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Monster High Monster Exchange Program Kjersti Doll

There is nothing more frightening than being a new student at Monster High! Lucky for this new ghoul, she’s got the fangs and fashion to make a frightening debut of her own! All the way from Goreway, Monster High is introducing the Monster Exchange Program Kjersti Doll!

Monster High Monster Exchange Program Kjersti DollMonster high Kjersti comes from a long line of terrifying trolls from Norway, and now she’s ready to troll the halls of Monster High in some awesome fashions from her scaritage! Kjersti is making a scream with her hot pink hair; it’s doused in dark blue highlights throughout! Her long locks are styled in big curls that fall down her back, and the pink goes perfectly with her light-pink skin! Her hair may be a hit, but ghouls are frighting tooth and nail to hear about her hat! Kjersti is wearing a Viking-inspired helmet, that has cool detailing and two horns coming out the sides! The horns compliment one of Kjersti’s favorite attributes; her pointy ears! This troll is ready to take over! More images to come

Her fashion is a fang favorite- her simple black t-shirt is decorated with pixelated-designs on the sleeves, and a ruffled fuchsia skirt adds a pop! A second layer underneath shows off blood-curdling blue layers, and her knee-high socks match perfectly! Even trolls like to treat themselves sometimes, and Kjersti has the shoes to prove it! Her pale purple heels are the perfect item to pull together her unique style. Any fashion feuds with the other girls are game over when they see her pixelated glasses- these pink rims are the perfect sentiment to her video gaming ways, and Kjersti adds that perfect accent to make her chic style a little bit shocking! One last detail shows off Kjersti’s pixelated irises; the design is luring in even the most haunted creatures at the High! Who wants to play?!

How to play with Monster High Monster Exchange Program Kjersti Doll

 Invite Kjersti to play some of your favorite video games with you, or take her to the store to help you pick some! Want to learn about her scaritage? Head to the library and learn some of the history of Norway with her; don’t forget to grab a few scary stories too!

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Monster High Monster Exchange Program Fan Vote Doll

Fans of the spooktacular students of Monster High are sure to be excited about this brand new student whose making waves in the pool, and in the hallways! Introducing the Monster High Monster Exchange Program Fan Vote Doll!

Monster High Fan Vote DollThis doll is straight from the deep and creepy waters of the ocean, and he’s not scared to stir things up when he gets to Monster High! This monster will be turning ghoul’s heads in voodoo class and the creepateria alike, with his deathly-blue skin and screaming stylish mohawk! Fan Vote’s all-blue facial features are sure to send shivers, and his hair-raising tattoos make for daring details on his arms! Clawsome hand gloves add freakishly fun details, and his water goggles are perfect in case he wants to take a dip!

Fan Vote may be new to Monster High, but this heart-stopper isn’t new to fashion. Sporting a yellow tank top and bright blue fin, this monster is sure to make a splash with his bright color choices and athletic style. His electric blue fin has extra scale detailing perfect for haunting the local waters or winning the Monster High Swim competition! Monsters will be spooked when they see his jaw dropping accessory- this creeper comes with his own fire-blazing wheelchair, perfect for helping him get around when he’s not in the wicked waters! Flame-like designs help him get around campus as quick as a ghost, and useful handlebars are perfect for his backpack and other necessities. This new student is splashing to start taking creepy classes and meet the other students; be careful not to get too close to his waters though; every sea creature has their sea monster side!

How to play with Monster High Fan Vote Doll

 Take your friend to the shop to get some clawsome new tires, and make sure he signs up for some hair-raising hobbies so he can make some freaky friends! When the weather is nice, grab some surf boards and hit the beach; this monster will show you a trick or two!

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Monster High Monster Exchange Lorna McNessie

Terrifying tides are rolling into Monster High, and one new freshwater freshman is ready to make some waves! Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Monster Exchange Lorna McNessie doll! Swimming in all the way from Rotland, Lorna is a sea creature with a lot of fin-tastic style!

Monster High Lorna McNessieHer ocean blue skin shows off spine-tingling scales, and translucent fins on her legs and arms are a unique detail similar to one of Monster High’s favorite ghouls, Lagoona Blue! But don’t be fooled- this fashionista from the deep has her own style! Bright red tresses are Monster High Lorna’s signature look, and they are pulled back into a half ponytail, creepily cascading down in ringlets.

A plaid red barrette sits atop her freaky fun hairstyle, and shows off her haunting heritage! Monster High students will know right away that this ghoul is styled from head to fin! Monster Exchange Lorna McNessie’s short-sleeved top is a blood red hue, and shows off ruffled detailing in her puff sleeves. A black argyle pattern dresses up the shirt, along with a black leather waistband, and two black leather belt straps that go up and over Lorna’s shoulder for deadly detailing!

What’s even scarier than the sea is Lorna’s Lochness Monster pattern in her aquatic blue skirt! Red stripes and hearts may make the look sweet, but Lorna can lure students into the deep if they’re not careful! Accessories for the mortifying model include strappy black leather heels with brown “brick” textured soles, and black Lochness Monster earrings! And keep your paws off of Lorna’s blood red bag- it’s shaped like a giant lock that you may never want to open! Keep your fins open for this gilled ghoul- even the mermaids are under her stylish spell!

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How to play with Monster Exchange Lorna McNessie 

Create a pool for Lorna and let her practice for the swim team tryouts! Try introducing her to Lagoona Blue and see if they have anything else in common! Or take Lorna for her bagpipe lessons- she’ll be the star of the band!

