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Welcome to Monster High Monstrous Rivals 2-Pack Draculaura and Moanica Dolls

Every screamester the students of Monster High know that they’ll be meeting some ghoulish new friends in the hallways! This year, a daughter of the zombies comes alive, and her fashions are anything but dead! Introducing the Welcome to Monster High Monstrous Moanica and Draculaura Two Pack Dolls.

Draculaura and Moanica 2 packWelcome to Monster High Draculaura is a very popular vamp at this spooky school, and she’s doing her best to make Moanica feel welcome! Draculaura is sporting her long, black hair with pink highlights styled in a side ponytail. She’s got on a drop-dead gorgeous dress, with a sleeveless top section and a knee-length skirt. The dress is a petrifying pink hue with black bats dancing all over! Her dead-white skin pops with her black boots, and a chilling blue belt completes the look! click here for more images 

Moanica can tell she’ll have some creepy competition when it comes to fashion! This zombie has long, pink hair and a bright streak of moon yellow that’s making the werewolves howl! Her outfit includes a two-toned tank and a grey vest overtop, as well as black and white pants with a spattering effect! To pull her look together, Moanica has on pink ankle boots and pink earrings that are shaped in an earthworm design! Watch out for this quick zombie!


How to play with Welcome to Monster High Monstrous Rivals 2-Pack Draculaura and Moanica Dolls

Let Draculaura show Moanica around the school, and throw her a welcoming party so she can meet some new friends! Don’t forget that she might be craving some brains, so take her to the school lab to have a snack!

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Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll

One of the freak-tastic fashionistas of Monster High knows that her new look is going to be an absolute scream! She’s so sure she can even feel it in her bones! Introducing the Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll!

Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector DollThis scream-ester, Skelita is showing off traditional fabrics from her family’s scaritage, with vibrant colors, heart-stopping patterns and clawsome accessories! Skelita is wearing a sleeveless dress that has a scoop neck detail and pink stitching at the hem. The front is covered in colorful floral patterns of pink, orange, purple and blue and an ice-blue lace decorates the hem! Her styles are sending the competition to their graves! The bottom portion of Skelita’s dress is a black, satin fabric, which flairs out around her with white lace underneath. The dress is a nightmarish knee-length, and it’s covered in a vile, vibrant pattern of flowers! The bright colors go freakishly-well with her sky-high heels, which are bright hues of pink and blue. Her style is heart-stopping, but her accessories are to die for! Skelita has a traditional headdress covered in scary skulls and flowers, and her pigtails have skull clips too! This colorful skeleton is a screaming siesta of style!

How to play with Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll

Invite Skelita’s family down from Hexico to see her new school, and put on a midnight fiesta to welcome them! Skelita loves fashion, so help her put together some new outfits and a freaky fashion show for her friends!

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Monster High Fierce Rockers Venus McFlytrap, Jinafire Long, Clawdeen Wolf

Studies at Monster High are very important to the ghouls and ghosts who go there, but once in a while all they need is a little while to haunt and rock out! Good thing these three ghouls have put together a terror-ific band that’s sure to have everyone howling! Introducing the Monster High Fierce Rockers Venus McFlytrap, Jinafire Long, Clawdeen Wolf 3-Pack!

Monster High Fierce Rockers Venus McFly trap, Jinafire Long, Clawdeen Wolf The Monster High Fierce Rockers band is made up of Venus McFly trap on drums, Jinafire Long on the electric keyboard and Clawdeen Wolf on the guitar! Venus is rocking hot-pink hair and a long ponytail, with green skin and freaky fangs! Her cutout dress is black at the top and slime green at the bottom, with vine decal all over! Even her purple pumps are alive with green vines growing up her legs! Jinafire is smoking on the piano, showing off turquoise and yellow hair and scaly golden skin! Her sleeveless dress is blood-red and covered in dragon designs, and her leather black boots are killer! Lastly, Clawdeen looks clawsome in a black fur top and animal-print tights! Her midnight blue hair makes her look pop, and her moon-themed guitar has the monsters howling for more! These ghouls have the style and the sound to match, but keep your paws off the stage!

How to play with Monster High Fierce Rockers  Venus McFlytrap, Jinafire Long, Clawdeen Wolf 3PC

 Build a stage for the girls to perform on, and invite all of their furry friends! Make sure you do a sound check before every show, and fill their rooms with their favorite candy beforehand to help them relax.

