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Lalaloopsy Collection

Lalaloopsy Water Mellie Seeds Large Doll

There’s nothing like the sweet taste of watermelon on a hot summer’s day! No wonder everyone loves it when their favorite fruity friend stops by for a visit! Introducing the Lalaloopsy Large Doll Water Mellie Seeds.

Lalaloopsy Water Mellie Seeds Large DollLalaloopsy Water Mellie is made from watermelon seeds and her outfit is a delicious twist of pink and green shades! Her pink hair is a delicious dark shade, and it’s styled in short pigtails that stick out on both sides! To dress up the look, Mellie is wearing a headband with a giant bow on top. Dolls love the accessory because the bow is decorated with two slices of watermelon instead! Her knee-length dress has a green t-shirt style on top, with watermelon slices for sleeves and watermelon seeds for buttons! How delicious! Her dress flares out around her in a satin fabric, and the pattern shows off two shades of green stripes! Some juicy details in Mellie’s outfit include pink tulle underneath her dress and pink and green sneakers to boot! This Lalaloopsy has some refreshing fashions for everyone to enjoy! Click here for more images

How to play with Lalaloopsy Water Mellie Seeds Large Doll

Take Water Mellie to a watermelon patch and help her choose the biggest one! Try watermelon in some new recipes like a smoothie or covered in chocolate! Don’t forget some wipes- things could get sticky!

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Lalaloopsy Doll- Cherie Prim ‘N’ Proper

The town of Lalaloopsy always has room for new friends, and now it’s welcoming a well-groomed gal that’s ready to join in on the fun! Introducing the Lalaloopsy Doll-Cherie Prim ‘N’ Proper!

Lalaloopsy Doll-Cherie Prim ‘N’ Proper!Lalaloopsy Cherie can’t wait to share all of her fashion secrets with her friends, and her old-school style has everyone doing the jive! Cherie was sewn from an adorable poodle skirt, and the design is perfect for her prim and proper personality! Her bubblegum-pink hair is styled in big curls, swept into two low pigtails. Three black bows keep the style together, and match her black button eyes perfectly! And check out her pretty prim style! Cherie is wearing a t-shirt style top, with white fur in the middle and pink tulle for sleeves! Her skirt is designed in two layers of light pink tulle, and polka dots dance all over. To complete the look, Cherie is wearing light pink stockings and oxford-inspired shoes so she can dance the night away! Final touches on this adorable outfit include her layered pearl necklace with a pink bow to finish! She may be prim and proper, but Cherie sure knows how to bring fun into fashion!

How to play with Lalaloopsy Doll- Cherie Prim ‘N’ Proper

Cherie is 13 inches tall, so make sure to build a bed that she can fit in! Decorate her room with poodles and polka dots, and try to find her the perfect pooch to love and play with

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Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘N’ Swap Sand E. Starfish & Coral Sea Shells

When the weather is warm and the colors are bright, Lalaloopsy dolls love to get out in the sunshine and wear their most colorful fashions! What do you think these two friends will pack for a day at the beach? Check out the Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘N’ Swap Multipack Doll-Mermaid!

Lalaloopsy Minis Style 'N' Swap Sand E. Starfish and Coral Sea ShellsThis  Mini Lalaloopsy Style ‘N’ Swap two-pack includes Sand E. Starfish and Coral Sea Shells, and both are ready to hit the sand and the sea looking fierce and fun! They’ve packed over 20 accessories for you to mix and match and everyone on the beach is sea-green with envy! For their hairstyles these dreamy dolls packed four wigs, with two in red and two in ocean blue! They have flowy dresses that are perfect for the weather in colors of orange, coral pink and sky blue, and a lot of their accessories have nautical themes with stripes and flowing materials just like the ocean! The girls are prepared for the hot sand, and they’ve packed three pairs of shoes including roller skates! Of course, they love their clothes but they each have a favorite piece of clothing and that is their mermaid tails! The blue and pink fins are perfect for swimming and lounging in the water; these water lovers can’t wait to see what you create!

How to play with Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘N’ Swap Sand E. Starfish & Coral Sea Shells

 Plan a day at the beach with Sand and Coral, but don’t forget to pack sunscreen and an umbrella! Pack a lunch for everyone to enjoy and make sure to shop for some scuba gear to explore the ocean!

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Lalaloopsy Minis Style 'N' Swap Sand E. Starfish & Coral Sea Shells

Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘N’ Swap Crumbs Sugar Cookie

There’s always one sweet tooth in every group, and this little Lalaloopsy Doll is as sweet as the chocolates and cakes that she bakes! But what outfit is she going to wear in the kitchen this time?! Lalaloopsy welcomes the Minis Style ‘N’ Swap Doll- Crumbs Sugar Cookie!

