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Ever After High Sugar Coated Holly O’Hair Doll

Their Fairy Godmothers can wave their wands to bake a cake, but for the princesses of Ever After High, sometimes you have to do the work yourself! It’s hard not to get messy, but you can always look fashionable! Ever After High introduces from the Ever After High Sugar Coated  Holly O’Hair doll!

Sugar Candy Coated - Holly O'Hair DollThis daughter of Rapunzel is letting her hair down and getting her hands dirty making delicious sweets in the royal kitchens! Check out her magically-made outfit that is as sweet as her treats! Holly is wearing an adorable short-sleeved blouse in a bright pink hue, with puffed sleeves and fairytale flair. A light pink scarf wraps around her neck and down the front of her blouse, and a brown leather belt ties them together at her waist. Below her belt, Holly’s bright pink dress is knee-length, and matches perfectly with her pink earrings! A delectable-looking apron dresses up her outfit, and is designed with a bright pattern of spell-binding sweet layers!

Sugar Candy Coated – Holly O’Hair Doll looks just like an ice-cream cone! Wavy layers of pink, yellow and blue lead down to a chocolatey-brown strip covered in sprinkles! This apron is effortlessly enchanting! While she’s busy baking, Holly makes sure she’s wearing shoes that channel her inner chef! Her light pink heels have ankle straps, and melting chocolate décor drizzling down the front! Her shoes look good enough to eat! This future queen is careful not to let her long tresses get in the way of her magical masterpieces. Holly’s long red locks are tied back in a high ponytail with a bright blue elastic band, and a regal braid along the front. Whether she’s at the royal ball or simply baking, Holly is always magically luring her friends to join in on her fun!

How to play with Sugar Candy Coated – Holly O’Hair Doll

Holly would love to bake with you! Pick out your favorite recipe, and get some assistance to bake something delicious for you and your Ever After High friends! Make sure you always brush Holly’s beautiful locks, and try not to put her bed too high from the ground; she likes to be able to leave when she pleases!

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