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Monster High Gloom n Bloom Party Jane Boolittle Doll

Some students at Monster High how to boogey better than the boogey-man himself! This ghoul has a talent for letting out her inner beast on the dance floor! Monster High introduces the 2014 Fall Release of the Gloom n Bloom Jane Boolittle doll!

Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party - Jane Boolittle DollGloom n Bloom Jane Boolittle sure knows how to monkey around with the creatures of the night and now is her chance to do it with her classmates at Monster High! Looking her beastly best, Jane is sporting an outfit colored in bat-blacks, blood-reds and mystifying blues. Her sleek top is a full-sleeved with red, white and black designs throughout! Even with her moves being the squawk of the party, Jane’s stylish skirt is sure making the mad scientists go crazy!

Jane’s skirt is a midnight black hue of furry fabric with fur sticking out in all directions! The wild animal-inspired skirt travels to knee-length, and is tamed with a bright blue belt around Jane’s waist! Of course, Monster High Gloom n Bloom Jane Boolittle isn’t all hauntingly untamed-the rest of her outfit shows off a classy side to the creature, with beautiful blue heels that are adorned with bushels of red flowers draping down the fronts!

Pearl beading textures decorate the heels and let this ghoul dance sky-high through the crowd! Bright blue bangles and a blue feathered earring add some delicious detail to her bold outfit, and her pale purple skin will send shivers down any stylist’s spine! Jane’s hair also matches the color scheme of her frightening fabrics, with blue and red highlights running through her jet-black hair which is pulled back on the left side, with her bangs swept to the right on the other. As a ‘parting’ gift, Jane brought with her a vile looking plant, and a blue trowel! This monster High Gloom and Bloom Party Doll ready to dig up some graveyard dirt in her dancing shoes!

How to play with Monster High Gloom n Bloom Jane Boolittle Doll

Jane Boolittle loves the outdoors, so take her on a nature walk through the woods to meet new animal friends! Don’t forget to take her pet sloth to the groomer once in a while, or go to the maul to find her some new faux fur fashions!

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Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom Catrine DeMew Doll

When Monster High students throw a party, it’s always a mash of freaky beasts- Some of them sweeter than others! In the 2014 Fall Release, Monster High welcomes to the Gloom ‘n Bloom Party miss Catrine Demew!  

Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party Catrine Demew DollBe careful of her sweet demeanor- just because her outfit is all roses, doesn’t mean this werecat doesn’t have a bite! Catrine’s creepy cool hair has streaks of pastel blues and purples throughout, in long wavy curls wrapped to the side. A rose-detailed headband can be seen in blood-curdling blue, leaving enough room for her beastly ears to stick out! A freaky floral dress is shocking even the scariest guests at the soirée, and no ghost is questioning the feline’s fashion choices!

Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom Party Catrine Demew Doll wears spooky strapless dress which has a square neckline, and a longer length in the back of the dress adds unique angles to the hem! A floral print has a dark display of haunted colors in lavenders, blacks and blues, matching perfectly with Catrine’s petrifying hair! Of course at the Gloom and Bloom there is always time for some deathly dancing, and Catrine’s heels are perfect for it! Light blue strappy heels are decorated with rose decals, and more handfuls of deep-blue roses wrap around her ankles! All of the ball’s beasts are trying to keep up with this ghoul’s moves!

Small accessories that make her outfit monstrously cool include a wide blue belt and a black bow adorning her dress strap. Around her neck, Catrine is wearing a classic golden choker, decorated with its own unique rose detailing! Catrine always comes bearing gifts for her hosts, and this time she’s chosen a hair-raising rose bush, and a gardening hoe! Tonight the garden’s will be full of boogying beasts, and Catrine is a rose between the thorns!

How to play with Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party Catrine Demew Doll

Take Catrine to the scream spa before the party, to make sure her claws are filed and painted! Don’t forget- Catrine is an artist! Create some of your own paintings of her, or take her to art class for some lessons!

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Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom Venus McFlytrap Doll

This party is going to be absolutely killer! Especially when this ghoul shows up in her snapping new party outfit! The 2014 Fall Release of Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom Party invited the Venus McFlytrap doll!

Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party - Venus McFlytrap DollDon’t get your vines in a twist- this petrifying plant lover has never been more frighteningly fashionable! Venus’ outfit is biting with old-fashioned flair; a Victorian-styled high collar is made of ruffled black lace, and it’s held together by a vine-inspired brooch. Her puffed sleeves have a menacing texture to them, resembling bushels of thorns that every ghoul wishes she could get her hands on! Sheer, black sleeves reach down to her wrists, where slime-green bracelets wrap around for a deadly look!

The top portion of Venus’ wild outfit is fitted, with a blood-red background, pink swirls and looming vile-green flytrap designs! A black belt adorned with dead-black roses ties her top portion into her dress, which flairs out to her knees for an unravelling good time! The dress’ pattern is an array of shapes and colors in black, white, red and pink, but most importantly is her favored green flytraps. Trailing down her eerie green legs to her heels, Venus is wearing creepy vines and flytraps crawling up her ankles, leaving just enough room for her snapping stilettos decorated in spikes and pointed teeth! If Venus doesn’t take a bite out of the fashion world- her outfit certainly will!

Finishing her look, Monster High Gloom ‘n Bloom  Venus McFlytrap has her bright-green and pink hair tied up into a high ponytail, with a prickly vine headband, and black thorny earrings. This ghoul is certainly going to make a point at this party! For entertainment, Venus has brought along her own concoction in a thorny blue watering can, as well as a suspicious plant that boogying guests should steer clear of!

How to play with Monster High Gloom and Bloom Party Venus McFlytrap Doll

Invite some more of Venus’ friends over and make this a party they’ll never forget! Watch out for those flytraps- they need to eat too! When she’s done her homework, take Venus for a walk through the park! She loves nature!

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