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Welcome To Monster High Singing Popstar Ari Hauntington Doll

Every new school year at Monster High is a scream with the new students that register! Who will join in on the freaky fun this year!? Introducing the Monster High Welcome to Monster High Ari Hauntington Doll!

Ari Hauntington Doll - Welcome To Monster HighMonster High Singing Popstar Ari Hauntington Doll has come from places unknown, and her spooky presence even gives the boogeyman the creeps! Ari has deep purple hair, that’s long and wavy down her back. A silver headpiece is draped across her forehead, and it pops perfectly against her dead-purple skin tone. Even though she seems lifeless, Ari’s got a talent that’s full of life! Ari is a singing popstar, and her style reflects her exciting hobby! The ghouls are showing their fangs for these fabrics! Ari is wearing a deep purple dress that’s covered in silver swirls and a creepy chain decal! The dress is one-shouldered with translucent pink sleeves that add more of a creep factor! Ari loves to haunt across the stage, and she performs perfectly in her peep-toe pumps that are also a purple hue! Can you guess this monster’s favorite color? Ari isn’t afraid of anything, and she’s always happy to perform a terrorizing tune. She doesn’t go anywhere without her silver microphone! Welcome to Monster High, Ari!

How to play with  Welcome To Monster High Singing Popstar Ari Hauntington Doll

Make Ari Hauntington play music for you by pressing the gem on her chest! Use your hand to determine if she plays loudly, or soft and creepy! Build a stage for her to perform on, and write up some songs that you can sing together!

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Monster High Dana Treasura Jones – Shriek Wrecked

Monster High has seen it all- werewolves, aliens and mermaids too! But what about the daughter of an infamous haunted pirate? Now the students are really going to be spooked! Introducing the Monster High Shriek Wrecked Dana Treasura Jones !

Monster High Dana Treasura Jones Shriek Wrecked Monster High Dana Treasura Jones has taken after her father and loves to terrorize out on the deep-blue, but now she’s headed for land to get her diploma! Dana has long, wavy blonde hair and a brown pirate hat sits creepily on top. Her gown has a fitted top with blue and white stripes, and black tulle creates deathly-cool puffed sleeves! Her long length gown is an ice-blue hue, covered in nautical decorations and treasure maps that Dana loves! What monsters will join in on her next exploration in the deep? One treasure is already hidden in this buccaneer’s beauty, and you’ll find it when you turn her dress! The bright blue fabric turns into a black dress covered in golden glitter!  Her peep-toe pumps that are also a ice-blue hue. Frankenstein can’t take his eyes off of it! This petrifying pirate can’t wait to bring her style ashore to Monster High!

How to play with Monster High Dana Treasura Jones

Create a sunken treasure for Dana Jones to haunt for in the school, and invite her friends onto her dad’s sunken ship! Help her learn about keeping the ocean’s creepy clean so she can tell her ghouls all about it too!

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Monster High Maul Monsteristas Deluxe Doll 5-Pack

If you’re sauntering through the maul, watch out for this pack of screaming shoppers! This freaky group of five loves spending the day floating through the fashion stores, and they’re showing off some haunted hook-ups of their own! Introducing the Monster High Maul Monsteristas Deluxe Doll 5-Pack!

Monster High Maul MonsteristasDraculaura is leading this Maul Monsteristas ghoulish group, and she looks like she walked straight off of a rotten runway! Her long pink hair is styled straight and hangs down her back, and her light-pink skin is turning floating heads! She’s sporting a one-shoulder dress that is an ombre design, which moves from midnight-black at the top into a blood-red at the bottom! Her red booties are the perfect finish to the look, but watch out for those sharp fangs!

Next is Invisi Billy, whose slicked-back blue hair looks great with his dead-blue skin color. He’s sporting a cut-off top with a see-through detail, and the rest has a black and blue stripe pattern! Invisi Billy is creepy-confident in his look, and he’s wearing fitted brown pants and knee-high combat boots that are making ghouls scream!

