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Monster High Haunted Rochelle Goyle doll

Looking scary as a statue and hautingly horrific, Rochelle Goyle has a brand new look, and she’s ready to scare students right out of their skin! Monster High is welcoming the Haunted Rochelle Goyle doll, who looks perfectly petrifying in her new layers!

Monster High Haunted Rochelle Goyle dollMonster High Haunted Rochelle has her classic statue skin that has everyone freezing in their steps. Her light grey skin is covered in dark grey speckles, and it matches her attitude, which is just as rock solid! Her long, wavy hair is covered in pastel blues and pinks that look just like candy cane membrane, with her creepy pierced gargoyle ears popping out the top! Stare if you dare! Rochelle picked out a deathly-cool outfit for her new look, that starts with a high, ruffled collar that dances around her neck. The leather-inspired fabric works its way down to an off-the-shoulder hem, which has ghostly-white stitching creating a rebel style for this rock star! A fitted knee-length dress shows off a deathly-white fabric with black swirly patterns, which you can only see as a spooky silhouette.

A top layer covers the fitted dress, in a translucent blue fabric that flares out all around her. Pink stitching at the bottom of Rochelle’s dress adds a soft touch, but don’t be fooled! Monster High Haunted Rochelle is still a hair-raising haunter, and you can hear her floating down the halls! Students can hear this ghoul coming from her pink, floor-length chains wrapped around her waist. The floating chains add unruly details to her layers, and they’re creeping out even the worst warlocks! If you can handle her haunting, make sure you check out Rochelle’s sky-high heels that have a see-through style as translucent as the ghostly student body! Other accessories include an hourglass-themed bracelet, chain earrings and creepy pink make-up! Rock out with the coolest gargoyle in the halls of Monster High!

How to play with Monster High Haunted Rochelle Goyle doll

Play Rochelle her favorite type of music; rock and roll! Create a cool bedroom for her up high so she can always watch over your things, and make sure you give her time to spread her gargoyle wings and fly! Even Rochelle loves a new look; style her hair in a fun new design to totally change her look!

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Monster High Haunted Students Spirits Kiyoki Haunterly Doll

Floating into the freaky halls of Monster High is a new type of terrifying, and she’s ready to freak out some freshmen! Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Haunted Students Spirits Kiyoki Haunterly Doll!

Monster High Haunted Students Spirits Kiyoki Haunterly DollThis creepy new creature may not have any facial features, but her style and swagger is speaking for itself! Monster High Haunted Students Spirits Kiyoki Haunterly  has dead-blue skin and only faint details in her face to creep out even the most terrifying classmates! She has long, straight hair, which is colored a pastel purple that’s making everyone slime green with envy!

Styled half-up, half-down Kiyoki’s small ponytail is held together freaky blue hair piece, and her bangs are swept to the side. This floating female is embracing her unique sense of style, with pieces that are making everyone wonder where she scare shops. Her collar is decorated by a distinctive piece of purple jewelry, which is shaped like a collar and has a heart shape in the middle.

It has a beading texture, and adds a mortifying new material to her outfit! Her fitted top is a deep blue with pink and blue angled lines as a pattern. Another fantastic piece is Kiyoki’s wing-shaped piece which flairs out along her arms, adding a pop of color to the deep blue outfit. She is definitely a one of a kind creature! Her dress flair out and down to her knees, with a ruffled effect and matching pattern to her top. Check here for more images

A second layer of fabric overtop of the dress is made by a translucent, shiny fabric that creates a ghostly addition to her style! Her black high heels have two straps, and look sensationally spooky floating down the halls with her. Accessories include her pink belt, adorned with horrifying hanging changes that clank in the hallways, and a pink bangle around her wrist! Watch out for her bag- the blue piece may have a smiley face décor, but it might not be as sweet as it looks! Kiyoki’s last wild piece is her translucent blue cape that flutters as she glides menacingly. She’s got the sneak attack down, be aware of Kiyoki!

How to play with Monster High Haunted Students Spirits Kiyoki Haunterly Doll

 Kiyoki Haunterly loves being unique, so design her hair in totally new ways that no one has ever seen! Build her a bedroom where she can practice her floating skills, and sign her up for the casketball team so she can score above the other ghouls all day long!

