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Monster High Freaky Fusion Ghoulia Yelps doll

Don’t be fooled by this zombie’s slow nature-her twisted new look is quick to impress! From the 2014 Release, Monster High introduces Freaky Fusion Ghoulia Yelps doll! Inspired by the fashion sense of the zealous zombie and the runway night-walker Draculaura, Ghoulia shows off a bone-chilling new style with bloody blues, reds and blacks throughout!

Monster High Freaky Fusion Ghoulia YelpsHer long straight hair is made up of various hues of blue, tied into two petrifying pigtails and scared-straight bangs. A jet black headband with flapping bat wings decorates her head, and matches her black horn-rimmed glasses that she can take on and off for reading the fright board!

Dead blue lips host some removable fangs that she can wear whenever she feels like taking a bite out of something! Freaky Fusion Ghoulia’s square-neckline dress has black puffed sleeves with red trimming, and a blood-red ribbon wraps around her waist that ties into a clawsome bow at the side! The pattern of her dress is so deadly cool, its even got the school screechers losing focus in class! A satin icicle-blue background is decorated with red winged brains, and its ruffled hem opens up at the side to expose a black ruffled layer underneath! Buy Ghoulia Yelps Costume

 This slumbering student is full of surprises! Sky-high stilettos in a blood-curdling blue have straps wrapping up her legs, and hair-raising red skulls decorate the sides of the shoes. One last piece of jewelry adds a shivering touch- a dripping red heart for a wrist bangle! Ghoulia isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her wrist! And just in case it gets stormy, Ghoulia carries a blue parasol, decorated with a skull and bat to keep her dry on her slow walk home from school! This freaky fusion is a slow-paced fashion force to be reckoned with!

How to play with Monster High Freaky Fusion Ghoulia Yelps doll

Create your own skateboard or bicycle for Ghoulia Yelps, so that she can get to class on time for once! And Ghoulia loves books, so feel free to read to her anytime you feel like it! (She usually prefers something educational- scary stories are so slow to the point!)

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Cleolei doll

What do you get when you fuse a frighteningly feisty werecat with eerie Egyptian royalty? Monster High reveals the 2014 Fall Release of the Freaky Fusion Cleolei doll! Two ghouls from two very different haunting histories merge together in this twisted science mishap, but the result is royally wild!

Monster High Freaky fusion Cleolei dollMonster high Cleolei’s eye-opening one piece has a strapless top half, and cropped leggings cut at an angle. Majestic golden Egyptian cats, electric blue diamonds, and royal red stripes decorate the black fabric making the wildest beasts howl in envy! A metallic blue jacket with three-quarter sleeves adds another texture to the look, designed with a ruffled collar and a midnight black bow tying it together!

Freaky Fusion Cleolei is wearing studded black wedges around the halls, with ankle-strap details and brown textured soles. A sky-blue belt sits loosely around her waist with a cat embellishment at the middle that the werecat and princess are both howling about! The monstrous mixture has long black and red hair down to her waist, with a whole section styled with a jack-o-lantern orange hue and black tiger stripes! Cleolei’s wild and wicked hairstyle is decorated with a golden headband, adorned with shapes and a cat jewel, as well as Torelei’s classic creepy werecat ears! There are never any secrets that go untold with those ears!

Deep orange makeup and golden streaks below her eye pay tribute to both gorgeous ghouls, as well as Torelei’s golden glove and tail, and Cleo’s Egyptian bag! The timeless spine-tingling bag is covered in her favorite golden hue, with a sky-blue cat decorating the front. Cleolei’s overall look has ageless attributes to both of the scary students that Monster High loves, blending a feisty feline’s fashions with an eerie exotic princess! Heads are rolling for this fusion!

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How to play with Monster High Freaky Fusion Cleolei doll

 Build Cleolei her own temple where she can try on her tresses, and take her for a prowl in the forest for some more natural fabrics! Remember to brush her awesome hair, and make sure to throw her a clawsome party on full moons!

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Dracubecca doll

A science experiment gone totally wrong has now gone rottenly right! Floating out of the mixed-up time machine is the 2014 Fall Release of Monster High Freaky Fusion Dracubecca doll! Draculaura and Robecca Steam have fused together for a freakishly high-fashion ghoul who is ready to turn some mechanic heads!

