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Monster High Fright-Mares Skyra Bouncegait Doll

. Monster High has never seen anything like this spooky student before, and students will be shaking in their chains when they see her floating down the halls! Ready to cheer and charm her way into this haunted high, Monster High is welcoming the Fright-Mares Skyra Bouncegait Doll!

Fright-Mares Skyra BouncegaitMonster high Skyra was created from the collision of a ghost and a nightmare, and she lurks in the catacombs of Monster High where she practices her cheers! Skyra may be a Fright-Mare, but she uses her spirit to support the school teams and clubs to victory! This petrifying presence is a translucent terror with icy-blue skin and bright blue hair to match! Her dead-straight tresses are styled in two high ponytails, and her horns stick out the top of the spine-tingling style! Skyra loves wearing trends that scream style in the best way possible! Her cheerleader-inspired uniform has a sleeveless top and a V-neck detail, with a horseshoe emblem on the front! A ruffled skirt sits around her waist, and eerie silver chains float around Skyra’s body and give off spooky sounds while she cheers! Students can hear her all through the halls, and they always know when this nightmare is on her way to the events! But you haven’t seen anything yet!

Skyra’s body is partly mare, and she travels on four legs that are perfect for jumping and leaping with her spine-tingling squad! She dons boots in a dead-blue hue on her two front legs, and her hind legs are decorated with cheer symbols and stars! She may be a ghost, but her style is getting the un-living excited! In true mare form, Skyra also has a long blue tail that hangs behind her, and she’s styled it with a blue bow to blend perfectly with her outfit! This spirit is certainly full of energy! Look out for her in the catacombs or the field for a howling good time!

How to play with Monster High Fright-Mares Skyra Bouncegait Doll

 Get your friends together and help Skyra to make some new cheers! Create some fun pompoms for her to use at the scare games, and make sure to clip her hooves so she can dance and leap all night!

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Monster High Fright-Mares Penepole Steamtail Doll

From the deep world of the catacombs at Monster High, Fright-Mares are emerging from the Dream Pastures and they’re ready to turn the hallways upside down! This new student is the combination of a nightmare and a butterfly, and she’s floating through the school with a style that even the cyclops hasn’t laid eye on! Introducing the Monster High Fright-Mares Penepole Steamtail Doll!

Monster High Fright-Mares Penepole Steamtail DollMonster High Penepole is very precise about everything she does, and her fashion sense is no exception! Don’t be surprised if this fluttering phantom is the growl of the school with her jewel toned clothing and demonic details. Penepole has the body of a centaur and the wings of a butterfly, and the outcome is a creepy combination! The upper half of Penepole’s body is a faint purple, and the body portion is a bright purple! Her four-legged design has everyone shrieking with delight, and bright-blue boots on her front two legs show off the perfect amount of detailing.A long, wavy tail flows out behind her, and small green details on her hind legs bring through her scaritage and add a trendy pattern to her attire! Penepole’s upper body is styled in a bright blue tank top with clock-inspired pieces in yellow, and her dark green belt shows off similar clock pieces and a horseshoe emblem! Penepole continues the clock theme into her gore-geous wings, which have golden gears and trinkets that are to die for!

Her ghoulishly good style may seem like it’s from a dream, but don’t be fooled; it’s straight out of a fashionista nightmare! Other details on Penepole that are waking up even the scariest monsters at night include her bright purple hair, slime-green goggles and deep purple lips. Her jewel tones and tiny details are the stalk of the school, and this Fright-Mare is ready for a time warp of trends!

How to play with Monster High Fright-Mares Penepole Steamtail Doll

 Penepole has a haunted hankering for clocks, so use the theme to decorate her bedroom! Take her shopping for some new purple trends, and tell her all about your dreams- maybe she can help!

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Monster High Fright-Mares Fawntine Fallowhart Doll

Some of the ghouls and ghosts at Monsters High love to shriek and make a big scene, but others will creep into classrooms without a sound! Don’t be fooled by their quietness though, these monsters have style that is just as monstrous as their fellow scare-mates! Monster High is introducing the Monster High Fright-Mares Fawntine Fallowhart Doll!

Monster High Fright-Mares Fawntine Fallowhart DollFawntine is a Fright-Mare from the world of Dream Pastures, and she’s rising up from the Monster High catacombs to make a shriek with her style! This Fright-Mare was created from a nightmare and a deer, and her shy personality comes from the natural elements of her genetics! Fawntine loves nature, and when she’s not in the haunted halls of the school, you can find her lurking in the forests around campus! Her long, ghost-white hair has gruesome-green undertones, and they’re decorated with an eerie headdress that’s sure to impress others lurking in the woods!

The headdress is molded into large brown horns with pink roses, and white vulture skulls add a seriously spooky detail! Her soft brown skin makes her gentle expressions look slightly wild, with antlers for eyebrows and little green freckles. Her fashion sense reflects her more simplistic approach to the un-living life, with natural elements mixed in. Fawntine’s top is a simple pink tank top with a half-moon cutout in the front! Green vines decorate the shirt and seem to come alive as they travel to her waist! Of course as a centaur, this ghoul’s body is half monster, half mare. Her lower portion morphs into a blood-curling vision with four legs and a tail, but that doesn’t stop Fawntine from looking frightfully fabulous! The introverted Fright-Mare styles her legs with slime-green vine designs to match her top, and her witch-green boots and belt are covered in detailed plants too! For such a shy spook, Fawntine’s fashions scream new nightmare!

How to play with Monster High Fright-Mares Fawntine Fallowhart Doll

 Give Fawntine lots of time to spook in the forests, and don’t be surprised if she brings a few new friends home with her! Make sure to sign her up for Debate class to work on her shyness, and help her create clawsome new headpieces with crafts you have at home!

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