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Monster High Freak du Chic Circus Scaregrounds and Rochelle Goyle Doll Playset

There are a lot of places to find freaky fun things to do, but no more freaky than at the wild and weird circus! Who else would we find lurking around the big tent than a couple of our favorite ghouls from the spookiest school? Introducing  2015 release of the Monster High Freak du Chic Circus Scaregrounds and Rochelle Goyle Doll Play Set!

Monster High Circus Scaregrounds and Rochelle Goyle Doll Play SetMonster High Freak du Chic Circus Scaregrounds and Rochelle Goyle play set is definitely something to scream about, with tons of deadly fun activities to do and creepy-cool fashions along with it! Sway along with the screamers on the fun swing that hangs from a Monster High sign; its Rochelle’s favorite thing to do! Join in on the fun by taking some petrifying pictures in the posing station, where ghouls and ghosts alike can take silly photos in a photo frame! A wavy, pink frame mirror is making waves, changing the appearance of all of the monsters whenever they look into it!

vintage camera is included for all of the spooksters who love taking selfies, and a fun pair of masquerade glasses is a great prop for some silly scream photos! Every monster is waiting to get into this funhouse! For those flying beasts who like to take their fun to new heights, a tightrope hangs between the two sections and can be used to add some fear factor to the show! Other details include a fun golden frame of Rochelle Goyle and ghostly white peaks so every monster knows the circus is in town! Speaking of Rochelle, her own style is making waves with her bright colors and slimy style! Her hot pink hair is styled into long, big curls and her pointed horns pop out perfectly! Her black and white striped dress has petrifying pink and dead-blue colors dancing along the bottom, and her hot pink heels are as high as the screamers on stilts! Don’t miss out on this freaky-fabulous freak show!

How to use Monster High Freak du Chic Circus Scaregrounds and Rochelle Goyle Doll Playset

Practice a big show for all of Rochelle’s friends, and don’t forget to make some popcorn for all of the visitors! Add a creepy room of mirrors and some zombie tamers for a crazy-creepy show they’ll never forget at Monster High!

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Monster High Freak Du Chic Gooliope Jellington Doll

Not every monster you meet is from this planet! Freaks and ghouls alike will be shrieking with delight at the sight of this new monster! Feast your eyes on the 17-inch Monster High Freak Du Chic Gooliope Jellington Doll!

Monster High Gooliope Jellington DollGooliope is the daughter of the mysterious blob, and she’s sauntering into the halls of the spooky high school to attend the haunted Monster High Dance! No one has seen any monster like her- Gooliope has blobs of gooey skin that are dripping down her arms and legs, and her skin is a toxic pink color! An acidic yellow hue makes her beautiful, long locks stand out in the crowd, and they’re decorated with chunks of red coloring in the front! Of course every girl needs the perfect hair accessory, and this spooky space alien has chosen a cathedral-inspired golden tiara; it’s the perfect musical detail for this monster! Be careful not to stare into her big, blue eyes for too long-radioactive signs decorate her pupils and ward off even the meanest of monsters!

Monster high Gooliope  Jellington picked the perfect outfit for her eerie entrance; her fitted red and black striped top is dressed up with golden details, and a black and white striped belt adds a pop of pattern! Her ghoulish gown is definitely from a far-off place; not even the Cyclops has ever laid eye on it! The numerous patterns in the gown include red and white striped ribbons, golden roping, red skulls and radioactive signs! It’s the best dress she’s ever worn in her unlife! Every beast is asking Gooliope if they can have a deadly dance, and she always says yes in her bright-red, peep-toe heels! But her most favorite accessory is her fashionable golden shoulder pad, complete with golden hoop earrings and chunky necklace! Wherever Gooliope came from, she’s making her own wicked waves with her unique freaky fashions!

How to play with Monster High Freak Du Chic – Gooliope Jellington Doll

Being a blob can get sticky sometimes, so make sure Gooliope keeps her skin and hair clean! Take her out to find a new pair of dancing shoes, and don’t forget to write to her friends back home- wherever that is!

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