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Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Frankie Stein Doll

Some Monsters weren’t built for water; it’s a good thing this ghoul can be built for absolutely anything! Join this pieced-together ghoul in the shallow waters near Monster High! Introducing the Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Frankie Stein Doll!

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Frankie SteinWhen Frankie travels down under to the wicked waters, her style transforms into an electric eel-inspired look! With this new look it’s so easy for Frankie to shock her fellow ghouls and ghosts! Now she’s doing just that by sporting black, white and blue streaks in her long ponytail! The wicked colors are a tribute to her classic style, but she’s happily embracing the new look everywhere else! Alluring lightning bolts shoot out from under her eyes, and her bright red lipstick is to die for! Her bright purple eye shadow is the perfect detail to make her green and blue eyes really pop, and a small scar on her face is creepy cute.

This monster loves her wicked look, and she’s lighting up the waters with a bright and bold top! The sleeveless piece has a yellow and blue design, with a V-neck and puffed blue tool around her shoulders! A translucent silver belt sits around her waist, and the design is similar to the fins she’s grown on her arms! Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Ghoulfish Frankie sure is a freaky fish! Who knew this mixture of monsters would love luring in the waters? And check out her tail! Frankie’s serpentine tail is a teal-green with yellow details, and the bottom curls around so Frankie can swim and stand on her own! Extra details include her electrifying blue fins that stick out the sides of her tail and add a dangerously cool addition to her new attire. Deep sea divers beware! Frankie loves this electrifying new look, and she’s lightning fast too! Keep your eyeball peeled for this fashionable fish!

How to play with Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Frankie Stein Doll

 Build a fort for Frankie and her friends near the water, so they can play and explore all day! Wash her hair often to make sure her colors stay bright, and sign her up for the swim team next semester!

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Monster high great scarrier reef glowsome toralei doll

Some of the creatures that lurk in the waters have never been seen before, and this ghoul is no exception! With a style all her own and a prowl to match it, this new creation is sure to have you growling for more! Introducing the Monster high great scarrier reef glowsome toralei doll.

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Ghoulfish Toralei DollGreat scarrier reef Toralei is originally the daughter of the werecat, but now she’s trying her paws at the deep and haunting waters near Monster High! Toralei’s terror-ific fashions including black and orange coloring, and her outfit is inspired by the alluring lion fish! Her long hair is styled in a high ponytail, with orange and black stripes that are wickedly wild, and bronze and green makeup that make her slime-green eyes glow! No one will be able to tame this ghoul! Toralei’s top is sleeveless, and it flares out at the bottom around her waist. The top is a bat-black color, with green and pink splatters that are shaped like the lion fish! This monster’s style has quite the bite, with a bright orange tail that is covered in black and white stripes! Her bottom fins flair out all around her in feathery orange and black pieces; the perfect piece for a watery runway! Toralei adds a head-turning detail to her swimming style, in a flared pair of wings on her back!

The accessory is created with multiple pieces flared around her back in haunting colors of orange, black and white to tie into her outfit purrfectly. Who knew this cat could rock a deep-sea style? One last accessory is Toralei’s seafoam-green necklace that wraps around her neck like algae, and it looks creepy chic against her caramel-colored skin. Don’t be fooled by the urban legend that cats hate water; this werecat is ready to dive right into this new design!

How to play with Monster high great scarrier reef glowsome ghouls toralei doll

Make sure Toralei goes to the groomers weekly to keep her fur in silky condition! Teach her how to swim so she can catch her own tuna, and invite Purrsephone and Meowlody to take a dip too!

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Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Ghoulfish Lagoona Blue Doll

The deep waters near Monster High are filled with mysterious monsters, freaky fish and impeccable style! Introducing the Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Lagoona Blue Doll!

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Ghoulfish Lagoona Blue DollYour favorite slimy stylist may be native to the waters, but now she has a new style that you’ll definitely be fishing for! Great Scarrier Reef Lagoona is showing off her eerie-blue skin and screamingly cool makeup, with bright blue lips and petrifying pink eye shadow! The colors highlight her seafoam-green eyes perfectly. Her platinum blonde hair is styled in a high ponytail, but it’s her streaks of bright blue and pink that are making it hard to breathe! This ghoul is rocking the mermaid look, with a sleeveless crop top that has a blue and pink pattern and a turtleneck-style collar. A matching deep-blue mermaid tail stretches from her waist to her fins, with a creepy texture that’s to die for! Of course, Great Scarrier Reef Lagoona loves to add her own deathly details, including her translucent pink belt and long, pearly necklace!

Her clawsome accessories are straight from a sunken ship! This sea monster’s favorite accessory is her shimmering-blue set of wings that have curly details to match her fins, and they’re the perfect accessory for the wicked sail fish look she’s inspired by! Don’t lurk in the waters for too long, this sea monster’s style will lure you right in! Cool details in her outfit include her pearl pink bracelet, her webbed hands and the dead-blue fins on her arms! Lagoona’s fins help her to win any race in the open water, and they help her to race to class when she’s late! Ghouls and ghosts better watch out for this cool sea creature the next time they go for a swim; this ghoul’s trends are a terrifying treasure!

How to play with Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Ghoulish Lagoona Blue Doll

Teach Lagoona some fun water sports that she can play on the weekend, or help her to build a treasure chest to hide her most prized possessions! Make sure to keep her fins shiny, and help her to get some garbage cans near the water to keep it clean!

