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Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Courtly Jester Doll

The royals and rebels of Ever After High are about to meet a new friend for the storybooks! Introducing the slick and stylish Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Courtly Jester Doll!

Ever After High Courtly JesterEver After High Courtly Jester is daughter of the Joker Card, and she definitely has a few trends and tricks up her sleeves! Courtly is wowing her new friends in brightly colored fabrics and picture-perfect patterns, awesome for entertaining and putting on a show! Her bleach blonde hair is styled in big curls at shoulder-length, and pastel purple hues brighten up the look! A hip headpiece dances around her head in purple and gold, and a hot pink crown sways on the side of her head. This outfit is the perfect balancing act! The Joker may play tricks, but Courtly is serious when it comes to her style. A knee-length dress is her outfit of choice, with puffed-shoulder sleeves and a zig-zag hemline! Both pink and purple fabrics alternate throughout the piece, with dark purple designs dancing all over for a look that’s totally out of the royal world! Golden touches include a detailed belt that sits perfectly on her hips, and a golden necklace dresses up her collar.

Courtly is certainly the best card in the deck! Her mismatched tights add a funky detail to her look, not to mention her favorite accessory; her flared layers! Courtly has a pink piece which sits around her waist and flares out around her in all directions to add a fun new texture. To tie all of the different patterns and layers together, Courtly is sporting matching hand gloves and boots, each with a steel-grey shade that has fun detailing and adds a mysterious side to her style. She may be young but courtly knows how to play her cards!

How to play with Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Courtly Jester doll

Build a stage and create some props for Courtly so that she can put on an act for her friends! Don’t forget to make Courtly her very own deck of cards; the royals and rebels love some good magic tricks too!

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Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Apple White Doll

Things are getting wild in Wonderland, but the best part is the funky new fashions; this future Queen is no exception! Introducing the Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Apple White Doll!

Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Apple White DollWay Too Wonderland Apple White has been busy with her future royal plans, but she always has time to wow the kingdom with her clothes and couture! Attending a tea party, Apple showcases her throne-worthy new headpiece, which has an impressive golden crown that stands tall upon her head! The metallic diadem has fun textures and a small apple on top. A large, apple-red bow dons the back of the crown, adding a cool shape and soft texture to the metal crown’s look! This future royalty claims the fashion-forward title! A high collar stands tall around Apple’s neck in a bluebird hue, and puffed sleeves make a big statement in her favorite royal red! Even the White Rabbit stops worrying about the time when he sees Apple walking by! A mermaid-style dress fits perfectly from top to bottom, starting in a fitted bodice and flaring out around Apple at the bottom.

The dress is made in a light pink, satin-inspired cloth, with long red ribbons that dance all over the piece! The queen will surely be red-hot with envy!  The bottom portion of Apple’s dress is covered in black diamond cards, and a bright blue layer of fabric can be seen flaring out underneath her dress too! Ever After High Way to Wonderland Apple has so many fun layers; Kitty Cheshire can’t stop grinning at them! Spellbinding accessories on Apple include her golden heels to help her grow tall, and a watch-inspired purse to help her keep track of the time! Not a hair is out of place for Apple; even her blonde locks have red and blue streaks in them! She’s sure to stand out in the wild world of Wonderland!

How to play with Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Apple White Doll

Create a small deck of cards for Apple to keep, and teach her some games so you can play together! Remember to let her visit the seven dwarfs whenever she can, and use some apple seeds to grow an apple tree!

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Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts Doll

Magical kingdoms are always a fun place to experiment with spells and create wicked fashions for good and evil characters alike! Of course, this character is always trying to change her family’s wicked past, and she does it with a sweet smile and spellbinding style! Introducing the Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts Doll!

Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts DollEver After High Way To Wonderland Lizzie Hearts Doll is back with some dashing new designs and fairytale fabrics, and she would love to show them off for you! As always, Lizzie’s long curled hair is a royal red hue, with streaks of purple blended in! Her hair is styled half-up and half-down, and atop her head is a large golden crown with a pink flamingo donned on top! You can spot this card-pleaser in any kingdom! A sweet, red heart decorates her left eye, and her turquoise chess-piece earrings make her eyes pop!

This regal princess is wearing a bright turquoise tank top, with a stunning golden chest piece that has the princes’ heads turning! A long, flowing red gown has a wonderfully wavy hem, and her favorite cards and heart shapes dance all over it! This young girl’s fashion is sure to win all the chips! When Lizzie isn’t wandering around in Wonderland, she can be found buying accessories at the mall! Check out her beautiful black gloves, accessorized with golden rings and classic bangles! She definitely knows how to play her cards when it comes to add-ons! Of course we can’t resist her golden heels, and a matching golden purse inspired by the White Rabbit’s pocket watch! Lizzie’s style is always in fashion, and always on time! Her outfit is nothing short of a happy ending, especially with the last detail-her high collar! The glittering pink collar flairs out behind Lizzie’s head, and it decorated in queen of hearts cards! Talk about a royal flush!

How to play with Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts Doll

Create a magical rabbit hole of your own, and take Lizzie on a brand new adventure! Don’t forget to set up a time for tea and invite all of her friends; especially the White Rabbit!

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