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Ever After High Dragon Games Poppy O’Hair Doll

The biggest games of the year are coming back to Ever After High, and all of the students are ready to be named the best and most fashionable warrior! This young royal looks like she’s ready for this big task, but will she prevail? Introducing the Ever After High Dragon Games Poppy O’Hair Doll!

Ever After High Dragon Games Poppy O'Hair DollEveryone knows Poppy from her short bob haircut and bright purple streaks, and she loves rocking the bright purple hue throughout her armor and fabrics! Dragon Games Poppy’s wearing a sleeveless black top that flairs out around the bottom, with a texture that gives the shirt a leather fabric look. Metallic accessories make her stand out in the crowd of royal competitors, with silver armor on her shoulders, arm, neckline and waist! The pieces are all decorated with spiky textures that give Poppy the fierce look she needs! Lower down Poppy is sporting bright purple tights that are covered in a shimming pattern that are putting even the witches in a trance! Her extra silver accessories include her knee-high boots that are great for the kingdom’s terrain, and her silver headpiece that drapes around her throne-worthy haircut. Poppy also comes with her purple pet dragon, so make sure you train it well!

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Poppy O’Hair Doll

 Create a spacious pen for Poppy’s little dragon, and don’t forget to take it to little dragon classes! Shine Poppy’s armor so she stands out at the Dragon Games and help her practice with her shield and sword!

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Ever After High Dragon Games Teenage Evil Queen Doll

Everyone wants to attend Ever After High; it is the most magical school in the kingdom after all! Come and enjoy one of the most anticipated enchanting events of the year, with the Ever After High Dragon Games Teenage Evil Queen Doll!

Ever After High Dragon Games Teenage Evil Queen DollEver After High teenage evil queen is ready for both the games and the garments, as her outfit is winning the hearts of both sides this year! The evil queen is sporting a high-set ponytail, which is colored in pretty-pink on top and a plum-purple underneath. A metallic-silver headpiece sits perfectly on her head and wraps around the back, with the front section cascading down the middle to her forehead. The statement piece brings the fans’ attention to her glittering, purple eye shadow and deep-purple lips! Competitors beware; her look will put you under a spell! The evil queen’s outfit is a blend of black and white, with deep-silver armor details throughout. On top, Raven is sporting a piece of armor that protects her neck, shoulders and chest but doubles as an accessory that has textured beading and popped shoulders.

A black tee sits underneath, with a shiny pattern that is textured like a scaly dragon! Her skirt is knee-length and flairs out around her in three layers; the first is a black hue covered in silver swirls, and the second is a pure-white shade that even Apple White would love! The top layer is a translucent black piece that sits to one side, with a piece of armor balancing out the other! If anyone knows how to mix fun and fierce, it’s this rocking rebel! Accessories include her throne-worthy heels, which are a steely-black shade with a throne-inspired design on the back! Raven is also wearing armored-black gloves that are the perfect finish to her dragon-demeanor. Let the games begin!

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Teenage Evil Queen Doll

Use Raven’s brush to keep her hair styled and secure while she competes, and make sure she gets her armor oiled so she can perform perfectly! Don’t forget to invite the Evil Queen to attend the event, and throw a dinner party for all of her rebels after!

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Ever After High Dragon Games Apple White Doll and Braebyrn Dragon

The royals and rebels sure know how to rock throne-worthy styles on the daily, so it’s no surprise that special events are cause for looks that are straight out of a fairytale book! This fair maiden is no exception, and she’s ready to be the apple of the kingdom’s eye! Ever After High introduces the Dragon Games Apple White Doll and Braebyrn Dragon!

Ever After High  Dragon Games Apple White Doll and Braebyrn DragonDragon games Apple white looks simply stunning in her dragon-riding costume, equipped with silver shoulder armor and knee-high black riding boots that are perfect for her to perform with Braebyrn! Her long, golden hair hangs down behind her and a golden crown sits on top for a regal look while she flies. Her apple-red top is strapless, and a golden belt sits around her waist in textured layers that are making the evil witch jealous! A red, flowing skirt billows out around her with a golden vine pattern dancing all over. The hem of the skirt is short in the front and long in the back, and even the fairy godmothers are impressed with the work! Everyone knows she’s the fairest at the mall!