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Monster High Haunted Clawdeen Wolf Doll

A vile veteran of the fashion unlife is none other than one of Monster High’s favorites, Clawdeen Wolf! In her 2014 Fall Release, Clawdeen Wolf is back for the Monster High Haunted collection! And this time, she’s making an absolute roar on the freak show fashion runway!

Monster High Haunted ClawdeenKeeping all eyes and ears on her, Haunted Clawdeen wows Monster High with a full, thick head of curly purple hair! The vibrant hue is a brain-numbing knockout, styled with a lot of volume, and beastly bangs along the front! Of course, she always leaves just enough room to show off her wolf ears that she is so proud of! Her purr-fect purple hair matches with her purple hued make-up and deep purple lips, which show off her spooky white fangs! And what would Clawdeen be without the perfect outfit to out-do her furry siblings?

A pink sleeveless dress shows off a shiny satin fabric, and a putrid portrait neckline! Extra detailing at the bottom of her dress shows off some translucent pink fabric that flairs out in different directions, giving Monster High students a lot to talk about at the next dance and trance! But Clawdeen’s surprises don’t stop there! Adorning her frightful fabrics is a set of golden chains, wrapping around her body, shoulder and arms, and draping delicately around her waist. The chains are decorated with little crescent moons to show off her prowess personality!

Matching her chain accessories, Monster high Haunted Clawdeen is wearing golden stilettos with chain embellishments wrapping up around her legs, and creating a deadly heel for her shoes! One last blue bracelet on her wrist says this wolf prefers simple and savvy over a fuzzy mess of fur and fashion!

How to play with Monster High Haunted Clawdeen Wolf

Keep this fashionista happy by taking her to the maul for some full moon fashions, and don’t forget to take her on walks! Clawdeen loves nature.

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Monster High Haunted Twyla

No beast or ghoul has ever seen a boogey-monster look so beautiful before! The 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Haunted Twyla doll gives a brand new meaning to monsters in the closet! A self-proclaimed fright-night fashionista, Twyla’s fashion sense is better than anything you’d find under your bed!

Monster High Haunted Twyla dollA ghostly blue hue covers most of her appearance and outfit, giving her a spooky iridescent look when she looms the grimnasium! Long, luscious ringlets show off the chilly blue tones in her hair, which is all flowing down and styled with an adorably dangerous black bow headband!

Monster High Haunted Twyla’s dress is an electric eel blue with a portrait neckline, and it shows off wavy patterns in different hues of blood-curdling blue! A second layer on her dress shows off a translucent tulle fabric with purple stripes that’s giving her dress some bounce and boogey! To add some demonic detailing, Twyla has lacy blue fabric wrapping over her right shoulder.

Twyla’s most favorite accessory of this decade has to be her shocking silver chains, which she has wrapped around her waist and tied into a perfectly petrifying bow! Even when she’s being creepy, she’s somehow cute too! And check out this monster strutting her stuff in blue translucent stilettos, with ankle straps and some sky high heels!

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A last small addition to the piercing perfect outfit is a blue charm bracelet like all of her other haunted ghoulfriends! If her fashion doesn’t drop the mummy’s jaw, her skin markings certainly will. Don’t overlook her unique skin markings on her hands, legs and feet! Shadow-like shapes crawl up her limbs, and give Twyla her own out-of-this-world signature look. If this boogey-monster shows up under your bed tonight, ask her for some fashion advice!

How to play with Monster High Haunted Twyla

Spice up Twyla’s look by finding new outfits for her to wear in other colors to mix-match with her blue hues! Take her to karaoke so she gets out of those shadows, or take her to the mall to check out some new ghoulish accessories!

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Monster High Haunted Draculaura

A fang favorite in the Monster High roarster, Draculaura is back and more haunted than ever! The 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Haunted Draculaura doll has floating heads spinning to get a look at the vampire who is always an absolute vision!

Monster High Haunted DraculauraDraculaura’s classic pink and black hair is slicked back into a low-sitting ponytail, which feathers out into big curls down the nape of her neck. Her pink hair takes over most of the style, with the black lowlights sitting in the bottom layers of her gothic hairstyle! Her light pink skin creates a look that’s eerily sweet, with orange eye makeup adding a bit of spook! Of course, Draculaura knows how to make anything look good, and her long silver chains are no exception!

