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Monster High Brand-Boo Students Kjersti Trollsøn Doll

Gamers, beware! Monster High has enrolled a freak of a geek, and she’s ready to level up the fashion game at this school! Introducing the Monster High Brand-Boo Students Kjersti Trollson Doll! Kjersti is a gaming ghoul who isn’t afraid to take on any trendy opponent both in and outside of the game!

Monster High Brand-Boo Students Kjersti Trollsøn DollShe’s blended her troll scaritage fabrics with inter-galactic colors and cyber accessories to become the scream of the school! Her long hair is styled in blood-curdling, big curls that are covered in ice-blue and petrifying-pink hues! Atop her head, Kjersti is sporting a knitted, turquoise toque and head-turning horns! Not every troll looks this good when she’s gaming! Kjersti is wearing an off-the-shoulder tee in a black cat hue, with a Monster High skull on the front and pixelated patterns on her sleeves! A matching skirt shows off a pixelated pattern in teal, blue and purple colors, and the hem howls with a zig-zag pattern! A second layer sits atop her skirt, with a pink, glittery layer that shows off a tasset-inspired design!

This troll is bringing back some haunting and historic trends! Don’t believe us? Just check out her shoes! Kjersti may be a tiny troll, but her sky-high heels have her standing out in the digital crowd! The high-heeled boots are a freaky violet hue, with checkered soles and dead-blue socks! Don’t miss out on her clawesome purse; it’s inspired by a gaming controller, with pink buttons and a black handle that blends perfectly with her spine-tingling trends. Her most favorite accessory is her hot-pink pair of glasses that are designed with her gaming style in mind. She loves wearing them when she’s on the haunt! Don’t be fooled by her tiny stature and pink skin, Kjersti is a gaming ghoul who has a great sense of style. She’s ready to level up!

How to play with Monster High Brand-Boo Students Kjersti Trollsøn Doll

Take Kjersti to the gaming store and help her pick out some new games to play! Take her to the Mummy Mall for some killer new looks, and don’t forget to get her eyes checked regularly so she can play all day and haunt all night!

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Monster High Brand-Boo Students Isi Dawndancer Doll

This scaremester, ghouls and goblins at Monster High will have to prepare themselves for unseen students and freaky new friends! This new student is going to have everyone howling at her terrifying trends; introducing the Monster High Brand-Boo Students Isi Dawndancer Doll! Isi is a wooded wanderer, with her scaritage in the Boo Hexican Deer Spirit tribe.

Monster high Isi Dawndancer DollIsi Dawndancer Doll’s ice-blue hair is the first thing ghouls notice, and they’re dying to try it out! Her wild deer ears perk out from underneath her straightened hairstyle, and an archaic headpiece shows off trendy antlers that would spook any ghost! Isi’s style is the perfect combination of tribal patterns, frightful colors and modern pieces. Her black one-piece is made of full-length pants and a halter-style top that’s covered in blue skulls, red diamonds and blue triangles! Isi is also wearing an off-the-shoulder sweater in a blood-red hue, with black, white and blue zig zags!

Monster High students can’t wait to get their paws on her trends!  Of course, it’s not all about the fabric. Isi also loves showing off her clawsome sense of shoe style too! Her bright blue heels have layered fringes with bright pink details, and they keep her hooves comfy for when she dances! She’s the perfect combination of wild and wicked! Isi’s undead accessories include a dreamcatcher-themed purse, yellow-beaded necklaces and blood-curdling bangles! She may be from the forest, but she’s got every fashionista wrapped around her little hoof! Don’t forget to take a peek at her gore-geous makeup, which starts out white in the middle and slowly fades to brown! Little white freckles give her a sweet look to lure in other monsters, and her big brown eyes are dazzling demons! Watch out for this new addition, she’ll be dancing her way into the souls of her fellow students soon!

How to play with Monster High Brand-Boo Students Isi Dawndancer Doll

 Pick out some Boo Hexican-style music for Isi to dance to, and help her find some more comfortable shoes at the mall! Make sure to invite her whole tribe for dinner, and try out new hairstyles that Isi can rock at school!

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