Of course Ever After high dragon games Apple loves giving her scaled friend the royal treatment, and Braebyrn looks majestic with its magical details! Braebyrn is a golden dragon with a white belly, and its scales and sharp claws look like something straight out of an enchanted forest. Braebyrn also has a long golden mane, a long curled tail and whimsical white wings that help it to fly above the kingdom! Don’t miss its golden antlers and bright blue eyes that are a perfect match for Apple’s own look! Braebyrn is equipped with a red seat for Apple and red reigns, making these two a fierce team when it comes to fashion! Who will win this year’s Dragon Games?

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Apple White Doll and Braebyrn Dragon

Apple fits perfectly into Braebyrn’s saddle, so give them a lot of time to practice together before the big games! Make sure to give this majestic giant a nice bath to shine those scales, and create a fire-proof cave for it to sleep in at night!

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Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll

Once upon a time, princes always saved the day. And while a classic fairy tale is always fun, these next generation royals and rebels are ready to write their own happily ever after! Even a princess can save the day, and this regal royal is ready to share her story! Introducing the Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll!

Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming DollDarling is the daughter of King Charming, and even though she has brothers, Darling is ready to be the bravest of them all! This year the kingdom presents the Dragon Games, and Darling is prepared to use her courage and her couture to win the hearts of the kingdom! Darling is sporting a new look, with her long hair parted down the middle and hanging loosely around her. The locks are colored in white-blonde on top and ice-blue hues underneath. Atop her head is an elaborate silver crown with beaded details, dangling pearls in the front and pink stones! Even with all of her beauty, it’s Darling’s armor that is spreading like a good story through the crowd! Her silver armor is magnificently decorated with floral details, pearl décor and a sturdiness that makes her a knight in stylish armor! The pieces sit on her shoulders, chest and right arm to help her perform flawlessly at the Dragon Games!

This time the tale is going to end differently! Darling is also sporting knee-high silver boots and a silver shield that doubles as a ring for you! Of course, this story is also about style, and Darling’s peplum styled top and translucent blue sleeves are creating a serious plot twist! To finish the icy-blue look, Darling is also sporting some fitted blue pants, decorated in a shiny purple vine design.  This heroine is dressed to impress, and she’s ready to write a whole new ending to her story!

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll

 Help Darling to train for the Dragon Games so that she can impress her father, King Charming! Make sure you sing a few songs to her to help her focus, and help her to write a diary of all of the things she plans to do when she wins the games!

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Ever After High Dragon Games Raven Queen Doll

The Dragon Games are coming to Ever After High, and every single royal and rebel is ready to take their chance at the throne! This rebel may be from bad blood, but she’s ready to win this even fair and square with hard word and head-turning style! Ever After High welcomes to the ring the Dragon Games Raven Queen Doll!

Ever after High Dragon Games Raven Queen DollRaven can’t wait to set the records straight, and make some magic that finally does some good! She has a great head start with her fierce fabrics that are making even the dragons witch-green with envy! Raven is sporting her classic fuchsia hair and ice-blue streaks underneath! Her locks are styled in a high ponytail, with an extra piece hanging to the side. Silver chain accessories decorate the ponytail and keep it in place so she can focus on her task! To keep her protected, Raven is sporting some regal armor that goes perfectly with her style, and everyone is cheering for her this time around! The armor is metallic silver, inspired by historic armor like a cuirass and pauldron to protect her shoulders and chest! The armor is decorated in chain designs, which hang around her shoulders and down around her waist for a statement piece that the royals are loving!

Underneath her armor Raven is wearing an iridescent top that shows off a variety of colors, with greens blue and purples that look like a dragon-inspired fabric! Raven’s black fitted pants are decorated in a metallic purple pattern, and the flashy details are catching the eye of wizards and witches alike! Awesome accessories include Raven’s bright purple warrior heels with bright silver backings, and a translucent silver skirt inspired by chain mail! With these magical pieces all mixed together, Raven is going to be a fashionable contender to fight for!