Monster high Freaky Fusion DracubeccaFreaky Fusion Dracubecca has all of the best beastly qualities of each doll. Her long, wavy hair is bat-black with some red and blue highlights in the front. Bronzed heart-shaped goggles sit on top of her head, and match her bronze parasol, which is decorated with freaky fashionable heart cut outs, beaded textures and a heart-shaped clock on top!

Many of Dracubecca’s mechanical designs are made more eerie with the pumping heart details that Draculaura loves! Her mechanical wings also follow her bronze theme for an old-fashioned effect with heart details to match, and they’re giving all of her winged friends something to flap about! Dracubecca’s scoop neck top has to-die-for black lace detailing throughout the trim, as well as in her puff-style short sleeves.

Pink and blue vertical stripes decorate the top portion of her dress, which flairs out into a knee-length skirt with black tulle underneath! Hair-raising pink and orange hearts decorate the bottom portion, with pink swirls, orange circles and an electric blue background making the dress really pop at the Monster High pep rally!

A layer of ruffled lace dances darkly around the hem for extra detailing. Monster high Dracubecca’s killer black leather boots are knee-high with full lacing, and bolts and gears decorate them throughout! A bronze wing-inspired belt makes a scary statement around her waist, and the nuts and bolts texturing matches that of her robotic skin! Don’t be afraid- look into her gear-shaped eyes and you’ll know this mad experiment is just as fun as she is freaky!

Monster High Freaky Fusion Movie 

How to play  with Monster High Freaky Fusion Dracubecca doll

Be sure to keep this ghoul well-oiled, and out of the rain! She may be tough as nails, but her hairstyle and skin don’t get along with humidity! Read her diary to find out what she likes, and take her to pick out her very own mechanical cat! But make sure to keep it away from the lab!

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Clawvenus

This ghoul creates fashion in a snap! Monster High introduces the 2014 Fall Release of the Freaky Fusion Clawvenus doll! Clawvenus has been monstrously morphed from the furry Clawdeen Wolf and the poisonous Venus McFlytrap! Both ghouls have quite the bite, so it’s no wonder this new creature is a beastly beauty!

Monster High Freaky Fusion ClawvenusFreaky fusion Clawvenus’ hair has Venus’ trademark hot-pink shaved head, which can be seen throughout the front portion. Long, slime-green tresses grow out from her pink hair, twisting and turning like vines to the high ponytail pulled together at the back! Putrid purple locks make up the ponytail, with her vine green hair intertwining itself! Clawdeen’s wolf ears are taking shape atop Clawvenus’ head with leafy detailing, and golden earrings decorated with thorns make the fused ears fancy and fierce!

Clawvenus’ sleeveless dress is a scary statement piece that showcases the tastes of both screaming students! The top half shows off a black illusion neckline, with purple satin fabric and a black animal print! The bottom half is a midnight-black hue, with scream green Venus fly trap’s dancing all over! A gold, four-tiered belt makes an eerie impression that any flytrap would take a bite out of, and her leather peep-toe stilettos are draped in hot pink vines just itching to take over! And what’s Clawvenus’ favorite add-on?

Her furr-ocious vest, created from layers of fluorescent fur in green, purple and pink potions! Vine-inspired golden bangles crawl up her arms and even in her skin-check out the texturing in her hands! Her Venus flytrap purse is kept safely closed with long creepy vines, and be careful not to get lost in those eyes- leafy eyelashes, animal-print face paint and spiky fangs are deathly dazzling! This night-crawler lurks out in nature, so don’t leave the Monster High hallways alone!

What to do with Monster High Freaky Fusion Clawvenus doll

Clawvenus loves being good to the planet! Create her own greenhouse where she can plant some Venus flytraps, or build your own garden to grow! Make sure to take care of her cool hairstyle, using her brush and some bug spray to keep it clean!