Mini Lalaloopsy Style 'N' Swap Crumbs Sugar CookieThis baking beauty has always been a fan favorite for her delicious dresses, but now she comes with a whole bunch of different styles for you to choose from! Mini Lalaloopsy Style ‘N’ Swap Crumbs Sugar Cookie has brought her favorite wardrobe pieces for you decorate her in, including four mouth-watering dresses! Each is designed as one of her favorite desserts, including a yellow cake, a lemon treat, a crispy pastry and a sprinkled cupcake! Each of the dresses has perfect attention to detail, with dripping chocolate, crisscrossed pastry designs and intricate icing patterns!

Minis Style ‘N’ Swap Crumbs’ style is piping hot out of the oven! She also comes with two wigs, one with pink strands styled into pigtails, and one dark pink hairstyle in big curls and chocolate! Delicious! Extra accessories include her black Mary Jane shoes, pink sneakers and a candy purse! Cherie better make sure her tasty trends don’t melt in the sun! Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘N’ Swap Crumbs Sugar Cookie available at Amazon as well as at Walmart.

How to play with Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘N’ Swap Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Find your favorite baking recipes and bake them with Cherie! Create a fun kitchen apron for her to wear, or head to the Lalaloopsy Mall to find her one there!

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Lalaloopsy Minis Style 'N' Swap Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Mini Lalaloopsy Style ‘N’ Swap Confetti Carnivale & Jewel Sparkles

Getting dressed up is always fun, but it’s even better when you can do it with your friends! ! Lalaloopsy warmly welcomes the Minis Style ‘N’ Swap Multipack Doll-Princess! This dynamic duo includes Confetti Carnivale and Jewel Sparkles, and both are ready for a night of fashion and fun.

Confetti Carnivale and Jewel SparklesConfetti Carnivale and Jewel Sparkles, these two Lalaloopsy Dolls love hanging out together, and they can’t wait to see how many looks you come up with for them. Mini Lalaloopsy Style ‘N’ Swap Confetti Carnivale & Jewel Sparkles set comes with over 20 different accessories to choose from, from dresses to shoes and bags and wigs! Each has a royal flair that is super fun and flirty with bright colors of royal red, pretty pink and poised purple. The dresses have lots of beautiful detailing such as decorative bows, buttons, metallic belts and fancy collars! There is even a white cat suit and a matching purple dress and shoes. There are so many colorful combinations you’ll always find exciting inspiration! Don’t forget to accessorize with one of the three pairs of shoes or the purse and fan! These best friends can’t wait for the big fashion show!

How to play with Mini Lalaloopsy Style ‘N’ Swap Confetti Carnivale & Jewel Sparkles

 Build a catwalk for your dolls and invite their friends to watch the ultimate fashion show! Make sure to create a big closet for all of their clothes and bring a camera along to take photos of the fun!

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Lalaloopsy Minis Style 'N' Swap Multipack Doll- Princess

Lalaloopsy Hair-Dough Activity Doll-Tress Twist ‘N’ Braid

The Lalaloopsy salon is open and ready for business! Are you going to visit for a new hairdo with your friends? Introducing the Lalaloopsy Hair-Dough Activity Doll – Tress Twist ‘N’ Braid!

Lalaloopsy Hair-Dough Activity Doll-Tress Twist ‘N’ BraidLalaloopsy Tress Twist ‘N’ Braid doll looks simply charming in her colorful outfit, with bright purple hair and a cheery blue bow on top! In a pink cupcake-inspired dress, she shines in a soft pink top, dark pink belt and brightly-colored icing designs all over! Her flowing skirt has a scalloped hem, and it’s covered in pink and white icing and delicious polka dots! She looks good enough to eat! Twist ‘N’ Braid comes with three different colors of hair dough, which you can use to create colorful hairstyles through the included hair style caps!

Simply choose your favorite color and place some in the opening in her hair! Twist her pigtails to bring out the strings of hair and cut, color and style however you want! Want to re-start? No problem! The Lalaloopsy dolls love new looks to show off to their friends! Don’t forget to use the included scissors and hair clips to create the cutest hairstyle!

How to play with Hair-Dough Activity

Mix up the hair dough colors to create blends of hair colors. Make sure she calls her favorite stylist to book an appointment, and find a cute cape to keep her shirt clean!

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Lalaloopsy Mini Playset- Camping with Sunny

Lalaloopsy land is great for all kinds of outdoor activities. It’s always sunny in the magical town, and everyone loves to try new things and share their favorite hobbies! This time, one of the dolls in Lalaloopsy wants to take you on a fun trip to go camping! Are you ready for an adventure? Introducing the Lalaloopsy Mini Playset- Camping with Sunny!

