney introduces the Frozen Little Kingdom Anna & Bicycle!

 Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Anna & BicycleAnna looks fresh and bright in her summery style, with a dress that’s melting everyone’s heart! The gown is decorated in colors of blue and gold, with floral patterns along the hem and a sweetheart neckline at the top! Her golden top has blue straps over her shoulders, and there are even spots for you to decorate her dress with golden birds! Love accessories? Check out Anna’s! Her golden crown is a royal accessory that only a princess could wear, and the crown glistens in the summer sun! Anna comes with a bright blue bike designed just for her! A spot for her basket sits in the back, and a spot for an ice cream cone is built into the handles so she can enjoy a treat on her ride! The handles are a deep purple like her included treasure box, and one golden wheel on the front lets everyone know that it’s Anna who is coming down the lane!

How to play with Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Anna & Bicycle

Make sure to take care of Anna’s bicycle and grease it often to stay smooth! Make sure she wears her royal helmet, and invite Sven to race her around the castle!

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Disney Frozen Coronation Day Elsa Doll

A big day is ahead of Elsa, and she knows that she needs to get a lot of sleep so she’s well-rested for all of her responsibilities! Are you ready for her big reveal? Introducing the Disney Frozen Coronation Day Elsa Doll!

Disney Frozen Coronation DayDisney Frozen Coronation Day Elsa looks comfy and cozy in her included nightgown, which is a bright teal color with dark teal accents! A light purple bow sits across the waist of the nightgown, and the color matches perfectly with her slippers and sleeping mask! When it’s finally time to prepare, Elsa wears her traditional outfit in a satin teal fabric with black sleeves! The kingdom is so excited to call her their queen! The high-collar on the dress wraps around Elsa’s neck for a royal detail, and the fitted bodice has a golden hemline along the top and the waist. To add an extra pop of color, Elsa’s dress has floral designs in a deep purple hue on the front and along the hem of her dress! And on this big day, Elsa will finally get the best accessory of them all- her crown!

Elsa’s long, snow-white hair is swept gracefully to the side and is pulled up into a bun. Her short bangs sweep to the side and uncover a large golden crown sitting atop her head! Now that she’s not in her nightgown anymore, Elsa knows she isn’t dreaming! All hail the fierce and fashionable Queen Elsa!

How to play with Disney Frozen Coronation Day Elsa Doll

 Create a cozy bed for Elsa to rest in before her big day, and don’t forget a bedside table where she can leave her slippers and mask! Help her practice her lines before she goes to her coronation, and make sure to throw a magical ball where she and Olaf can dance the night away!

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Disney Frozen Coronation Day Anna Doll

It’s Elsa’s big Coronation Day, but that doesn’t mean that her little sister doesn’t get to look royally well-dressed as well! Anna looks just as impressive in her beautiful gown, but this sleeping sister starts off her day in a pair of pajamas! Introducing the Disney Frozen Coronation Day Anna Doll!

Disney Frozen Coronation Day Anna DollDisney Frozen Coronation Day Anna’s bedtime look is a cotton nightgown, with silky white sleeves and a crème colored gown. At the waist you’ll see a light pink bow and across the chest are light green stripes with pink and yellow flowers! She as just as pretty at nighttime as she is for her royal balls! Light pink slippers keep her feet warm when she’s exploring at night, and a pink face mask is the perfect item for her to get the beauty sleep she doesn’t even need! When it’s time to get ready for the big day, Anna shows off fitted bodice and gown that drape dramatically around her. The bodice is a black hue with a golden hem, and a dark green floral picture designs the front. Two straps of a translucent, green fabric wrap around her shoulders, and a beautiful golden necklace is the perfect centerpiece to her attire.

This princess sure knows how to dress up! Anna’s long gown is olive green in color, with vertical green stipes and pink flowers decorating the entire piece. Of course everyone in the kingdom can spot Anna from her bright red hair and long, white highlighted piece! Her hair is styled in a fancy up-do and braid across the top, and her straight across bangs and large bun are the perfect style for this special day. Anna can’t wait for Coronation Day!