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Raven Queen Doll

Make sure to shine all of Raven’s armor before the big day, and help her study dragons at the library so she can figure out how to win! Build a dragon out of some crafts so Raven can practice riding, and don’t forget to wear her shield for good luck!

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Ever After High Dragon Games Holly O’Hair Doll

At Ever After High there is always a new adventure to be had, or a new place to explore. Today is no exception, as the return of the dragons has made this kind kingdom into a fashionable affair for princesses and princes alike! Introducing the Ever After High Dragon Games Holly O’Hair Doll!

Ever After High Dragon Games Holly O’Hair DollHolly is an absolute vision in her adorable new attire, which she will be wearing for the upcoming Dragon Games! Decorated in mesmerizing and magical jewel tones, Holly has a flair for deep pinks and purples and magically metallic details. As daughter of Rapunzel, Holly is showing off her trademark long hair, styled in a long side ponytail with clear elastics throughout! Her gorgeous red hair is always turning heads, but her golden crown is making waves too! The golden crown has beautiful detailing and a purple gemstone in the middle, and it matches perfectly with the rest of her outfit. Holly’s royal top is a sleeveless statement piece in ruby pink, with golden texturing all over. A golden piece of armor sits across her shoulders and is decorated in floral designs, and it drapes down the front of her top.

At her waist Holly wears a regal belt in gold, with three twisted ropes across the front and one braided one with floral designs across the back! Princesses are under a spell with her styles! Holly’s fitted pants shine in a regal shade of iris, with matching golden details just like her top! Of course Holly isn’t just about fairytale fashions, she’s about function too! A long pink trail hangs out the back of her outfit with golden designs dancing all over. Enchanting accessories include Holly’s golden, tower-high boots, golden arm guards and heart-shaped shield! Holly can’t wait to perform at the dragon games in her royal runway look!

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Holly O’Hair Doll

Help Holly to practice for the Dragon Games, and give her an awesome up-do to keep her long hair back! Build a beautiful tower for Holly to sleep in, and help her shine her armor for the big day!

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Ever After High Dragon Games Mira Shards Doll

Ever After High students won’t believe their own eyes when they meet the new beauty showing off her flashy style! Ever After High is introducing the Dragon Games Mira Shards Doll!

Ever After High Dragon Games - Mira Shards Doll 2015Looking absolutely stunning in a knee-length gown, Ever After High Mira Shards is a perfect reflection of her family’s fashion style. As daughter of the Magic Mirror, she is elegant yet simple, and it’s no wonder we can’t stop staring! Mira has long, deep-pink tresses that are decorated with deep purples along the sides. The whimsical colors really pop among her metallic-themed outfit, and her Dracula-inspired headpiece makes the perfect accent to her mesmerizing hair. Mira’s throne-worthy chest piece is turning the heads of every royal and rebel, as the deep silver and beaded detail have them frog-green with envy!

The chest piece extends around Mira’s neck as a collar detail, and over her shoulders in a shoulder-pad design. Long, beaded strands hang down from the design, and it matches perfectly with her headpiece. This mirrored mogul is totally hexcellent! The top portion of her top is a simple black tee design, which puffs out around the waist into the elegant portion of her ensemble. Three different layers make up her gown, starting with a black layer decorated in spell-binding silver designs! A simple white layer is showcased next, finished with a black-lace that adds the perfect amount of texture and elegance. Mira’s look could stun any evil queen! Extra detailing includes Mira’s midnight-black heels, which wind up her ankles and have a peep-toe effect; her simple hand gloves are just as classy. Don’t be afraid to approach this mirrored maiden, her deep purple lips and eye make-up are simply to complete her look! Keep your eye out for this reflective royal; she’s ready for some flashy fun!

How to play with Ever After High Dragon Games Mira Shards Doll

Take Mira shopping for some far-out fabrics and awesome accessories that reflect her personality perfectly! Don’t forget to polish her look by keeping her hair brushed and heels on point!

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