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Ever After High Enchanted Picnic Raven Queen Doll

The beauties of Ever After High are taking some time from their royal and rebel studies to enjoy the whimsical weather and some spellbinding snacks! What better way to spend an afternoon than picnicking in the enchanted forest in some fairytale fashions? Ever After High introduces the Enchanted Picnic Raven Queen Doll, dolled up and ready for a whimsical day with her best friends forever after!

Enchanted Picnic Raven QueenEnchanted Picnic Raven Queen is an absolute vision in her purple-themed outfit, showing off her evil queen roots while still being completely adorable! Raven’s wearing some rebellious threads for this get together, like her sleeveless dress and spell-binding accessories. And check out Raven’s collar! The frilled, black fabric dances up and around Raven’s neck, bringing out her most evil queen qualities! A checkerboard pattern dances all over her dress in white and violet colors and mysterious black ravens are fluttering all over! The knee-length skirt has all the princesses potion-green with envy, and it flares out around her in the most charming way! A layer of black tulle sits on top of the flared portion, adding petal-inspired shapes around her waist! Raven planned perfectly for her day out in the woods! Not to be outdone, the Evil Queen’s daughter is also sporting some heels that are as high as her ravens can fly!

The bright purple heels have a perfect peep-toe design that also expose her heels and crawl up her ankles! These wild shoes are almost as wicked as she is! Don’t forget to bring her purple picnic-basket purse, packed full of red apples and sweets so good that even Hansel and Gretel want to get their hands on them! Raven’s wavy, long locks are a shade of perfect plum, with a delicate, silver crown adorning her head! No one in the entire kingdom can rock the royal purple like Raven!

How to play with Ever After High Enchanted Picnic Raven Queen Doll

Remember to pack some great snacks when you have your picnic with Raven; plums for you, and treats for the enchanted forest animals! Take Raven shopping to get some great hiking shoes and more purple accessories for her collection!

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