How to play with Disney Frozen Coronation Day Anna Doll

 Help the servants of the castle prepare for the big day, and make sure to write a card for Elsa to congratulate her! Prepare a song for the big event and don’t forget to pack some comfy shoes to dance the night away!

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Disney Frozen Coronation Change Elsa

Coronation Day is upon Elsa, and she has two different outfits to choose from! With such frozen fashion style, how will you choose which one she wears? Introducing the Disney Frozen Coronation Change Elsa!

Disney Frozen Coronation Change ElsaThis magical princess is ready to be named queen, but not before she chooses one of her favorite outfits to wear at the event! Which will you choose? Disney Frozen Coronation Change Elsa comes with her iconic frozen dress that floor-length and is an icy-blue hue. The main portion of the gown is covered in Elsa’s favorite pattern of white snowflakes, and the top portion is a fitted bodice. Just like a winter wonderland, the bodice is covered in silver sparkles and her delicate sleeves are a translucent blue hue! Elsa looks simply breathtaking! Finishing touches on the dress include a long blue cape covered in snowflakes, and she is sporting her traditional braid in her snow-white hair! This ice queen is ready for the runway!

For her second outfit, Elsa looks stunning in a fitted, full-piece dress and golden crown. The dress is floor-length, with long sleeves and a turtleneck-styled collar. The main portion of her classic coronation gown is a dark teal, with black sleeves and golden accents around her waist and at the top of her bodice. Small details that Elsa loves include purple floral designs along the hem and on her chest! The kingdom can’t stop talking about her chilly fashion choices!

How to play with Disney Frozen Coronation Change Elsa

Throw Elsa her Coronation Day and invite everyone to watch! Don’t forget to throw on a great ball afterwards to celebrate, and afterwards everyone can go outside for the ultimate snowball fight!

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Disney Frozen Fever Singing Elsa Doll

This brave queen has brought snowmen to life, saved her city and now she’s celebrating her little sister’s birthday! Who knows what kind of magical moments will happen this time around for the sisters of Arendelle? Introducing the Disney Frozen Fever Singing Elsa Doll!

Frozen Fever Singing ElsaFrozen Fever Singing Elsa is a picture of perfection in a brand new outfit that is perfect for the warmer weather! Looking fresh as a flower Elsa is sporting a long braid in her snow-white hair and a fuchsia flower decorates the side! Her soft, pale skin goes perfectly with her bright blue eyes and purple lips and a small smirk makes you wonder what she’s going to conjure up next! Elsa’s outfit is a thing of beauty, with a turquoise dress that hangs all the way down to her feet. The top portion is fitted as a bodice, with turquoise glitter covering the whole thing! She sparkles every time she swirls! For a hint of her classic outfit, Elsa is also wearing a long, translucent cape the sits across her shoulders and trails to the floor. The see-through fabric is covered in purple flowers that add a pop of color and match with her headpiece perfectly! Of course the statement piece is also covered in subtle hints of glimmer, so even in the summertime Elsa looks like a stunning snowflake! Small details include her teal, pointed flats and a purple gem on her chest which you can use to play music! Simply press the button and Elsa will sing her new song “Making Today a Special Day” just for Anna! Sing along and enjoy the adventure!

How to play with Disney Frozen Fever Singing Elsa Doll

Help Elsa to gather some flowers from the garden to give to Anna for her birthday! Help Elsa practice her song and don’t forget to bring Olaf to take part in the fun!

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Disney Frozen Ultimate Walking Olaf Plush

Do you like warms hugs? This little guy certainly does, and he’s waiting for your hugs next! Disney is tickled to introduce the Frozen Ultimate Walking Olaf Plush! This version of Olaf stands at 18”, and is the perfect friend for hugs and adventures.

