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Monster High Creepateria Cleo de Nile Doll

Being the daughter of the mummy is definitely what it’s all wrapped up to be! This 2014 Monster High Release of Cleo de Nile in the creepateria is sure to spook students at lunchtime!

Creepateria Cleo de Nile Doll

Cleo is wearing a one shoulder, pyramid-pattern dress in the Aztec colors gold, blue, black and purple. Details like the turquoise shoulder ruffle and blue shoulder strap add spooky style to the mummified model student.

A turquoise sash hangs loosely around her waist, and strappy high-heel sandals in gold metallic awaken even the sleepiest monsters in the crypt! Cleo’s out of the tomb accessories include a turquoise triangular bangle and a fuchsia necklace.

With mummy’s approval, Creepateria Cleo  de Nile also shows off some purple and turquoise streaks in her long, jet-black hair with bangs. To finish the mystified look, purple and golden eye shadow makes Cleo’s blue eyes pop, and a blue and white diamond sits under her right eye.

Of course, even the girl from the crypt likes her calories, and for lunch Cleo has chosen her favorite- a bowl of grapes, and a goblet of an unknown concoction. Better be careful switching snacks with her today! Neatly carried on her golden coffin-shaped tray, Cleo may walk slowly, but her style is quick to impress!

How to play With Monster High Creepateria Cleo de Nile Doll

Collect Cleo’s friends and build the rest of her fearleading squad, or take them to a zombie game! And don’t forget to brush her gorgeous hair- even a five thousand year old mummy needs to look fresh!

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Monster High Creepateria Howleen Wolf Doll

Monsters will be shrieking when the 2014 Monster High Release of Creepateria Howleen Wolf comes to lunch! She may be the youngest daughter of the Werewolf, but she sure knows a thing or two about frightful fashions!

Creepateria Howleen Wolf Howleen has hot pink hair with blue highlights, all pulled into a half ponytail to showcase her fantastic wolf ears!

Her magenta colored tank top with yellow paw print pattern makes even Frankenstein green with envy, and it is complimented by a black ripped design! Howleen’s black skirt has a pink to blue ombre cross-bone pattern that has all the ghouls howling, and it is kept together with blue stitching to match her shoelaces.

Tying it all together, Howleen sports a thick pink spiked bracelet, and pink high heel boots with markings of paw prints, hearts and skulls! A light layer of pink eye shadow and purple lip gloss let Monster High know Howleen is ready to have a howling good time!

Of course a girl has got to keep up her energy until the next full moon, so Howleen has packed her favorite for lunch- a winged haunt dog on her blue Monster High coffin-shaped tray! Her siblings may already be popular, but Howleen is ready to raise the “steaks” and bet on her totally furry fashion sense!

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How to play With Creepateria Howleen Wolf Doll:

Collect all of the creepateria students and build them a blood curdling cafeteria of their own! Create Howleen’s beloved pet hedgehog, or send her to her very own shopping maul to get some wickedly wild scary styles!

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Monster High Creepateria Draculaura Doll

Lunchtime at Monster High is anything but dead-boring when Draculaura floats into the cafeteria! From her petrifying pink highlights to her hot pink heart-winged heels, Draculaura is a fashion fright to be reckoned with.

 Monster High Creepateria Draculaura Doll

Looking just like her daddy, Monster High Creepateria Draculaura has porcelain white skin and sleek black hair styled with bangs, and pulled back to reveal her exscreamly beautiful looks.

Her sleek and spooky tank-top pops with a pink bat pattern, and is paired perfectly with a fangtastic patterned skirt other ghouls could really sink their teeth into. Matching yellow stitching on both garments make the look one that even Frankenstein would be jealous of.

Hair-raising accessories like her yellow necklace continue her heart theme, and bloody beautiful dripping bangles compliment her yellow eye makeup that could put even the spookiest of creatures under her spell. Has she stolen your heart yet? It might be yours that’s sitting just below her eye. But don’t be fooled- this Dracula’s girl isn’t all sweet.

Playing with Monster High Creepateria Draculaura Doll

For lunch? Winged grilled cheese, and an unknown putrid potion in her favourite goblet. Served atop her creepy-clever coffin shaped tray, students should probably forget about swapping lunches with her today. Even still, every ghoul, boy and wolf would hang upside-down to sit next to Draculaura at lunch.

Doll cannot stand on her own. Stand not included.

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