Of course, Clawdeen Wolf loves the mall, and she’s joined this blood-curdling crew in her most colorful look yet. Clawdeen has a black mini dress on, with a satin piece running all the way down the front with a pop of purple! A freezing-blue belt sits on her waist and knee-high purple boots have our hair standing on end! Her statement piece is all in her hair- her shoulder-length bob and straight across bangs are colored in half slime-green and half monster-purple! This werecat’s green lips and eerie ears will have you howling at the moon!

Gigi Grant is also haunting the halls of the maul in tantalizing colors, including her bright orange locks with blue highlights underneath! She has a full-length, strapless dress on that is covered in Aztec designs, and it’s got shocking colors like petrifying-pink, ghost-white and full moon-yellow. Finishing touches include her pulse-dropping pink skin and her blood-red lips! Finishing off this frightening five is Spectra Vondergeist, whose ghost-white skin and freaky eyes are all the scream! Her long, straight hair has been dipped in dark purple and red dyes, and her flowy dress has purple and white patterns to die for! Keep an eye out for this fab five; they know where all the best haunts are at the maul!

How to play with Monster High Maul Monsteristas Deluxe Doll 5-Pack!

Build your own shopping maul out of cardboard boxes for your monsters to shop and scare through! Be sure to add a creepateria so they can get their snack on, and help them hand out resumes so they can start saving for Monster College!

Monster High Designer Booo-tique Frankie Stein Doll & Fashions

Ever thought about the screaming styles you would wear in the hallways of Monster High? Would you rock hair-raising heels and spooky stitches? Or maybe a haunted headdress and petrifying patterns! Now you can bring your own cool creations to life with the Monster High Designer Booo-tique Frankie Stein Doll & Fashions!

Monster High Designer Booo-tique Frankie Stein Doll & FashionsMonster High Booo-tique Frankie knows exactly what kind of electrifying flair she loves, but now she wants you to put on the lab coat and experiment on her too! Frankie comes with 5 different outfits that you can use to put together your very own style for your creepy classes! Four dresses are included in different designs including full moon-yellow, boogeyman-blue, a petrifying pink and a dress covered in black and white gears! They’re styled in one-shoulder or two straps, and there’s tons of room for you to use your imagination and turn them into nightmarish numbers! Frankie comes with two stencils with different shapes like lightning bolts, scars and dripping hearts. Three markers in black, blue and pink are perfect for creating a new pattern, and a set of stickers will add the finishing freak-out touch!

Monster High Booo-tique Frankie can’t wait to see what kind of mad scientist design you come up with for her! Of course Frankie is wearing another look that you can re-invent, with a bright blue tank top and skirt covered in a black and white hounds tooth pattern! Around her waist is a silver belt with bolts and chains that add to her rustic, robotic look. Her long, straight hair is covered in black and white streaks and her classic green and blue eyes are the perfect touch to her brightly-colored outfits! Teamed up with Frankie there is no telling what kinds of paranormal patterns and pieces you can create together!

How to use Monster High Designer Booo-tique Frankie Stein Doll & Fashions

 Pick one of Frankie’s five outfits to dress her in, and use the included tools to decorate it in a totally new way! Make sure you use her brush to keep her hair tamed, or put it in an electrifying up-do that will shock other students right out of their socks!

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Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll

The jungle better be careful of this fashionable fireball- she loves to be a trailblazer when it comes to trendy looks and head-turning colors! You won’t be able to miss this showrunner in the rainforest! Introducing the Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll!

Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long DollMonster High Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll is shocking in her jewel-toned outfit with bewitching greens, monster purples and blood reds! As daughter of a Chinese fire dragon, Jinafire has golden skin that is covered in a scaly texture all over her arms and legs! Her long neck has serpent-inspired designs, and scaly creatures of the jungle can’t stop slithering about her golden tail! But that’s not all Jinafire is showing off! This dragon’s style is on fire! Her bright red mini has short sleeves and some angled hems to give it a mummified modern look. The dress is covered in purple tiki masks, golden flames and bamboo sticks! Her ghoulfriends are cringing for her couture! Jinafire’s most terror-ific accessory is a golden chest piece, which slithers around her neck and morphs into a belt around her waist!