Walking Olaf PlushMade with his classic snow-white body, large carrot nose and black buttons, Olaf is an adorable addition that has special technology to really react to you! The included snowflake is just for you, which allows you to get Olaf to dance, sing, follow you or find you! Each of the buttons is made especially for each movement, so make sure you take care of it! Going for a walk? Bring your special snowflake and Olaf will be sure to follow along! See how happy he is to be your friend when he dances, spins, talks and hugs! Olaf can move forward, backwards or spin side to side, and he’s the perfect companion when you need a dancing buddy! Watch as his eyes open and close when he’s sleeping or awake, and his eyebrows, mouth and stick arms move as well! Do you know his favorite song? Olaf is more than happy to sing his classic “In Summer” for you while you play! But be careful with this snowy sweetie and make sure he stays far away from the heat! Olaf is a cuddly, magical and entertaining little friend that you’ll love to have around any time of the year!

How to play with Disney Frozen Ultimate Walking Olaf Plush

Create a little snow cloud for Olaf so that he can play with you even in the warm sunshine! Practice a new dance to teach him so you can perform it together, and create a special box to keep your snowflake in so you can keep it safe!

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Disney Frozen Singing Sisters Elsa and Anna Dolls

The songs you’ve loved since the first time you ever watched Frozen are still some of the best ones to sing! Which song is your favorite? Now you can get Elsa and Anna to sing along with you, with the Frozen Singing Sisters Elsa and Anna Dolls!

Singing elsa and anna dollThese two adorable characters are dressed in their best, and they’re ready to explore, play and sing with you too! Elsa is wearing her classic snow-white hairstyle, styled in a side braid and brushed back bangs. Her frozen dress is an icicle-blue hue, with a satin-style fabric and snowflake pattern! Her top has puffed shoulders and short sleeves, which are met by a translucent fabric that reaches her wrists. Her magical outfit also lights up! Watch as her dress glistens and glimmers through her beautiful blue attire. Anna is also looking fashionably regal, with a royal-blue dress that is decorated in a deep purple hem and flowers! Her top shows off a black front section with burgundy designs, and the sleeves are a sheer blue that billow around her arms!

Of course, Anna is also showing off her classic red-hair and white streaks in a braided pigtail design! Both girls also possess a crown that lets everyone know who they really are! Want to have even more fun? Use the girl’s necklaces to sing their favorite songs! Elsa belts out “Let it Go” while Anna sings her rendition of “Do you Want to Build a Snowman?”! They also say 15 different phrases that will have you laughing all day long! These sisters are the best due for adventure!

How to play with Frozen Singing Sisters Elsa and Anna Dolls

Use the flower and snowflake necklaces to hear the sisters talk and sing, and take them on a new adventure out in woods where you might find Sven! Don’t forget to help Elsa create Olaf from the snow, and make sure you stop by the shop to see if there are any big summer blowouts!

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Disney Frozen Anna Doll, Sven and Sleigh Giftset

After all of their exciting adventures last year, the friends of Arendelle are ready for some more fun this season! Are you ready to see magic come to life in the wintery wonderland that Anna and Elsa call home? Introducing the Disney Frozen Anna Doll, Sven and Sleigh Giftset!

Disney Frozen Anna Doll Sven and Sleigh GiftsetAnna and Sven are all geared up with a gorgeous sleigh that’s perfect for gliding along the snowy mountains of her village. Sven is in his usual best, wearing a Christmas-red blanket with purple and blue designs that Anna can sit on if she rides him! Sven also comes with removable reigns, which are a translucent material that gives an icy-cool effect! The sleigh Sven pulls is simply magical, and it’s inspired by oak pieces that make the ride sturdy and cozy! The brown trim has small swirling designs that match the reigns, with the larger portion of the sleigh showing off a pretty pink hue!

A sparkling design on the front shows off four blue hearts, with black floral details and a glittering disposition! A cozy little bench sits inside and is perfect for one or two riders to enjoy the views, and Anna can’t wait to explore the land! Anna looks ready for adventure in a shimmering blue dress, a black fitted bodice and winter boots that are perfect for the terrain! Her classic red hair is styled into two twisted pigtails, and a pink princess crown sits on top! Who knows what royal expeditions Sven and Anna will find?

How to play with Disney Frozen Anna Doll, Sven and Sleigh Giftset

 Create a wintery wonderland for Anna and Sven to explore with full forests, lavish lakes and of course her palace home! Build a cozy barn for Sven to rest his legs in, and don’t forget to grease up that sleigh so you can really fly down the mountains!

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