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Monster high a Pack of Trouble Review

Look alive, Monster High, the wolf pack is back! Clawdia, Clawd, Clawdeen and Howleen Wolf are the proud children of Mr. Werewolf, and their fashion sense is always a howling success. This 2014 Monster High Release of A Pack of Trouble includes all four siblings sporting full moon fashions and accessories.

pack of Trouble

Clawdia WolfClawdia Wolf is the oldest sibling in the Monster high a pack, of trouble, sporting a bloodcurdling blonde ponytail and black cat colored glasses. Clawdia shines in sparkling gold eye makeup and lip colors, with a touch of blue to make her yellow moon eyes pop! Her spooktacular blazer shows off stripes of red, black and gold, and a ripped design popular to each of her sibling’s styles. Covered by her blazer is a white collared polo, dressed in a cute pink cross bone print! Clawdia’s shorts are a blood red hue with Aztec inspired patterns, and a sparkly blue belt ties the look together. Her white high-heeled booties are decorated with demon-like spikes, and she finishes the look with a gold bracelet. Straight A’s for this furry fashionista!

Clawd of pack of troubleClawd may be the only boy in this pack of trouble, but he makes sure that his eerie flair is not forgotten!  Students at Monster High always recognize Clawd in his moonlight-styled Mohawk that lets his wolf ears move as they please! Small white fangs can be seen just enough to scare even the spookiest of sophomores, and his yellow eyes lure all of the ghouls in. His white collared polo shirt shows off blue, black and yellow stripes, and the classic ripped detail the Wolf’s love. Knee-length denim shorts with white stitching and purple athletic shoes finish a look that has other jealous wolves howling! This furball knows his fashion!

Clawdeen pack of troubleShe might be younger, but Clawdeen Wolf is a nocturnal nightmare for fashion freaks! Keeping her hairiness under control, Clawdeen has a gorgeous set of dark brown locks, dancing with petrifying purple streaks. Showing off a bit of hair-raising rebellion, she has one of her wolf ears pierced with a golden hoop, matching her fangtastic golden studded bracelet. Purple hues in her eye shadow set off her golden moon eyes, and little white fangs can be seen on her glossy pink lips. Don’t be fooled though- Clawdeen isn’t all sweet! A white collared tank top with black, purple and green stripes is made howlingly haunting with a claw ripping design. Channeling her inner beast, she also sports a faux fur black vest. On the bottom, a high-wasted purple skirt shows off her shape shifting style, with a layer of purple tool on the top, and a black leopard pattern underneath. As a true sister of the wolf pack, Clawdeen adds a dash of ghoulish gold coloring to her strappy sandal stilettos. Just like the fashion world, this girl can change her style every full moon!

Howleen Wolf of a pack of trouble There are no rainbows at a full moon, so youngest wolf  of a trouble of pack, Howleen Wolf channels it in her style! In a flurry of fur and colors, Howleen rocks pink shoulder-length locks with orange highlights, and a pink hue for her eye shadow and lip gloss show off her orange moon-colored eyes. Her gold and black striped crop top dons long sleeves and a white collar, without missing the classic ripped design her older siblings started. Underneath her crop top, is a dark pink top with light pink tiger stripes to ward off other howling beasts. Cropped denim jeans with a black paw print pattern make Mr. Werewolf proud, and finishing off the look is a pink and black bracelet, and black leather high-heeled combat boots. This girl’s style is absolutely killer!

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