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Monster High New Scaremester Twyla

Some of the students at Monster High shriek, some of them fly, and others disappear- or they just always wish they could. This shy ghoul may try to blend in, but her style was born to stand out! For the 2014 Monster High welcomes to the new Scaremester Twyla doll!

New Scaremester TwylaThis shadowy figure is wearing a bootiful short-sleeved dress in a pale purple hue. Metallic blue insects decorate the entirety of Twyla’s dress, adding a creepy crawly effect to this cute boogey-girl! Black details on the dress make a bold statement, including a black pocket and a black bow at the nape of her collar for an old-fashioned effect! Short sleeves and a polo-style collar add some last pretty details to her dress, and just because Scaremester Twyla spends most of her time under a bed, doesn’t mean she can’t accessorize it!

Eerily-adorable, round-toed heels make a fierce addition to her pastel outfit! The teal and black stilettos tie in gruesomely well to the rest of her color pallet, with cute straps and textured detailing. Her bugged-out handbag follows the same color scheme, with a teal flap and black base. Of course, more bugs can be seen adorning her bag- so ghouls better watch out if they want to check out this accessory! It comes with a matching folder, signature-style brush, doll stand and character-specific diary. The price of Monster High New Scaremester Twyla Doll is around $18-$20.Cheapest at Amazon

monster high new Scaremester Twyla’s long wavy hair is colored in light and dark blue tones, with side swept bangs and ringlets at the bottom. The colors compliment her light grey skin that has swirling smoky designs up her arms and legs! And when that’s done scaring you, Twyla’s white and blue bangles will have you totally freaking out! Everything about this ghoul is mysterious, but students can’t help wanting to sit with her in the creepateria! Who said a boogey-girl can only be popular in your dreams?

How to play with Monster High New Scaremester Twyla Doll

 Keep Twyla by your bedside at night so that she can ward off any bad dreams! Remember she is shy, so take her to a social party with friends once in a while to get her outdoors! Build Twyla and her pet dust bunny a comfy place in a dark area so she can hide away whenever she needs.

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Monster High Scaremester Gigi Grant doll

The 2014 Release of Monster High Scaremester Gigi Grant doll is making all of your wishes come true! The daughter of the genie may have been living in a lamp for decades, but her sense of style is totally up-to-date!

Monster High Scaremester Gigi Grant DollBold colors and fresh fabrics lend themselves to Gigi’s Egyptian-styled outfit and lavish tastes.  Scaremester Gigi’s top portion of her hair is a hot pink hue, with bright orange coloring underneath! Her hairstyle is a highlight in her ensemble, with her half ponytail sitting high on her head. Her spine-tingling shirt has a V-neck collar, and three-quarter length sleeves in bright pink and blue! Gigi’s shirt is a black-cat color, with a metallic silver scorpion adorning the front that has even the bug-loving monsters squirming!

A wrap-style skirt shows off pink and blue fabrics, and her wish-granting golden belt is made up of three layers of jeweled pieces! Magical white tights have a jewel-patterned design, resembling the mysterious smoke that always follows Gigi out of her lantern, giving all of the Monster High students something to wish for! Monster High Scaremester Gigi Grant Doll loves to travel to spooky new places in her sky-high golden heels! Scorpions decorate the front of the shoes, warning other monsters of her snapping sense of style!

A mystifying handbag has lavish textures, and bright pink and blue pieces making it as bright as Gigi’s snappy personality! Long, black jewel earrings have a dazzling effect on students, and her bright blue lips are a shock even to Frankenstein! Watch out for this ghoul- her style may have you wishful thinking, but Monster High Scaremester Gigi Grant  is a free genie now and she’s ready to let loose this year!

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How to play: Take Gigi shopping, and let her find some new threads for her lavish clothing tastes! Create a lantern for Gigi to sleep in at night, and don’t forget to help her study for Astrology class! Now that she can leave her lantern whenever she wants, she loves looking up at the stars