This nifty night-crawler works her clunky chains into fangtastic fashion accessories by hanging them off of an edgy collar piece! Sitting atop her shoulders, this work of art makes a regular ball-and-chain into a must-have creepy complimenting piece! Keeping the rest of her outfit classy, Draculaura is wearing a fitted sleeveless mini, with black and bright-pink colors throughout. To add some more interesting pieces to her spooky and simple dress, Draculaura sports some translucent arm décor in a pink fabric, which hangs from her forearms creating cape-like trails that flow as she floats, making even the ghostly students at Monster High jealous of her style!

To finish the look, Monster High Draculara  from haunted series has chosen translucent golden heels that fearleaders and casketball players alike are shrieking about! A blue bangle on her wrist adds a last bit of detail to her already haunted hip look! Draculaura is a veteran of the vampire halls in Monster High, so those freaky freshman better watch out this screamester!

How to play with Monster High Haunted Draculaura

Try switching up Haunted Draculaura’s gothic locks for a totally new look, or have an outfit switching party with her best beastly friends! Take her for a hot cocoa at the Coffin Bean Cafe, or create her dorm room for a spooky slumber!

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Monster High Haunted Vandala Doubloon

Sailing in from mysterious seas is a ghoul like you’ve never seen! From the 2014 Fall Release, Monster High Haunted collection welcomes Vandala Doubloon, the pirate’s daughter! This ghoul has a heart full of gold, and a style as wild as the raging sea! Student will recognize the watery temptress by her translucent orange pirate’s hat, which is decorated with a vibrant blue sea vessel. Monster High  Haunted Vandala Doubloon Description :-

Monster High Haunted  Vandala Doubloon DollMonster High Vandala Doubloon keeps the ocean close to her by styling her hair in wavy layers down her back, colored in sea green and foamy white!  Her wavy theme continues throughout her outfit, with her translucent black top having elbow-length sleeves that open into flowing sleeves down her arms. Glittery pink spider webs create an eerie pattern on the chic top!

Like all of the mysterious layers of the sea, Vandala’s dress showcases layers of angled fabrics with different textures and designs. Brown and white stripes, turquoise waves with wheels and translucent fabrics all make up this swashbuckling sea creatures dress! The pieces float out in all different directions just like freaky floating seaweed in the deep.

Monster High Vandala’s most unique piece on her outfit is her petrifying peg leg, which she can remove whenever she feels like freaking out an unsuspecting freshman! Her other foot is dressed in a translucent blue stiletto, with a treasure box of gold decorating the heel, and pearl shaped balls lacing around her ankle!

To tie all of her treasures together,the Monster High Haunted Girl Vandala has a unique pink chest piece that mimics fish bones and an out-of-this-world octopus! Trailing from its tentacles are long hanging chains adorned with keys, crabs and anchors! If she finds any treasures, they always go into her anchor-shaped purse, with seaweed detailing and a chain handle! She’s sailed the ocean, so she’ll definitely sail through her Monster High classes!

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How to play with Monster High  Haunted Vandala Doubloon

 Build Vandala’s own haunted ship to sail through the waters, or take her to the pool to practice for her water polo tryouts! Surprise her with her very own pet octopus, and let it help her write all of her papers!

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Monster High Haunted Porter Geist

With so many new ghouls floating in the halls, it’s about time Monster High saw a new beast! Introducing Porter Geist, a 2014 Fall Release from the Monster High Haunted collection! Porter Geist is a friendly student who likes to makes a lot of noise, and his shrieking style does just that!  Read further to know more about Monster High Haunted Porter Geist

Monster High Haunted Porter GeistPorter carries around spine-tingling silver chains, which wrap around his waist and dangle to his sides! A silver shackle around his wrist matches the chains and is luring in all of the gossipy ghosts! To keep the rest of his eerie outfit feeling light, Porter likes to wear shorts and t-shirts so his floating is easier. His colorful polo shows off a graveyard grey color on the front with some putrid pink, and chilly blue hues decorate his spooky sleeves.

His collar is blue, and matches the beastly blue shackle that wraps around his right arm! More creepy chains hang around Porters arms and shoulders, making the clanking chains an accessory and a frightening fashion statement! Porter’s shorts showcase a grim grey color to match his top, with small flashes of orange and pink to keep the ghouls drooling! And he may be a monster, but Porter appreciates shoes just as much as the next cold-blooded creature!

