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Monster High Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Every ghoul and ghost at Monster High cheers when this furry fashion-starter joins the haunted bus ride for a field trip! The 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Freaky Field Trip collection includes none other than the fuzzy, fabulous Clawdeen Wolf!

Freaky Field trip Clawdeen WolfEven when she’s at home, Monster high Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen always looks like she just crawled off the runway, so a field trip from school is no exception! Looking like a dangerous diva, Clawdeen is sporting long, wavy brown locks, with a pop or putrid purple along her face! Her seriously sassy mini is a strapless black skirt, which has vile visitors more interested in her clothes than the field trip! The dress itself has orange and yellow colors throughout in shapes like paw prints, bones and swirls!

A fierce mint green stripe splashes across the whole front of the dress, with zig-zag trimming from the likes of some sort of monster! The pop of color is a hair-raising style choice for the well-dress wolf. Clawdeen takes every inch of her outfit seriously. Sky-high boots show off a pastel purple hue, with scary spikes lining the back of the heel, and layers of laces decorating the front. Student who are serious about style always think about their shoes! And of course the moonlight monster found accessories to match! Click Here for more images

A six-layered golden bracelet crawls up Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen’s arm, and adds a punch of metallic glam to her getup! No student is surprised when Clawdeen finds a soft spot for the skull of an unknown creature during this field trip! Her slime green binder might be cool, but this howler is absolutely in love with her new bone-chilling find!

How to play with Monster high Freaky Field Trip Clawdeen Wolf

 Invite Clawdeen’s ghouls over to show off her new field trip find, or put together a runway so she can put on a fashion show in all her most favorite outfits! Treat your friend by taking her to the haunted opera, or for an ice scream cone!

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Monster High Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant Doll

Sometimes going on a field trip is tough when people think your home is the actual artifact on display! Introducing the genie’s daughter, Gigi Grant, from the 2014 Fall Release of Monster High Freaky Field Trip collection!

Monster high Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant DollGigi is excited to get out of her lamp and on the road for a fun trip with her Monster High disembody! And just because she lives in a lamp, doesn’t mean she’s had her head in the sand! Gigi has her own unique style, and she’s ready to take it on a trip! Fuchsia pink hair makes Monster High Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant stand out in a crowd, and her long straight locks are made even more creative with bright orange highlights!

Of course Gigi still likes to keep it classy, so her simplistic outfit is made freakishly fun with spooky patterns and shiny accessories! Gigi’s main attraction is her tee-shirt styled dress, with small sleeves, and a less fitted fabric. The pattern on her dress is completely out-of-this-world, and Gigi believes even aliens would appreciate her “out there” style! The fabric shows off colors ranging from purple, to blue and pink, and white wispy designs mimic that of stars in a ghoulish galaxy! A layer of translucent blue fabric adds an edgy detail to her dress, and it has all of the ghouls talking about it at the scream park! When she’s not in her lamp, Gigi likes to really screech and stretch out! Click Here For more images

Golden stilettos let Gigi tower over the little monsters running around, and the strappy detailing has even Scarah Screams staring at her! Most important on her outfit is her golden beaded necklace, which boasts a giant genie as its centerpiece. Some of the trinkets Gigi comes with include a purple lunch bag, and a golden telescope! She can see fashion finds from anywhere now!

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How to play with Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant Doll

Invite Toralei over for a visit, so they can compare their new trinkets from their field trips! Remember to keep her gorgeous genie hair clean, or create a spacious home lamp for Gigi to stretch out and relax in comfortably!


Monster High Freaky Field Trip Toralei Stripe

Monster High screechers had better make sure they keep a watchful eye on the fearless fashionista’s joining the school field trip! The 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Freaky Field Trip has invited Toralei Stripe along for the ride, and she’s ready to sink her claws into some brain-numbing knowledge!

Always dressed to impress, Freaky Field Trip Toralei is putting her best bob forward, with freaky fire-red hair, and a streak of tiger striped blue! Icicle blue eye-shadow makes Toralei’s green cat eyes absolutely mesmerizing, and whisker-inspired make-up puts the purr in purrfect! Her outfit of choice for a school day on the road begins with a fitted, sleeveless dress, and the turtleneck collar makes the look sassy and spooky!

Monster High Freaky Field Trip Toralei stripeThe dress itself is a blood-red hue, with black tiger stripe patterns all over. As an added detail, creepy blue claw marks can be seen throughout the dress, making it look like some monsters couldn’t keep their paws off of it! Beasts and ghouls would assume that cats are afraid of heights, but Toralei isn’t just an ordinary type of feline!

Exploring the crypts, Toralei feels comfortable in sky high stilettos that are a translucent blue, with strappy details all down the front! There was no way this hard-working werecat was going to miss out on all the fun stuff at the field trip! Final touches on this fierce feline include brown stripes down her left leg and right arm, and her long curly tail always makes an appearance! It seems her successful day on the school trip had Toralei making all kinds of discoveries! A bottle of an unknown concoction is included, and a mysterious fish skeleton sits atop a pedestal. Toralei loves going to the Booseum! if you are looking for monster high costume you can find it here 

How to play Monster High Freaky Field Trip Toralei Stripe 

Add pieces of fun jewelry to Toralei’s look, and help her find a new place in her room for her fish skeleton! Invite her friends over to show off her finds, or go visit her friends at their favorite restaurhaunt!

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