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Monster High Ghoul Fair Heath Burns Doll

Every student at Monster High has been planning their most freakish outfits for a fangtastic weekend at the Ghoul Fair! Monsters and ghouls from all over are visiting the midnight madness that has rides, snacks and ghoulish game for everyone! One monster in particular is ready to really heat things up! Monster High introduces the Ghoul Fair Heath Burns Doll!

Monster High Ghoul Fair Heath Burns DollHeath Burns is ready to throw some flames and shock the crowds, but not before heating up some monstermallows! Heath comes with a red poker and two marshmallows, the perfect treat for monsters young and old! His love for flames isn’t just for food either! Heath has a flair for fashion that just keeps getting hotter! Heath’s bright red hair is slicked back with a pointed tip that looks just like a flame! His red eyes match his hair perfectly, and they’re making all of the ghouls melt! Check out this monster’s style- his baseball tee has three-quarter length sleeves, and fiery patterns dance across the shirt in yellows and reds! Click here for more images

The warm weather doesn’t bother this monster, but he still loves wearing his denim shorts! The denim has full-moon yellow stitching along the hem, and the blue color adds a pop to the rest of this flame-thrower’s outfit. Of all of Heath’s terrifying textures, his shoes are the talk of the fair! In a completely bright orange design, Heath’s sneakers show off crisscrossed laces, ankle socks and clawsome flame designs on both sides! Cool features on Heath include his moveable wrists, which help him to work with his flames and hold his marshmallow stick! Be sure to thank him for his efforts at the fair; this monster tends to heat up quickly and it’s hard to cool him down! Not even Frankenstein will go near this fashionable hot head!

How to play with Monster High Ghoul Fair Heath Burns Doll

 Have your own campfire night with friends and make some delicious s’mores to share with Heath! Make sure to take him to the mall; he tends to singe his clothes a lot! Don’t forget to invite him to try out for the swim team; sometimes the water can cool him down!

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Monster High Ghoul Fair Holt Hyde doll

Even the most mortifying monsters and ghouls like to let their fur down and have a good time! Monster High is well aware that their students like to relax and scare, so they’re putting on a fair! And who do you think is in charge of the blood curdling campfires? Introducing the Monster High Ghoul Fair Holt Hyde doll!

Monster High Holt Hyde dollMonster High Holt Hyde is looking his fiery best in a summertime outfit perfect for fires and fright! Setting the fair fashion ablaze, Holt is wearing a three-quarter sleeve baseball tee, with black sleeves and an orange and yellow fire design on the front! The patterns move vertically up the front, blending perfectly into his torch-red hair that has everyone melting with envy!  His white-hot hair is styled into slicked-back waves that are keeping even Frankenstein at a distance! To make sure he stays cool and doesn’t get too hauntingly hot-headed, Holt is wearing some knee-length blue shorts, showing off his ghost-white pale skin. Don’t get too close to this transforming fire-lover, he’s quite the hot head; and he loves to wear his personality on his sleeves!

Don’t miss his bright orange sneakers, perfect for a night of debauchery and monster madness! The high-top sneakers have fun designs, and match perfectly with his top! Every ghoul at the fair is excited to chant around the fire with this mysterious monster! Even in the dark, Holt’s fiery-red eyes blaze in the flames, sending sparks of shivers up every student’s spine! But if you’re brave enough, Holt comes with a stick of marshmallows perfect for sharing with a special spooky someone, or to keep for himself and Jackson Jekyll! Depends how he’s feeling that day!

How to play with Monster High Ghoul Fair Holt Hyde doll

Create a potion for Holt so that he can remember all of the things he does while he’s not being Jackson! Make sure to bring Gillington Webber to keep some water nearby, and invite Holt’s high school crush Frankie Stein!

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