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KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture

If you’ve always wanted to have a beautiful mansion for you and your dolls to live in, then you’re going to love this new home! There are so many things to see and do, so get ready for a new adventure every day! KidKraft is happy to introduce the My Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture!

My Dreamy Dollhouse with FurnitureMy Dreamy Dollhouse has everything that you could ever need, and more! The home is decorated in blue tiles on the roof and sunshine-yellow tiles on the side. There are three floors in the home and a balcony at every floor so that your dolls can get lots and fresh air and natural light into the rooms. Don’t forget to open up the windows, because you can open the shutters yourself! An awesome elevator is built into the side so that everyone can get from one place to another quickly, and each floor is fully furnished for a magically-good time! The basement is home a full kitchen with two stoves and a pink set of table and chairs for your friends to enjoy meals! A bathroom is also in the basement with a porcelain-white tub and toilet that actually makes realistic flushing sounds!

The second floor is cute and cozy, with a white fireplace, pink cushy chairs and a lamp that really lights up! In the evening this lamp is perfect beside the grand piano, which also plays a beautiful tune when your friends play it. When it’s time for bed, take the elevator up to your pink and purple colored room, furnished with a big purple bed, pink curtains and an adorable purple vanity! Every floor has something fashionable and fun to offer. Extra details that you’ll love include hanging pottery on the balcony, elaborately painted walls with pictures and décor and stunning outdoor décor too! You friends will never want to go home!

How to play with KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture

Invite your dolls and their friends over for a house warming party, and don’t forget to bring some snacks and drinks! Make sure to have some good music playing, and give everyone a tour of each of the floors! When your party is over make sure to hand out some party favors and invite everyone back again!

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KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

If you love sparkles and pizzazz, then you’re going to absolutely love this dream home! Introducing the KidKraft Sparkle Mansion! Standing at 54.5” this mansion has six different rooms to explore, including a garage, attic, laundry room and pool! With 30 pieces of furniture to work with, you can re-decorate and re-imagine this dream home every time you use it.

KidKraft Sparkle MansionKidKraft Sparkle Mansion is decorated with a pink and black colored theme, with lots of patterned wallpapers, elaborate wall décor and creative flooring throughout! The first floor is home to a spacious laundry room, equipped with washer and dryer, iron and table and a transportable sink just in case! The attached kitchen is an absolute dream, with a double fridge, pink table and chairs and a delicious cake to share! Want to head upstairs? Take the clear elevator at the end of the hall! The upstairs living room is always a bopping place, because there is so much to do! Included in the room is a hot-pink couch, a keyboard, a tall white lamp and silver, twizzling staircase!

I wonder who will play the piano at your party? A spacious bathroom is also on the second floor, filled with a white tub, pink toilet and a white sink that’s perfect for your guests. Head upstairs and you’ll find a stylish bedroom that’s perfect for a sleepover! A large pink bed sits in the middle, as well as a bedside table and full-length mirror to pick your outfits! A trendy light fixture hangs from the ceiling, and a door leads out to your own personal balcony! Who wants to enjoy some sun? For some quiet time, head to the attic to watch some television or play with the cat, or head outside to the pool if you’re ready for a barbecue lunch and swim! The options are endless in the Sparkle Mansion!

How to play with KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

Put time aside to clean the house before you have guests over, and make sure to find some cool toys for the pool! Practice on your keyboard so you can wow your friends, and don’t forget to bring up the cake when it’s time for dessert!

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KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

Dreaming of a warm, cozy place to bring your adventures to life? Look no further than this dreamy dollhouse that is perfect for your imagination to explore! Introducing the KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture!

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with FurnitureThis cottage-inspired dollhouse is decorated in hues of red, blue and pink and is built with three different floors for your imagination’s pleasure! Built with light wooden accents, two white staircases and ample space, there is tons of room for the 17 pieces of included furniture. Design the home any way you’d like with adorable furniture like a white grand piano, light blue kitchen table and chairs and a toilet and tub with lime green accents! Your friends will love spending time here! The first floor is decorated with a spacious kitchen and an included fridge, as well as a leisure room that’s perfect for your piano. Use the stairs to travel to the next floor, where you’ll find a cozy pink couch, a pink lamp and a glowing fire burning in the background! What a great place to curl up with a book!

Access the top floor by the second staircase where you’ll find an adorable cottage bedroom equipped with a white vanity and a bunk bed for the perfect sleepover! The bedding is decorated in a pink and white checkered pattern, and it matches perfectly with the vanity chair. Head out to the balcony for some sun, or relax under the big, red umbrella! Small details that are simply magical include the red shutter that you can open and close yourself, and the very detailed skylights and wallpaper throughout! There is always something new to discover in this cool cottage!  Pack your bags and get ready to move into to this day dreamy design!

How to play with KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

Bring in any extra furniture that you want to add your own personal touch, and make sure to fill up the fridge in case you have guests! Find a chair to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the sunshine, or spend some time building your own garage to add to the house for your car!

