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Ever After High Mirror Beach Apple White Doll

Being “the fairest of them all” is quite the title to uphold, and sometimes a princess just needs to unwind! Ever After High introduces the 2014 Fall Release of the Mirror Beach Apple White Doll!

Ever After High Mirror Beach Apple WhiteEver After High Mirror Beach Apple White Doll is spending the day with her fairy-tale friends, soaking in the sun and taking a break from all of those classes! Even from the beach you can see Apple’s golden blonde hair and perfect pale skin out in the ocean. Her loyal locks are styled in royal ringlets, and ruby red sunglasses with textured swirls and beading sit on top of her head!

Mirror Beach Apple’s enchanting bathing suit is a regal one-piece, with a triangle-shaped neckline. A black, high set collar wraps around her neck and attaches onto her suit! The collar is made of glittering black tulle, with a ruffled style and a wicked effect! Of course, this magical maiden also has touches of sweet detail in her attire, with bright red sections on her suit covered in wonderful white polka dots! The side portions show off a white fabric with black patterns, and gorgeous golden stitching. And Apple’s favorite add-on to her outfit is a glittering cover-up that has every dwarf at the beach standing in line to see her! The flowing skirt is knee-length, with a black tulle fabric covered in glittering sparkles! Thick golden stitching can be seen around the waist, and it’s making every evil queen green with envy! Click here for more images

Ever After High Mirror Beach Apple’s royal heels are gold in color, with texturing that creates the look of beading and vines throughout the stylish shoes! True love is definitely hiding in this outfit! And don’t miss Apple’s golden necklace, made from a variety of baubles for a totally unique look! Her style is as sweet as a delicious apple!

How to play with Ever After High Mirror Beach Apple White Doll

 Pack a picnic of red apples and head to the beach with Apple’s friends! Don’t forget to bring her umbrella to protect her snow-white skin, or her mother will be after you! Apple loves to sing too, so teach her some of your favorite songs and sing them together!

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Ever After High Mirror Beach Madeline Hatter Doll

We’re going mad for this new character, and she’s totally into it! Ever After High is welcoming the 2014 Fall Release of Ever After High Mirror Beach Madeline Hatter Doll!

Ever After High Mirror Beach Madeline HatterWith bright colors, wicked fabrics and whimsical wardrobes, the Mad Hatter’s young daughter has made quite the made name for herself; And not just in school! The sea is a crazy place to be, and Ever After High Mirror Beach Madeline Hatter is ready to explore in her coolest outfit yet. Standing out in the sea of swimmers, Madeline has bright turquoise hair, which is decorated with bright purple streaks as well! The colors blend into each other in big beautiful curls, and match her amazing turquoise-colored eyes and purple eye shadow!

Of course, even at the beach this raving royal looks like she’s ready for tea time! Mirror Beach Madeline Hatter is sporting a bright blue one-piece bathing suit in a fanciful halter-top style. The suit is covered in purple sequins that make resemble a totally mad mermaid! Her neckline is decorated with a golden jabot that flows down the front of her chest, and adds a statement piece that all of the beach-going princes and princesses are asking her about! Click here for more images

Adding a touch of fairy-tale fashion, Mirror Beach Madeline Hatter is also wearing a crazy cover-up that sits low on her waist and flairs out to knee-length. The fabric itself is sheer, purple in color and has golden patterns throughout! Tea time at the sea will be quite a glittering affair! Along the hem of the skirt is some additional black tulle, matching the black stitching along her waistline. Peep-toe heels show off bright turquoise colors with wavy textures, and her teapot inspired sunglasses are making dad proud! Her sea-inspired fashions are totally wavy and wild!

How to use Ever After High Mirror Beach Madeline Hatter Doll

Create a lovely table setting and co-host a magical tea party for yours and Madeline’s friends! Bake some treats and try some new tea flavors! Pack a picnic and take her to the beach, and bring some board games to play!

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Ever After High Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella Doll

Learning how to rule a kingdom can be hard work, and this rocking royalty is ready for a day off at the beach! Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of the Ever After High Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella Doll!

Ever After High Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella DollEver After High Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella has traded in her gorgeous gown attire for a more relaxed style for a day in the sea and sand, but she still looks like the perfect princess. Ashlynn is ready to ride some waves in a sky-blue full piece swimsuit, decorated with red and yellow floral prints, and black floral designs! The suit is detailed with black stitching alone the collar that creates a sweetheart-styled neckline that’s just as sweet as her! Regal, ruffled sleeves dance around her arms and are made of a sheer fabric, with a floral golden pattern fit for any fairy-tale!

To protect her precious skin from the rays, Ever After High Mirror Beach Ashlynn also brought an adorable cover-up, in the same sheer fabric as her sleeves. The knee-length skirt flairs out around her, and the golden pattern dazzles in the sunlight! Everyone on the beach is mystified by her magical outfit! As Cinderella’s daughter, Ashlynn knows to keep at least one stylish accessory on her at all times in case her fashions turn to rags. Today she’s wearing sky high heels in a translucent, pale pink hue! The straps are textured to look like vines, and roses can be seen decorating the sides! Her mother would be so proud. Click here for more Images

Extra accessories include Ashlynn’s pink, floral necklace and her rose-colored sunglasses also decorated with floral details. She’s as precious as a petal! Ashlynn’s long, flowing red hair makes green eyes really pop, while her blue and glittering eye shadows tie into the rest of her outfit! She is definitely the most stylish beauty at the beach! you can also buy Ever After High MIRROR BEACH Dolls which comes with Apple, Ashlynn & Madeline

How to play with Ever After High Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella Doll

Pack the sunscreen and a chair, and head on out to the beach for a day of fun with Ashlynn! Make sure to tie up that precious hair while swimming, and invite some friends to join! Create a boardwalk of stores for her to visit to cool down for a while!

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