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Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy- Snowflake Winter Fairy

Swirling and twirling into the hearts of all young fairies is the 2014 Fall Release of the Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy- Snowflake Winter Fairy!

Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy- Snowflake Winter FairyThis delicate little dazzler is a beautiful young fairy who flies her way out of her stand and into the high skies! Her long wings and magical powers allow you to keep her up high for as long as you’d like, and she looks stunning while she does it!  Flutterbye Snowflake Winter Fairy’s look in inspired by the cool-blue hues of the winter, and she sparkles like a unique snowflake floating in the air! Her white-blonde hair is styled in a pixie haircut, with pieces swirling around her head and curling adorably around her ears! To add some fun detailing, her blonde hair has an ombre style, which slowly changes into a bright blue hue at the bottom of her bob! The fun hue makes her small facial features pop, showing off her big blue eyes, blue eye shadow and purple lips! A fairy always has on her friendliest face! Click Here for More Images

Her fitted bodice is also an icy blue shade, with a one shoulder top that wraps around her in a toga-style! White stars dance along the shoulder piece, and textured swirls can be seen further down. Her detailed style is just as magical as she is! The hem of her top flairs out to reveal a rimmed dress, which puffs out around her and helps to keep her high in the air! Of course, Flutterbye Fairy Winter Snowflake fairy isn’t always flying- sometimes she just likes to walk too! Just in case she does, the fairy is wearing precious blue flats that pull together her wintery themed outfit. Dazzling wings are placed all around the fairy’s body, with swirling details and a translucent effect. All of the wings sparkle, giving off a glittery effect just like fresh fallen snow! When you wind her up in her base, watch as her wings begin to rise and twirl around her to help her take flight! This fairy is ready for some fun in the sky!

How to play with Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy – Snowflake Winter Fairy

Winter Snowflake Fairy comes with a blue base where she can wind up, and then take flight! Create a winter wonderland for her so she feels right at home, and create a song that you can both sing that will help her to stay high in the sky!

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