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KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse

Cinderella has always loved sharing her magical story with you, but now she’s ready for new adventures and she wants you to join her in her beautiful palace! What kind of whimsical tales will you come up with in the halls of her enchanted home? Introducing the KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse!

Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams DollhouseKidKraft Cinderella’s dreamy castle is ready and waiting for you, with four beautiful floors to let your imagination soar. The outer portion of the castle is covered blue-bird bricking and golden details, and there are lots of windows and towers to let all the light in! The cozy basement sits on the bottom floor with a wood burning fireplace, a yellow gas stove and table and chairs for a meal fit for a queen! Of course Cinderella is always getting herself covered in ashes when she cooks, so she needs a place to tidy up! A regal bathroom is also in the basement with a beautiful claw foot tub, round mirror and vanities!

Once you’re all cleaned up, explore the main hall where Cinderella found her prince! A golden grand staircase will take you to this memorable place that has large bay windows, purple carpets and of course Cinderella’s glass slipper on a pedestal! No wonder Cinderella loves her home! The next floor is Cinderella’s bedroom, which is also accessible from a beautiful golden staircase! The room is decorated with a wooden, blue bed, a golden chandelier and the perfect balcony to sing to her subjects! But don’t forget about her little mice friends! They must be hiding up in the attic! This special space is where Cinderella does her sewing, and it’s hidden by two golden gates that open! Will you help create Cinderella’s next dress? There is so much to see and do, so let the magic begin!

How to play with KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse

If you’re having a sleepover, make sure to bring your pillow and sleeping bag for a magical night! Help out with breakfast in the morning and don’t forget to feed Cinderella’s little mice friends too! Slide down the golden staircase with Cinderella, but try not to get caught by the prince!

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KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

Elsa may have left Arendelle to hide away, but ever since the spell was broken she’s ready to welcome anyone to her ice castle! What kind of adventures will you have sliding along the halls of her ice castle? Introducing the KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse!

KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle DollhouseStanding at 12”, this winter wonderland castle can fit all kinds of friends into it, including Barbie products and Elsa of course! Each wall is wallpapered in cool blues and icy purples that have swirls of snow, glittering snowflakes or royal icicles. Elsa sure knows how to decorate! The castle comes with 11 detailed pieces of furniture, which are great for all of her magical friends. Pieces include a snow-white piano, a violet vanity, a beautiful, frozen throne and a dreamy daybed that’s covered in glittering snowflakes! It may look cold but you’ll be nothing but cozy! Other items include two chairs and a dinner table where a chilled cake sits! No wonder it’s Olaf’s favorite place to sit!

Design the castle however you’d like, spreading out your furniture amongst the three different floors available! Of course Elsa’s throne should go at the top, where she can look out over Arendelle and rule her beautiful city! Each floor has beautifully crafted windows to let in the light; or snow! An icicle-blue staircase runs down the middle of the palace, and the iconic frozen chandelier from the movie hangs magically from the ceiling! Create your own adventures with Elsa while you slip and glide along the hallways of this most magical kingdom!

How to play with KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

Design Elsa’s castle however you would like, and then create invitations for a welcome home party for her! Make sure to invite all of the people of Aredenelle, and create some frozen treats like popsicles and cake!

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KidKraft Once Upon A Time Dollhouse Review

KidKraft introduces its Once Upon A Time Dollhouse; three magical floors of a beautiful castle with so much to do! The pink-themed palace is fully equipped with twenty-three pieces of extravagant furniture so you can decorate however you would like, and each piece is designed for a princess!

KidKraft Once Upon A Time DollhouseFurniture of KidKraft Once Upon A Time Dollhouse includes a gorgeous canopy bed with floral patterned curtains, a yellow kitchen set and stove, a porcelain-white bathroom set, and lounge chair for the fantastic swimming pool! Small details like the pool decor, decorative plants and fluffy pillows make the castle seem cozier, and all of its guests love coming over to visit!

Don’t be surprised when this  Once Upon A Time Dollhouse starts making realistic house sounds! Press the toilet, and a real flushing sound comes out! The piano also makes realistic sounds, and the lamps light up to give the rooms a warm glow. There is something for everyone at the Once Upon a Time castle! Detailed patterns decorate all of the walls with colorful wallpapers, beautiful paintings, light fixtures and more! There is so much to look at and adore! The romantic balcony is also a fun place to visit, and can be accessed by taking the two staircases within the castle! Make sure to check on the birdhouse for any visitors there as well!

Long vines decorate the outside of the tower, resembling something right out of a fairy tale and the pink colored exterior of the castle is something that any princess would love! Large bay windows and doors let in extra light, and a romantic chandelier hangs at the center of the castle, lighting the balcony and its surrounding rooms! There is room for everyone in the castle, and there are so many things to look at and do. This KidKraft Once Upon A Time Dollhouse home can cater to any princess and her friends!

How to use Once Upon A Time Dollhouse

 Your own dolls can visit the Once Upon a Time castle, so make sure to make them feel welcome! Change up the furniture whenever you would like, and make sure to keep the home clean for any new guests!

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