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Monster High Monster Exchange MariSol Coxi

Monster High has just added a beastly new beauty to its school roarster! Ghouls and ghosts alike are all howling about the 2014 Fall Release of Monster High Monster Exchange MariSol Coxi doll! An exchange student from the mysterious Monster Pichu, MariSol is a purple-skinned prom queen, and she’s ready to take a bite out of the fashion world at Monster High!

Monster High Marisol Coxi DollGhouls are dying to see her long bright pink hair floating down the hallway, and Monster High MariSol Coxi makes her hair even creepier by adding slime green twisted hair pieces underneath! A goblin green top hat decorates her head and blends in well with her wild hair, while light blue bobbles decorate the slimy green strands! Keeping with her shrieking color scheme,

MariSol Coxi is sporting a bright pink satin top, covered by a cropped sweater, with an orange and black striped pattern that’s ringing in the spooky season! Her short, ruffled skirt shows off two layers of deadly designs, with a slime green skirt on the bottom, and a colorful patterned layer on top. Blood-curdling blues, greens and pinks are turning all of the floating heads in the creepateria! Of course, standing out in Monster High is as easy as carving a pumpkin with her eyes closed! Check more images of Marisol Coxi Doll

Monster Exchange MariSol is wearing sky-high heels that exude hot pink prowess! Details like the cut out triangles and ankle straps are making even the ghosts run into lockers, and lime green baubles match MariSol’s blue baubles in her hair! Finishing her fierce beast look, MariSol carries with her a bright slime green purse in the shape of a creepy coffin! Monster High students beware- there’s a new ghoul in town, and she’s about to make a scream!

How to play with Monster High Monster Exchange MariSol Coxi doll

 Invite some of the other Monster High students over and introduce them to their new classmate! Keep MariSol’s brush with you, and remember to wash her hair! Changing schools can be stressful- make sure you take her to the scream spa to keep those purple pores clear!

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Monster High Monster Exchange Draculaura Doll

All of the ghouls are noticing a new monster at school! Introducing Draculaura, from the 2014 Fall Release of Monster High Monster Exchange series! Not only is Draculaura a spooky night walker, she is also a world traveler! Ghouls are drooling over her new geisha-inspired outfit and spooktacular style. Read further to know more about Monster High Monster Exchange Draculaura Doll

Monster Exchange DraculauraBat-black hair of this Monster High Monster Exchange Draculaura  doll has hot pink highlights, and is styled with bangs and a geisha-enthused hairstyle! Atop her head is a beastly beautiful large pink bow that is shaped by two large fans, and a headpiece designed with mysterious black birds decorates her long ponytail. Pink eyebrows and lips add a sweet but spell-binding look to beware of! Of course, it’s not only her hairstyles that are heart-stopping; her fashion sense is to-die-for too!

Monster Exchange Draculaura’s top is kimono-inspired, with black satin fabric detailing the collar and sleeves, and a “wrap” style across the front of her top. The shirt itself is a light pink satin fabric, with black designs throughout! The classic, creepy look is pulled together by an obi-inspired belt; a thick waistband that adds that extra pop of petrifying pink! Her skirt trails down to knee-length, with black tulle underneath for an added bounce in her scary step! Its patterns include a pink fan pattern, and squeamish black spider webs on a white fabric! To tie the deadly delicate look together, Draculaura is wearing an innocent pair of light pink stilettos. But don’t be foolish-watch out for the detailing on those heels! Black bows decorate the top of the shoe with spooky black spikes! And in case she needs a daytime snack, Draculaura always has her favorite purse; a black and pink coffin-inspired bag, with fan detailing! Monster High students may have seen many things, but they’ve never seen a ghoul like this before!

How to play Monster High Monster Exchange Draculaura Doll

Take Draculaura on more adventures around the world, and add more stories into her diary! Create your own pieces of jewelry to decorate her fun hairstyle, or create some for your own hair so you can match!

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Monster High Monster Exchange Lagoona Blue

Creeping in from unknown waters is the 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Monster Exchange Lagoona Blue doll! Always an eerie vision, Lagoona shows off her creepy classic blue skin, with translucent blue fins on her arms and legs. Her platinum blonde hair is big and bootiful, pulled back at the top, and let out into long ringlets with light blue coloring underneath! Sounds Interesting! Read further to know more about Monster Exchange Lagoona Blue doll!

Monster Exchange Lagoona Blue doll!Atop her screaming hairstyle is an aquatic royal crown that every sophomore is screaming about, and her large black rose hairpiece keeps any wispy water hairs in place. As a ghoul of the deep, Lagoona has fashion flair that’s taking every monster’s breath away!

Monster exchange Lagoona’s strapless mini is a ghostly white hue with black polka dots, and two extra layers on her skirt show off slanted angles to make things wild and wavy. The first angled layer is similar with white fabric and black polka dots, while the second layer is a putrid pink! Both layers are lined with a black lace and have a creepy crinkled effect.  Protecting her slimy skin from the sun,

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Lagoona is also wearing a hauntingly hip sweater, with a cropped cutoff and lacy fabric! Everyone wants it- even the freaky school of fish! Of course when she isn’t at swim team practice, Lagoona is walking around class in her favorite black stilettos! Her fin friendly heels have cute ankle straps, and one large pink rose decorating the side of each shoe. Her fin-favorite accessory is her foamy pink hand bag, which resembles a spooky ocean shell, with bubbly detailing and a freaky fun clasp. This freshwater fashionista is ready to rule the school, and the pool!

How to play with Monster High Monster Exchange  Lagoona blue Doll

Use Lagoona’s brush to keep her ocean waves at bay, and read Lagoona’s diary to learn all about her! Help Lagoona with her swimming skills by creating her own pool, or invite some of her friends over for a sushi fondue night!

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