The statement piece is covered in tantalizing tiki masks and flames that flare out around her. Jinafire’s red-hot fashion continues in her flame-inspired heels that are designed with freaky flames crawling up her ankles and beaded designs along the front! Beware those who dare to walk in the path of this slithering statement dresser! Other cool accessories Jinafire packed for the trip includes her flaming purple bangles and purple tiki earrings, which go perfectly with the theme of her attire. Nocturnal nightmares from across the jungle are coming to see Jinafire’s slime-green hair with black streaks, so beware! To finish the look, Jingafire is wearing a flaming headdress and purple makeup to make her dragon eyes really pop! This ghoul is the slither of this scene!

How to play with Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long Doll

 Help Jinafire find a cave that will be perfect for her to sleep in on their trip, and help her search for a jungle treasure that she can protect! Let her use her skills to build their fires at nighttime, and don’t forget to pack her spicy sauce for all of her meals!

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Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra Vondergeist Doll

It’s a wild world in the halls of Monster High, but your favorite ghouls are gearing up for another adventure that’s sure to have them howling with delight! Bring out your jungle gear and welcome the Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra Vondergeist Doll!

Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra Vondergeist DollThis daughter of the ghosts has been floating through the school for long enough, and now she’s ready for a vacation she’ll never forget! Wearing her very best jungle-theme fabrics with her classic style haunting through, Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra looks simply to die for! Her long, fuchsia-colored hair is long and straight, with an edgy style that shows off angled bangs. A hauntingly-cool headdress sits on top of her bright hair made out of brown bamboo sticks and bright pink tropical flowers! Spectra hasn’t looked this alive in years! Her spine-tingling mini is the perfect piece for this fashionable getaway, with a bright yellow base color that is covered in a floral and bamboo design! This monster sure knows how to match. Spectra sure isn’t jealous of the living’s hiking footwear- she herself chooses some sky-high heels that have the jungle animals shrieking! The shoes are the perfect accessories to complete her look with soles made from bamboo-inspired designs and more tropical flowers that grow up her legs!

This blood-curdling beauty if blending right into the natural elements around her! To add some extra vial va-va-voom to her look, Spectra is sporting some bamboo bangles on both of her deadly-delicate wrists, and her eerie earrings are a chandelier style made from more bamboo! She may look different, but don’t be fooled! You can still recognize this floating fashionista through her icy-blue eyes that are decorated in blue pastel eye shadow and purple lips! Spectra’s ghoulfriends think this ghost has got it going on!

How to play with Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Spectra Vondergeist Doll

Bring some extra hair ties for Spectra in case she wants her gore-geous hair tied back in the jungle, and pack her an extra pair of shoes if her feet start to hurt! Make sure to bring a hat to protect her translucent skin from the sun, and build her a tent to sleep in at night!

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Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody Doll

Only the coolest cats can journey through the jungle without losing one of their lives, and it takes an even more ferocious feline to do it without a scare out of place! Introducing the Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody Doll!

Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody DollMonster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody has fashion for days, and this outfit is no exception. Her jungle-themed attire is so freaky and fun that even the king of the jungle had to take a second look! Meowlody’s main piece is a sleeveless mini, and the black-cat colored dress is covered in ghost-white fish bones, moon-yellow claw marks and blood-red scars! The nightmarish number is combined with some clawsome accessories, including a warrior-themed necklace that flairs around her neck! Freaky-fun details include spearheads and bones all collected to create the piece!

Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody is also wearing some blood-red arm bands that are decorated in miniature bones, and they look super sinister against her striped grey and white skin! Don’t forget to check out her paws- this ferocious feline is wearing a pair of jack-o-lantern-orange heels that are decorated in more spears and crossbows! No one will dare approach this jungle queen without the highest in fashion sense! Meowlody stays true to her catty ways with her dark grey fur and white stripes, as well as her white face markings golden eyes. Her ice-clue makeup really makes her eyeshadow pop, and salmon-pink lipstick finishes off the look! Not convinced this werecat can rule the rainforest runway? Check out Meowlody’s ghost-white hair with black spots! And her headdress is nothing to scream about! The bright blood-orange headdress is covered in tropical flowers and more red spears! Don’t underestimate this trendy ghoul- she may be a deadly delight in the hallways of Monster High, but out in the jungle she’s allowed to be a wild warrior!

How to play with Monster High Ghouls’ Getaway Meowlody Doll

 Help Meowlody build a spear out of sticks so she can catch some fresh fish out of the rivers! Make sure she cleans her fur while she’s out in the wild, and don’t forget to let her stalk at night- cool werecats love to explore when the moon is full!

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