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Ever After High Hat-Tastic Cedar Wood Doll

The 2014 Release of Ever After High’s “Hat-Tastic Cedar Wood” has everyone in the Enchanted Forest excited! This cool creation showcases Cedar’s wooden skin, with texturing in her arms and legs, and embraces some of her favorite hues in her pink and purple royal attire. Cedar’s long brown hair is in a curly high ponytail, and it’s decorated with pastel purple highlights to match her spellbinding purple eye shadow! More Details about Ever After High Hat-Tastic Cedar Wood Doll are as follows

Ever After High Hat-Tastic Cedar Wood DollAtop her head, a golden headband and a pink Tyrolean-style hat with an adorable purple feather show off a style that is just like her dads! Ever After high Cedar’s peplum style top is a royal rose pink, and showcases a bark design throughout, with black lacy puff sleeves and a high ruffled collar.

Cedar’s skirt is so beautiful-princesses would kiss a frog to have it! A satin material boasts a number of different designs, ranging from a purple and white flower pattern, to framed silhouettes of grasshoppers and fairies! Other details include steaming tea cups, golden framing and a black lace pattern. And her shoes are something to sing about too! White stockings with a pink trim show off a pair of light purple ankle strap stilettos with wooden detailing.

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The sole and heels of the shoe are a magnificent gold color and show off magical woodworking details! And when princesses finally stop bewitching that they owned Cedar’s dress, they’ll notice her delicate black and white gloves, and hand-crafted golden earrings! Cedar is a wooden sight to see!

How to play with Ever After High Hat-Tastic Cedar Wood Doll

Hat-Tastic Cedar’s beautiful wooden tea set is included, so don’t forget to bring her to your next happily-ever-after tea party! Of course, you can always create a nice woodpecker to give to Cedar as a pet, or invite her friends over for a woodworking class!

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Ever After High Hat-Tastic Apple White

Apple White is a charming vision in the 2014 Release of Ever After High’s “Hat-Tastic Apple White”! Golden locks hang down in beautiful curls on this beloved princess, and apple red highlights add a touch of dazzling detail to her hair! Her bright blue eyes and pink lips could lure any prince in, and her fruitful red and black color scheme is something right out of a fairy tale! To know more about Ever after High Hat-Tastic Apple White Doll read further-

Hat-Tastic Apple White DollApple’s hair is dressed up with a white pillbox hat, black headband, and super chic red bow to tie into the color scheme of the rest of her outfit. A dazzling two layered top shows a sweetheart neckline with beautiful black stitching and a swirly design.

Underneath, a delicious red tee with white polka dots makes everyone in the kingdom stare, and it’s detailed with puffed shoulders! A simple black belt holds together her synched dress, which puffs out into a spellbinding knee-length skirt! The fabric is the best in the land, showcasing an ombre coloring from white to red.

Designs on her queen-worthy dress include diamond shapes, pin cushion patterns and tea and cupcake designs! Throne-worthy hues of blue, red and gold are seen throughout. Apple also takes her shoes seriously! Her enchanting white stilettos have golden heels and flower detailing with straps, and her stockings show off a black fishnet texture with red trim.

Her accessories include black and white gloves, a pink textured purse with black handle, and a magnificent layered pearl necklace with an apple embellishment!

How to play with Ever After High Hat-Tastic Apple White

Apple White has her very own apple red tea set with crown detailing, so gather her friends for a tea party and make your own as well! Or build your own enchanted forest, and take your princess on an apple picking adventure!

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Ever After High Hat-Tastic Cerise Hood Doll

The princesses are seeing red with the 2014 Release of Every After High’s Hat-Tastic Cerise Wood! This young princess mixes her mother’s style into a royally red new way, and it all begins with her classic red hood! Cerise’s long black hair is straight with bangs, and shows off some charming red highlights on the left side.

 Cerise Hood DollAs a fairytale fashionista, Hat -Tastic Cerise also wears a black headband decorated with a leather-textured brown top hat, but her cool kingdom fashions don’t stop there! Cerise wears a dirndl-styled top that is deep red with black lattice patterns, and underneath her black blouse showcases ruffles on the chest, and puff styled sleeves that are so delicious even the wolves are after her for them!

