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Monster High Boo York, Boo York Floatation Station and Astranova Doll Playset

When the ghouls of Monster High headed to Boo York, they never imagined they’d meet a new friend quite like this one! Flying in from the sky with styles that are out of this galaxy, Monster High introduces the Monster High Boo York, Boo York Flotation Station and Astranova Doll Playset!

Monster High Boo York, Boo York Floatation Station and Astranova Doll PlaysetAstranova is nothing like the ghouls have ever crept before, with intergalactic fabrics and powers to impress! Astranova has periwinkle skin, which is covered in a stardust glitter that stuns! Her deep purple and black hair is pin-straight and slicked back, in order to make room for her planet-hopping headdress! This headdress is a spooky statement piece, with an electric blue top and shocking silver sides covered in feathery textures and a headset! Her light blue skirt is totally stellar, with a halter top neckline, purple constellations and silver designs all over! The ghouls agree there’s some screaming style out in space!

Some of Astranova’s clawsome accessories include her knee-high heels, chest piece and belt, which all don the same magenta coloring and feathered textures from her petrifying planet! More out-of-this-world accessories include her pink and blue cape, silver gloves and star-studded makeup! When everyone is done howling over Atranova’s style, they’ll notice she’s also brought her very own stage! Designed with Boo York in mind, Atranova’s set shows off a black skyline of Boo York sitting atop a flurry of clouds that it brought down from space! A purple comet decorates the top of the set, which lights up and goes to the beat of any maddening music Astranova plays! Ready to be amazed? Ghouls will shriek when Astranova floats among her set, just like she does in her zero-gravity home! This night-flyer’s fashion is sparkling just like a star! Light up her comet and let her put on a show for her new friends; Boo York will never want this creepy comet alien to leave!

How to play with  Monster High Boo York, Boo York Floatation Station and Astranova Doll Playset

Throw Astranova a welcome party, and invite her friends from space to join in too! Choose some clawsome space beats to keep the party going, and show Astranova around Monster High before she heads back to her home planet!

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Monster High Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon Doll 2-Pack

Nothing is better than traveling and haunting the world with the love of your unlife! Introducing the Monster High Boo York, Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon Doll 2-Pack!

 Comet-Crossed Couple Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon DollCleo and Deuce were a match made at the High, and now they’re expanding their horror-izons to the big city of Boo York! Looking freaky and fresh, this couple is slithering the streets with out-of-this-world fashions that the locals are dying for! Cleo looks stunning, wrapped up in an electrifying-blue dress and black mesh sleeves. To add a little bit of her scaritage, Cleo’s entire dress is decorated in golden ribbons wrapped all around her for a demonic detail that’s sure to unravel! These linens are so rare they’ve become an urban legend! Not to be forgotten, Cleo’s shoes complete the ensemble with an Egyptian mummy design on the front, and long snakes winding up her legs! Check here for more images 

Ghouls can’t take their eyes off them, but be careful not to get too close! Finishing details include her midnight black hair with blue streaks and hints of haunted golden glitter. An ancient headband adds a chic detail; cool and straight from the crypt! Cleo’s monster looks just as alluring, in slime-greens and scaly textures! Deuce is sporting his classic snake hair, styled to the side and slithering! A grey collar can be seen underneath his clawsome sweater, which is covered in green scale patterns and a black snack design around the collar! No one dares hiss at this outfit! Setting some new city trends, Deuce is sporting black leather pants with a scale texture, and brown combat boots complete the look! Deuce’s favorite part is his eyes; the black slits are a hair-raising addition, and his gold sunglasses protect them perfectly! These two lovebirds are sure to make some unlife memories in Boo York!

How to use Monster High Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon Doll 2-Pack

Remember to pack Cleo’s coffin, and make sure Deuce brings his sunglasses so he isn’t stoning everyone in the city! Take the creepy couple to a fabulous dinner at the New York Zoo, and make sure they get a spot near the reptile section! It’s a good idea to find tickets to Mummy-Mia for Cleo as well!

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Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Keeping things wild as always, this furry young ghoul knows how to get everyone howling with her haunted hipster fashions! Joining Draculaura and Operetta on their big city excursion is our favorite friendly werewolf! Introducing the Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Clawdeen Wolf Doll!

Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Clawdeen Wolf DollBoo York Frightseers Clawdeen is looking fierce as always with her frightening fangs and mesmerizing jewel-tone makeup. Her long, brown hair is styled in large waves half-up and half-down, with pieces of hair hanging down in front! The style is made more monstrous with pastel purple streaks floating throughout, matching perfectly with her makeup! A pop or bright orange is just what Clawdeen was looking for her in her crystal-covered pair of sunglasses! Keep them on her head or let her wear them on sunny days in the Boo York’s streets! Its not just her ferocious personality that has her center stage, Clawdeen’s style also has something to do with it! This musical howler is wearing a funky white tee with blue and yellow accents; thick black lines dance all over the top in wild designs! A second layer is a bright statement piece; a metallic-blue vest with ripped details! Check here for more images.