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Frankie Stein

It’s alive! With style, of course! Introducing the 2014 Release of the Monster High Freaky Fusion Frankie Stein Doll! Frankie is a horrifying combination of her own eerie experiment, and the howling Clawdeen Wolf that has her style making us scream for more! Frankie’s hair is styled in long, wavy tresses down her back with her signature white hair and deadly black streaks. Here is a brief review about Monster High Freaky Fusion Frankie Stein

Freaky Fusion Frankie SteinA black headband possesses freaky wolf ears just like Clawdeen’s, which sits menacingly on her head. Bright yellow makeup, slime-green lips and removable fangs decorate this mixed monster’s face, luring in all of the freaks and geeks at Monster High! Frankie’s fashions are just as frightfully fused as the rest of her!

The full piece body suit of Freaky Fusion Frankie Stein has two different designs – a solid black-cat color, and an electric yellow with blue crossbones! The patterns switch back and forth from her sleeves, to her upper torso to her legs making her looks wickedly wild! A deep V-neck and elbow-length sleeves expose nuts and bolts around her arms and neck, creeping out even the coolest ghouls!

A silver belt sits loosely around her hips decorated by more bootiful bolts, and it matches Frankie’s fierce metallic silver boots! Climbing coldly up almost to her knees these boots are a shock of style, draped in details of zippers, buttons, bolts and stitching! The heels are shaped as heart-stopping lightning bolts in an electric yellow, which match the color of her purr-fect purse shaped as a wolf paw!

An accessory inspired by Clawdeen finishes the outfit, with an electric blue bangle hanging around her waist with spike embellishments! This ghoul has all the flair of a beastly diva and a creepy creation! Watch out for those nails, she’s sure to dig her claws into some scary style this semester!

How to play with Monster High Freaky Fusion Frankie Stein Doll

Gather your Monster High Freaky Fusion friends, and let Frankie throw a full moon party in the graveyard! Build Frankie her own lab to try out some experiments, or take her to the maul to try on some other fused outfits!

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Lagoonafire

Within Monster High’s deep sea of frightening things comes Lagoonafire, the freaky fusion of Lagoona Blue and Jinafire Long! The 2014 Monster High Release of Freaky Fusion Lagoonafire is a chilling mix of land and sea, showing off her scaly blue skin, and webbed hands! But don’t get too close- this sea monster also has golden fins on her arms, legs, and tail!

 Freaky Fusion Lagoonafire

A long, blonde ponytail and seaweed green pin curls decorate the top of Lagoona’s head, and a creepy coral headpiece finishes the look. Her coral top boasts a high wing collar, a square neckline, and a ruffled design of black lace around the arms.

Her golden chest piece is what is making all of her ghoulfriends drool! Lagoona’s black skirt shows off a hauntingly fun pattern of pink and blue sea monsters, held up by a golden belt and blue tulle detail. While she’s not terrorizing the beaches, Lagoona is walking around in coral high heels with seashell and wavy decorations.

And you may adore her purse, but don’t touch this fashion find unless you want a shrieking shock! Coral and golden accents on her eyes make her foamy green eyes stand out in the sea, and innocent freckles lure in unsuspecting students! Dive in if you dare!

Price $17 approx

How to play with Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls

Collect all of the Freaky Fusion Monster High dolls for a monsterrific time at school! Lagoonafire and all of her friends have mobile limbs, letting them have a seat in class, or in the creepateria, or at the beach and have some ghouly chat!

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Scarah Screams doll

The 2014 Monster High release of Freaky Fusion Scarah Screams doll has every monster absolutely shrieking! A fusion of Scarah Screams and Toralei, this ghoul has the traits of two very feisty fashionistas.

Freaky Fusion Scarah Screams Her hairstyle is a black bob, made wild by orange coloring and black tiger stripes on the right side of her head. A black headband with werecat ears gives her the untamed monster look she loves.

Scarah’s sleeveless, white leather top is made more ferocious by a notched collar, and two vertical lines of stitching in a silver arrowhead style.

The left collar adds some extra style with an orange and purple bowtie pattern, with black horizontal and vertical lines. Her black cropped pants show off an eerie safety pin pattern in orange and purple, and a bright orange belt brings the look together! Of course, a cat’s gotta have her accessories! Scarah’s white heels have a thick platform, and are studded along the base and top of the shoes.

