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Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll

The hairiest and scariest at Monster High can’t believe their eye! Straight from the lab, Monster High introduces the Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll!

Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein DollWearing her signature outfit, Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll stuns in blues, black and red…every ghoul and ghost wants to be a part of her style experiments! Frankie has creeptastic black and white streaks throughout all of her hair, and the shocking style is pin straight with her bangs pulled back to reveal her bootiful blue features! Grey and purple eye shadows make Frankie’s green and blue eyes start a spark, and her bone-chilling stitches are coupled with blood red lips!

Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll’s neck, arms and legs are decorated with bone-chilling silver bolts that have Frankenstein freaking out, and her bright blue skull earrings are the moan of the classroom! Her outfit is coming to life! Frankie is wearing a fitted dress, with short sleeves made out of a black mesh material. The puffy sleeves add a touch of cute to her very creepy white neckline with zigzag black stitching!

A studious and spooky black tie hangs from her neckline, covered in white polka dots and a menacing silver skull decoration! The rest of her dress is haunted by a plaid pattern, in colors of blood red, dead blue and bat black! To add some extra textures and an accessory that she can’t unlive without, Frankie is wearing a black belt that sits just off her hips, and is covered in silver studs! An additional lightning bolt charm adorns the belt, and keeps Frankie’s electrifying style all charged up. A pair of chains hangs from her belt, clinking as she walks the hallways totally freaking freshmen out! She’s a mad science experiment gone totally right! Click here for More Images

The rest of Frankie’s dress flairs out around her, with a darling layer of black tulle underneath to give it a life of its own! And down her creepy long blue legs, this ghoul is wearing some tentacle-turning shoes, covered in black and white stripes, and cute ankle straps to boot! Vials and styles run through this ghoul’s veins!

How to play with Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll

 Frankie is so hauntingly happy to be back in her favorite trends! Throw her and her friends a slumber party so they can try on each other’s clothes, and take them to her lab for some fun science experiments!

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Monster High Original Favorites Clawdeen Wolf Doll

All of the students at Monster High are howling at the return of this fierce ghoul! Monster High introduces its 2014 Release of Monster High Original Favorites Clawdeen Wolf Doll!

Monster high Original Favorites ClawdeenIn her most elegant and stylish fabrics, Monster High Original Favorites Clawdeen is always the most fashionable feline under the full moon! Gorgeous long tresses fall down Clawdeen’s back, in warm caramel and deep brown hues. Her screamingly stylish hair sits perfectly around her fierce wolf ears, which are both pierced with double gold hoop earrings! Shocking purple and glittery shades make Clawdeen’s yellow eyes pop, and her deep red lips are made more menacing by her recently sharpened fangs!

Don’t worry- Clawdeen won’t bite! But her style is definitely taking a bite out of the fashion world! Clawdeen is wearing a navy blue, cropped cardigan, which has purple and yellow stitching throughout! But that’s not it. Clawdeen’ sweater also boasts a bootiful white-fur shawl, which wraps around her neck and keeps her warm while she’s out all night long! The open cardigan reveals a V-neck tank underneath, designed in a cryptic pink hue and has black tiger stripes all over! The ghouls are going wild for her style! Her skirt is a satin fabric in a shocking purple shade, and ruffles to make the skirt flair out around her are gross and girly all at the same time! Check here for more images 

An extra layer of black tulle can be seen underneath, and a black belt with golden bolts holds the skirt in place! There’s not a hairball out of place with this fuzzy feline! And it doesn’t matter if she’s walking or running, Clawdeen is always in her best shoes! Bright purple, knee-high heels make for some deathly dazzling accessories, with straps and gold clasps decorating the pumps from top to bottom! Howleen’s got everyone shape-shifting for a chance to try on her wardrobe! Her last accessories include a black choker necklace, along with a long golden necklace that’s dressed up with a mysterious brooch. If any ghoul wants to sit with her, they better be ready to walk on the wild side!

How to play with Monster High Original Favorites Clawdeen Wolf Doll

 Clawdeen loves fashion, so take her shopping with you so she can help you pick out a new outfit! Make sure to keep her hair tame- she’s covered in it after all! Put together a picnic for her friends and have a night out under the moon! It will be puuurfect!

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Monster High Original Favorites Draculaura Doll

Your favorite night-walking ghoul is back and she’s ready to haunt the halls of Monster High! Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of Monster High’s Original Favorites Draculaura Doll!

Monster High Original Favorites DraculauraLooking fierce in her classic hairstyle colors, Monster High  Original Favorites Draculaura is sporting midnight-black hair, with electrifying hot pink streaks throughout. With straight across bangs and two petrifying pigtails, her long straight hair has all of the students howling! Draculaura’s creepy cool outfit matches her pink and black streaks, and shows off flair just like her dad Dracula’s!

Her white high collar is decorated with a ghostly pink beaded charm, and a hauntingly hip jabot flairs out around her neck in a white mesh fabric! Her hot pink top is a freakishly fancy vest, with black stitching patterns and a triangle shaped hem! Under her vest, Draculaura’s sleeves are a black mesh fabric, which have white cuffs for extra spooky detailing! It’s no wonder this fanged femme fatale is such a favorite in the Monster High Halls!

Monster High  Original Favorites Draculaura’s adorable white skirt is mad of a satin fabric that’s totally cringe worthy, with pink stitching across the belt and hem for demonic decoration! Of course, Draculaura really knows how to tie an outfit together! Her black cropped leggings are a black mesh fabric, and match menacingly well with her mesh sleeves! Guys and ghouls alike can’t stop staring at this returning night runner… or her shoes! Draculaura got her claws on some knee-high heels, which are pale pink in color with black lacing all the way down the front! Check out here for more images

A black heart and some black straps add some heart-throbbing additions to the high heels, and beaded texturing in the boot has all of the monsters screaming! Not only does she have a knack for fashion, she sure knows how to put on a friendly face too! But don’t get too comfortable! Draculaura has a bone-chilling blood-red shade on her lips, with an extra touch of sparkle around her bright white fangs! Two shades of pink dance around her eyes, and a devious red heart sits just below her eye, luring in any unsuspecting freshmen!

How to play with Monster High Original Favorites Draculaura Doll

 Throw an “Originals” party, and invite all of the Monster High girls back for a full moon dance! Change Draculaura’s hairstyle at the spook salon, and make sure she gets a hat from the mall to protect her from that sun!

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