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Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Spring Unsprung Doll

A new season has sprung, and that means new fashions are sure to be in style in every kingdom! One of our favorite feline fashionistas is in on the fun, and she’s ready to show off her warmer season style. Introducing the Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Spring Unsprung doll!

Ever After High Kitty Cheshire - Spring Unsprung DollSpring Unsprung Kitty Cheshire has fairytale floral themes in her outfit from head to paw! Her long, pastel purple hair is styled in high pigtails, with a floral headpiece in light blue and purple shades! An added detail purr-fect for Kitty is her grey cat ears popping out of the headpiece! Princesses and withes alike are wild for her style! Her beautiful overcoat blossoms all around her, with three-quarter length sleeves and brown furry trims! Even the big bad wolf is drooling over that detail! The majestic coat has a black and white zigzag pattern throughout, with charming purple and blue flowers dancing along the bottom. The jacket blends from a white down to a spellbinding purple, with an opening at the front to reveal bright purple pants! Throne-worthy patterns dance along Kitty’s pants, and put princes in a trance! Her colorful heels are high as a beanstalk, with twirling silver vine décor winding up her legs! Blue roses adorn the shoes, and charming purple stems keep this cat looking like one of the tallest flowers in the kingdom! Of course new outfits mean new accessories, and Kitty’s got mysterious style just like her father! A floral shawl hangs along Kitty’s shoulders that has all the princesses frog-green with envy, and her floral-themed bracelet and ring tie the whole outfit together! We can only guess what this sneaky, smiling cat has in her stylish grey bag; all we know is it’s a focal point of this feline’s design! Kitty cannot wait to stretch out her style this spring!

How to play with Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Spring Unsprung Doll

Create your own wonderland to explore with Kitty Cheshire, and invite her friends for a royal tea party! Plant a small garden of Kitty’s favorite flowers and help her grow them; and don’t forget to play some friendly pranks to keep her laughing!

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Ever After High Spring Unsprung Briar Beauty Doll

Her mother may be Sleepy Beauty, but this fair maiden’s fashions are anything but a snooze! Her electric-colored outfit and floral details are keeping everyone in the kingdom awake wishing they had her style! Introducing the Ever After High Spring Unsprung Briar Beauty Doll!

Ever After High Spring Unsprung Briar Beauty DollEver After High Spring Unsprung Briar Beauty  has learned to look her best even when she’s sleeping! Her style starts with gorgeous long brown locks, with streaks of pink and blue hair pieces falling in the front! Her head is decorated with a majestic headdress, which is covered in detailed roses of pink and white. The angelic look has all of the other princesses spell-shocked!

A decorative piece of jewelry sits around her neck and shoulders, made of pink vines and a delicate floral arrangement fit for any enchantress. And Briar’s top would wake up even the sleepiest style-lover! The black-satin top has elbow-length sleeves, and is decorated in a pink and white rose pattern. The shirt trails down into a peplum-style, flaring out around her and opening up to show a cool cursed skirt underneath! The skirt has a white satin design and is dressed up with a black vine pattern. Watch out for those thorns! Red-rose tights underneath are decorated in roses, and slowly turn black towards her shoes as if under a spell! Click Here for More images

Speaking of shoes, Ever After High Spring Unsprung Briar Beauty’s excellent heels are covered in black vine-detailed straps climbing up to her knees, and a peep-toe design! Tiny pink roses also decorate the toes and make the wild growing vines a little sweeter! Trailing out the back out her outfit is Briar’s favorite train, decorated in the same rose pattern as her top! The flowing train reaches to the ground, and adds the royal look that Briar loves! Silver accessories and a pink and black floral handbag pull this posh princess look together!

How to play with Ever After High Spring Unsprung Briar Beauty Doll

Make sure you create a super comfy bed for Briar, as she tends to fall asleep at the wave of a wand! Create some new pieces for briar in the design of some royal pajamas so she gets a good sleep, and don’t forget to set an alarm clock so she doesn’t snooze through class!

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Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cerise Hood Doll

A mysterious mix of fur and fashion can be seen riding through the enchanted forest when it’s time for a picnic! Introducing the Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cerise Hood Doll!

Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cerise Hood DollWearing her furr-bulous fabrics from the magical Spring Unsprung film, Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cerise  Hood fuses her love for the woods and fashion into one wild and whimsical look! Of course she’s sporting her classic red hood around her neck, and everyone recognizes her when they see her adorable handbag shaped like a picnic basket filled with flowers!

Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cerise’s fashions look good enough to eat! An apple-red shawl is decorated in berries and floral detail, and it’s held together by an enchanting black chain. Cerise’s knee-length jacket is decorated in cherry blossoms and a black and white plaid pattern with elbow-length sleeves. A black double belt wraps around her waist adding hexquisite detail, while a double lapel and white hem stitching making her look absolutely spellbinding! Cerise has some wild animal up her sleeve too! The plaid coat opens up at the front to reveal a bright red fabric adorned with silver sparkles! A black mini-skirt can be seen underneath, with some totally twisted tights too! The lavish leggings begin at the top in colors of bright purple, black and red, and slowly change into long black branches and cherry blossoms growing down her legs! Click here for more images

Her style is making all her furry friend snarl with delight! Sky-high black boots have white floral textures growing up the sides, and they allow Cerise to trot through the wicked woods whenever she pleases! Her long fur is dark brown and styled in a long braid with bangs, and a touch of purple and white streaks! A headdress adorns her fur with white and red flowers, pulling her fierce fashion look together. The whole kingdom is howling for it!

How to play with Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cerise Hood Doll

 Bake some cookies and tasty treats, and go out on a picnic with Cerise and her friends! Take her for a pedicure to keep those claws in check, and remember to wear the gorgeous ring that Cerise brought just for you!

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Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cedar Wood Doll

This darling doll may be made of wood, but her style is just as real as anyone else in the kingdom! Ever After High introduces their Spring Unsprung Cedar Wood Doll!

Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cedar WoodWearing her wood-derful pieces from the Spring Unsprung movie, Ever After High Cedar wood embraces her roots and shows off an immensely detailed outfit in pink, black and brown hues! A spellbinding shawl sits on her shoulders decorated in pink leaves and flowers. A nod to her father Pinocchio, Cedar is wearing a modern version of overalls in a pink chest piece that has straps up over her shoulders and is decorated in flowers! Talk about a traditional trend! And who could miss her wood-themed gown that has everyone green with envy? Her magical dress has a scoop neck, elbow-length sleeves, and a wood-grain design in black and white! The pattern has everyone in school under a stylish spell! The front of the dress is short and grows in length as it flows to the back, with a half-circle hem adding delicate details. Click here for more images 

A second shorter layer underneath is black with white flowers dancing all around, and the layers allow Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cedar Wood to show off her pink rose-patterned tights! The talk of the enchanted forest is definitely her knee-high strappy heels that are designed with white roses all over, and wooden soles! Floral themed jewelry dances on her ears and finger, with black vine décor growing up her arms. Her pink and brown purse resembles a wicker basket with flowers on the sides, and a pink vine creates a handle! Cedar’s royal brown locks are long and wavy with pink and purple highlights, and match her wavy wooden-detailed skin! A gorgeous headdress gives Cedar a goddess-like look, with precious pink and white flowers and black leaves. Don’t miss this wild child! She has princes uprooting for her!

How to play with Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cedar Wood Doll

 Start a diary with Cedar, so that she can write down people’s secrets instead of saying them out loud! Take her to woodworking class at school to design a friend just like her, or take her for a royal manicure to get rid of those splinters!

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Ever After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair doll

It’s hard showing off your fabulous style when everyone is always looking at your spellbinding hair, but this long-tresses teen has it all figured out! Introducing the Ever After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair doll!

Ever After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair dollEver After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair has figured out how to tie her long locks into the theme of her outfits, making both of the styles royally complement each other! Holly wore her fantastic outfit in the Spring Unsprung movie, and now you can have it to keep! Her long, bright red hair falls down her back into ringlets at the bottom, and streaks of purple and pink make the style pop with her outfit! On top of her head is a hexquisite headdress, covered in purple and pink flowers and ornate vine detailing. The floral theme continues throughout her attire, starting at her pastel-purple shawl which sits neatly across her shoulders with floral details.

Her white shirt is decorated in black flower patterns, and her three-quarter sleeves are made of a tulle fabric for a regal look! The black flower pattern dances down into her gown, which opens up in the front to reveal pink and white tights with a braided pattern! There are so many layers to Holly; she’s just like a fairy-tale flower herself! A modern, chunky belt shines in metallic gold and black, with a chain design around the waist and a bouquet of flowers as its centerpiece! It’s no wonder everyone is climbing the tower to see her! Click here for more images 

Her purple, sky-high boots are as tall as her tower, with white floral details on the sides and laces weaving all the way down the fronts! And talk about accessories! Holly is wearing a golden necklace and matching earrings decorated in tiny flowers, and her pink purse resembles a stylish garden! Stop to smell the royal roses and you’ll surely find this beauty!

How to play  With Ever After High Spring Unsprung Holly O’Hair doll

Use Holly’s included hairbrush to keep her long tresses looking fable-fabulous! Create a small garden for Holly so that she can grow her favorite flowers, and don’t forget to keep her in shape for all of the stairs she takes in her tower!

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