Bright orange shoelaces help to match them hauntingly well with orange studded bracelet, and black cat handbag! This freaky accessory has black spikes, orange belt detailing and a creepy cat face! Other spooky features on Scarah include her long wicked tail, and hair raising white-out eyes.

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How to play with Monster High Freaky Fusion Scarah Screams doll 

Scarah loves to sing, so building her a Monster High stage would definitely make her shriek with glee! Take her to the maul to score some great vintage finds, or perhaps get her a pet bat or tiger!

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Avea Trotter Doll

Give a big monster hello to Avia Trotter, who is part Harpy and Part Centaur but 100 percent monster. With her powerful legs and gore-geous blue main, she is sure to be the freakiest hybrid of the bunch. Looking devilishly good in a red satin jacket and a top hat to die for, Avia Trotter loves to horse around and spread her wooo-nderful wings.

You are most welcome to new Monster High Class, the Hybrids. These creepily cool creatures are the children of two different ghouls, taking on each of their personalities to make one twisted monster. With freakish looks and split personalities, these terrifying classmates are sure to be some of the scariest ever to walk the halls.

 Freaky Fusion Avea Trotter

  • Comes with stand to show off her freakishly strong body
  • She wears a classy red checked riding jacket over striking blue shirt that matches her gorgeous blue hair
  • Avea wears a black belt that doubles as part of the bridle reins
  • Her super cool legwarmers will keep the chill away on her spine tingling journeys
  • Includes a black hairbrush to keep that aaahmazing mane super shiny
  • Comes with a secret diary to keep all those deep dark secrets
  • Doll measures 12 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Price $23 at Amazon, $24 at Walmart, $25 at Target
  • At the time of publishing, Avia Trotter is cheapest at Amazon

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur Doll

Welcome to the new Monster High Class, the Hybrids. These creepily cool creatures are the children of two different ghouls, taking on each of their personalities to make one twisted monster. With freakish looks and split personalities, these terrifying classmates are sure to be some of the scariest ever to walk the halls. Bonita Femur is part bone-chilling Skeleton, part warm-glowing Moth and 100% freaky fashionista in her stunning outfit

 Bonita Femur Doll

  • Meet Bonita Femur wears a moth print dress with a lacey pink overskirt , full of bites of course!
  • With elaborate pink and black decorated boned wings extending from head to toe she looks simply  boo-tiful
  • High sky high neon shoes wow always keep her one step ahead of fashion trends
  • A neon belt with moth clasp finishes off her clawsome outfit
  • Doll comes with a hairbrush to tame those super long golden locks before adding her spooky moth hair slides
  • Comes with a super secret diary to hold all the ghouly gossip of Monster High
  • Doll measure 13 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • price $20-$25 Amazon ( on sale ), $24 at Walmart and Target, $27 at Justice
  • cheapest at Amazon

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Operetta Doll

Welcome to the new Monster High Class, the Hybrids. These creepily cool creatures are the children of two different ghouls, taking on each of their personalities to make one twisted monster. With freakish looks and split personalities, these terrifying classmates are sure to be some of the scariest ever to walk the halls. Freaky Fusion Operatta is one of the ghoulest girls in class, with her high fashion clothes and stunning accessories. We think she looks terrifyingly terrific.

monster high Freaky Fusion Operetta Doll

  • Operatta is one ghoul girlfriend, taking her inspiration from Frankie Stein
  • This Monster High Freaky Fusion doll looks scarily good in a shocking pink and black checked dress, featuring a cool collar and ruffle net hem.
  • Her split personality crosses over into her dress sense, with one pink and one black leg in her tights and two tone black and red shoes
  • Her super sleek red hair, with black streak in the centre, is finished off with a killer lightning bolt headband
  • She rocks her way through the halls in her sky high heels
  • Her outfit is finished off with a shocking pink handbag featuring silver skull design
  • A simple red bangle is all she needs for her arms, to accompany her super ghoul tattoos
  • Comes with a stand, so you can move her body around and settle her into a striking pose
  • Includes skull shaped hair brush
  • Doll measures 12 inches
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Price $15 approx

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