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Ever After High Fairest on Ice Ashlynn Ella Doll

When the royal princesses aren’t learning how to rule the kingdom, you know they’re out with their best friends forever after doing all the things that they love! Come cheer on some of your favorite fairytale friends as they skate their way into the spell books! Introducing the Ever After High Fairest on Ice Ashlynn Ella Doll!

Ever After High Fairest on Ice - Poppy O'Hair DollFairest on Ice Ashlynn isn’t about to let stepsisters have all of the fun; she’s ready to be a belle of the ball- or rather, the skating rink! Ashlynn wows the royal crowd wearing her favorite set of skates; a translucent-green set with a glittery finish! And just like her mother before, her gown is something only her fairy godmother could create! The light blue dress is stunning on the ice, with a strapless, fitted bodice and multiple lavish layers! The first layer of this royal’s dress is a white satin fabric that is knee-length. A second layer has a transparent fabric, which is short in the front, and floor length at the back! The hexcellent hem adds an extra dimension to her dance, and a half-circle design along the bottom is super sweet!

Covering her dress are white and coral designs, shaped in whimsical spirals, snowflakes and polka dots! There’s no way she’ll stop skating before midnight! A precious, pink pearl necklace hangs loosely down her front, and a matching arm piece adds extra sparkle when she swirls! Not even the rebels can take their eyes off of her. Ashlynn’s long, light-brown hair has a soft curl at the bottom, and a bohemian-inspired headband dances across her forehead for a super chic touch! Not even the fairies can deny that she has a gorgeous glow about her! Fun details on Ashlynn include her pink star earrings and matching purse. She truly is the fairest on ice!

How to play with Ever After High Fairest on Ice Ashlynn Ella Doll

Build Ashlynn her own skating rink, and invite her best friend Briar Beauty over for a try! Sign her up for some sewing classes to start her own fashion line, and make sure she is always home by midnight!

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Ever After High Fairest on Ice – Poppy O’Hair Doll

It’s time to watch the fairest in all of the land become the fairest on skates! Don’t be surprised when these royals and rebels show off some secret talents you never knew they had before! Introducing the Ever After High Fairest on Ice Poppy O’Hair Doll!

Ever After High Fairest on Ice - Poppy O'Hair DollFloating majestically along the enchanted ice, Fairest on Ice  Poppy O’Hair Doll is showing off some throne-worthy threads for her performance! Poppy’s channeling her inner ice queen, with a strapless silver top that glitters when she spins and twirls! A translucent, purple neck piece dances along her collarbone, and down the sides of her shoulders for a regal look that has the crowds cheering for more! While she’s skating right into the hearts of the kingdom’s people, check out Poppy’s whimsical dress, which has two different layers for an even better effect! The bottom layer shows off a sheer fabric, made up of three horizontal stripes of dark pink, white and light pink! The top layer is a transparent pink fabric that has purple and white snowflakes dancing all over!

Poppy is a flurry of fashion when she glides along in this statement piece! Her pink ice boots are definitely something to spell about, showing off a knee-high length, and glittering specks all over! The lace-up skates are a perfect detail in her frozen fairytale look, and they have Poppy skating circles around the competition! Don’t forget her storybook accessories like her silver rope belt with scissors and snowflake details, and her arm piece fit for an ice princess! Even in her new outfit, Poppy keeps one tradition going; her awesome hairstyles! Long, wavy locks spin and twirl with Poppy in a rich, red hue and bright purple section in the front! You can’t miss her out on the ice; Poppy is a royal head turner from head to skate!

How to play with Ever After High Fairest on Ice – Poppy O’Hair Doll

Make sure you keep Poppy’s skates nice and sharp so she can skate her best! Create her very own practice rink, and some golden medals for her to win! Don’t forget to invite Holly O’Hair to charm her on!

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Ever After High Fairest on Ice – Duchess Swan Doll

The friends of Ever After High are ready to put on a show for their kingdom, and there’s no telling what sort of magical moves they’ll have in store! Don’t be surprised if this royal has some surprising skills; it runs in her family! Ever After High welcomes the Fairest on Ice Duchess Swan doll!

Ever After High Fairest on Ice - Duchess Swan DollFairest on Ice Duchess Swan is looking pretty as a prima ballerina in her new outfit, with glittering accents and winter wonderland patterns. Her long, black hair has glistening, metallic silver streaks with flecks of purple; the ultimate hairstyle for the star of the show! An icy, translucent crown sits on her head with drooping layers of textured pearls, and a matching arm piece ties the look together! Of course Duchess’ outfit is a storybook stunner, with a magical statement piece that sits on her shoulders! The transparent work of art adds stunning shoulder pads and a unique collar to her attire. Not even the ugly stepsisters can deny Duchess’ details! Her fitted bodice is a silver shade, dancing down into a midnight blue dress! Shorter in the front and longer in the back, this dress has two different layers that show off Duchess’ moves on the ice!

The bottom layer is made of a white, satin fabric, and the top layer stuns in dark blue covered in white snowflakes! Even Snow White is jealous of this dress! To stay high on her toes and in perfect form, this adored athlete is wearing ankle high skates that are sure to turn princes’ heads! And Duchess’ favorite part of her new look? The beautiful dangling belt she wears around her waist! The icicle-inspired design looks like diamonds hanging around her, and they swirl whenever she does! Duchess can definitely keep it cool whether she’s on the dance floor or the ice!

How to play with Ever After High Fairest on Ice – Duchess Swan 

Create a tutu-inspired dress for Duchess to perform in, and help her make up a new routine to wow the royals and rebels! Remember to take her to dance lessons, and sign her up for swim classes; her favorite!

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