A buckled brown belt with silver detailing adds some color change to her matching blood red skirt, which is made up of two layers at different lengths! The first translucent layer is shorter and has black and red plaid patterns. Underneath, an exquisite satin skirt moves in ombre from red to white coloring, and tea cups, vines and tea kettles adorn the bottle of the skirt in black. With all her forest adventures, Cerise needs some royal footwear!

Black stockings match Cerise’s sky high black leather boots with red shoelaces, and match perfectly with her red and black leather bag! But Cerise’s favorite accessory stands out in the royal procession in the form a silver knotted necklace that she always keeps close to her enchanted heart! Need an idea to play with this Ever After High Doll

How to play with Ever After High Hat-Tastic Cerise Hood Doll

Create your own cabin for Cerise’s great-grandmother, and send her on an adventure through the woods to visit her! Use her beautiful wicker-basket designed tea set to bring her lunch, and don’t forget her brush! Hoods can sure mess up a princess’s hair!

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Ever After High Hat-Tastic Briar Beauty

Ever After High introduces the 2014 Release of “Hat-Tastic Briar Beauty”! The daughter of Sleeping Beauty is anything but sleepy when it comes to style for this tea party, and all of her friends love her pink and black accents with royal detailing! Briar’s beautiful brown hair is decorated with pink highlights throughout, and is styled in large, regal curls.

Hat-Tastic Briar BeautyAtop her dramatic hairdo is a pillbox-styled hat, adorned with pink rose details and leaves. Of course a princess needs to look her best, and Briar Beauty does just that in a pink satin two-tiered dress with an illusion neckline in black lace!

The neckline has perfect pink ruffled shoulders, and Briar picked out her favorite diamond necklace with pink jewel detailing to make any prince fall for her! The first tier of her dress showcases a delicate rose pattern, while the second tier is white and pink satin, with a charming spoon and polka dot design!

Thorn framing adds a little bit of wicked to the tier, while roses keep it as sweet as a gingerbread house! Black braiding in her waistband adds some fairy-dusting detail to the dress, and matches her black gloves that make even the ugly step-sisters jealous!

Briar’s black tights lead down to hot pink heels that are as high as Rapunzel’s tower, with silver swirly detailing, black straps and lacy texturing. Enchanting accessories for Briar include a teal crocheted bag with a pink handle, and her very own tea set in green and pink!

price $22 approx

How to play with Ever After High Hat-Tastic Briar Beauty

Collect Briar’s friends and let them have their very own tea party at Briar’s castle! Briar also comes with a brush, so remember to keep her hair silky and shiny in case her prince comes along! Don’t forget to let her take a nap-she is Sleeping Beauty’s daughter after all!

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Ever After High Hat-Tastic Madeline Hatter Doll and Party Display

Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter, is throwing a Hat-tastic Party with all of her friends to help save the Wonderland Grove from losing its wonder and magic. With this set, girls can create their own story, displaying all of their dolls at this truly Hat-tastic Party. Madeline is sure to be the hostess with the mostess and looks the part in her stunning outfit. It’s party time girls! Ever After High Hat-Tastic Madeline Hatter Doll

  • Recreate Maddie’s Hat-tastic Party with this tea-riffic set that comes with Madeline Hatter doll in a tea-inspired dress
  • A golden tree doubles as an enchanting tea party setting and as a jewelry tree for the girl
  • Comes with three teacup and saucer sets are included, along with a teapot and sugar-and-creamer set ( if you have more dolls)
  • A storage chair and bench is included, so you can pack away everything after your tea party
  • A ring – with a charming teacup and saucer design – makes a spellbinding gift for the girl and the first addition to her tree!
  • Madeline looks welcoming in her tea-inspired dress and accessories
  • She wears a black top hat headband with matching bow and gloves
  • Collect her friends forever after to expand the guest list
  • Doll is 12 inches high
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Price of Ever After High Hat-Tastic Madeline Hatter Doll is $34.99 which includes Party Display as well

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