Monster High Boo York Clawdeen absolutely had to get her paws on it! And keeping with the metallic theme, this furry femme fatale picked out the perfect pair of metallic shorts in a golden ghoul hue! She’s going to look like royalty in this rockin’ musical! Clawdeen packed her favorite pair of high-heeled booties to go perfectly with her attire; the golden heels show off all of the details in her outfit, and they’re so comfy that she can still go for a run in Boo York’s central park! One last dooming detail is Clawdeen’s black bag, which has creepy-cool textures and chain link straps! Boo York is going to look good on this fashionable furball!

How to play with Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Clawdeen would love if you could build her a personal runway to show off her favorite styles! Make sure to invite her wild werewolf siblings on the trip and take her to howling lessons before the big show!

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Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Draculaura Doll

Some young monsters have real chops for singing, and this ghoul is no exception! It’s a good thing she’s ready to belt it out for those Boo Yorkers! Introducing the Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Draculaura Doll!

 Boo York Frightseers Draculaura DollBoo York Frightseers Draculaura is looking as fang-tastic as ever in fashions that Boo Yorkers will really sink their teeth into! Looking edgier than ever, this little vampire is sporting her classic fangs and fierce fashions to go with them! Her long, straight hair has straight bangs and horrifying hues of pink and black throughout! This nightwalker is wearing a super-chic dress with a sweetheart neckline and bright patterns! Her straps show off a metallic silver shade with wing-inspired details that flair out around her arms! She might just fly off to the highest skyscraper! Check here for more images

Pops of color on her dress show off petrifying pinks, blood reds and dead-blue hues shaped in fanged lips, hearts and dripping blood! Citizens of Boo York can’t decide if they’re totally cute or completely creepy! The bottom portion of this vivid vampire’s dress flairs out around her at knee-length, and a second piece of silver fabric sits atop her dress for more lavish layering! The deadly addition has a skyline-inspired hem that’s perfect for this ghoul’s terror trip! If there’s one thing you have to see while in Boo York, it’s Draculaura’s shoes!! These funky booties are a gargoyle-grey color, with wing-shaped details and chunky shapes along the bottom! She loves stalking the strip of Boo York in these head turners! Accessories on this singing bloodsucker include a pale pink purse shaped just like big lips! The bag’s long straps hang flawlessly on her arm, and the shape matches perfectly with her lip-shaped sunglasses! Tourists better watch out for this fashionable fanger! Check here for more images

How to play with Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Draculaura Doll

Make sure Draculaura brings her special camera so she shows up in the pictures she takes! Don’t forget to pack her coffin for her hotel room, and most important; her toothbrush!

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Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Operetta Doll

Music is in this monster’s blood, so its no shrieking shock that she’s haunting the streets on the way to her first musical! Introducing the Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Operetta Doll!

Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Operetta DollBoo York Frightseers Operetta fits right  into this hair-raising city, with sky-high heels, hot colors and looks to kill! Her shoulder-length locks are streaked in blood red and midnight-black hues, and they’re styled in a sleeked back look that’s spooky and sophisticated! Translucent, purple sunglasses decorate the hairstyle, with crystal detailing along the sides of the rims! This accessory is making her the star of the show! Operetta obviously packed to petrify; her V-neck tee is a blood red vision, shimmering in a glittery, satin material.  A thick, black belt sits stylishly at her waist, blending perfectly into her spine-tingling skirt that has the spooked city people witch-green with envy! The asymmetrical hem of the skirt adds different lengths to the layer that has all of the ghouls loving her look! Black and red designs are splashed all over the statement piece with dripping blood, stripes and skulls! Click here for more images

Boo York has never seen anything like Operetta! Her charmed accessories include amazing high-heeled booties in pastel purple, and a cryptic bag with long silver straps. The metallic purse has details to howl for, with a giant spooky spider on the front to keep other claws and paws out! Don’t miss out on Operetta’s ode to music; eerie red and black tattoos dance along her arm showing off spine-tingling treble clefs! This ghoul fits in perfectly in the big city! Tourists are loving Operetta’s deathly-looking skin tone in a pale purple, and the shade makes her deep red lips and blue eyes really pop! She’ll definitely be returning next screamester!

How to play with Monster High Boo York, Boo York Frightseers Operetta Doll

Help Operetta find a fun tattoo parlor in Boo York so she can add to her musical notes! Build a stage for the musical, and let Operetta and her friends put on some shows! Don’t forget to bring back some screaming souvenirs for her family!

