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Monster High Scaris City of Frights Draculaura & Abbey Bominable Doll

Scaris better be prepared, because two of the most fashionable freaky ghouls are on their way to cause some double trouble! Monster High introduces the  Scaris City of Frights Draculaura & Abbey Bominable Doll!

Monster High Scaris City of Frights Draculaura & Abbey BominableThese best ghouls can’t wait to visit the hometown of Ghoulia Yelps, and they’ve brought their favorite fabrics to keep them looking spooky and stylish! Monster High Scaris City of Frights Draculaura is wearing her best black and pink patterns; a classic from her Monster High look! Her black hair is styled into a long, side ponytail, with straight across bangs and streaks of electrifying pink throughout! Her off-the-shoulder top has a pink hem, and funky three-quarter length sleeves to show her eerie white arms. A black chandelier-inspired pattern dances along the middle section of her shirt, and blends perfectly into her blood-curdling skirt! The people of Scaris will be spooked out of their skin when they see this girl! Her light pink skirt has a frilled black hem and black and pink stitching around the pockets. Midnight black pumps have all of the wolves howling, and her two-toned pink bag shows off a spine-tingling skull decoration! Draculaura is ready to terrify while she tours!  You may also like Monster High Scaris City of Frights Set of 3 BASIC Dolls [Draculaura, Abbey Bominable & Ghoulia Yelps

Joining her is the stunning Scaris City of Frights Abbey Bominable, whose hair-raising blue skin is luring the locals towards her! Her pin-straight hair is styled in a side ponytail with hues of icicle blue, ghost white and petrifying pink! Keeping it shriekingly simple, Abbey is wearing a one-sleeved dress that’s covered in creepy-cool shapes of blue and pink to match her hair! A layer of white fur dances along the trim, and an oozing blue belt makes an abominable addition! To shop the streets of Scaris, Abbey has chosen ghost-white, peep-toe heels, and a freezing blue hand bag to keep all of her eerie essentials! This model monster may never leave Scaris! Join these two ghouls on the best trip of their unlife!

How to play with Monster High Scaris City of Frights Draculaura & Abbey Bominable

 Pack extra outfits for Abbey and Draculaura in case they lose their luggage, and an extra toothbrush for Draculaura’s fangs! Make sure to get scary selfies of them at the Eiffel Tower, and find a hotel that is cool and coffin-friendly!

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