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Monster High Scarisian Vacation Exclusive 2 Pack- Garrott DuBuque and Rochelle Goyle!

Two monsters in love should be taken very screamishly! Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of the Monster High Scarisian Vacation Exclusive 2 Pack- Garrott DuBuque and Rochelle Goyle!

Monster High Scarisian Vacation Exclusive - Garrott DuBuque and Rochelle GoyleRochelle is such perfection you could swear she was a statue! Of course, every girl likes looking good for her beast! The gorgeous gargoyle has long teal blue tresses that are decorated with pink hair pieces underneath. A low side ponytail style and ringlets are her choice today! Peeping behind her gargoyle ears, a vintage blue headband is embellished with a bat-black rose, which sits at the front of Rochelle’s hairline.

And the world traveler’s style doesn’t stop there! Rochelle is wearing a freaky fun strapless dress, which is fitted in the bodice, and shows fangtastic flair at the bottom. Black and pink horizontal lines decorate the top half, while the bottom portion of her dress possesses a vertical line pattern in black, blue, and pink! Even Deuce wants to take off his sunglasses to take a look! Creative detailing in her dress includes a translucent blue fabric on the trim of her top, for an “off the shoulder” kind of design! Hair-raising aqua heels finish the look, with a peep-toe style and ankle strap detailing! Her favorite pink purse adds a pop of color to her outfit, and holds all of her things on a long flight! What she loves most are her wings and speckled facial features- she’d pick those over new clothes any day!

Monster High Scarisian Vacation Garrott DuBuque Description

Complementing his fair gargoyle is Garrott DuBuque, showing off his own chiseled facial features and stone-cold style! Garrott loves his electric blue hair, and he’s always making sure it’s sleek without a furball out of place.

A black leather jacket is his most favorite possession, and it’s made eerily more edgy with a red scarf that has a scary black spider web design! Showing just slightly under all of this, is Garrott’s chilly blue tee, which his gorgeous ghoul probably picked out for him! Denim jeans keep his look sleek and spooky, and they have all the beasts at Monster High vying for a spot at his table in the creepateria! Brown work boots with black laces complete the look for a rugged edge. Similar to his love, Garrott has speckled skin and wings, so that he and Rochelle can fly to any rooftop to watch the moon come up!

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