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Monster High Boo York Catty Noir doll

Boo York may be full of bright lights and fashionable finds, but they haven’t seen anything like this ghoul yet! Roaming the streets in purr-fection is the Monster High Boo York Catty Noir doll! Catty has on some of her best feline-fatale layers for this trip, showing off her perfected rock star look in artistic patterns and bright metallic!

Monster High Boo York Catty Noir dollDon’t be afraid of losing this sleek stylist, Boo York Catty Noir has a bright blue headband that pops with color, shaped like kitten ears and full of texture! Her long, straight hair has freaky-fantastic shaped bangs, and the left side is colored in boogeyman-blue streaks to keep her one paw ahead of the rest! Her midnight-black skin is spooky and sheer, reflecting off of her creepy chest piece, made from spine-tingling silver metallic material! The statement piece flairs up and around her shoulders like fans, working its way down to her waist with a fun heart design on her chest! She’s luring Boo Yorkers in with this magnetic accessory! Her knee-length dress is covered in a stained-glass inspired pattern that has mixed shades of purple, pink and red that are deathly divine and perfect for the Boo York runway!

This feline’s fashions are so enviable they don’t even need nine lives!  Her hot pink gloves add a classic touch to her modern layers, with cut outs purr-fect for her long, black claws to make a statement! And even in heels, this ghoul always lands on her paws! Her boo-tiful bright blue shoes have her standing sky high in the city, with a peep-toe details and fun designs around her ankles! Finishing touches for the trip include her white mascara, blood-red lips and her signature, sneaky tail! Boo Yorkers can’t take their eye off of her! Catty is ready for the city!

How to play with Monster High Boo York Catty Noir doll

Take Catty  and Nefera de Nile to the mall of  to find some creepy-cat fashions, and don’t forget to cook up her favorite tuna sandwich dish! Make sure you plan a few runway shows for her to visit in Boo York, and don’t forget to pack her nail file! Price $34-$39 vary from seller to seller

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Monster High Boo York Elle Eedee Doll

Coming from the depths of a nightmarish laboratory, this new monster is absolutely nuts about her fashion! Joining the creepy monster crew, this creation is ready for some maddening music and scary sight-seeing! Welcome the 2015 release of the Monster High Boo York Elle Eedee doll!

Monster High Elle EedeeElle comes from a family of robots, whole shiny skin and computing culture looks awesome in any fashion finds! Monster High Elle Eedee has long, wavy hair that is colored in black and teal streaks, styled in a high side ponytail! The style is extra spooky-chic with a translucent teal hairpiece, which matches her outfit and makes her look robotically rockin’! Her eerie silver skin is a metallic hue that highlights her favorite purple shade throughout her outfit, and the color has her sticking out in the busy streets of Boo York! You may like to check Monster High Ghoul Fair – Holt Hyde Doll

Monster High Elle Eedee is wearing a short, fitted dress that has short capped sleeves and a shrilling scoop neck! The dress is purple on the sides, with a thick black section running right down the middle. Hints of silver accents dance all throughout, making even Frankenstein jealous of her creation! A metal body piece adds a spooky statement that no monster has ever seen before, with a textured metallic design decorating her dress and creating a unique belted crest in the middle! Beasts of Boo York can’t wait to see her on stage! Her flowing purple cape adds a deadly-dramatic addition to her outfit, with a translucent fabric that reaches all the way down to the ground! Faint white patterns dance all over the cape, and make her fierce outfit a shrieking success! Other oozing accessories of her attire include clear blue high heels, and dripping earrings that are sure to make her the screaming star of the show!

How to play with Monster High Boo York Elle Eedee Doll

Make sure to pack Elle some oil to keep her joints moving well, and pack an extra umbrella in case it rains! Create a special juice for her to drink so her vocal chords don’t rust, and try to find a spooky new cape for her while you’re out shopping!

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Monster High Boo York Mousecedees King doll

This creepy critter is ready for a freak-tastic trip to the big apple of Boo York! Joining in on the eerie exploring is the 2015 release of the Monster High Boo York Mousecedees King doll!

Monster High Boo York Mousecedees King dollMonster High Mousecedees King may look small and sweet, but this girl still has quite a bite when it comes to her style! Mousecedees is wearing a head-spinning outfit that has all of Boo York’s beasts talking! Her light-grey skin makes all of the colors in her outfit pop, and her big mouse ears are a spooky spectacle for onlookers! That doesn’t bother her though, she loves showing off her eerie ears! Her frightful face is framed by a big statement- her cotton candy-colored hair! The light pink hue makes her hair look good enough to eat, and the big soft waves they are styled in are making people want to sink their teeth into it! Be careful- it might lure you in!

