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Monster High Mansters 2-pack Gil Webber and Deuce Gorgon

Monster High is showing off some serious monster muscle with their hauntingly hunky students Gillington “Gil” Webber and Deuce Gorgon! In the new 2014 Monster High Release, the devilish duo comes in their very own Manster 2-Pack and they wore their most freaky fashions to celebrate! Read further to know more about Monster High Gil Webber and Deuce Gorgon :

Monster High Gil Webber and Deuce Gorgon Manster2 pack

Staying true to his father the river monster, Gil Webber is making waves with his fresh from the ocean outfit! Sporting a one of a kind ocean helmet, Gil can breathe easy-and so can his wavy motion mohawk!

Lurking in the waters has also given Gil some frightening fins that you can see on his arms, neck and legs, and his webbed fingers make for some seriously fast casketball hands! When he’s not terrorizing the local swimmers, Gil is on land wearing his favorite teal and light blue baseball-style shirt, with a shark and waves applique.

To match, Gil is sporting some black, knee-length Bermuda shorts, and his spooky surfer flip flops with a scaly texture. His outfit is eerie and easy going like the unknown waters where he lives, and it keep the ghouls cheering for him at all of his swim meets!

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Mansters 2-pack Gil Webber and Deuce Gorgon

The land to Gil Webber’s water is his petrifying pal Deuce Gorgon! As the son of Medusa, this manster has some serious snakes to fill! Just like Gil Webber, Deuce is sporting a monster mohawk, only instead of waves he has skin tingling snakes! Matching his scaly green hairstyle, Deuce also has green scale markings on his left shoulder, as well as on his slimy slacks.

His pants also show off a putrid plaid pattern in different hues of green and yellow, and are tucked into his screamingly cool white sneakers! And Deuce reeks of venom in a black sleeveless top, which shows off a silver dragon skeleton design that’s sure to make any freshman freak out!

He may forget his homework, but he never forgets his best accessory-and it’s not his black earring! It’s his red sunglasses! Not only worn for their looks, these glasses stop Deuce from turning his friends to stone! Talk about a killer look!

These two beast friends are ready for a night of no ghouls allowed! The mansters packed two diaries, a game board, two game pieces, a map, and two blood curdling beverages. They’ll be up ‘til the werewolves come home!

How to play with Mansters 2-pack Gil Webber and Deuce Gorgon

Every manster loves his sports! Build your own pool and have a swim meet for Gil, or build a gym and let Deuce show off his casketball skills! Invite other ghouls and guys over for board game night, or create a “Crawl Ball” and let them dance and trance the night away!

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