Lalaloopsy Mini Playset- Camping with SunnySunny Side Up loves the outdoors, and she’s ready to show you exactly how much fun camping can be! Sunny is sporting her favorite onesie, in an adorable pink hue that’s covered in red polka dots! She also wanted to make sure she’d be comfortable, so she’s wearing her favorite red shoes decorated in tiny hearts. With her warm smile and black button eyes, Sunny looks perfectly pleasant in her camping attire! Her bright red hair is styled in big curls, and a bright pink bow sits just to the side of her bangs.

Peanut sure knows how to keep the glam while camping! Sunny is fully prepared for this trip- she has brought everything you could need to make the day a success! Sunny comes with an adorable pink tent, covered in polka dots, hearts and little windows for fresh air! The front entrance is held open with orange and pink buttons, and creates a warm welcoming for all who enter! Sunny also brought a lantern for light, as well as a teepee made of matches so you can roast some marshmallows! An orange kettle keeps drinks warm over a cozy fire, and a tiny bird in her nest watches peacefully while Sunny cooks! It’s a perfect day to go camping in Lalaloopsy land, and Sunny can’t wait to show you how much fun an adventure can be!

How to play with Lalaloopsy Mini Playset- Camping with Sunny

Set up your own tent in your bedroom so you can all take part in the camping festivities! Make sure you pack Sunny some extra blankets and marshmallows in case more friends want to join! Which they always do!

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Lalaloopsy Strings Pick ‘N’ Strum doll

The land of Lalaloopsy is full of sweet dolls that love to dance, share and play! Of course, they also love music and this doll is no exception! Lalaloopsy is giddy to introduce their Strings Pick ‘N’ Strum doll! Strings is also inspired by the sounds of music, and she especially loves making sounds with her string instruments!

Lalaloopsy Doll- Strings Pick 'N' StrumHer entire adorable outfit is tribute to the theme, and she absolutely rocks the look! Strings has hot pink hair that is designed in a 50’s-inspired look with big curls on top of her head! The head of a black and silver guitar sits on top of her head for a rockin’ headpiece, and a pink bow finishes the look! lalaloopsy Strings Pick N Strum has a biker-inspired jacket that looks like real leather, with a cropped waistline, three-quarter sleeves and white stitching. All the dolls in Lalaloopsy love the look on her! Underneath her jacket, Strings is wearing a satin, pink dress that’s covered in black polka dots! Small details like the flared panels and a white collar add to the awesome attire that Strings loves! Did you notice her tie? It’s her favorite part of her style! Strings’ tie is a black piece with white strings and notes decorating it!

It’s simply musical! Her petal pushers are a great tribute to her memorable style, with a houndstooth pattern in black and grey that goes well with her black and white saddle shoes! These dancing shoes are perfect for a day on the town in Lalaloopsy, and the pink shoelaces make them perfect for Strings’ bright personality! Her little white ankle socks complete the rockin’ outfit, that’s tied together so well by a variety of colors, textures and designs! Strings’ will be rocking the stage and the runway with this look! The dolls are 13″ tall.

How to play with Lalaloopsy Strings Pick ‘N’ Strum doll

Take Strings for a movie night to see Grease Lightning, and make sure she gets her shoes shined so she looks her best! Take her to the barbershop to get her hair done after class, or take her to the Nice Cream Shop to get some tasty treats!

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Mini Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Cake Playset

Never has a home looked more delicious than the one in Lalaloopsy! The dolls in this town love visiting each other in their decorative homes that look good enough to eat! Lalaloopsy is happy to welcome the Mini Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Cake Playset!

Mini Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party CakeThis playset is perfect for all mini Lalaloopsy dolls, and you can invite as many as you’d like to the party! The dessert-inspired décor is covered in delicious details and bright colors that are making everyone happy and hungry! Surprise Party Curls is hosting the party this time, and she looks absolutely adorable in her party attire! Her pink and yellow dress has rolled up sleeves, a scoop neck collar and colorful layers on her skirt that look just like icing! Her beautiful red hair is tied up in pigtails, and her bright blue sneakers are the talk of the party! The Super Silly Party house is decorated as a topsy-turvy cake, with three layers that are sliding off of one another! The first floor shows off pink icing, candy-detailed windows and colorful gumdrops decorating the front of the home!

The second floor shows off delightful yellow icing, icing drop details, swirly strings and a giant slide for the dolls to play on! There is so much to do! Watch for the top portion of the house, which is shaped just like a cupcake…it glows just like a real candle! Who will make a wish this time? Other fun details include a cake-inspired tree fort, with heart windows, a serving table and a cherry on top! All of the Lalaloopsy dolls are stopping by for some of the sweets that the tree house is serving! And don’t miss out on the donut swing to get you from one place to another! Surprise Party Curls is putting on such a great party; all of the dolls are already looking forward to next time!

How to play with Mini Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Cake

 Help Surprise cook a batch of warm cookie for her guests, and then help her write out some invitations! Choose some fun music to play at the party, and make sure that you both pick out your best outfits to show off!

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