Atop her hairstyle is a metallic blue crown, with jeweled details and a rattling, regal look. Boo York Mousecedees King loves her new top- a black halter-top with golden polka dots all over! The style goes well with her floor-length dress, which also shows off her love for the golden color as it sparkles in a metallic gold all over! The look is to-die-for! The front of the dress shows off a shorter length, which reveals an extra layer underneath of black tulle- creatures all over the city can’t keep their paws off of it! The shorter length also lets travelers see Mousecedees new heels, which are a dark-grey color with thick straps up her ankles! This little mouse has monstrous style! Her last gruesome statement piece is a metallic-blue belt, which has strings of beads dripping down around her skirt! She’s wild and wicked, and she’s ready for Boo York!

How to play with Monster High Boo York Mousecedees King

Pack some cheese for Mousecedees so she can have a snack while they shop! Take her to see a theatrical show of the Nutcracker Prince downtown, and invite her to a famous salon to make sure her hair stays dreadfully delicious!

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Monster High Boo York Luna Mothews Doll

Fluttering in on her frighteningly fabulous wings, this monarch monster is ready for some musical fun! Joining in on the teeth-chattering trip is the 2015 release of the Monster High Boo York Luna Mothews doll!

Monster High Boo York Luna MothewsMonster High Luna Mothews looks shriek-tastic in her illuminating layers, and her butterfly-themed outfit is stopping everyone on the streets of Boo York! A vibrant golden headpiece frames Luna’s face, shaped in a bootiful butterfly and spine-tingling textures! The headpiece keeps Luna’s luscious locks out of her face, colored in a black-cat hue with devilish-red streaks along the front! And fans are going to love Luna’s tube-top, which is black across the chest and a glimmering red across the middle! The glamorous tube top has monsters shrieking while she’s on stage!

Midnight-black pants are fitted on her silhouette, and they fit perfectly underneath her silver boots, which have fun textures and a peep-toe detailing! These heels take Luna sky-high where she loves to be! With her scary celeb-status, all of her fang fans are talking about their favorite part of her outfit! Check out her floor-length skirt, which has a short flair at the front, and trails down at the back! The layer is a translucent material, which is designed to mimic a ghostly-good replica of a butterfly wing! Red, black and white coloring shows off fun detailing, and the hem reflects the same shape of a wing as well! This fashion piece will be told in scary stories for centuries to come! And of course, Luna never goes anywhere without her haunting black wings, which have lots of line detailing and a creepy-cool shape! Monsters everywhere are trying to see Boo York just to get a glimpse of her prized possessions! Don’t get too close or this eerie insect will disappear!

How to play with Monster High Boo York Luna Mothews Doll

 Make sure Luna has lots of space to fly around and stretch her wings! Create your own set of wings to match hers, and give her some singing lessons for the big show!

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Monster High Boo York Nefera De Nile doll

Even monsters love to travel the world! In this gruesomely awesome 2015 release, Monster High introduces the Boo York Nefera De Nile doll! Joining her petrifying pals, Nefera is headed to Boo York to see the sights and make a scream!

Monster High Boo York  Nefera De Nile DollThe timeless child is looking her ultimate blood-curdling best, in wrapped up layers and ancient accessories! Boo York Nefera De Nile is showing off her classic-creepy bright teal hair color, with some lighter streaks of teal and white! They look just like a sea-foam serpent, styled in straight long locks that are brushed away from her freaky face! Atop her head, Monster High Boo York Nefera De Nile doll wears a laurel-inspired crown in deep metallic silver, that lets everyone who meets her know she is a royal princess! A bold statement piece comes in the form of a golden chest piece, which has multiple textures and a well-fitted shape. The top also has an out-of-this-world shoulder flair, which adds a cool extra angle to the piece and a fashion statement that all the treacherous tourists are dying for! Underneath, a black top has v-shaped straps that you can see up around her neck, and bright teal elbow gloves are adding a touch of majestic monster to this timeless beauty’s look!

Floating down from her waist like its straight out of the haunted Nile, is Nefera’s spine-tingling skirt, which is made of various lengths for a traditional Egyptian trait. The shorter skirt is a black, satin material with purple and teal waves dancing all over. An extra black section hangs down to her knees, and compliments her off-angled shoulder piece scary-well! The monsters of Boo York can’t keep their eyes off her style, especially her shoes! Translucent teal heels wind right up to her knees, with snake details and fin décor at the bottom. Boo York loves Nefera!

How to play with  Monster High Boo York Nefera De Nile doll

Find a coffin-shaped purse for Nefera while they stop in Boo York, and make sure you pack her a map so she doesn’t get all twisted and lost! Take her and her friends to see a mummy museum, and see if you can find her a modeling agent!

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