Translucent blue sneakers are Porter’s shoe of choice, keeping his feet dead and comfy while he floats to Dieology class! His pale skin may be blending into the halls, but Porter’s breathtaking blue eyes have monsters dying to take a closer look! Styled long blonde locks complete Porter’s carefree style, which is starting to really make things fly around Monster High! Listen for his creepy chains in the locker room if you don’t want him sneaking up on you!

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How to play Monster High Haunted Porter Geist

Porter may be a beast, but he’ll appreciate you keeping his style in check with well-kept hair and some new shoe styles! Take him and his friends for a game of chain tag, or create a maul for Porter to nab some deadly styles.

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Monster High Haunted Kiyomi Haunterly Doll

Students can feel the chill as this student floats by, and it isn’t just because her style is cool! Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Haunted Kiyomi Haunterly doll! This ghostly ghoul is a mystery to most monsters, but her fashion trends are in clear view! No one can ignore the sensational scariness of Kiyomi’s hair, which has vibrant purple hues mixed throughout.

Monster High Haunted - Kiyomi Haunterly DollMonster High Kiyomi’s hair is half tied up and half flowing down, with a few pastel purple pieces hanging in the front. A bone-chilling blue hairpiece keeps the ponytail in place, and it’s also keeping the other ghouls slime green with envy! Icicle blue skin and barely-there facial features make this haunting heroine a little hard to read, but students warm up to her when they see her freaky fun style!

Kiyomi’s blue sleeveless dress is fitted, and shows off blue, pink and purple wavy lines. Rotten rose-pink wings add an edgy flair to her collar and arms, which match her pink metal waistband that has creepy chains floating around her! But those don’t get her down! The bottom portion of Kiyomi’s dress floats out, and shows off an impressive translucent layer with ghostly glimmering patterns for flair! And as if all of that glam didn’t make the ghouls howl-Kiyomi’s peep-toe ankle strap heels are a deathly black hue, that are making the screechers stare too! Keeping with an eerie unique look, Kiyomi is wearing a spiked purple neck piece, which boasts bootiful beading and a heart shape in the middle. A translucent purple cape hangs behind her, and matches her purple bag that likes to wink at spirits floating by! A pink bracelet to tie it all together and Kiyomi is ready to wow the wild and wicked at Monster High!

An Idea  to play with Monster High Haunted Kiyomi Haunterly Doll

Kiyomi knows her fashions. Create other outfits for her to wear to school, or another fun bag for her to pack her chains in! Keep that petrifying hair nice and clean, and make sure she gets to her screaming lessons!

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Monster High Haunted River Styxx Doll

Death has never looked so sweet! From the 2014 Fall Release, Monster High welcomes new ghoul River Styxx of the Monster High Haunted collection! This bone chilling beauty was raised by the Grim Reaper, but her style is anything but grim! River Styxx’s technicolor style starts in her long tresses, with bootiful sky blue hues on top, petrifying pink pieces in the front, and midnight black strands underneath.

Monster High River Styxx Monster High River Styxx’s purple skin is a deathly cool hue, but it’s her translucent limbs peeking into her skeletal frame that are making students shiver! Of course, River knows how to prove that fashion goes beyond the grave! Her technicolor mini is a sleeveless dress, showcasing a tie-dye inspired design and iridescent silver skull patterns!

Not only does River’s dress glimmer in the ghostly halls, but her waistband of purple chains is making students roll in their graves! Decorated with ghoulish bows, River’s chains float in all different directions, and meet in a large bow at her lower back!

Matching the purple hue of these chains, River stalks the Monster High halls with her skull-bowed staff! This Monster high Haunted series Doll isn’t all scary though- her spooky chains are also wrapped around creepy cute boots that are a translucent blood curdling blue, with detailed bows! And even in their zombie classes, things are made more hair-raising when River floats in wearing her translucent black cape! Reaching to the ground, the cape is tied together with a potion-pink bow that even Frankenstein is running to see!

Accessories of the radiant reaper include green and blue bracelets with skeleton details, and creepy black sewing décor on her lips means she’ll never tell a banshee’s secrets! River Styxx may be a new student, but her bone chilling style has been around forever! Look out for the floating fashionista this semester!

How to play with Monster High Haunted  River Styxx Doll

Collect River’s other haunted friends and create their own coffin-creating class, or take her to the slimy salon to add more colors to her hair! And make sure she gets a nap-being a reaper is hard work!

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