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Monster High Great Scarrier Reef – Kala Mer’ri Doll

Lots of things go bump in the night when you attend Monster High, but have you ever met a student that goes glow in the night? A new student is lighting up the dark with her trends and tentacles! Monster High introduces the Great Scarrier Reef Kala Mer’ri Doll!

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef - Kala Mer'ri Doll 2015Monster High Kala  Mer’ri has a love for the deep, dark ocean but she likes to change things up from time to time! And just like her personality, you can see it in her style too! Kala is a blending of all types of colors, keeping things creepy and colorful all at the same time! Her bright purple skin is a spooky sight, and her double set of arms have students wishing they could do their haunted homework just as fast! This tentacle trend-setter isn’t just getting A’s in class; every ghoul loves her style too! Great Scarrier Reef Kala has long, black hair that is styled in a high ponytail and decorated with copper streaks! Her sleeveless coat has a high collar, and has a flowing hem to float out around her just like it would in the ocean! Check here for more images

The sheer fabric is an electrifying yellow with black octopus’ dancing all over! If monsters aren’t ghouling over her locks or jacket, they’re definitely in love with her fins and tentacles! Dazzling in bright colors, Kala’s lower portion blends from a bright-pink to a lemon-yellow, and a deep purple background makes them really pop! Her tentacles allow her to walk perfectly while on land, and two extra-long tentacles are even freaking out Frankenstein! Make sure you have a midnight hang out with Kala; her lower portions glows in the dark! This creepy detail has a spooky effect on land and in the deep!Monster high Kala Mer’ri definitely stands out; who knows what else this aquatic creature can do!

How to play will with Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Kala Mer’ri Doll 

Take Kala for a nighttime swim to see her really light up! Join her at the swim-up salon for some new hair styles, and make sure she goes for a monster massage for all of her shoulders!

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Monster High Great Scarrier Reef – Peri & Pearl Doll

The ocean isn’t always a place for those who spook easily, especially when these two sisters are near the shores to scare! Watch out for these two on land and off! Introducing the Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Peri & Pearl Doll!

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef - Peri & Pearl DollMonster High Peri and Pearl are quite the gruesome twosome- just ask them! These sisters share one blood-curdling body and have two heads; twice the terror for swimmers and students alike! One sister is sporting ghostly-white hair, while the other is showing off an ocean blue color with some white streaks to match! Even the petrifying professors can’t tell these two ghouls apart; make sure to check their different irises and purple and yellow lips! Of course, these sisters don’t agree on everything, but when it comes to scaring and style they are exactly alike! Click here for more images

Peri and Pearl are wearing draping, golden necklaces that fuse together in the middle, and a freaky peplum-styled tee that has purple and blue designs floating all over! A matching belt sits loosely around their hips, inspired by buried treasure and freaky tentacles! It can be hard to get around with two heads and one set of fins, but these sisters will be sea-queens of the Monster High hallways! Their tail is a deep-blue color, and spine-tingling scales dance all the way down for to-die-for detail. Bright purple fins spread out around their waist with more tentacle-inspired style that adds a pop of bright color and a fashionable accessory to their attire. Don’t get sucked in! Peri and Pearl also have tentacles along their blue arms that are perfect for scaring unsuspecting students! They may be fin-tastic at fashion, but students at Monster High better hope they join the swim team too! Two heads are always better than one!

How to play with Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Peri & Pearl Doll

Make sure you learn what each of these sisters enjoys! Take them deep-sea scaring and synchronized swimming at the school pool, and don’t forget a bubble bath too! Monsters can’t have dirty fins!

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Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Posea Reef Doll

Not every Monster can walk the Earth, some of them hang out and haunt at the bottom of the ocean! It’s a good thing Monster High can cater to every kind of monster so this new ghoul could graduate! Introducing the Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Posea Reef Doll!

Monster High Posea Reef DollMonster High Posea Reef is an image to behold, with some of the creepiest and coolest details students have ever seen! Posea is daughter of Poseidon, and her haunting grounds are usually in the deep- but when she’s attending classes she’s sure to make a splash with her scary style! Posea has long plum-colored hair and small strands of sea foam streaks! The top portion is styled up into a wavy bun, and held together by a creepy clip that students are ghouling over! Her bright blue skin is raising hairs, and seaweed details crawling up her arms are all the rotten rage! Posea’s unique top is strapless, and is designed with different shapes blending together in colors of red, purple and green! Check here for more images

A purple piece of coral creates a stunning chest piece and a slimy statement that land-monsters can’t take their eyes off of! Be careful she doesn’t lure you in to the waters! The bottom portion of Posea Reef is an eerie creation of green seaweed wrapped all around her body, into an octopus style at the bottom with terrifying tentacles! Fish bones, crabs and seahorses decorate the swirling seaweed, creeping out even the scariest of students! Be sure to ask her where she got her earrings; the clawsome jewelry is shaped in big blue octopus’ that just might be alive! Posea is definitely a stylish idol of the sea; students at Monster High will want to get close, but watch out for those trendy tentacles!

How to play with Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Posea Reef Doll

Monster High Posea  Reef loves a comfy bed, but make sure she has some water nearby! Take her to try out for the Monster High swim team, and treat her to some delicious sushi for lunch!

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